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  1. I've never been to the rugby but will rectify that soon.................used to detest it but it's grown on me in the last few years.
  2. Why would it be funny if he was in a petrol station?
  3. I think Tam Cowan is funny.
  4. Fake news then?
  5. I love the guy with his two hands up right of centre. 24 carat anguish. I'm getting that for my avatar.
  6. Seen them given plenty of times. But the referee said no and that's good enough for me.
  7. That was Rodgers mask slipping today. Absolutely gutted and seething that his run of consecutive wins was fucked. Had already rehearsed his speech to the media when he surpassed the world record and scripted his ad libs. Narcissistic cunt.
  8. Before it Hyndman was clearly fouled and Madden let it go.
  9. My favourite kind of footballer. Probably our player of the season.
  10. Steadied the ship and got us back on course with aplomb. Well done Graeme.
  11. I'm happy with Pedro. The list of other options, bar FDB was uninspiring. Least we are thinking outside the box and taking a risk. I want a hungry manager, a competitor. Someone who has something to prove and is ambitious. He appears to be technically astute and a modern manager. I want an empire builder in charge. A potential Ferguson or Wenger and hope that's what we have now. Will be interesting to see who we appoint as his number two.
  12. Rab Wilson would self combust.
  13. How is this deemed news??