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  1. Bump new quiz included! https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/mar/31/unusual-kits-quiz-eye-catching-football-strips-public
  2. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/mar/29/football-quiz-guess-the-stadiums-in-these-artistic-images-part-two Not easy although everybody should score at least one point 😊? https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/mar/31/unusual-kits-quiz-eye-catching-football-strips-public Some absolutely hideous kits included. Enjoy.
  3. I am only 41 but I have seen this, my dad probably thought I was a fandan as well, he may have been right but anyone who classes themselves as a millenial is normally my exact opposite on everything including Rangers. If I took a wee fannie from west london into an orange hall pre match these days I would still be working the fine off. My old seat was CF and I loved it. Have family friends who have longtime tickets right near the directors box in main stand, yes great view, when I swapped a ticket I got outside the ground for an OF with the dad, he is near on 70, he refused me taking it went in to the enclosure and said it was 10 times better than having to mind your ps and qs near the main box, Saying that he may have remembered when he got me and my dad and him of course OF tickets at Parkhead, I was young, but knew the script, there is a pic of all off us before we left the Regent ( and if you dont know which pub I am referring to .......... ) Anyway we are dressed up. Them in suits me smartly attired. The game is going on and I still haven't seen either of the two of them eject expletives. WTF then at the near end we are being escorted out as my dad could not hold it in anymore as we won 4-2 in the Oleg game and it was his Best Man's tickets but after it he said fuck it he will understand. This ( my dad was a guy who went to Aberdeen away aged about 10 in the 60's, I have told that story before ). I wasn't boozing but what a high, admittedly back in EK later the boozing ban was over and that was in the days when you could not only have a beer but a swatch of a pair of diddies unlike RM.
  4. search Rangers archives on FB that's all you will ever need the guy who runs it is an absolute legend!
  5. He must realise how he comes across on here but still persists. I think his claim to be a journalist is laughable as he never even went to journalism school or no doubt any higher education place. I hope that come Tuesday the UEFA panel call all leagues null and void and he can bugger off until the next time, all he seems to do is be an antagonistic fucker who would argue black is white if it maybe garnered a few hits on his sites he writes for. I have a friend who is a proper Journo who has done 20 plus years working for main newspapers and this joker claims to be equal to him. No fucking chance even with the bloggers being allowed in. My mate worked fucking hard to get to where he is and it is an insult that the likes of the Dude can even suggest they are on the same level. As far as the league title goes if it as he says no fucking chance we should be accepting that proposal.
  6. You maybe bored but don't kid on you are a journalist. You must realise how your posts come across, infact I think you do as all you look for is a reaction. You know nothing more than the next poster and your reading of the rules and your interpretation of them is up to you. I personally hope Uefa and fifa declare all leagues null and void to avoid any dispute.
  7. Yeah got that as well. They came with a game plan and executed it. The winners at the end of the tie are the premier team 99.9% of times. I sometimes think he is actually more into his horses than football despite being an expert pundit.
  8. Thought Simeones teams didn't score that many goals. Imagine if the PL gets canned now, the Liverpool fans will be suicidal.
  9. I am not able to watch tomorrow for the first time in God knows how long probably near on 25 years due to a family commitment but December I was thinking we would be neck and neck and now this shit show, we had a gilmar of hope with them loosing and yet we fucked it up at home, I am really angry at this squad in a way I was not to previous squads as I alongside many felt SG would give us a backbone and a willingness and want to win. It seems that has not been the case unfortunately.
  10. The manager chose the players and formation though.
  11. Thats quality, admittedley some fans of PL teams have memberships of other teams if they are unlucky in an away ballot but never heard of going as far as a seasontickett for a team you dont support to secure an away ticket, FFS😂
  12. Ha ha I spotted that as well. The seat will be empty alongside 50.000 others. Just want a performance with some hint of will and desire and maybe some different players.
  13. Okay fair point but thats what forums are for. Barely posted last night as I was so incensed by that performance and the lack of want and willingness.
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