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  1. It was just shits and giggles @CoatbridgeBear
  2. He's the new face painter.
  3. Pedro's only getting 9 days off too. He's leading by example as are his coaching team. I get 24 days holidays a year and would be miffed if you cut that to 9. But if you then were prepared to drop me between 5 and 15k a week, I'd bite your fucking hand off. Sappy, soft cunts. If all those Celtic players are called up for the England game on the 10th of June, they'll have pretty short pre season breaks. Have they been greetin to the press?
  4. I'll wait until the beginning of next season before giving this any great thought.
  5. Who is Frank Cairney? Is he a new name or has he been implicated previously. There's that many, I can't keep up.
  6. We need front end investment. To increase our turnover, we need access to the CL and to bring players in then move on at a profit. To get access to the CL, we need to over haul Celtic. To do that we need a much more talented squad. To assemble this squad will cost millions. Speculate to accumulate.
  7. He looks like a rugby player and plays like a rugby player.
  8. It was an utter shambles.
  9. Ile Narstase has been caught doing a cracking Bernard Manning impression.
  10. Would like to see this happen.
  11. Shocking news. RIP Ugo.
  12. Andy Murray frustrates more than he delights. Great ability but lacks the required mental strength to be an all time legend.
  13. Was at the semi one last year and really enjoyed it. But think that was because we won.
  14. What actually is a wanker of the highest order? Is it the distance you shoot your muck? Is it it the volume of jizz? Is it how quickly you can crack one off? Or is it that you can see a chug to a successful conclusion thinking about those two ghouls that BABN snared last night with 12 cans of Budweiser and a bottle of Buckfast?
  15. Jim Ballantyne is a Rangers supporter.