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  1. Smell the hotdog

    Jordan Jones

    I think we will too but I’d rather we didn’t. I agree that stats can be misleading but I don’t think goal stats can. Assists can be to a point as he could be putting them on a plate and they’re not being converted. However the way Killie have been playing and scoring I’d doubt it tbh.
  2. Smell the hotdog

    Jordan Jones

    Wingers are there to create and score, the stats are saying he does neither so seems odd people want him. Who of any decent note is saying he’s one of the best wingers in the league out of interest?
  3. Smell the hotdog

    Andrew Gutman

    This is more like it, likes of Pulisic and McKennie have done well moving from US at a young age.
  4. Smell the hotdog

    Player Nicknames

  5. Smell the hotdog


    Fuck sake, Vienna took it out me more than I thought then!
  6. Smell the hotdog


    From outside the box? Lost count the amount of times someone could have had a go, instead we played it wide and crossed it.
  7. Smell the hotdog


    Liverpool had 36 shots on goal yesterday against Man Utd and we can’t find room to shoot against likes of Dundee and Hamilton??
  8. Smell the hotdog

    Ross McCrorie

    I don’t know what Ross McCrorie you watch if you think he’s tidy on the ball. His distribution is the reason he’s barely played this season and worst part of his game. Coulibaly’s form dip has somehow increased McCrories talent with some people (not directed you mate just the thread in general).
  9. Smell the hotdog

    Ross McCrorie

    Hope you’re right lad
  10. Smell the hotdog

    Ross McCrorie

    I genuinely don’t think he will make it at us. Hope I'm wrong but he doesn’t have the quality for me.
  11. Smell the hotdog

    Ross McCrorie

    Same, he put the ball out the park 2 or 3 times today when it was a simple 5 yard pass. Wouldn’t be anywhere near my midfield.
  12. Smell the hotdog

    Rapid Vienna Day Trip

    Just on train from Bratislava to Vienna We’re on our way 🇦🇹
  13. Smell the hotdog

    Rapid Vienna Day Trip

    Any bears staying through in Bratislava?
  14. Smell the hotdog

    Ross McCrorie

    Because we were so shite last season and he was the only plus point his ability got well over exaggerated. I don’t want to write him off as he’s still young with time on his hands however there is a reason we’ve barely seen him this season. Loan him out and hopefully he can prove himself at this level
  15. Smell the hotdog

    Kieran Dowell loan

    McCrorie has looked out his depth for me hence why he’s barely played in the last few months. He needs to go to a Hamilton or the likes and get games in.