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  1. A membership scheme isn't new. We had one a few years ago but the current board abandoned it. If you had an ST you were a member. If you didn't have an ST you could pay a fee for membership. If I remember correctly, you got discounts on merchandise, stadium tours, Argyle House restaurant, etc.
  2. I just hope there is a plan which has not been disclosed.
  3. The Club did the right thing under the circumstances. They made a move which probably prevented the Feyenoord game having to be played behind closed doors.
  4. JCDBigBear


    Outstanding yesterday and this season. Arguably playing better now for us than when he was here previously.
  5. Only brain-dead morons take smoke bombs and flares to football matches. They are a danger to health and the safety of other supporters. It is also breaking the law.
  6. JCDBigBear


    I'm not impressed by him at all. He disappears in games to the point that I have forgotten he is actually on the park.
  7. Katic and Helander played together against Derby and both played well. I think that it is time for Goldson to be "rested" or rotated if only to prove to him that he doesn't just walk into the team. He has been making a lot of mistakes in games and often tries to blame others. On Wednesday I'd like to see Katic and Edmundson start.
  8. There seems to be some kind of issue with Katic being dropped from the squad for the last two games. He's the best CB we have in my opinion.
  9. Goldson has been far worse than Katic.
  10. Katic and Helander. Goldson has become a liability. When we first played Katic and Goldson the pairing looked good then Worrall was brought in and Goldson 's form deteriorated from that point.
  11. The museum idea certainly isn't new. Sandy Jardine and Jim Hannah formed a working group in 2013 for a museum over 2 floors in Copland House. There were good people in that group with various attributes and experience for such a project. Drawings and indicative costs were in place. Edmiston House has also been mooted on a number of occasions previously with club shop on ground floor, cafe/sports bar on first floor and museum on top floor. Entry and exit to the museum via the shop to encourage sales of merchandise.
  12. If you read my post again you will note that I said ""Some fails are worse than others as are some passes better than others."" I don't rate Goldson very highly, particularly when he cost us almost £3 million.
  13. I thought that the original gates were those which are now at the Broomloan Road end.
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