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  1. JCDBigBear

    Jimmy Bell

    I will be glad when the football starts and threads such as this are binned.
  2. JCDBigBear

    Players not going to Spain

    Because they will maybe not bring Hodson back, hopefully.
  3. JCDBigBear

    Hummel gear RFC crest

    Has someone dropped a stitch? Is this a thread about a thread?
  4. JCDBigBear

    players to spain

    They all looked like they were going to a funeral but you only pick on Morelos!
  5. JCDBigBear

    Jim Baxter

    Johnny was my next door neighbour until his very sad passing a couple of years ago. He put me onto my current house and his wife is still my neighbour. I met Johnny in Baxter's.
  6. JCDBigBear

    Zebra finance = robbing bastards

    Don't shoot the messenger. Shit happens when you don't pay attention. As I stated other companies hit you with £25 and more. RFC is £20 (check your ST renewal). I have been hit for more when my internet payment on my credit card was 1 day late. It was my fault as I should have paid it earlier.
  7. JCDBigBear

    Jim Baxter

    Proud to say I became good friends with him from 1978 on. A really good guy, lots of stories and great company.
  8. JCDBigBear

    Zebra finance = robbing bastards

    £25 is a pretty standard charge for missing a payment on anything. RFC charges £20 for a missed payment. Other companies etc charge even more than £25.
  9. JCDBigBear

    Zebra finance = robbing bastards

    Rangers charge £10 for the set up of the 4 Monthly instalments. It's a one off £10 on the first payment. I went for it when they set up the 4 instalments as it's an automatic renewal each season so I don't have to worry about renewing our 3 STs.
  10. JCDBigBear

    Rangers Twitter account Trolling the BBC

    Now that is funny.
  11. JCDBigBear

    Season ticket list swelled....

    Some of them are really "special" and in serious need of some kind of therapy although that would like;y be futile.
  12. JCDBigBear

    Wallace And Miller Fined.

    The directors appointed an incompetent third rate youth coach as interim manager who fails miserably in the post resulting in a humiliating defeat followed by a similar disgraceful result and is duly sacked by the board for being a hopeless clown. After the first such defeat the two most senior players at the club basically call said interim manager a useless clown and get fined by the same board who fired the interim manager for being a useless clown. You couldn't make it up. If anyone should be fined it is the directors who appointed the guy as interim manager.
  13. JCDBigBear

    Pena in rehab

    What you saw was exactly the same as everyone else but you chose to see that as wiping his nose on our shorts as a sign of disrespect. Others such as myself saw it for what it was, a guy looking a bit embarrassed and holding a pair of shorts up to his face as he goes for a medical (hence the shorts). The fact they happened to be our shorts with our badge on them suddenly became a stick to beat him with thanks to the anti-RFC media and people falling for the fake news story.
  14. JCDBigBear

    Pena in rehab

    He didn't blow his nose on the badge at all. Fake news. I understand people being annoyed and or disappointed in his performances but he could easily have made a real show of disrespecting our Club. You simply chose to see it that way at the time because you disliked him so much anyway. As for his contract, if he had personal issues which were known by his previous club and they failed to advise us then we could possibly have grounds to recoup our transfer fee. Same goes for his agent. I'd also be surprised if we didn't have a clause or clauses in our contract regarding such pre-existing issues.
  15. JCDBigBear

    Dave king statement

    Pleased to see that the Club is at long last doing something to defend our corner although I do wonder why it was King and not Robertson as this kind of thing is what the MD would do. Perhaps King is noticing that Robertson does not a lot.