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  1. At the end of the season I wouldn't put it past him to be top European goal scorer. Only enhancing his price. Not sure of the odds on this but wouldn't bet against it.
  2. As hard as it is to take. We are as selling club now. And Morelos hasn't hidden his desire to play in a better league. That is why supporters would talk like this. As I have the club at heart, and when he is gone, I want the best possible price. Unlike what we got for Jelavic. In the mean time I want to savour the wee man to lead us to our first championship in 8 years. 😁
  3. Fuck, I hate the thought of losing him but it is enevitable (just like Jelavic). If we sell him he should go with the best interest of our club. That means the best value we can get and sell on clause etc. For now I am savouring every minute of his greatness and loving how he is proving the Scottish media to be a shower of bias gits.
  4. I said exactly the same thing (ten posts in) . He would be fucking dynamite down there.
  5. I think you will find you were agreeing with me 😁😁😁
  6. In Sheffield utd pounds, he must be bordering towards £50 m. 😁
  7. I can seriously see him at Man utd, given they are needing this kind of player. With that comes a serious payment!
  8. sco22y


    This is a guy who thinks he has seen it all. Yet he comes to us and it totally fucks his mind. He is no longer ready for retirement. He wants to be a Rangers legend, just like (a few, this weekend) many before him. His interview today highlighting Jimmy Bell is a prime indicator he gets it. We are an institution where we all matter. The fans, kit an and star striker. We are a magnet to the right kind of people, just like JD . That is why WATP is so!
  9. I would pretty much start with the same team as our last two league games. 10-0 aggregate for both those games says it all. Although both times the team changed. Fuck knows! 😁
  10. Kent's reaction could be seen as an overreaction. It could be that he just wanted to impress on his return and help us to a win. Or (and I hope to fuck not) he has felt a similar in the past and knows it is quite serious. Our manager tried to ignite our side with Kent's passion and talent. For those who are saying he should have been eased in, there are many others who wanted him to start. Get away with a win here and move on and hopefully our big signing is OK.
  11. At the time, they (Stubbs, I believe) said categorically, they would never sell him to us. We seem weak allowing GM to go to them. Albeit, even if he progresses. He would progress at my local junior club. Pfft!
  12. He played well. He often got his 1-1 dribbling angles wrong and their RB was able to intercept. If he can sort this out, more than the other issues, many on here have pointed out, we could demand the same sort of fee Liverpool are asking for RK.
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