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  1. don logan


    Don't know what the other options are but Rangers Town for me.
  2. Knew somebody did.
  3. Did he pump Jordan?
  4. Well there goes the points record.
  5. James Rodriquez in 2014,World Cup.
  6. I've always been impressed by Dykes when watching Livingston. He's young, an intelligent player and developing. Seems to have a good attitude too. I would rather we had signed him than Kamberi in January. A good squad addition at the right price.
  7. That piped in crowd noise makes a difference.........if you avoid looking at the stands.
  8. I've genuinely never heard of him :)
  9. Third picture doesn't really look like he loves working with that guy, to be fair.
  10. I see we're getting the European retrospective tomorrow night on BT Sports. Two Leeds games, PSV at Ibrox and Lyon away.
  11. Laudrup , without a doubt. Best player for us I've ever seen. Always good but was often incredible.
  12. Got the golf from Florida tomorrow night. Think it will fare better without fans as they usually ruin it with their tiresome "get in the hole" pish and other ludicrous repetitive stuff like "Beeeeeffff". And why do they go to watch golf dressed in the garish shite they wear when playing? Won't be missed.
  13. As many have quickly gave their verdict on the document, why can't we summarise the main points, specific to why there should be an indpendent investigation?
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