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  1. Just proves that jumping vertically is really hard and drugs don't help much.
  2. He's a cunt but the mock offence at him is poor placed. He would have been getting it thick from the enclosure all day. Some fans need to grow a pair and focus on the important issues.
  3. I wasn't getting carried away after the last two games and won't take this one as confirmation that we'll have a shocker of a season. Players need time to gel together and to get used to Scottish football. Never seen all of today's match but in the last two I wasn't getting all the praise going the way of our centre backs. They looked shaky against Motherwell and had a few moments on Wednesday. Three shipped today suggests another poor outing. I've no doubt they have ability though and will progress and come good.
  4. State of Jon fucking Daly. Should take up darts.
  5. Needs a few games before he can be properly judged.
  6. Was my friends wee boys first game too. He loved it and got his first scarf in the traditional red, white and blue. Looked a million dollars in it.
  7. The Dutch sprinter Schiffers would scrub up well.
  8. It's like a pish sketch from Burnistoun.
  9. The last area we need to sign a player for is Midfield. Krancjar, Holt, Jack, Pena, Dalcio and...............erm................Forrester all available to cover the 4 that started last night.
  10. One swallow doesn't make a summer. But another swallow on Saturday and I might have a barbecue.....
  11. Was behind the dug out last night. Lots of player interaction with Pedro and nothing to suggest disharmony.
  12. Candeias man of the match. Going to be a great player for us.
  13. There really isn't. They're just a really small group of fucking mentalists who are beyond the periphiries of normality who do this for reaffirmation through the usual social media channels to boost their rock bottom egos. They are incapable of forming meaningful relationships or friendships. They are so socially inadequate and their careers so flat or non existent, that they have no better outlet than these ludicrous assertions. In the good old days of yester year their letters would have been fired into the SFA bin but now in these fucking "enlightened" times they have to "investigate" for fear accusations of bias.
  14. He had his moments but it's like they see him as the second coming. Completely over the top, as usual.
  15. Don't get the slavish lovefest over Patrick (Pat/Paddy/Patsy) Roberts. As far as I recall, he had occasional flashes of great play but was mostly inconsistent and not a regular starter? Yet they are eulogising over him coming back as if he's Messiesque. Did I miss something?
  16. What if the game is on Sunday? Doesn't really ring true then.
  17. He talks really well but often says too much. Should have left that stuff about Windass not defending well today for the dressing room.
  18. Perhaps a wee bit of creative accounting??
  19. Looks like a class act. Distribution very good.
  20. There was always a player in him.
  21. Playing some great stuff.
  22. Feel sorry for big Usain. Didn't go according to the script. Party time.
  23. Being a pundit suits him. That's his level - the wise cracker.
  24. They didn't lose.