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  1. I think you misunderstood the relevance of my post. I was responding to someone who had heard that Murty was NOT getting the job.
  2. Sorry I didn't know you were Garry Carmody.
  3. Who is Garry Carmody and why should his opinion be given any more credibility than any other Bear with an opinion? I'm not getting at the guy for having an opinion although I do think it smacks of a bit of a love-in.
  4. Windass stat

    His goal scoring and assist ratio is absolutely unbelievable if you only count the minutes when he is visible on the park.
  5. UB March

    Apart from negative publicity exactly what did it achieve?
  6. Murty's league record is it good enough

    No he certainly isn't the man to take us forward. He simply hasn't the ability. He hasn't learned from his mistakes. Sunday proved that he hadn't a clue what to do.
  7. We need a manager

    Murty is never a manager. Tactically he is clueless. He doesn't make tactical changes during a game. Substitutions are like for like. We let Brown have a free ride in midfield, he had time to build from the back. There is no captain on the park, no real leader. When they went down to 10 men Brown went round their players and Rodgers made a switch. Our players milled about and some went for a drink of water. Finally brought on Cummings when we were losing and with only 15 mins to go.
  8. Bates injury

    How is that not a foul for us??
  9. Absolutely bottled it

  10. Morelos

    I disagree with you. Simple as that. Murty should have changed things during the game and didn't do it.
  11. What is required

    We need a manager, a keeper, at least one CB and a leader on the park in midfield. Has to be someone to drive on the players.
  12. Morelos

    Should he have scored today? Yes. He's still only 21 and is still developing. The boy is a cracking player and it may be a cliche but there is a lot more to his game. He needs more support further forward.
  13. Absolutely bottled it

    Agree with that bit highlighted but we were bullied in midfield. Too many mistakes with wrong choice of ball and taking too long to make the pass. Murty should have made changes particularly as soon as they went down to 10 men.
  14. We need a manager

    Nail on head.