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  1. You just know that Brenda is gagging to sign him.
  2. This probably what kind of happened. Or he played a few Irish teams and his story is a mish mash of his fractured memories.
  3. Gordon Waddell wrote about it on Sunday and the jist of his piece was that it was a sad day when fans couldn't have their safety guaranteed visiting Linfield due to their religion. I would suggest that's another one worth taking to task. I'm sure Linfield have played hundreds of teams from Catholic countries with no issues for the visiting fans. Any tension between Linfield and them emanates from their "politics" but why let the truth get in the way of denying and deflecting?
  4. For the first two, we really should have.
  5. Hopefully in about 100 years, we'll look back at that and laugh.
  6. Dear Dave. Would just like you to lighten up a bit. You miserable Rangers/Liverpool swine.
  7. Tavernier shouldn't be sold unless it's an offer we can't refuse.
  8. Harry, Harry get tae fuck.............
  9. Laudrup every time. Better player, better professional and a better man.
  10. There was a thing in one of the papers this week listing how many teams from the first qualifying round makes the group stages. Always incredibly low. One from last year. So it's a huge ask.
  11. At the game, didn't hear it.
  12. Have a read of @TheLawMan OP, in Gutted Is An Understatement thread in Boardroom and Financial section, then come back and tell us if you still hold that view.
  13. Going to the game and hope we win..............because I'm Scottish, not English.
  14. Bruno fucking Alves says some very nice things about our manager. I'd be more excited about these and their sincerity if Bruno fucking Alvez and Pedro didn't share an agent.
  15. Surprised to hear that. Sounded like you were taking it easy by your previous posts.......
  16. I'd be more excited about luring Alves and what Alves had say about us and Pedro, if they didn't share the same agent.
  17. Who had the biggest Big Jock? Us or them?
  18. His mugshot removes the suspicion part. Looks like he needs to check into the Fear thread.
  19. Read the story in the paper. Very sad. Sounds like a great man and player.
  20. Would love to see this happen as comeuppance for Bain. But even he isn't that gormless.
  21. From what he writes I think it's Serie A that floats his boat.
  22. Federico Martone. Writes for the Record and was in Big Brother.
  23. Was working in London and I noticed that too. It was the most horrifically, lurid looking watch I've ever seen. Green face and fake gold strap. Steins name at 12 o clock. £195........
  24. Needs help to do this from good management.