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  1. That fucking thread title.........it should be STV in capitals, not the other way round. Ya goon.
  2. Fuck, it clashes with my holiday. Will need to cancel it as this looks unmissable.
  3. The two full backs from Kilmarnock are holding up surprisingly well. But every time I see McKenna play for Scotland he's a total donkey and some of the numbers associated with his transfer fee are utterly ridiculous. Hope they spunk a fortune on him and partner him with Hendry.
  4. Just read that one of his kids is called Cydnie.............that's fucking atrocious. RIP.
  5. As well as the standard, they seem unwilling and unable to acknowledge supply and demand. When FIFA get attendances, TV Deals and Sponsorship close to what they get for the men's World Cup then maybe that's when you lobby for more prize money?
  6. He looks absolutely dreadful. Tragic.
  7. His stats with the team he was loaned out to this season are really under whelming. Might have been injured, right enough.
  8. I think he will if the SFA review doesn't result in censure. They were mighty vocal during our problems so expect our board to reciprocate. Revenge is a dish best served cold...........
  9. Maybe in the twilight of his career but he's EPL bound now and will earn way beyond what they can offer, from Villa or other interested parties. They missed the boat last summer, big time.
  10. Good work Darth. Donation made. Prefer FedEx right enough.
  11. But, but, but Broony sez they all totally love him and would have his babies.......
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