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  1. JCDBigBear


    He isn't going to get ridiculous wages and doesn't need to live in Glasgow. I think he may be worth a punt. As I said if it doesn't work out we sell or loan him out.
  2. JCDBigBear


    I'd take him and even if it doesn't work out we loan him or sell him. Not a huge investment.
  3. JCDBigBear

    Tenerife Training camp

    Thought that may be the reason. I see that Barisic is there as are Dorrans and Murphy. No sign of Grezda.
  4. JCDBigBear

    Tenerife Training camp

    Defoe and Morelos not in pics.
  5. JCDBigBear


    As he was in Colombia perhaps he is going on a more direct route.
  6. JCDBigBear

    Beaton calls in the police

    As I posted on earlier threads this week, by sheer chance I met Beaton on Monday and had a brief chat with him. I won't go into detail but he came across as an honest individual. I spoke to him about last Saturday's game and also the game against Hibs when Stokes didn't get sent off. It was a casual conversation and one which he could have ignored or stopped at any time. I don't want to add to his troubles but suffice to say I have a greater degree of respect for him. Having said that, the media have ignored that Brown's challenge on Candeias was far worse than anything Morelos did. The tim defender (McGregor??) should have been given a red card for the hand ball and we should have had the resultant penalty. Morelos was on the receiving end of hefty challenges.
  7. JCDBigBear

    Beaton calls in the police

    Apart from the fact you are someone that I frequently consider banning on the forum not because you have an opinion but because you deliberately post to create annoyance, you are also incorrect with your spelling of TOMATO.
  8. JCDBigBear

    Morelos temperament

    If we hadn't won the game I would wager that this point would have been forgotten about by the anti-Rangers media.
  9. JCDBigBear

    Daddy's uniform Saturday

    I'm not blaming them for not getting others to sing. I simply prefer Rangers songs.
  10. JCDBigBear

    To absent friends.

    So very sorry to hear of your loss. I was at that game and the memory of it still hits me especially today.
  11. JCDBigBear

    Daddy's uniform Saturday

    They don't sing enough Rangers songs in my opinion but then a lot of people don't join in anyway.
  12. JCDBigBear

    Daddy's uniform Saturday

    Disagree, we need to sing more about our football club.
  13. JCDBigBear

    Daddy's uniform Saturday

    I'd prefer they sang more Rangers songs.
  14. JCDBigBear

    Dermot Gallagher on Morelos

    A follow-through like that is a foul and a card. It wasn't an accident.
  15. JCDBigBear

    Morelos temperament

    Just put this on another thread that I met John Beaton today and had a brief chat with him. I'll be surprised if Morelos is featured in a bad light.