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  1. Smell the hotdog

    Europa League rival watch

    Not really Rapid were about 9/1 to beat Salzburg yday
  2. Smell the hotdog

    Ross McRorie's contribution today

    McRorie I’m probably his biggest critic but he did very well yesterday. Well done.
  3. Smell the hotdog


    Some people are too stubborn to admit they got it wrong with Morelos. Love to criticise him for some reason, bizarre behaviour. Probably same fans who revered Garner for slide tackling a tree. Clueless It’s embarrassing that chance is even discussed after the performance he put in.
  4. Smell the hotdog

    Ally telling Gerrard were he was going wrong at 1-0

    Mediocre manager is putting it very nicely. He was fuckin hopeless.
  5. Smell the hotdog


    Can’t really blame him for that, Bacca has went to play the ball out wide, it’s bounced off Worrall and sat up perfectly for him. He basically had no time to sort his feet to get back into position and let’s be honest it was some fuckin finish.
  6. Smell the hotdog

    League Cup Semis

    They’ll fix the draw, nothing surer. My mates getting married that day hes flappin like fuck.
  7. Smell the hotdog

    Stephen Kelly

    Haha fuck knows what that would of been, mines is the same! Dont live here no more but funnily enough went by where the Port juniors play today as I’m up for the weekend. Looks a decent set up. I’m sure he’s a teddy bear as well my uncle lives up the Port and knows the family.
  8. Smell the hotdog

    Stephen Kelly

    Close, same neck of woods as you mate. Just asked my mates old man who he played with as he tried to get him to his team but Rangers had already picked him up. He thinks he was with port juniors, didn’t realise they had youth teams.
  9. Smell the hotdog

    Stephen Kelly

    Spoke to few of the youth coaches about him while they did a summer camp in Jersey as he’s from just up the road from me. All raved about him, high hopes for him.
  10. Smell the hotdog

    Rearranged fixtures

    Hibs will get rearranged again if we beat Ayr as that will be semi final weekend.
  11. Smell the hotdog

    Answers please Steven Gerrard

    We will never know will we. Their defence is fuckin awful, we didn’t get on the ball enough to test it.
  12. Smell the hotdog

    Answers please Steven Gerrard

    I’d of far rathered we had a go and lost 3-1 than play like that. It was 1 going on 4. I’ve loved everything Gerrard has done for us so far however he’s not immune to criticism. He got it wrong simple as that.
  13. Smell the hotdog

    Gerrard beaten by Gerrard

    Gerrard made a cunt of it simple as that. They were they’re for the taking, id rather of got beat 3-1 and play our way rather than set up like that for a 1-0.
  14. Smell the hotdog

    Answers please Steven Gerrard

    Went there and set up like Dundee or Hamilton. Fuckin embarrassment.
  15. Smell the hotdog

    ***** The Official Beasts v Rangers Match Thread*****

    This is fuckin massive. If we win today they’ll go into a tailspin I’ve no doubts about that at all. The wheels came off quickly at Liverpool and it will be the same again. Sold their best striker with no replacement, boyata carry on yet brings him back into the fold (imagine he makes a cunt of it), crispy lips and Lawwell at odds. Let’s make them stew the whole intl break. On the other hand if we lose today after giving it the big one about we’ve improved and cut the gap etc. After their disasterous transfer window and our best one in years yet we still can’t lay a glove? that’s a massive swing in confidence from us to them. Psychologically today is as big a game as I can remember, far more than 3 points on the line today. This would be the straw that broke the camels back if we beat them, it will fuckin end them. Let’s do it today Rangers, right from the start.