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  1. People and businesses will forever be defined by the actions they take during this. I hope he will be fucked because of his outrageous behaviour.
  2. Durrant and Mols were both world class before their injuries. Wee bit tragic that they weren't as good afterwards.
  3. The Maradona documentary about his time at Napoli is on Channel 4 , Saturday. It's a tremendous two hours. A must watch.
  4. I'm not massively excited by him. Some nice flashes of brilliance but plenty of dross too.
  5. Good to see everyone more interested in our long term well being than a small financial gain.
  6. They've got to get the timing right. They know when they need to ramp things up to flatten the peak. Right now is probably too soon. They will have models on the growth of it so will have been aware for a while exactly when to escalate.
  7. Yes but cant see it being immediately. That will create resentment and panic. They want to keep the people onside.
  8. If giving refunds was going put us in financial difficulty, would you still want the refund?
  9. I really don't get this either. You'll lose money on your flights but you're prepared to lose even more on spending money and hotels just to watch it on the telly in a German bar, in the region of Germany with the biggest cluster of Corona virus cases??
  10. Only way we'll get anything from this game is if they underestimate us and drop their levels.
  11. Certainly shouldn't make us feel worse though.
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