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  1. Hummel

    Laughin stock man
  2. Hummel

    Fuck off where is this from?
  3. Rumours at this stage

    Hopefully somecunt talking shite.
  4. Europa League

    Be lucky to make the 1st round at this rate.
  5. Murty threw Halliday under the bus yesterday

    Murty was only rectifying the stupid mistake he made by playing him in the first place. Sooner both are gone the better.
  6. Rumours at this stage

    Did he? How did that work out for him?
  7. Rumours at this stage

    Part of the reason it's allowed to happen is because we keep hiring weak managers who do not know how to handle being at a club with such expectations. Whole club is a shambles from top to bottom.
  8. Rumours at this stage

    Halliday was involved in the Barton bust up - Warburton Halliday got shipped out to Azerbaijan and was apparently telling everyone PC wouldn't be here past Christmas - Caixinha Halliday dragged off shouting and balling at his manager - Murty. Just a thought...
  9. Rumours at this stage

    Agreed, which is where the problem lies. Petrified who they will wheel out next.
  10. Rumours at this stage

    Caixinha wasn’t the best we could attract. He was about 3rd best if that out of the options available. Board made a cunt of it as per.
  11. Candieas & Halliday

    Michael Ball went mental at Advocaat I remember after being subbed at the piggery. Don’t ever remember it happening to Walter. Halliday was brought in from the cold he should have been told if this isn’t going well you’ll be first to be hooked. Murty was correcting a mistake he made from the start Halliday should have been no where fucking near the team.
  12. Rumours at this stage

    Not as bad as this, I’ve never seen two players disrespect a Rangers manager like that in my life. We will finish 4th with Murty, a change is needed. Was needed long time ago btw just another in a long line of fuck ups by the board.
  13. Is FDB the right choice?

    If we get FDB we will put ourselves back another 2/3 years. Which means we’re more likely to go out and break the bank for the cunt knowing how clueless King is.
  14. Mcrorie myth

    Dembele absolutely bullied him today he looked like a lost boy. We big him up far too much, not sure playing him DM would have made a difference. Looked miles off it along with rest of the useless cunts.
  15. Rumours at this stage

    He’s clearly lost that dressing room. He wont get a song out them players they’ve clearly no respect for him. The guy is clueless and the players know it.