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  1. Charlie Adam

    He's got great teeth and a small arse.
  2. Charlie Adam

    So going by that thought process, you'd have Rylan as our midfield general?
  3. Neil Warnock

    Totally serious.
  4. Neil Warnock

    McInnes . He's young, currently successful, affordable and one of us.
  5. Neil Warnock

    The more English mediocre blowhards like Warnock, McLaren, Allardyce and Pardew are mentioned in relation to the managers job, the greater McInnes appeal becomes.
  6. Spurs- CL vs EPL

    I've got £20 on them to win the title, so EPL.
  7. McCoist for Sunderland ?

    And give up the BT gravy train? No chance.
  8. Ironing board enquiry - Rangers related

    That's actually really fucking profound.
  9. Kenny Miller > Pedro Caixinha

    When he was breaking through, playing beside Davie Weir, he was superb. Wonder how he would do playing with Alves?
  10. General Press Chat

    It's not because they're kaffliks, it's ra Sellick connection. And I wouldn't approach them for exactly that reason too.
  11. Optimistic Loyal

    Stranger things have happened and I can't see us winning the League. But we live in hope.
  12. Turning The Clocks Back Tonight.

    Definitely to see Jim Baxter in his pomp.
  13. Graeme Murty

    Then we could refer to our management team as M and M. Which would be some laugh.
  14. Miller

    There are plenty others currently in the first team squad that are fucking dreadful. So that's not a valid reason.
  15. Who else has gone with Pedro?

    JJ is foreign Lewis. So they're not all out.