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  1. From what he writes I think it's Serie A that floats his boat.
  2. Federico Martone. Writes for the Record and was in Big Brother.
  3. Was working in London and I noticed that too. It was the most horrifically, lurid looking watch I've ever seen. Green face and fake gold strap. Steins name at 12 o clock. £195........
  4. Needs help to do this from good management.
  5. McKay has the potential to be a great. Needs the right coach to help him fulfil this.
  6. In his first season - with Wallaces treble team he got to the EC quarter. I was a very young and it was about 40 years ago but I don't recall us ever beating Celtic. Regularly beaten home and away by Aberdeen and the league over by Christmas. Attendances were dire too. It was dire.
  7. Think this is bad @G.E.C.? Lucky you never had to endure the Greig years.
  8. I've been contributing since the inception of RF but I'm little weary of it now, to be honest. Rangers First was a breath of fresh air. Club 1872 has been like a silent fart. Other clubs (Hearts for example) appear to be able to run similar schemes, have all fans onside and maintain momentum with it. From the outside, Club 1872 looks like a deflating omnishambles and I have no faith in those on its board being able to reverse this. They need to engage our support again - similar to how RF did this. I don't doubt the boards effort but do doubt their ability to do this. They need more focused support and endorsement from the club - maybe even financial assistance?
  9. Thought he was very good in first half. Shades of Hateley.
  10. Ref fairly certain it never hit. Higgins suggested a replay . Funny after all the comments earlier about sportsmanship.
  11. It was just shits and giggles @CoatbridgeBear
  12. He's the new face painter.
  13. Pedro's only getting 9 days off too. He's leading by example as are his coaching team. I get 24 days holidays a year and would be miffed if you cut that to 9. But if you then were prepared to drop me between 5 and 15k a week, I'd bite your fucking hand off. Sappy, soft cunts. If all those Celtic players are called up for the England game on the 10th of June, they'll have pretty short pre season breaks. Have they been greetin to the press?
  14. I'll wait until the beginning of next season before giving this any great thought.