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  1. Shock when a 22 goal striker becomes even more expensive at end of the season when he finishes on 30+. Non story, not arsed.
  2. Is anyone actually surprised it looked like a stitch up from the very start. Wonder where that leaves King and Murray if the decision is overturned. Would the compo go to Murray rather than Rangers? Does Murray have a claim to still own Rangers? Also did the oldco ever get liquidated in the end?
  3. Did the tarriers not try to poach Kennedy off us? Hope we’ve got him tied down on a long contract.
  4. Jack and Tav were both worse than Kamara
  5. Met him at a doo years ago, was a gent.
  6. Hard enough watching ojo now never mind having to watch him for the next 4 years.
  7. Was always vital, no more so than this season to lay down a marker.
  8. If it was me I’d play Katic and edmundson but it won’t happen. Be Goldson and katic/edmundson
  9. Seen a few of them spewing on twitter at us giving it I wanna, i wanna be Defoe. Quite happily take that shite shout off them
  10. Am I the only cunt who thought he had fuck all to do? Still love the big cunt he’s a tank
  11. Sorry mate I mixed up your replies with someone else who was being negative as fuck about the appointment 😂 No one literally has a clue how well or bad he will do as it’s complete different budget to what he’s used to. Will be getting blamed for Hummel chevrons pointing the wrong way to allowing Pedro money for Pena and Herrera soon enough anyways.
  12. What him who’s scored 2 goals in about 3 appearances? He will be a good signing for tarriers cause he’s a decent player. He cost 16m that’s fuck all for a prem team literally everyone of them makes signings like that on a yearly basis, some work some don’t.
  13. Windass was 10 times the player of Ojo. Scored 18 goals in one of the worst teams and managers we’ve had.
  14. Said from start I don’t know why people are shocked that he’s shite. Done fuck all at every club he’s been at, usual cunts give it the give him a chance shite. Sometimes the stats stare you right in the face. Cunts hopeless.
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