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  1. Cheers never knew. The rules for you and me let alone bubbles and the like are hard to understand at the best of times.
  2. Slight mistake on my part with your initial point. Anyway could be interesting cricket over the day.
  3. @psb07158For some reason, Pakistan always play well in England. I think they feel at home here because of the crowds etc. No crowds though so that nullifies your point. Aside from the pitches offered up it's all just one versus the other. By pitches I assume you know what i mean regards favouring teams.
  4. Surely our players/staff need tested or extra tested or whatever now in light of this if we are tracking and tracing?
  5. @British_Empire agree. Baffling. I know he's not a great person and they have now been relegated but Deeney at Watford is more a modern day old school captain if that makes sense
  6. Should players not be limiting themselves regarding being out in public etc anyway? Baffles me why they were out in public atall
  7. BLM loyal with a rainbow on it....
  8. See it said individualsare allowed to submit flags. Might get a Chiswick loyal Zubr no.1 flag knocked up😀
  9. That's similar but not the one I posted? Doubt it would be allowed nowadays 🤔
  10. @British and Proud@British_Empire Dumbarton flag making an appearance or only for Euro trips now?😊
  11. What is that effing huge one? https://www.Rangers.co.uk/article/Rangers-supporters-flags-welcome/17njMtfrUxtrhrGWI6LLpm
  12. £90 is an absolute pisstake. Also a buffet does not seem the wisest choice considering the current situation. I genuinely feel I will have a better time being here in the house with some Zubr and a good meal. Plus I won't be nearly a ton lighter. Ludicrous 😊
  13. Early goal and who knows? Was at a few Bayern games and the guy is class and the fans love him. He has been coming on to his game more after a dip by his standards. To suggest he has not fulfilled his potential is nuts. 😆
  14. Good game. Had Chelsea to win but Arsenal deserve the win.
  15. Haha that's what the other half said. Feels like I should have ordered my full OF breakfast and gone thru my OF routines etc but I am wanting this and us back in action tomorrow. I predicted 2-1 us and a few squeaky bum time moments. Even with the possibility of no AM we have enough overall I think. Only pre OF thing I am sticking to is drinking to excess to stupid o'clock and barely making the TV for the game is my prediction. By God I hope we show up today!
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