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  1. sco22y

    Welcome to Rangers Umar Sadiq

    His style of play reminds me of Daniel Cousin. With his pace he should do a turn for us and offer something different to Alfredo.
  2. sco22y

    ***Official World Cup 2018 Thread***

    Iceland remind me of our 2008 team. So well organised!
  3. sco22y

    Our support

    This is the kind of moments us fans love and have badly been deprived of in recent years. Why not make it a real occassion, known how big a draw he is, by making it in the evening. That way we could (might) have filled the stadium and made it a real night to remember.
  4. sco22y

    Clarke v Murty

    You! Clearly, did not get my point.
  5. sco22y

    Clarke v Murty

    Beat the sheep over 210 mins? REALLY, is that the judge of the guy?
  6. sco22y

    ***Official Rangers v Tarriers Thread***

    Just imagine if we strolled up tomorrow and unleashed Morelos and Cummings upfront. lol! they would shit it!
  7. sco22y

    Sunday's Man of the Match

    Is it just me or is this the game that Alex McLeish realises that Greg Docherty should be a 'shoo..in' (and be far more productive ) for the recently retired lego muncher.
  8. sco22y

    Murty or ...

    I too, believe we have a good set up. Especially knowing the players we have returning from injury.
  9. sco22y

    Murty or ...

    I am an optimistic guy! Always have been when it concerns Rangers. My optimism this time , I suppose, surrounds our manager. I think we have unearthed an absolute gem. I hope we don't fuck it (or him) up.
  10. sco22y

    Murty or ...

    I agree!
  11. sco22y

    Murty or ...

    'If results go his way' what would be a successful haul (point wise?)
  12. sco22y

    Murty or ...

    Stick or twist moment Though! What would you do (as of now)?
  13. sco22y

    Murty or ...

    Souness, Walter, Advocaat, Mcleish, Walter (again) brought me so much joy by winning the league in my lifetime; however, my question to you is, if not Murty then who? I like his passion. He lets his heart do the talking during interviews which is a very different technique to Walter; however, I believe it has evoked a spark from current players which I suppose is good. He has definitely had a positive reaction. Murty has had been in charge of two old firms games (both of which we have been expected to get beat) and we came away unscathed. I hope the pressure of winning at Ibrox doesn't take its toll on our players tomorrow (Hibs game x2) and we do our manager proud. I like him and I also like his signings. I hope our players can fight for him tomorrow! If he wins I don't think I need to ask the question again, but if we lose... Who takes over?
  14. sco22y

    ***Official Rangers v Tarriers Thread***

    I believe that if the real Joss Windass turns up we stand a very good chance of winning. Game changer, he is!
  15. sco22y


    The guy has been busting a gut to play for us. He has had some serious injury setbacks and a minority seem to want to off load him. The guy was an England captain within his year group. When will we ever be able to sign a player of his potential again?