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  1. A bit premature with the 50th anniversary bit. Having said that it was the greatest time in my Rangers life. Eleven of us (all students) hired a LWB Land Rover for this game. My first trip abroad. Think it came to £16 per head if my memory serves me. Left on Sunday 21st May and arrived home on Sat 27th May. Scotland v England game was at Hampden the day we got back. Still in contact with 3 of the guys from that trip. I don't have pics at the game but I have 7 photos from the trip. It would be a fairly long post going into all the detail. Suffice to say remembering still brings tears of happiness to my eyes.
  2. Helander came on against Blackburn then started against Derby. I thought that he and Katic totally dominated the defence in that Derby game. The entire team was sloppy against Blackburn in the 2nd half. Helander looked good in the air and on the deck. No idea what people are talking about in criticising him by proxy.
  3. It was Chris Woods in goal mate. We won 5-4 on pens. Old Bayview was about half a mile away further into the centre of Methil. It wasn't on the shoreline.
  4. Two or three years ago we played a weakened team against everyone.
  5. We took the foot off the pedal a bit after the third goal. We became casual and got careless at times. It wasn't Docherty to blame for that as he came on after 68 minutes.
  6. He will improve further. He has looked better since his loan spell at Shrewsbury.
  7. They were a really good side. I was at that game as well. Jim Baxter played and scored our goal. It was looking reasonably good at that point then Lubanski ran us ragged. I think Baxter only played 1 more competitive game for us after that.
  8. JCDBigBear

    Left back

    Totally agree. Barisic needs to get a run of games. No point in one game then out for 3 then off the bench or whatever. If we aren't going to play the guy then off-load him. He should be a starter on Sunday at East Fife.
  9. That is a very hard poser there Don. Looks like a 1960s Euro game. Possibly Slavia Sofia at Ibrox 2nd leg of ECWC semi-final 1967. Henderson scorer. Won 1 nil away with Davy Wilson goal>
  10. I don't think Croatia is the problem, it's who decides to sign the players that has the ultimate responsibility. I think we rushed into one if not both of these signings and probably paid over-the-odds for them. Grezda's attitude appears to be awful but I still think there is a good player in Barasic. I'm not sure we get the best out of his crossing ability as we seldom have sufficient players in the box and he then has to stop and plays the ball inside. It remains to be seen how SG sees things. Flanagan had a decent game in Denmark last week and was pretty awful yesterday. Halliday is of similar ability to Flanagan. In my opinion neither are good enough for Rangers for the level we require.
  11. My point still stands.
  12. Grezda is Albanian . Katic and Prso are Croatian.
  13. Well worth the £9.99 for me. Got it through the internet on my new TV. My neighbours will have heard every goal we scored tonight.
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