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  1. That was Fucking dross. Points dropped and now even with the game in hand the advantage is with them. However we should not be saying the league is over there are more twists and turns ahead. Gerrard needs to give this lot a complete rollicking. However we need a loan or something. Can't be playing that midfield starting three, there is no creativity. Kamara was shocking today and I can lay the blame for the goal at his feet.
  2. What a goal and the speed of it. Top stuff. Now get another to settle my nerves👍
  3. I would hook flannagan. Can't risk the red and was exposed far too easily there.
  4. Fuck sake two decent chances given up already. Get into gear Rangers.
  5. Thank God it was offside we looked really disorganised there.
  6. Hope we are up and at them from the first whistle. They are a vastly inferior side and if we are at it from the get go I expect three points. No excuses and bring the points home.👍
  7. It will be tough and hopefully we turn up unlike the last two performances.
  8. Three points secured so job done but was not pretty by any means.
  9. I am obviously not going to turn off the stream but by heck this is very boring to watch, could do with maybe Arfield for Kamara cant really think of anything else and I am not a manager by any stretch of the imagination.
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