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  1. We've beat them twice in the last 12 months ya doddery auld cunt.
  2. He's got the rabbit in the headlights look about him and that's how he usually plays. Reminds me of Gregg Wylde and that's not a good thing.
  3. I'm totally flat, completed deflated. Feels like someone has died..........................
  4. Hahaha........what did we cause ya wee scrote, baw hum?
  5. Your glass always half empty @King Jela?
  6. Still gutted. Only horsing YB will help me get better.
  7. I feel really flat. Only because we've been mugged. Should have won that game by a mile..
  8. Why do you think @spencer65 with 7 posts would lie about it?
  9. Mark Guidi, on Clyde last night, strongly suggested that Gerrard was playing Flanagan to get him ready for Sunday because........wait for it.........he was better than Barasic defensively..
  10. The hype just now about Frimpong is ridiculous and so them. I hope he gets the nod on Sunday as i think he'll get his arse handed to him.
  11. Do they birch you if you throw a sickie Badger??
  12. Charlie Nicholas works one day a week (except in the Summer) and his job is to watch the telly and shout incoherently at it. That's why his opinions on football are worth fuck all.
  13. Wouldn't be surprised if we decline taking tickets for our next Euro away game - the last 32 of the EL probably. Delighted that the YB game goes ahead with Ibrox sold out. Two biggest games in years, 5 days apart. Can't fucking wait.
  14. I will never have anything other than love and respect for Arfield. That drop ball with Brown last year was majestic. One of my top five Rangers moments. Watched it about two hundred times. He'll be back to his devastating best soon. No doubt.
  15. I'm out the country but just read the Suns bit on it. They're not talking about flares.
  16. Will be utterly gutted if we are hit by a stadium closure.
  17. Lawell's veiled comments about us in ǝpɐbıɹq uǝǝɹb ǝɥʇ section of the AGM are hysterical. As is the fans obsession with Article 12. Not one of these bastions of virtue in the Kerrydale Suite bring the child abuse scandal to the table, yet think they are morally upstanding?
  18. Strange appointment. Ballsy but strange.
  19. Probably staged the guy with the Union Jack bunnet too.......
  20. If it's a boy, Gerrard Morelos. Gerry for short.
  21. From taking up with Posh and all the off the field shite, I developed a strong disliking for Beckham.
  22. It's the way he makes it out like the stock online replies from the website are questions being asked to him personally that prove conclusively he's unhinged. He's one of those cunts that lives off donations isn't he?
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