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  1. Kevin Thomson?
  2. The fucking slope on that park though........
  3. Aye, long time ago. My memory is fucked but we won 1 - 0. Craig Moore made a great tackle on Viduka when he was sure to score.. He was suited up so probably in hospitality.
  4. I remember years ago trying to get parked years ago at San Giro seeing George running along London Road so one or the other.
  5. Davie Dodds. The Elephant Man.
  6. First time in my long life that Ive ever watched a match and fantasied about pumping the referee......
  7. What has a Kafflik priest and a Chirstmas tree got in in common? Both have balls only for decoration.
  8. There are now three certainties in life. Death, taxes and that Celtic will be fined by UEFA every season.
  9. Pedro was the reason he didn't sign a new contract then? Who else has complained?
  10. Then he should be more specific rather than alluding. If he was alienated from the squad for wanting to move/run his contract down, then fair enough.
  11. Rangers fan.
  12. A steady player, like Papac.
  13. If I was 12 again, I'd be in the Union Bears.
  14. Speaks better English than most posters on RM.