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  1. Will alcohol be sold at the games in Glasgow?
  2. Don't think he would have been good enough to get in the current team. Would have been loaned out to MK Dons.
  3. Looks like a job for Derek Acorah......................oh wait.
  4. Looking forward to the @julescotia highlights video.
  5. He's probably still got it.
  6. Jim Forrest gets loads of positive comments. That good? Better than Hateley, Prso and Morelos?
  7. I actually thought his piece on the BBC website after we won on Sunday was very measured and good. All,positive regarding us and our title credentials.
  8. Been a great end to the year and I just know 2020 will continue in that vein.
  9. Kent really sticks out in the highlights. He was astounding.
  10. He has the ability to make you feel extremely depressed just by talking. After his first sentence I've constructed a noose from the bed sheets.
  11. They won't get a fucking sniff of starting a riot in March.
  12. The fall out from this game is absolutely nuts. Where is it going to go to after the next two games?
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