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  1. Tbh not sure how much people expected he’s 32 soon and in last year of his deal. He wouldn’t have played as much as he wanted so getting an unhappy player off the wage bill is good business imo. We need to start getting fees for players even if it’s 250k here and there. Our transfer income is shocking due to the absolute shite we’ve had over the years.
  2. I’d be more inclined to say fuck the likes of Grezda and Lafferty who’ve been told they’ve no future yet continue to sit and pick up a wage. But aye fuck him for not wanting to sit and take a wage and give us a fee when he could go for free at end of season.
  3. Frankfurt would hump us without Haller and Jovic. Legia Warsaw or Malmo ideal draw for me
  4. 4 lads said one might be called Noah, I’m putting 2 and 2 together and saying one of the trialists could of been this lad given Allen’s city links. This lad is Dutch tho seems to have spent time at both United and city.
  5. Some day on Rangersmedia this thread going tonto and that crank getting locked up. Could start charging for this kind of entertainment.
  6. Fuck me this thread would drive you to drink. Moet moment coming right up
  7. 3 trialist’s on the bench assuming one of them may be the boy Rachi from Spurs? The game was due to be played down at Largs but we asked for it to be played behind closed doors as we wanted to field a stronger team. Which seems strange as it’s only really Firth, Murphy and Middleton from first team.
  8. Noticed he always referred to Gerrard as Mr Gerrard. Must be a respect thing for Rangers managers.
  9. Gerrard said in his post match interview the fee was 3 mill.
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