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  1. Should have put that Factor 20 on like your mum told you OP. You've got a touch of the sun.
  2. Superb. Could have had four in the second half.
  3. Law of averages, those cunts running on fumes and out of luck. I think they could. If a decent price, I'll take a punt on them.
  4. He was a great prospect but has went the way of the likes of Feruz and Goodwillie.
  5. I did..................
  6. Harsh in the sense, I suppose, that the guy who punched Jack Grealish only got 14 weeks. But I think that was ridiculously lenient rather than this being harsh.
  7. I caught the start of Super Scoreboard last night and Derek Johnstone said he knew what Brown said to Kent. He more or less said it was worthy of Kent lamping him. Annoyingly, he refused to divulge what the prick said. Anyone know what he said or fancy speculating/making it up?
  8. Worse toilet than the shitter in Trainspotting.
  9. I agree. Him and Laudrup were immense together.
  10. What's stopping us having another share issue? I'd buy some.
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