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  1. Famous People At Ibrox

    Remember being pretty meh about this at the time. But now, I'd have given one of my nads to have been there.
  2. Bates Wage?

    Just get it sorted Rangers. Give him an EBT.
  3. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    He's the spit of Jacqueline McCafferty.
  4. Kris Boyd

    I like Kris but about half of his goals this season have been penalties.
  5. Best team on the planet back in September, according to the impartial and highly knowledgable Scottish press.........
  6. Rossiter

    See above.
  7. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    What about Brown? When does he serve his suspension? Or already served it?
  8. Caption this picture

    I went to school with him.
  9. Brenda reckons we have been on holiday

    It was on before the watershed, Bluedignity. Would have terrified the kids watching!
  10. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Where the fuck did Aberdeen sign that Nkawali guy from? He was fucking dreadful.
  11. Candeias title talk

    Don't crush his dream Ivybank............
  12. Candeias title talk

    He's done well for us. Great work ethic and plenty of ability too. Reckon he sees doing well with us as a stepping stone to England but fuck all wrong with that.
  13. Elise Christie

    Anyone following the curling? Held off going to work this morning until we had wiped the floor with Japan. Some wee foxes out on the ice.
  14. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    They will never have a better chance and McInnes will know that. celtic are off form and have been so for a couple of months. They've been trying to rediscover their touch since Hearts mauled them and have failed to do so. They'll be coming back from Russia in the early hours of Friday morning, will probably train Saturday morning then head straight to Aberdeen. If Aberdeen can't take advantage of all these factors plus be motivated by the fact that a win will put them six behind, they really should just give up.
  15. School photo

    That you third from left, top row before you started the dark net prescriptions that turn your balls into a fanny? But return a classic barnet.
  16. Ten million plus Pena. Then we have a deal.
  17. Josh Windass Video - Don't Take Me Home

    He's came on a ton this season and will get even better.
  18. GM and JN

  19. Scootish Football Pundit of the Year

    I like the guy Hugh McDonald who pops up on Radio Scotland and Clyde.
  20. Windass

    Would only get him as far as Largs. You should have said Stagecoach........................
  21. Windass

    I think he's the most naturally skilful player we have but by his nature is a bit aimless and a drifter. So needs a good coach and motivator behind him to ensure he makes a worthwhile contribution.
  22. Ally will get either the number 2 position or social convenor.
  23. Gazza

    What the fuck is that on his chin? It's paedoesque.
  24. BBC AGAIN!

    I detest social media because it gives fucktards like this a platform for their deluded, thick as fuck ramblings. Then someone on here inadvertently gives them a bigger platform. World is fucked.