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  1. don logan

    Taigs Diseased pitch

    It's been afflicted by the same disease the full team had on 29th December.
  2. don logan


    I fucking hate him.
  3. don logan

    Cushynumbers 5 mins of fame

    Why does Cushy only get 5 minutes and not the regulation 15?
  4. don logan

    Premier League Fantasy Football 18/19

    What a cock I am. Seen Kane was injured and replaced him with Son.........on his way to Asia Cup.
  5. don logan

    Greg Docherty attracting interest

    He's going nowhere.
  6. don logan

    Ricksen won't leave hospice

    Gutted for him but St Andrews Hospice is a wonderful facility. Excellent environment and staff.
  7. don logan

    From now till may

    Be in touch at the split. Then, let's see what transpires. Who's got the biggest balls.
  8. don logan

    Andy Murray Retires

    Love Andy and he provided some great memories and moments throughout his career. Just wish he'd reign in the greetin.
  9. don logan

    Grezda - where is he?

    Aye. Was in hospitality at the celtic game and he did the pre match Q and A.
  10. don logan

    Grezda - where is he?

    He's injured.
  11. don logan

    Star Sixes

    David James's hair. WTF?
  12. don logan

    ***** Transfer Thread *****

    If he wore a pointy hat and a white sheet, he'd still be an abomination.
  13. don logan

    ***** Transfer Thread *****

    Heard on 5 Live they'd been linked with Balotelli. Caroll every day of the week before that abomination.
  14. It must be his "lucky" betting jacket.
  15. You can get in to the races dressed like that? Standards these days have plumped the depths.