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  1. To be honest mate i'd take him over McInnes as he has done a very good job with St Johnstone. Never know, someone might surprise us and apply for it, if we get rid of PC.
  2. We need someone of a big Sam ilk but since he's left a multi million pound role with big budget compared to anything we can offer, it's got zero chance of happening as you've referred to. Unless someone comes along who needs to rebuild their career ala Rodgers and we put our hand in our pocket. We probably will end up with someone average like McInnes/Wright. Bringing McInnes/Wright in reminds me of when they brought in Tommy Burns. Good guy with connections to the club but ultimately won't improve to the level required. Understand why people want a low risk appointment after the last two but if it's done right a 'high risk' appointment brings high rewards.
  3. McInnes - Low risk appointment that will guarantee us nothing but 2nd and see the taigs run away with 10 in a row.
  4. I don't seem to remember him getting many wins against them saying that I pay very little attention to Scottish football outside Rangers. Happy to be proved wrong on that point. Does anyone really think Derek McInnes is the person to overthrow Rodgers? I certainly don't.
  5. McInnes would get us 2nd that's about it. How many times has he even got the better of that mob? even under Delia when they were rotten. We've had two cheap options, we need better than McInnes, McLeish etc. We need to go out and find a good proven manager and that's not McInnes nor McLeish. Managers like that cost ££ something I don't think the board are willing/haven't got to put in.
  6. Just signed up, didn't realise how easy it was. Took less than a minute.
  7. Don't know why people don't just wait and see what the boys like in games before casting opinions. Think it's a Scottish thing, everyone loves a moan and being miserable about everything.
  8. I don't get the Roberts comparison to be fair. Roberts was well known by many down south he had played for Fulham at a young age and had number of teams after him. He cost 12m, this boy is very different. Negativity is far over the top on here, let's see what the lad can do before judging him. Mark Allen obviously knows him well and has decided he can do a job.
  9. Got to love the RM Man City u21 experts I wanted him or that. Mark Allen was at Man City, he knows more than your Man City save off fitba manager.
  10. Been thinking on it for a while, will sign up this week.
  11. He's playing for a no mark team in a no mark country. Trying to stay relative, sooner bears clock onto it and ignore him the better.
  12. They've put some thought into that one. Loada shite again from Puma.
  13. I think part of the problem is the midfield 2 are too deep and Miller all over the shop. If Dorrans gets further forward it should be fed into him to link it up. If Miller actually stayed up front we'd have more bodies in the box. I think Herrera gets a tough time on here. He did well against Motherwell for me but like Morelos he's had fuck all service.
  14. Agreed, I thought Candias was good aswell yesterday. All of PC signings have been good with question marks still over the two Mexicans. Just doesn't seem to be clicking and getting the points on the board.
  15. I thought the wee man was class yesterday. Everytime the ball came into him he held it up and found a man to lay it off to. Some time since we had a striker at Ibrox who the ball can stick to. Gave Berra a torrid time even though he's about half his size. Has the trickery to make space and get away from players, seems we've got a real player on our hands. Was unlucky with the offside effort, Windass stopped as he was off, Wallace was on a mile. If we give this boy the service he will be the 20 plus striker we've been crying out for.