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  1. Haven't seen that quoted anywhere officially as yet. Zak Rudden to the Jags is definite. Not sure another 2 of our players will go to the same club.
  2. The alternative to that would be external mega steelwork to support the roofs but the cost would be prohibitive.
  3. So they are looking at the corners again? That will mean restricted view seating as the corners have the roof supports . Not a cheap proposal.
  4. There is no way that lowering the pitch will give anything like 6000 seats.
  5. Barker should never have been signed. A complete waste of wages for a 3 year period. Sadly we have a number of misfits with us at present at a significant cost. Along with Barker we have Jamie Murphy, Andy King, Eros Grezda, Matt Polster who are unlikely to feature for us.
  6. I don't believe there is a conspiracy involving the officials but I do believe that the tim-inspired referee strike and subsequent fall-out has continued to have some influence on decisions which would affect them either directly or indirectly. The pro-tim media and pundits perpetuate their agenda by keeping up the pressure on officials whereby they are psychologically affected in which decisions to give (or not). In the last week we have lost 2 points and a cup final due to poor decisions by at least 4 of the officials involved. At least Beaton admitted his mistake but consider the abuse and criticism he got in the OF game last season. I can easily imagine the reaction if the same poor decisions had cost the tims 2 points and a cup final in the space of 4 days.
  7. Did I touch a nerve? Calm your jets. You were clearly raging on Wed like the rest of us.
  8. Whilst I fully understand your view, you are missing the point on this though. It isn't about personal feelings these days, it is about one-sided anti-Rangers media coverage bringing bad publicity on our Club but in an instance such as this it reflects badly on the other side but only when it is publicised. Regrettably we must fight fire with fire nowadays as our apathy or disinterest in the past simply left us vulnerable to attack.
  9. When we used to refer to them as the Huns it was due to their German sympathies in WW2. After they hijacked the term to use against us it became anti-Protestant sectarianism just not admitted by the media.
  10. Bit of a change in your opinion following Wednesday's game or was that just frustration in the heat of the moment?
  11. I'll bet the Scottish media will not say a word about this blatant sectarianism but if it was the other way at their training ground it would be front page news.
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