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  1. Attended hearts and tarrier games can be stop going the fitba and just give us his money
  2. He has contributed more for us than any other player in the last two seasons. Baffling how people like Davis etc seem to get a pass with some people but it’s Morelos fault. He is massively out of form but I thought he didn’t do too badly last night. See this shite run since January, that’s what it would of been like would like for 2 seasons without his goals. We need to get him back in form.
  3. Mind when he was slightly better than Flanno at Tynecastle and everycunt thought he should be in before Patterson? Shambles our support at times, ones the future and the others a yank midfielder converted to right back.
  4. Canny even bring myself to watch the build up. Swerved everything football related for weeks until a game kicks off. Grim.
  5. To an extent I feel a bit sorry for him, you just can’t legislate for professional players defending like that. Pittodrie - 2 shocking goals to give away Rugby Park - 1st shouldnt have counted but poor defending, 2nd is schoolboy. McDiarmid Park - 2 awful goals again. Tynecastle - 2 poor goals in the league and awful goal in the cup. Again last night you wouldn’t see that down the pitches on a Sunday morning. Facts are decent teams dont lose goals like that, if you lost two of any of the above goals in a season you’d be going mental. To lose 10 of them is unforgivable, buck stops at the manager as he signed all the centre halves. Two common denominators is Tav and Goldson, if he’s our manager next season and he doesn’t show these two the door then he won’t last until Halloween.
  6. Did you not see the state of us yesterday? We will do well to keep the score down never mind go through.
  7. Struggle to see how not clearing your lines as a centre half hasn’t conceded them goals in all honesty.
  8. 2 v aberdeen, 2 v Killie, 2 today and 2 at tynecastle all goals have been fuckin scandalous. Centre halves aren’t good enough and it’s cost us. Helander doesn’t look the answer either they can all go.
  9. Aye ok he’s just scored 30 goals before Easter. Probably better looking at our centre halves who have conceded shockers. 2 v aberdeen, 2 v Killie, 2 today, 2 at tynecastle but you carry on slating someone who’s actually contributed this season.
  10. Another loser 😂😂 One of a select few who’s scored 30 in a season for our club and you’re calling him a loser. Log out ya absolute mongo.
  11. Parkheed all over again. We will keep him next season and when he scores another 30 before January you will be up his arse. The boy has dragged us to where we were on 29th Dec, doesn’t take some long to turn on our own eh? Fuckin shambles
  12. That would be some feat losing the dressing room by giving the players a week off then having a week in Dubai in the sun. Over dramatic pish.
  13. @Elfideldo any info on the boy Bjarnason?
  14. Doesn’t matter what tactics or formation you use if the players are miles off it nothing will work. Davis, Kent, Kamara, Jack, Aribo have done fuck all since tarriers game. Buffalo and Tav have been missing and getting back up to speed. That’s where the issue lies.
  15. I think him losing it early on was him getting to grips of the speed of the game. It’s played far quicker than anything he will ever be used to. Also I think we’re going to have to accept he will lose it now and again trying to produce a bit of magic. Rather he lost it like that than Davis constantly clipping balls over the top to no one.
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