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  1. I'm not surprised that the two centre backs were hopeless as they have been looking like that for weeks. The goals we lost were criminal but the lack of drive to try to get back in front was equally as bad. We need a real leader on the park. The two substitutions were just ridiculous.
  2. Let's hope the players concentrate on the Wednesday game and that they are up for it from the kick off because you can guarantee that McInnes will have his lot ready to get physical from the start. Sunday can wait.
  3. Pyro isn't fine though as we will be hit with a five figure fine. Sectarianism and or racism is deemed worse hence the greater penalty imposed by UEFA.
  4. Don't worry, you are definitely not.
  5. So my now my level of education counts against me??
  6. I refer you to Gogzy's post above yours.
  7. It is clearly pointless trying to reason with you and your ilk. With your attitude, you are part of the problem.
  8. What utter nonsense. We got lucky this time as the singing wasn't reported to UEFA. Absolute idiots put the Club in jeopardy to the tune of approx £2 million just to sing what they want. People like you need to waken up to the real world. The rest of us put Rangers FC first.
  9. Better still, don't sing the add-ons at all. Try to get out of the habit.
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