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  1. only good thing about going to killie away is- its just 35 minute drive from me and there killie pies
  2. cheerz i knew killie never beat us 6-2
  3. ever beat us 6-2 , just argued with a killie man and he is claiming that killie beat us at ibrox 6-2
  4. 1-0 miller
  5. ordered mine a few weeks ago online for pre order, got it today like i posted earlier, but i relise theres no recipet for the free shirt printing, only a delivery sheet
  6. haha after my recent post, i got it
  7. i just clicked the link from the shipment email i got yesterday, and ups or whatever its called is saying the delivery due date is the 25th on the tracker WTF
  8. i take it theres going to be a few assholes thats going to cancel there season tickets over this
  9. what if david murray is just saying this to get us and media off his back and they is still a deal on the table
  10. aye its next week we find out our away allocation init
  11. i reckon he or she is a timmy trying to have laugh at our expense
  12. how can you sit RIGHT behind the goals in cf2? its only the cf3 row upto seat 93 odd thats RIGHT behind the goals and i know because am in that row just left from the net front row 429 quid
  13. its my teams home kit so therfore like or dislike it i will still get it
  14. great news but am not going to build my hopes up just yet. Want to hear it from rangers
  15. TNA 4LIFE, they need to get rid of hogan and the boring stale 4 sided ring, and bring back the 6 sided