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  1. Never minded Hutton going, always thought we done well out of the deal considering
  2. Isn’t something that you could possibly know.
  3. Not necessarily. If for talking sake the release clause is 25m then that’s a figure that the club, player and agent are comfortable is obtainable. It means any club bidding we can tell match the clause or fuck off. Morelos nor his agent can’t kick up a fuss over rejected bids as they’ve agreed to the release clause. Stops the time wasters with low bids and if clause isn’t met we get another year out of him. Win/Win
  4. Scored a good few goals recently, can’t say I’ve seen him play but media seem to rave about few lads from Motherwell.
  5. Defoe isn’t the problem, the lack of creativity is.
  6. Cheers for that Elf was hoping you’d do something like this. I’m told they all rave about the boy Leon King, recently signed a new deal I believe too.
  7. My mates old man is up Auchenhowie all the time as he’s a scout for the youth. Apparently the set up is second to none, miles ahead of anything in the country. So much so we’ve a number of boys from tarrier familes who have refused moves and would rather be at Rangers than move across to them. The transition to the first team will always be where the academy is judged on. Hopefully few of these boys can make the transition.
  8. That part with Mulholland was class, enjoyed that.
  9. Scored again today, beat Kashiwa 5-1 in the semi final. That mob put Real Madrid out previous round.
  10. Signed 16 year old England youth international from Chelsea. Chased him for a while apparently, plays up front. https://football-wonderkids.co.uk/player/nathan-young-coombes
  11. Last minute winners aye, not when we’ve scored to make it 3-0 at Livi ffs
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