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  1. No one gave a chance against Bremen and look what happened there. No fear!
  2. Cheers for the reminder. 😂
  3. I had two footballing heroes, outwith Rangers players, when I grew up. Roberto Baggio and the Romanian maestro Haggi. Fucking loving that his son is here with us. Fate and all that!
  4. Suggestions of Gerrard signing windass is an insult to his footballing knowledge.
  5. Regardless if he was injured tonight, there have been plenty of other times this season he has been fit but overlooked. Too late at night for me. 😁
  6. And I was generally asking why he didn't play. I didn't know he was injured.
  7. Why did Greg Stewart not even make the bench? Arguably our best performance of the season was our 5 nil drubbing of the sheep, with him getting man of the match. Regardless if it is an injury or not, I think he could be used to greater effect when we require to change our formation up a little.
  8. I just thought it was another lackluster performance when everyone was expecting more. A surefire indication our fringe players deserve to be just that.
  9. I remember back when McCoist took over and we were in a healthy position at the top. That was until we played St Midden. Earlier in in the day the Tims pulled back a 3 goal defecit (or 2) which revived them and we dropped points when we lost a last minute goal to a Steven Thomson cluster fuck of a goal. After that day everything went downhill. Just so happens tonight the same teams play each other. No fucking about. Nothing but a win tonight.
  10. I don't expect the same result. I expect the defense to continue to defend the way they have so far this year. The other forward thinking players will have to step up and if we don't lose a goal during the game it makes it much easier for us to win.
  11. Should this be true, it would be interesting to see Edmondson in that position. We have been used to Tav's forward thinking runs and assists, however, this forum has previoisly been inundated with requests for Tav to just improve his defensive side (which I think he has recently) but we simply don't have a like for like replacement for him. Therefore just focus on.someone who is confident with the defensive side of the game, rather than shoehorn someone in and expect him to do a job going forward. Edmondson is quite quick off the blocks and is not getting beat in the air.
  12. Sone Aluko is someone who I often remember fondly. Really gifted and down to earth. There were times the opposition just could not get the ball off him. Crazy to think he payed his own transfer.
  13. Bring on Ojo. Why bring on Ojo?
  14. I agree. And Ally is looking better and providing better analysis recently, than he has over the past few years. I think his stint with us sent him into a depressive zone. Hence, why he stood up to Sutton critism.
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