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  1. Chelsea only have 4 in their squad.
  2. What quota is there in the EPL?
  3. Who hasn't "grasped the concept"?
  4. A winger who plays in the 2nd tier of English football. I am talking about transfer values in general and comparing two players' valuations.
  5. Even further back to Meiklejohn, Morton, Gillick, Waddell, Thornton, Young, Baxter etc. Struth and Symon giving instructions. You feel the history in that room.
  6. There have been numerous posts in different threads in the past where Alfredo's transfer value is discussed and debated. In an attempt to put his worth in perspective, 21 year old Daniel James has been sold to Man Utd for £15 million having played only 39 games (6 goals) with Championship club, Swansea City. Alfredo (age 22) has played 178 games for teams in the top football tier of three countries and scored 100 goals.
  7. Of course it affects the history. What other dressing room has oak-lined walls or coat hooks with a special hook for your bowler hat? Where photographs of HM Queen are hung proudly on the walls? Modern stadia dressing rooms are soulless and lacking in tradition as they all look near enough the same. There is nothing traditional about a room that looks like it has units from B & Q kitchens and bathrooms. The Ibrox dressing room is as much a part of our tradition and history as the marble staircase.
  8. Clearly you are not "all for tradition".
  9. Our traditional dressing room is part of our club's heritage. Every other modern dressing room looks the same as the next with melamine or whatever. It would be outrageous for the dressing rooms to be altered.
  10. 4 pages based on an unsubstantiated rumour about the kit man???
  11. I've been to Normandy, Somme, Ypres and Arnhem and visited numerous cemeteries which are so very sad and very humbling. At Arnhem (Oosterbeek) twin brothers buried side by side had tears running down my face. Privates Claude and Thomas Gronert from Cornwall died on same day in the same incident. Both just 21.
  12. The French and Germans don't seem to go to the cemeteries very much. I found the German cemeteries had particularly few visitors.
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