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  1. You’d give tarriers free reign at all promising youngsters in Scotland by doing that. In theory we could have McCrorie as our number one with Patterson, Kennedy, Kelly and King in the squad within next 2 seasons. that's obviously a big if and understand the point, our academy has been worthless for fuck knows how many year.
  2. Wesley Said latest French player to be linked with. Winger at Toulouse
  3. Fuckin hell people will really moan about everything and anythin. It’s barely changed from the original yet it’s minging and honking 😂 Have a day off man
  4. Agree he’s got an attitude that can rub people up the wrong way. I think someone like Gerrard would be ideal for him. Left as he wanted to play, in his head he had ideas of making a bigger move after Wigan which obviously hasn’t happened. He has always been well spoke about in the dressing room going off the open goal podcasts. He’s thick as fuck who doesn’t get a buzz out of a daft cunt about the place.
  5. We’d of been far better off Gerrards first season keeping Windass as back up to Morelos than signing Lafferty or Sadiq. He’d also be a far better option than Hastie, Jones, Stewart, Murphy, Ojo and Barker. Free transfer I’d 100% take him.
  6. Can’t remember him bar his goal, saying that I was an absolute riot in Vienna.
  7. Apparently he is on a two year loan with them so got another year to go. Option to buy as well so I’d file under shite.
  8. Fuck sake it was one game 😂
  9. Game was horrific switched it off after an hour. He looks very quick and certainty got the legs for a pressing game. Was on their set pieces, would imagine they’re normally better than what he showed tonight. Overall he was quiet but no one stood out for me. Cant judge on one game, I’m sure it wont determine whether we try sign him or not.
  10. La Liga and Serie A still got games to go as well. Only the playoff in Germany to sort out.
  11. Nah I can’t either. I follow quite a few people on twitter who follow European football religiously along with Bundesliga and he’s a name that’s popped up a bit. Can’t say I’ve watched him as don’t think Heidenheim are on tv much nor do I watch any Bundesliga 2. All I know is he’s been highly rated for a while and was surprise when they got him from Bayern as thought he’d get a bigger club especially being on a free. Not sure if he had bigger clubs after him and wanted to go there for guaranteed football.
  12. You can buy the kit from Castore, Ibrox shop along with SD and other retail outlets. Who gives a fuck, barely anyone will buy from SD anyway.
  13. Doesn’t deny SD involvement but not exclusive with SD
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