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  1. All sounds good and useful. Wonder what side we put out on Thursday now. Strong and near enough first pick eleven or mix it up to give others game time?
  2. I don't get this atall. We have the shop in town we are still waiting to see if we can regain the megastore, in the meanwhile heh lets try and see if we can open a shop or pop up nearby for matchdays. Why then open one next to a pub? Surely there are other sites that Hummel etc looked at, seems way too convenient that the landlord and SLO are related and if he, the landlord is getting one penny more than a small fee for using his property serious questions need asked of this. Looks so amateur to any visiting or indeed our fans.
  3. Lovely finish by Ojo. Now lets pile in and totally put this beyond any doubt whatsoever.
  4. Trying to be positive and hoping we get a goal soon and then press on, if no change in the score in the next ten minutes subs are needed, would go for Alfredo for Defoe and Stewart or Docherty for Jack or Davis.
  5. At least Kamara is having a go, start getting a few more shots in on the keeper as the tippy tappy approach is having no reward.
  6. Solid performance and a clean sheet and no injuries hoping for three plus goals for us today, not much to ask.
  7. Denya has some otherworldly insults.
  8. Oh and you know Tom is on comms when he calls Edmundson George Ezra...
  9. Well its not a complete walking pace of a game. Not bad for a friendly to be fair.
  10. Think we will see the core of the team who start on Tuesday playing 45minutes and no more than that. Interested to see the starting lineup tomorrow ahead of Tuesday.
  11. By all means loan him out if that is how the management see it. The option to buy is baffling. He goes there, does well and we are tied in to selling him. Secondly does that mean that Portsmouth have a set price set up now or is it for negotiation?
  12. Aye very good you know what the point was. You must have some celtic chat to research.
  13. You knew what you were doing posting your various articles and so on in the channel of the forum solely devoted to Rangers chat. Fine we understand you need hits to pay bills and you have decided to do that by making a 'friendly' chit chat or whatever. That's all well and good but why then not expect a backlash? Many have said that is exactly what you expect and fair enough but then do not have petty tit for tat back and forth arguements instead of answering ?. You claim to be a journalist, has the level of qualified journalists sunk as low as this? ( By the way asked friends who work for actual papers if they had any trace of you... )
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