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  1. And the award for drama queen of the week goes to.........
  2. If we win by a greater margin than them next week we'll be back to the top of the league.
  3. They were shite too. It was a shite game. But their fans have reimagined it as a Galaticos style masterclass of football which is dumb founding but not surprising.
  4. We were simply just shite. Hope to right this wrong in Bet Fred final.
  5. If a number 9 is your centre forward then what number is the the support forward like Hateley was to McCoist? Is that not a number 10? 11 is your winger. So 8 or 7 is the type of player the OP is championing??
  6. But poorly communicated by the ref, leading Hibs to think the ball was coming back to them
  7. Agreed but Ntcham should have been off and the Forrest free kick farce led to their goal, so honours even.
  8. Think he'll start on Saturday and also think he'll do okay. That was football at its most raw last night.
  9. That he isn't always shite.
  10. They are eminently beatable. Two steps away from silverware. Then the next step is 55.
  11. He was shite last night but really good against Feyenoord. What does that say about him?
  12. I'd play Kamara. His indifferent form is probably down to lack of game time. Aribo out for YB and Hamilton too so chance for him to get a run of games. An in form Kamara will pivotal against YB where possession will be paramount
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