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  1. What do you expect the club to do? It isn't the fault of RFC that you can't go to the game and that the ground isn't a sell-out. Why not just give it to someone or sell it on yourself?
  2. No mate only the first payment is £133 the other 3 are £123 as there is a set-up cost of £10. Been like that for years now.
  3. You are in centre of Broomloan Rear and it is only £438 ??? I'm at the other end of the park and the cost is £492.
  4. Extra £10 on first payment as a set-up cost. That has been the case since they introduced the 4 payment scheme some years ago.
  5. Think you must have the credit deducted mate. It's the only reasonable explanation there for a £80 difference.
  6. Auto renewal payment dates are: Fri 31 May, Fri 28 June Wed 31 July Fri 30 August Extra £10 added to first payment only.
  7. I assume you are paying in 4 instalments then?
  8. Stop Press: Just got renewals in the post 5 mins ago: CR3 price is £492 which is 5% plus £2 to RFC charity foundation.
  9. I'm in CR3 but I don't have any renewal info at present which is why I said it would be £490 with a 5% addition. It may well be £502 although that would be 7% increase.
  10. Is that a concession?
  11. Are you really being serious?
  12. With 5% increase the Copland Rear would now be £490.35 although that may be increased by £2 for the Rangers Charity Foundation donation. Equivalent of approximately £26 per home game.
  13. JCDBigBear


    Katic played well today but Goldson had some careless moments.
  14. Deliberately studding Morelos off the ball, feigning injury (simulation), to get a fellow professional sent off. He was also responsible for starting the Kent incident and he was responsible for the melee at the end. It obviously won't happen just like he wasn't banned after deliberately stamping on a Dundee player in his previous game.
  15. Who else?? Brown, that's who.
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