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  1. Who. Oaktree? Imagine loosing thenrag over a golf tournament!
  2. Thoughts? Little article popped up on Planet Football. The link says six, the article says eight but aside from that. https://www.planetfootball.com/quick-reads/the-six-stages-of-liverpool-loanee-ryan-kents-development-at-Rangers/
  3. £960. Plus stake returns £980. If you want you can send me the spare £470.
  4. badjon

    We're coming

    Boom as regular as clockwork.
  5. I asked you for tips a week ago my man.
  6. So if you do Aberdeen going by his logic a nice wee earner!
  7. Worrall again. We should be playing Katic in every remaining game, Worrall is away back to his parent club so no point in persisting.
  8. http://www.hesgoal.com/news/43604/Rangers_FC_vs_Hearts.html Working well, give that a try.
  9. Same, guys done and waste of large portion of first team wages.
  10. Same as I understand it however there has been talk in recent days of Davis getting permanent deal, not for me that option if true.
  11. Defoe the destroyer!! Sort of chance he will gobble up. Now keep pressing and playing forward.
  12. Need the goal soon and then push on. Too many times we have the majority of possession and then get sucked into a mistake that costs us dearly.
  13. badjon


    But you must realise the manner it has been presented, as an elbow to the face by both t.v and press means that it is now solid i.e they will react to the hype or hyping of the incident in the way we are being told, facts hardly seem to matter when the decision is made these days!
  14. Unreal. Now keep our composure and see what can happen. Kent had a lot to do and he did it well.
  15. Am the same, very odd, have no nerves or whatever. Come ko I will no doubt be a mass of nerves.
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