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  1. At Portsmouth he got shifted to right back cause wasn’t good enough in the middle of the park where he started. Doc was a stand out in the same league and can’t get near our team. I’d love to be wrong but can’t see where he fits in. He isn’t better than any of our CHs or CMs which you’d imagine would only improve come the summer.
  2. Patterson is cover for rb. McCrorie can’t pass a ball 10 yards, I honesty don’t see a future here for him.
  3. He was even shite that game, can’t think of a decent thing he did in a Rangers shirt. Missed a good chance v Spartak at home as well. Ballooned it over the bar
  4. JD said in his RTV interview before Hibs it looks like he’s starting the next two games think Gerrard will stick with him.
  5. Francis Jacobs is the youngest player ever in the US to sign a professional deal, even younger than Freddy Adu. Has had trails with Leverkusen and Cologne. Did you see much of him @Elfideldo?
  6. Braga were top goalscorers in the group stage and we’ve got the top goal scorer in the competition. Doubt it will be low on goals.
  7. You’s reckon it will end up like Porto and bears can buy tickets beside the away end and they’ll extend it?
  8. Is it wise to book up now as it’s confirmed a Wednesday?
  9. People have been far too critical of him. When played in the middle he has to cover Borna when he goes forward which doesn’t allow him to get forward and be effective.
  10. Said for ages if McCoist signed him from WBA when he was linked he would still be in our side now. Only himself to blame.
  11. We had a man advantage and 1 - 0 down if he went like for like it would have caused riots. Had to do something to change it.
  12. Much rather 3 points on Sunday than Thursday. Cant afford any slip ups before tarrier game at end of the month.
  13. Gerrard said buff was the pen taker, what Tav did wrong was pick the ball up. Gave the impression he shat it
  14. Lennon said yesterday very good chance he starts.No danger he is out. Fuck him and them anyway, if we play to best of our ability we win.
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