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  1. Dear God, how can anyone kick up a fuss about some relatively minor changes to the crest? It makes the Club name more prominent than the old crest. Now Rangers is at the top, 12 o'clock high instead of starting upside down at 7 o'clock. We haven't crossed a historical Rangers Rubicon with this. We have far more important things to worry about.
  2. Watched truly awful game tonight between Spurs and Everton and I commented on the wages and transfer fees of most of the players on show in relation to their lack of ability and flair.
  3. That is one of my favourite tops.
  4. Sorry, I had missed your response. I welcome a membership scheme because I have lobbied Rangers directors for years to initiate such a scheme. The difference with my idea was that it should represent every fan and be free to ST holders with a reasonable cost to others. The current board have made excellent progress in my opinion but this MyGers scheme is not a good set-up as it will exclude a lot of fans due to the cost. MyGers and Club 1872 both miss the mark . Club 1872 doesn't represent most of the fan-base and MyGers will also prevent many joining due to the cost, particularly for families.
  5. Hamburg have been woeful for the last 6 or so years. Think they dodged relegation from the Bundesliga about 3 years on the trot and keep blowing promotion out of BL2. Awful to watch these days. Their fans need to get their board to clear the decks. Their coach Dieter Hecking is just another merry-go-round manager. One decent season with Wolfsburg out of about 15 seasons in Bundesliga. Most of the players are gutless.
  6. BBC and every other channel which shows football really irritate me when they do the in-depth analysis. I don't give a damn what they think. I've just watched whatever game myself and don't need to hear them spout off. Too much talking to stretch out the programme. Same for half time. I'd rather they put on the Govan Burgh Band at half time. Rant over.
  7. My ST is on auto renewal as are the other 2 in my family.
  8. Cheers mate. I'm the same about computers. Never had a computer lesson and just get by with trial and error. I've never accessed the account as I never knew I had one. I won't bother now because I am not opening up three new log-ins just for the voucher.s. I have enough crap without having 3 new log-ins. This MyGers idea is utter bollocks anyway in my opinion. If they had simply sent me a voucher then I'd have used it.
  9. Greg, I assume that Rangers have opened an account for each of us. So how do you enter them without a password?
  10. Did Rangers give you a password to enter the account? They must have opened the account to add the £25 voucher so how do you find out the password?
  11. No, I sent the emails. I then got told that it is on file. What file? I'm not aware that I have a file nor do the other members of my family.
  12. I banned you for 72 hours because you posted lies about me and you have just posted further lies on here. My brief conversation with one of the Easdales at the Rangers FC player of the year dinner was about Lewis McLeod leaving the Club at that time. A fair number of other fans also spoke to him that evening. As you should be aware, the fans' board members were voted for by other fans which was supervised by people such as Rev Stuart McQuarrie. I had no "access" to the Easdales as you claim. Pretty sure that it was Graham Wallace who came up with the fans board idea anyway.
  13. I've never spoken to Llambias . I did once have a brief chat with one of the Easdales about Rangers at a PotY dinner. Quite a few others also spoke to him that evening. You clearly have a problem with me for some reason. As for going to the Club directly about this, I have done so already. What have you done??
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