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  1. Tired of the comparisons with Kent, Kent was never this bad. Said from the start I don’t know why people expected Ojo to be any decent he’s been shite at every club he’s been at. The usual don’t write the boy off this early pish but sometimes the facts stare at you in the face.
  2. My spidy senses tell me this is going to get fuckin tasty baby
  3. When did he retire from intl football? Missed that.
  4. Wish Arfield would patch Canada, he clearly needs a rest.
  5. Can someone fill me in on the Casper Kent carry on cause I went to my kip at 10 bells 😂
  6. This should be the team but Helander will play ahead of George. Everyone going way over the top on Aribo. He’s had a quiet few games in middle of the park but was hung out to dry out left on Sunday. The boy is a player and will be a mainstay in that midfield.
  7. He’s not kicked a ball in weeks, add the international break as well. He won’t be upto speed until next month imo.
  8. Because if we can’t beat that team with Lennon in charge over 38 games we want to chuck it. Only one team will stop us winning that league and it’s Rangers. We could do with more quality out wide and I would hope that will be addressed today. Whether it be Kent or someone else.
  9. The way I’m looking at it, we lost it due to Gerrard making an arse of it rather than being outclassed. It’s frustrating but it will also give them a false sense of security. They’re no great shakes, we’re 4 games in and I still expect us to win the league. It’s a sore one but we couldn’t have played any worse yesterday.
  10. Madden had fuck all to do with it. More to do with the amount of easy 10 yard passes we put out the fuckin park.
  11. Didn’t bottle it just made an absolute cunt of it. Jones played the ball to Buffalo on Thursday to get the win. Two of them would have been buzzin why not start them? Leaving them on the bench was crazy and to bring ojo on before Jones was even worse.
  12. Played out of position today, have a word man
  13. Man Utd they’re pish Can see us getting an English and Spanish team, Espanyol or Getafe be good trips.
  14. Would appreciate for those who don’t know the words took the opportunity to learn Wolverhampton Town.
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