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  1. The Blue Nose Impact

    You're fucking feisty............................probably puberty.
  2. The Blue Nose Impact

    He was very good in both the Aberdeen games - our best player.
  3. Johnny Hubbard MBE - The Penalty King - update

    All the best to Johnny. Great gesture from SAF.
  4. Follow Follow alarm clock

    Massively off topic, I've got a chunky NYC snow globe from 2001 with the Twin Towers standing proud. Plays New York, New York It's a Wonderful Town. Saving it for Antiques Roadshow in 2048 but make me an offer if you're flush enough.
  5. The Blue Nose Impact

    No, I agree. Surrounded by better players than the shite that was Pena will see him kick on.
  6. Follow Follow alarm clock

    I thought this was about an administration doomsday clock set up by Mark Dingwall.
  7. EPL teams don't give a fuck about the FA Cup.
  8. Alfredo Morelos

    Is he married with kids? Probably referring to his parents.
  9. Dorrans

    Staunch trunks and epic stack from Mrs D.
  10. Alfredo Morelos

    Great signing. Will only get better and make us a pile of money.
  11. Rm

    In the bar at the lodge, drinking out his bowler hat. Scandalous.
  12. ***Florida Cup Thread***

    Would have been saying only a friendly/ training session if we'd lost.........but that's a good result.
  13. Steven Thompson - Video

    Looks like he's only aged about five years from playing with us. Apparently a great guitarist too. Would be a great guest at a party.
  14. ***Florida Cup Thread***

    That you live in Stirling, were born in 1963 and are called Dick or Dickie will have helped. He's not fucking Derren Brown.