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  1. Too many snowflakes used to Rodgers way of not shouting, Lennon is the polar opposite. He will need to overhaul that squad to be successful. They’ll down tools on him like Hibs did but we must start well to ensure we capitalise on it. The fans don’t want him, they’ll turn quickly when it starts going to pieces. Today was the first day I had truly given up on the hope they’d appoint him. Fuckin delighted is an understatement.
  2. If we don’t win that league next season everycunt needs the bag. He’s atrocious, they’ll down tools by Christmas. 55.
  3. Tammy Abraham 😂 Away back to your bed.
  4. I like Derek Ferguson he normally talks a lot of sense on open goal. But this is a fuckin ridiculous shout off him.
  5. Cost less than Lee Griffiths gambling debts. Yaaassss
  6. Love him, absolutely strolled it
  7. Needs to happen soon as possible this, we’ve got a great batch in the 16s and 18s who need this type of competition to develop. Wont hold my breath though it’s Scotland, will end up doing something backwards as per usual.
  8. Prick of a guy he’s 37 if that was Morelos it would be usual shite shouldn’t play again etc. Ajer, Ferguson, Killie game and now. Cunt should know better.
  9. That’s more of my point I’d be very surprised if we’ve the budget to spend 5m on one player. If we’ve got it then aye I’d take Kent but you’d be talking around 20 mill given the other signings we need to make.
  10. Woodburn has been involved in 7 games not 2, he’s got 10 caps for Wales with 2 goals and he’s a lot younger than Kent so it’s understandable he’s not had the same game time. Few of my mates are Liverpool fans and he’s thought of as a far better prospect than Kent. You find it strange that I don’t want to spend 5m on a player that’s got 6 goals and 6 assists all season? How much money do you think King will give us? We need 4 first team players to come in if we’ve any chance of winning that league. 5m on Kent isn’t happening.
  11. Kent was woeful in the championship previous to coming to us means fuck all.
  12. I’d rather we got woodburn on loan and spent that 5m elsewhere tbh. Kent has been class but his goals and assists are no where near a 5m player.
  13. Absolutely barkin that kit was mate 😂
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