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  1. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Fuck me. Stan's got an honours degree on talking outrageous drivel.
  2. James Collins

    Looks like the gay Welsh rugby player. I think.
  3. The Worst Rangers Teams In History 2016-2018.

    I started going to games around 1979 and had to endure being miles off winning the league till 86. We were dreadful back then but did win a few cups over that period. Hard to say though if that shower would give our current imposters a game. Would Cammy Fraser get a game in 2018?
  4. MOH in with the beggars yesterday

    The agents lie about him being there to see Motherwell is astonishing in its idiocy. If he thinks this is the best response for his player then MOH should be looking for another agent as well as another club.
  5. *** Official Betting Thread ***

    Definitely would go back. Always a great day/night out. The betting is just a bit of fun, not life or death.
  6. *** Official Betting Thread ***

    ☺️.........we all had a great night but about 4 winners In total between the 9 of us. Everyone came with tips from friends, dads, the paper etc and they all crashed and burned. Good fun and I'll be in touch when we go back next time.
  7. *** Official Betting Thread ***

    That's perfect mate and is my template for tomorrow. Thanks for taking the time to do this. Will update you on how I fare.
  8. *** Official Betting Thread ***

    I bet small so don't worry about me going off the rails if it doesn't win
  9. *** Official Betting Thread ***

    Off to Hamilton on Friday with the work. Don't want to be reduced to the shame of betting on every jockey wearing blue, so can the RM resident tipsters throw me some potential winners? @theblueoysterbar You nailed a cracker for me last year so would be interested in your thoughts.
  10. Cummings

    Plus everything we get from selling in the transfer window. So about 6.2 million.
  11. He's a petulant arsehole. Just read his interview and, like previous meltdowns, all his players fault. Nothing to do with him. Why didn't HE tell them to wear long studs, if so obvious the pitch was slippy? It's his job to have them up for the match and clearly he failed, but he slaughters the players. Clearly he had played out the rest of the season in his head and clearly envisioned finishing, second,, ahead of us and winning manager of the year. Probably already had the acceptance speech composed. He should avoid microphones after defeats. And mirrors.
  12. Bates

    I know for a fact Gregg Wylde was on about 1.5K when he broke into the first team.
  13. Bates

    It's shite. He wouldn't have needed to go all the way to Germany to better that. About 4 teams in Scotland could trump it as could about half of League One in England.
  14. Bates

    Absolutely no way this is true.

    Two fucking minutes??
  16. The Boxing News Thread

    That pair of ring walks was the worst I've ever seen.
  17. The Boxing News Thread

    I can't stand David Haye.
  18. Sir Alex

    Thought he was looking great when doing the presentation to Wenger last week. Great man and the greatest manager. He'll win this one.
  19. Return of Pena

    Turn the screw on the prick. Set standards that have to be met in training and away from work. Then, when he misses them, sack the fuckpig.
  20. Bobby Duncan (Man City)

    Bobby Duncan sounds like one of my dads friends at the bowling club. My dad's 79.
  21. Always got more men behind the ball when Arsenal attack, yet not parking the bus. Astonishing work rate from them.
  22. Roma denied two stonewall penalties.
  23. You know things are massively shite when folk on here start pining for Mike Ashley!
  24. New SFA CE

    Like Doncaster in that puff piece, the radio mentioned that he was innovative too. Would love to hear some examples of this.
  25. Miller and Wallace Suspended

    What we witnessed on Sunday wasn't even close to good enough from us. Miller has played for many far better managers than Murty so would have been comparing and contrasting this omnishambles of a preparation and match against how, for example, Walter would have done things. So biting his tongue would have been near impossible if Murty was labelling all the blame on the players. If this was the scenario then it's difficult to blame him. However as a club with the constant panto antics behind the scenes, we are the gift that just keeps giving to the press and all our rivals. I think King means well but you CANNOT run a football club effectively from 2000 miles away. He needs to either step back or appoint an effective Chief Executive and leave him to it. I'm available..............