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  1. Aye okay pick a non enity over a guy who is acknowledged as being one of the best LB ever In the last 20 years. As u said earlier great player bell end of a pundit
  2. He is an absolute bell end as a pudit. The players he had the opportunity to play with and he comes out with that?
  3. So excuse my drunk spelling but hopefully my point that BF however as much a cunt we view him now is not the same as when he was , as I said before instrumental in winning us us trophies πŸΊπŸ‘πŸΊ
  4. As was I do what's your comeback 😎 BF was a Raneed great he appearese a fud since. How many article'sdoes he get asked to do with blackburn?
  5. Since 9 in a row then name me players who are in your view legends, If you asked most he would be on there, do you like Jorg? I absolutely adore the big guy and he for me is in bordering on legend status however BF is a legend for what he achieved and as another poster said he drove us through games that we looked like drawing or loosing, Take the modern day versions horrible take of our club and situation to one side and see the honest fact that Barry was instrumentally a big part of our team and therefore should be regarded as a legend/whether I would want to have a pint with him is another thing.
  6. That's just not true for his achievements but as a man you may be right.
  7. Rod wallace half bRotherham was teaching at the same school as my mum at the time he was with us. Met him a few times and was a genuine guy. On another note Leverkuse away was my first Euro away game he obviously does not recall the players around him...
  8. Fucking ridiculous he came out with that. He has picked an odd odd side considering the many players he played with. One of my absolute favourites big Jorg not included is mystifying
  9. Who are your suggestions? I genuinely don't watch much of any teams outwith when we play them.
  10. He isn't a journalist a glorifled blogger and agitator at best.😎
  11. There was only one outcome here when coronavirus struk. Give them the league. I wish UEFA had immediately implementended null and void across all leagues it would have cleared it up without any real protest. Award prize money on the positions at that point but no champions or relegations and suck it up. You notice that the true 'runaway' leaders in the EPL were respectful of the decision despite 30 years of not having won a league.
  12. Because they have hundreds of world class beers? I have done my solemn best to try them all in the regions of Munich and Baden wuttenborg.
  13. Do not give one fuck how we do it, we could play like Burnley ( remember the calls for Dyche after Warburton and what not, utterly mental as he earns millions more anyway ) Getting back to my original point we could play turgid football but if it delivers the league one fuck will not be given!! I cannot wait for us to rightfully claim the title, I grew up with us winning everything, as many on here have, and that weird back and forth, then us being well managed by Walter the second time and then the demotion so the title will be so sweet and will boil their heads.
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