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  1. Miller and Wallace Suspended

    What we witnessed on Sunday wasn't even close to good enough from us. Miller has played for many far better managers than Murty so would have been comparing and contrasting this omnishambles of a preparation and match against how, for example, Walter would have done things. So biting his tongue would have been near impossible if Murty was labelling all the blame on the players. If this was the scenario then it's difficult to blame him. However as a club with the constant panto antics behind the scenes, we are the gift that just keeps giving to the press and all our rivals. I think King means well but you CANNOT run a football club effectively from 2000 miles away. He needs to either step back or appoint an effective Chief Executive and leave him to it. I'm available..............
  2. It was shite man management by Murty. Would have made absolutely no difference waiting to half time.
  3. Niko Kovac

    You have a weekly call with her Uncle?
  4. Marcel keizer

    Never heard of him.
  5. That was a cracking goal.
  6. Bates is off

    Great move for him. All the best Norman.
  7. Penalty all day long.
  8. Liverpool have parked the bus.
  9. US Masters 2018

    Spieth is playing immaculate golf.
  10. US Masters 2018

    Watched Rory getting interviewed on the Beeb there and he kept referring to him as "Patrick Reed", which suggests strongly he can't stand him either.
  11. Petition

    You're a fat, useless cunt.
  12. US Masters 2018

    Got 2 pounds on Tiger, Rory, Stenson, Day and Fleetwood. Just want one of them there or thereabouts at the start of Sunday to keep it interesting.
  13. The Best Header Of A Ball At Rangers

    Boaby from Still Game.
  14. Pedro and Cruz Azul

    Okay, well I heard that he was put up in the Dakota Deluxe when with us and that every day the cleaners had beer cans to dispose of. Was a Rangers fan who works there that was the source of this.
  15. US Masters 2018

    And that's reflected in the prices.