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  1. How the fuck did Aribo not get motm there 😂😂
  2. Can’t believe we have people who think Halliday is our best left back. Fuck me
  3. If we beat the taigs after humping them in a few weeks they will get shot of Lennon. Want that clown in the job for as long as possible. Im getting ahead of myself.
  4. He was dug shite against Killie that’s a judgement on one game. He contributed zero and gave a foul away more or less everytime he pressed the ball. Don’t think many will disagree with that. If I was calling him dug shite full stop you’d have a point.
  5. Not like RM to over react. Ojo was absolute dug shite against Killie which is what we will come up against majority of time. Ojo and jones are made for teams who come out and have a go. It’s the St Mirrens and St Johnstone’s where we will see if they can do it. Good start for both but we all raved about Coulibaly at this stage. We will know more end of Sept.
  6. Lafferty is a mongo, the whole of Scotland knows it. You can’t blame a known mongo for acting like a mongo. Gerrard should have done his homework. Agreed was trying to be nice to @bigsasasfloopyhair and his pals x
  7. Lafferty 2nd time around panned out exactly how 95% of our support said it would. Gerrard should have did his homework, the blame is fully at his door.
  8. Absolutely baffling
  9. Can we forget about that mutant please
  10. Big boy up front , right back and Evander we’d take all day long.
  11. Absolutely love the guy
  12. Unplayable tonight possibly his best performance in a Rangers shirt. Didnt lose a battle all night and caused them all sorts of bother.
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