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  1. Bring on Ojo. Why bring on Ojo?
  2. I agree. And Ally is looking better and providing better analysis recently, than he has over the past few years. I think his stint with us sent him into a depressive zone. Hence, why he stood up to Sutton critism.
  3. That tit of theirs strutting out the tunnel there thinking he is missing something.
  4. This is our fucking cup. No other side has won it more than us. If you look around the globe, I haven't researched it, but I'm sure you would struggle to find any other club to have lifted a certain cup more than we have won this (league aside). If we win and don't make a noise, it wouldn't be Rangers.
  5. Surely the kit man gets there ahead of everyone and sets up the changing room well before the team arrive?
  6. That tit of theirs strutting out the tunnel there thinking he is missing something.
  7. sco22y

    Bt carpool

    Sutton was an absolute cunt as a player. Always the victim, looking for free kicks at every opportunity. As a pundit you can see he is a wind up merchant that his co-hosts must totally despise teaming up with. He literally causes a debate, or questions anything, anyone says. As much as a cunt that he is, it is often comical to watch.
  8. Why the fuck would we put this info on here? We know that certain (other) people might be on and give away valuable info.
  9. I hate saying this but Sunday for me... Is all about watching an old firm cup final for the first time with my son.
  10. Could be the difference between a few million(Europa) and a fair few more (CL). Going forward in the game, surely it will happen some day in the SPL. You would think?
  11. 'No idea what he could have done? ' imagine we lose the league by 1 or 2 points. What would you expect him to do if, in hindsight, you knew this were the case? Fucking go for the jugular with the strikers ( one who is reportedly on more money than anyone has ever earned in Scottish football, and Greg Stewart who played a blinder the last game we played and has a point to prove, being a gers fan). We have been talking recently about how goal difference could be the difference. Now this monstrosity of a game has came to a negative conclusion, now it is our defence mechanism to look for excuses or to accept excuses. Fuck accepting or excusing. Walter Smith was the epitome of never accepting anything but a winning mentality, that is why we loved him so much. This game could prove, so frustrationgly, massive.
  12. I think you will find that the haters are the season ticket holders, the fanatical supporters, the die hards, the people, the cunts who go to every away game. I hate the result of this game, as do many others, and I may hate certain tactics, but fuck I hope you are right that we will win this league. It will probably send me into the depression of all depressions should we not.
  13. I think it is fair to say we need Kamara and Barasic back to stand any chance of winning on Sunday. When you think of it, they are two stand out players for nations who have qualified for Euro 2020 and who might just win it for us on Sunday.
  14. Not sure airfield deserves a starting spot for Sunday. Kamara, yes!
  15. The amount of free kicks he overhits is unreal.
  16. He mentioned afterwards that they scored a crucial goal before half time, as if that was some kind of magical reason they were able to gain a point. That should have proved to be a massive spark to ignite a goal fest. Fuck, we should have had cunts in that team fighting amongst themselves for a place in the team on Sunday that has the opportunity to stop them from winning their tenth (fuck!) trophy in a row. Looking ahead to Sunday, if this result doesn't give them the impetus to win, fuck knows if we can last the pace of the league challenge.
  17. He looked totally dejected and basically said you expect our leaders to be more influential. Well, maybe our leaders need a wake up call. No need to mention names here but fuck me do certain players need a big wake up call.
  18. The only real chance we had in the 2nd half came from Tav's free kick (def pen). That's your problem right there. Yes we lost 2 goals from crap defending but we were absolute dog shit in the second period and we had Defoe and Stewart on the bench who both scored against them in the previous game at home.
  19. The last game at Ibrox, when Greg Stewart was outstanding, he used all the subs. Last year at Pittodrie, I'm sure, he brung on Defoe to score the winning goal. Beyond that, I have no recollection as the other results were, no doubt, pish!
  20. They scored a winner when they had to (with a few minutes left). We had 40 odd minutes to get ours. Yes, there will be drama queens tonight, however, we fucked it big time. Tav trying to chest the ball on the line when it was easier to head and then Goldson turning into Jimbo and hoping the ref blows for a foul. So, so dissapointed and not afraid to vent it. After all it is a forum.
  21. In this era of social media madness, the amount of pish directed his way, albeit he might be a bit naive at times, is totally shocking. Imagine, had social media been present during the 9 and a row years and all the camaraderie and crazy nights out that was the norm at the time. Nacho's time with us should not be forgotten. He gave everything on the pitch. Had he stuck away his chance in the Uefa Cup final, and we went on to win, he would no doubt be held in higher esteem by some of our fans. I think it's great he has chosen to continue his love affair with us, whether that be money-making orientated or not, as he is a decent down to earth guy.
  22. At the end of the season I wouldn't put it past him to be top European goal scorer. Only enhancing his price. Not sure of the odds on this but wouldn't bet against it.
  23. As hard as it is to take. We are as selling club now. And Morelos hasn't hidden his desire to play in a better league. That is why supporters would talk like this. As I have the club at heart, and when he is gone, I want the best possible price. Unlike what we got for Jelavic. In the mean time I want to savour the wee man to lead us to our first championship in 8 years. 😁
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