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  1. Ross McCrorie has set the standard tonight!
  2. sco22y


    I couldn't believe the shit I was hearing from him. For every favourable point KT was harvesting towards us, that twat always had some negative twist to use against us.
  3. On a plus side, the defence was solid! Had we had Morelos, well...
  4. Arfield off, Davis on. Let him show us why he is here!
  5. sco22y

    Welcome To Ibrox Jones + Kamara

    I thought, giving how he is prone to a firm challenge, you were referring to someone who we could turn to who could rough up the opposition rather than our usual Alfredo. 😀
  6. sco22y

    Welcome To Ibrox Jones + Kamara

    Kamara is foil for Morelos! I need to pick your brains on this one!
  7. sco22y

    Welcome To Ibrox Jones + Kamara

    Giving our horrific away record and how we struggle to score, JJ's pace is surely an asset. Our options off the bench recently have been sketchy!
  8. sco22y

    Gerrard and Katic press conference

    When the press mentions the second semi final! Oooft! F*** all to do with us! Outstanding! What a guy!
  9. sco22y

    FIFA 19

  10. sco22y

    Gerrard wants loanees on permanent deals

    If Ejaria reads this, which you will, talk tonight!
  11. sco22y

    FIFA 19

    No way would that game take place! Me and my boy were that stubborn we played Rangers against Rangers. Blue against Orange. Orange won of course! (Me) ?
  12. sco22y

    FIFA 19

    Those ratings are current. The critics say we have not not started the league that well! We can only improve surely?
  13. sco22y

    FIFA 19

    Already won the Champions League Final against my boy (who chose Man City), albeit on pens (4-4 Coulibaly hatrick) on pens. Great game! Last year he would always beat me when I went Rangers and he went a Euro superhouse. Not this year! ?
  14. sco22y

    FIFA 19

  15. sco22y

    FIFA 19

    Encouraging signs!