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  1. Goram Bougherra Pritz Cooper Tugay You'd never get the ball off them on a 5s pitch.
  2. JCDBigBear

    The Rangers FC

    I absolutely love that badge and think that it should be on our shirt permanently.
  3. JCDBigBear

    The Rangers FC

    If my memory serves me well that was the Club blazer badge. We have always been known as "The Rangers" or just "Rangers". When I was young friends and relatives would ask "Are you going to watch The Rangers?". To this day I often say "I'm going to see The Rangers". Pretty sure I say that more often than just "Rangers". We have been known as The Rangers Football Club for well over 100 years.
  4. JCDBigBear

    Wee quiz.

    I remember that game well. A great performance from us. As you say the crush was unreal inside as well as outside.
  5. JCDBigBear

    Wee quiz.

    Yep. Alex Ferguson got the other goal. 4 - 3 for the Gers. A good crowd that night as well. (Well our side of it was good )
  6. JCDBigBear

    Wee quiz.

    Colin Stein never scored a hat trick against the tims. Willie Johnston did though.
  7. JCDBigBear

    Chris Woods penalty

    I was just about to post similar info. Going from 18 nil to 10 nil is a vast improvement particularly considering our team was vastly improved by the later of the two ties. I saw no reason why Woods shouldn't take a penalty. Nothing humiliating about it and why shouldn't he be given a chance to score when a match is won by a comfortable margin?
  8. JCDBigBear

    Rangers related picture thread

    That is a pre-1930 photo. Even you can't remember that far back.
  9. JCDBigBear

    Rangers related picture thread

    What was that about?
  10. JCDBigBear


    Since we paid a significant fee for Pena and are going to be liable for his wages then we need to be pragmatic about the situation. Some of the comments on here about him are ridiculous. We have had plenty worse players than Pena. Anyway Gerrard will decide what happens to him when or if he comes back. We really don't have much to lose if we can see how he can perform under the current managerial team. He is still only 28. Played 19 games for Mexico (was in the 2014 WC squad) has made 283 appearances in club football with 66 goals. There is a player in there if he applies himself. Whilst with us he played in 14 games scoring 5 goals with an average time of 44 mins for each appearance. The longest he was on the pitch was 85 mins in the game at St Johnstone where he scored twice.
  11. JCDBigBear

    Matchday Mascots

    Yes mate. My daughter's name came out the hat twice. She was in the Teddy Bears Club which if I remember correctly was from where they were selected at random. Peterhead for Boyd's debut and then Werder Bremen as one of the 20 plus who came out with the teams.
  12. JCDBigBear

    Lee Wallace

    Wallace is far better than Flanagan.
  13. Rather ironic that you checked his posting history and claim he needs to get a life !!
  14. Tonight was awful. We have a number of obvious problems. A rookie manager still learning but unfortunately in my opinion, not learning from the same mistakes in previous matches. Some strange team selections such as bringing in players who haven't kicked a ball in weeks. Very late substitutions leaving too little time for any serious impact. I'm not sure of our tactics at all if I'm honest. We also have a number of players who started well this season but appear to have let it go to their heads and they think they have made it. We lack a true leader on the park, one who can boot backsides during a game and can give guidance. I know it's a learning curve but with the money we have spent we should not be losing badly to Livingston and struggling against Killie. I worry that we are going again with another PLG. Next 2 games are crucial.