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  1. I wouldn't have Miller in the starting line up. Alnwick, Tavernier, Cardoso, Alves, Wallace Candeias, Jack, Dorrans, Pena Herrera, Morelos Subs from: Foderingham, Wilson, Bates, Holt, Rossiter, Miller, Dodoo.
  2. I don't buy into the theory Pena is unfit. He certainly doesn't look any different physically than he did when playing in Mexico judging by the clips of him on Youtube. He is a stockily built player but he doesn't look overweight when you see him on the pitch or track-side. He has had a couple of months to get fitter if he had a lay-off although he apparently played 42 games in Mexico last season. He needs games and I would play him before I'd play Windass.
  3. Exactly what is it that you think is wrong in terms of major structural work which would necessitate having to leave the Stadium?
  4. I can't fathom out Pedro at all. He spent a fair bit to get Pena and Herrera in and we hardly see either of them. His substitutions are a mystery. I would like to see him get shot of Windass, Hodson and Miller.
  5. I can appreciate that but the gaps have looked awful since day one imo.
  6. I don't mind the smaller ones which fill the gaps at the top of the Copland and Broomloan stands. They aren't ideal but I've never been very happy with the open areas there.
  7. I've just emailed the SLO asking for clarity on this for the supporters. The banners detract from the look of the main stand which has listed building status.
  8. Just noticed the bit underneath that guys post "Gregco 5088" What Bear would call himself that? If I'd noticed that earlier I wouldn't have bothered posting.
  9. What is he eating and drinking at Pizza Hut? Is the guy not allowed to eat? If he was out all night on the town doing the wine women and song thing the night before a match then I would be worried. Here we have : ""Footballer in eating a meal the night before a game shocker. ""
  10. Got to make this public. I'm going to Glasgow Airport tonight to pick up someone and they will be appearing at Ibrox tomorrow afternoon.
  11. Where are you reading loan deal? Nothing on RFC web site at all.
  12. You just raised that subject again.
  13. So he did, I thought it was nearer the end of season. He left end of January. The last few months of last season had me in a numbed stupor !!
  14. Alves, Jack, Dorrans, Cardoso, Candeias, Morelos, Pena, Herrera and Dalcio have come in. 9 new players is a lot to expect to start off as a well-oiled unit. Having said that, they are professional footballers and it really shouldn't take too long to get to know each other's styles especially with full-time training.
  15. You said the post meant nothing to anyone else when there are plenty other people who agreed with her opinion as can be seen on the whole forum.