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  1. SK Rfc

    Edmiston Drive

    Horrible horrible news. No Surrender mate 💙
  2. SK Rfc

    Semi final allocation

    26,000 allocation. Think you’d be really unlucky not to receive a ticket in fridays ballot
  3. SK Rfc


    I like the boy and I think he’s had a cracking couple of games this week. He is the form player so he deserves the jersey and I don’t think Barisic has looked great so far.
  4. SK Rfc

    Jack's back

    To be honest, ayr was a week ago he could easily have broken down again between then and now 😂
  5. SK Rfc

    Jack's back

    Rossiter featured against Ayr. Wallace has done his groin though
  6. How the fuck could that be possible lol. If one kicks off at 12 the supporters could be leaving the stadium around 3 o’clock if it were to go to extra time and penalties. They’d need to kick the second game off about 7 to avoid the us And them clashing 😂 won’t happen
  7. One at hampden and one at Murrayfield no doubt but it’s a joke that they didn’t have what was happening announced straight after the draw because we’ve known about the possibility for weeks. Although I’d love us to play the sheep through in Edinburgh it would be hilarious if the rugby mob told the sfa to do one after the hampden/murrayfield debacle.
  8. SK Rfc

    5 goals

    I know what you mean but it’s good to have the team all chipping in rather than relying on one player to get you most of your goals. An injury or loss of form and you suffer greatly.
  9. SK Rfc

    Gerrard has Brendan rattled...

    Agree 100%. Wee horrible teeth is a far better manager. I want Rodgers to stay as I think he could be a suicide risk with the way things are heading.
  10. Anyone else think its highly suspicious that we’ve done the kit launch at close of business on a Friday night? Because I’m guessing Ashley knows fuckall about this lol
  11. SK Rfc

    Villarreal away - wits the plans?

    Is the ballot today for the tickets?
  12. SK Rfc

    Lafferty stealing MON cardboard cutout

    Beat 2-1 but from the glimpses of the game that I seen Northern Ireland battered them and missed countless chances. Looked like Bosnia robbed them
  13. SK Rfc

    Lafferty stealing MON cardboard cutout

    He went down holding his knee but he got up and was walking around. Not sure if he played on
  14. SK Rfc

    Barcelona-Villarreal bus

    We’re there Wed-Friday so just booked a return bus through a local bus company called busbud. Both buses are around midnight and it was relatively cheap.
  15. SK Rfc

    Misheard song words

    German bombers song mate. ‘The RAF from Britain shot one down’.