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  1. Ibe has looked fuckin awful anytime I’ve watched him
  2. Yesterday’s result didn’t lose the title, we lost that a while ago. Even if we won yesterday we still wouldn’t have won the league. We’ve not won 4 or 5 on the trot, far too inconsistent. That’s not on Tavs head it’s on the full squads.
  3. You can’t be serious if you think Lafferty would get anywhere near the goals of Morelos. He’s fuckin hopeless. Defoe hasn’t looked good up top on his own which is the formation we play 9/10. Baffles me why anyone wants to downplay our reliance on Morelos. It’s obvious to see.
  4. It wasn’t tho was it
  5. First Morelos now Mark Allen’s fault? No player gets signed without Gerrard’s say so. Grezda, Barisic have been poor, lafferty is pish, Worrall signed for a loan fee cost the first goal, Goldson looks miles off it recently and Katic doesn’t get anywhere near it. You’re looking for someone to blame I get it, it’s not Morelos he’s done more than any player in the fuckin squad.
  6. Aye cause the money we’ve spent this season has been great business. On crack some cunts in here.
  7. Just shows you how shite we are without him. Find a new club 😂😂 get a fuckin grip of yourself
  8. Pittodrie or Tynecastle isn’t a big game? The winner against Hearts put us top of league. He was banned for league cup semi and Scottish cup quarter v Aberdeen should have had a pen. No point going into it further you’ve got your mind made up. Have you seen the state of our team, Alfredo Morelos is the least of our worries.
  9. Off top of my head Pittodrie - 2 goals Tynecastle - winner McDiarmid Park - one down he scores two late on to get us 3 points and keep us in title race. You want to start looking at other players and what more they could do for us rather than Morelos.
  10. You’re not getting this are you? We’re 13 points behind with a striker who has 30 goals, one of a small number who have managed it in our history. Yet let’s fuck him off as it doesn’t mean fuck all 😂😂 We’re 13 points behind, that’s miles off it. Without Morelos we’d be a lot fuckin worse, he’s the fuckin least of our worries.
  11. That’s other posters patter spastic
  12. That you going to bed, thank fuck
  13. Tell me many other players have scored 25-30 goals for Rangers? The list ain’t big you can’t play it down. Morelos should never have played against Ayr Gerrard said as much. Fuckin hell that’s a wind up surely, his fuckin booking was an Ayr player stamping on him for fuck sake 😂😂
  14. 😂😂 nah mate I reckon Brown was just changing direction and hit Morelos by mistake lol
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