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  1. Has put up a biblical quote on Instagram from the book of Peter. Think it might be aimed at Liverpool.......
  2. Fit as a whippet. Going to score 20 plus this season.
  3. Superb today. Look forward to him on 1st September. Think he'll tear strips off them.
  4. But not surprised it's only in one paper.................................
  5. Hands down, that's a great result tonight. We're not a bad team at EL level.
  6. don logan


    He's only 22. Best years still ahead. No rush to move. His stock will only get higher if he has a repeat of last season.
  7. A very progressive and welcoming wee country..........meanwhile back in Scotland.
  8. We were the top scorers in the league last year Robert.
  9. don logan


    I'm on my holidays so never seen the game but the contrast between the hysterics on RM about the team/players and the match reports on news sites is (as usual) vast. The BBC raving about Ojo. I'm going with the news reports.
  10. I'd been told he was the hottest young prospect we had, by someone on the coaching staff. Obviously not............
  11. It actually isn't. 100 degrees today moving to about 110 by Sunday.
  12. I'm in Vegas too but didn't want to mention it. Never gave a seconds thought about watching the match......
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