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  1. His team selection and tactics against the dark side were far too open when we needed to try and stop them in midfield where we were too light in both games. I didn't expect to win with our squad but I did expect to make them work for their wins. The game at Ibrox could have been humiliating beyond belief even more than it was. We are clearly not going to agree and I have no intention of getting into further discussion. You still failed to grasp the context of my post.
  2. I am well aware that the "bounce" is usually short-lived: my point was that we didn't get any bounce at all and in fact we tripped.
  3. That actually sounds like something a board-friendly chum would issue. We got no "new manager bounce" which nearly every club would get. In fact we have regressed. Nobody expected him to turn the players into a Real Madridesque squad but we had hoped for some sign of tactical nuance which hasn't been apparent to date. He will not be sacked just now but people are correct to question whether he should have been appointed in the first instance.
  4. Nothing to laugh at there at all. The guy has put out poor team selections in poor formations. You picked on only part of my post by ignoring the rest which lost a considerable part of the context. I can see for myself as can everyone else where poor players AND poor tactics have been our downfall.
  5. Murty was awful and Caixinha looks no better.
  6. For some on here you are not allowed to criticise unless you have a greater number (unspecified) of posts although I've never understood why the reticence in them to accept a valid point no matter your posting history.
  7. I am surprised at the number of people who have accepted such shocking displays and the most humiliating result certainly in my time of watching Rangers under Caixinha's tenure.. Normally under a new manager the club gets a feelgood bounce but we have gone the opposite direction. Part of that is certainly down to what I consider to be poor team selections and poor tactics. If that is a precursor for next season, no matter who we sign, then I fear the worst for another dismal year. I am seriously worried about not only who he signs but how sets out the team.
  8. Just received an email about a Golf Classic event to honour the 1972 Barca Bears. I'm not a golfer so it isn't my kind of event but included in the list of personalities all of whom are apparently part of the enticement are: John Gilligan, Paul Murray and Stewart Robertson
  9. Jim Hannah used to organise card displays. He was the SLO. Would have expected new SLO to be involved.
  10. Jim Hannah would have organised this. What about the new SLO for getting it done?
  11. I thought that C Graham was the only RFC approved blogger? Is the RFC board aware of your encroachment?
  12. He appears not to have a clue. He clearly didn't learn from last week which is why I hope he has the decency to walk away. The board appointed him which gives me no confidence whatsoever as the board are incompetent.
  13. I believe we gave Bayern a silver stag mounted on a wooden plinth but generally our gifts have been what I consider to be quite mundane such as tantalus decanter sets or a beautiful blue vase. There are some things somewhere in my memory bank from way back but I can't remember if I read or imagined them.
  14. Not sure mate I've always tended to remember those we were given. I know someone who might know. I'll ask and get back to you.
  15. I'd have gone for 451 and Waghorn wouldn't even be in the squad. Halliday is a nightmare. Back four of Hodson, Wilson, Hill, Beerman then midfield of Tavernier, Hyndman, Miller, Holt and Windass, Front man Garner. I'd have brought Dodoo on for Garner in the second half. Before anyone goes on about Hill not being fully fit then he shouldn't have been on the bench. Same with Toral who I may have also put on in 2nd half.