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  1. Butcher's Son.

    Absolutely tragic.
  2. Strachan

    I'd go for Souness.
  3. Slovenia v Scotland

    There is a clip on the BBC website from Dutch 4th Division where they ask if it is the worse miss ever. So I watched the Van Vossen one again, which runs it close. But this one takes the crown.
  4. Gazza at Pavilion

    The auction for charity? Which one is he supporting?
  5. Won't they just make roof bigger when finished?
  6. Just watching Newcastle v Liverpool

    That would be superb. What a fantastic job he's done with Newcastle.............
  7. Pena

    Why would you continue giving him game time when he's getting worse game by game? Who else have we signed that's been pish for 10 games then flourished? Big Mark has been mentioned as a player who took a while to come good but he was at least match fit from the off. He's an embarrassment to himself and to us too.
  8. *** Official Betting Thread ***

    20 on Motherwell at 9/4. Was a bet in play ten minutes in but i'll take it.
  9. *** The Official Old Firm Match Thread ***

    celtic are beatable. The players have to believe this, 100%. Virtually every Scottish club coming up against them start the game thinking they're going to lose. This is not the case in Europe and look at how they fared against the might of Rosenberg and Astana. So Pedro's main task is to ensure they take to the pitch believing they will win.
  10. SPFL statement

    Suits the SPFL to blame the SFA in this climb down. The SFA stated two weeks ago that only one member club wanted a review and no one has refuted this. So the question the SPFL should be asked is who was behind their ultimately futile review attempt?
  11. Alan Archibald

    Instead of guessing why didn't you just ask him?
  12. Alan Archibald

    One of us?? You seen his eyes...............??
  13. Dorrans

    He came good in extra time.
  14. Seen Walter teams stuffed with far better players then we have just now struggle in games and lose their way over the course. Hubs got ran close tonight by Livingston at home but I bet they're not wanting TLB chased on heir forums.
  15. I'm glad it went to extra time now!!