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  1. Rangers related picture thread

    Stein and Jardine. Rangers and them select v Scotland in Ibrox Disaster benefit game.
  2. Rangers Development Squad v Liverpool

    Where is this mate? What a cheek copying our song. Is that on Liverpool FC TV?
  3. Rangers related picture thread

    We did get most if not all back when selling him on but his wages would have been ridiculous.
  4. Morales Cardosa

    Why are you watching BBC Scotland? £5 per month and watch it Rangers TV.
  5. Rangers related picture thread

    Marcus Gayle £1 million played about 3 or 4 games, no goals. Sold to Watford. Should never have been bought.
  6. Rangers related picture thread

    I'm in that photo somewhere on that terracing along with my cousin.
  7. McInnes- is it now or never?

    I've just hidden some OTT insulting posts. I'm sick of the way people resort to personal insult just because they disagree with a post or a topic. The forum is about opinion and debate about Rangers by Rangers fans. You don't have to agree or love each other but try to keep the personal insults out of it. There will be plenty of other Bears who don't post because the level of abuse at times is ridiculous. For what it is worth, my opinion of the actual topic is I don't think McInnes is good enough.
  8. Rangers related picture thread

    Ha ha.... as bad as Mladenovic was, he was far better than Steele and MacDonald.
  9. Rangers related picture thread

    Yes the two loanees were as bad as they come. Kevin MacDonald was truly awful. Wish these two had never been mentioned as they bring back nightmares.
  10. Rangers related picture thread

    Yes he was rank rotten.
  11. Butcher

    I don't know what it is with Butcher these days as he comes across as a bitter anti-Rangers buffoon. He used to still be a Bear after he left us and retired. Had a few meals in his restaurant in Bridge of Allan and more recently I spoke to him at Turnberry Hotel where he told me that beating the dark side to give us Helicopter Sunday was an "absolute pleasure". The last couple of years has seen a sea change in his attitude towards Rangers.
  12. Ally Scott

    He was murder.
  13. Rangers related picture thread

    Another cracking photo. Robert Hamilton the left back (he is 3rd from the right in the front row) was the father of a late friend of mine.
  14. Rangers related picture thread

    Spent a lot of cash in JB's pub and don't regret a penny. A great player and a cracking guy.
  15. Rangers related picture thread

    Still got my ticket from that game. Still at school I should add.