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  1. SK Rfc

    what do we still need?

    Well unless he sits down for a pish then I’m guessing it was, aye 😁
  2. SK Rfc

    Nikola Katic Signs

    Really thought this deal would never have materialised as it’s one the sort of excites me even though I’ve nothing to back it up as I’ve never seen him. Welcome to the club big man I hope you’re a ruthless big bastard
  3. SK Rfc

    Season Tickets

    I would never have classed the 5th as ‘late june’ 😂😂
  4. SK Rfc

    Season Tickets

    Website says late June. I’ve been hoping for an actual date to be posted but our website has always been an absolute riot
  5. SK Rfc

    Season Tickets

    Never thought it would be that late. Thanks mate
  6. SK Rfc

    Season Tickets

    Was renewing regardless of thoughts for next season through blind loyalty if anything. Anyone know when the public sale is as well?
  7. SK Rfc

    FAO police scotland

    Couldn’t agree more mate. Shouldn’t be long now before Glasgow has a lord provost that isn’t catholic...
  8. SK Rfc

    Sean Goss

    Sounds like josh windass’s season
  9. SK Rfc

    Sean Goss

    People are forgetting the Hibs game at ibrox, he was murder then too.
  10. SK Rfc

    Record Exclusive

    Aye I was there and had to endure 90 minutes of what felt like torture. I couldn’t give a fuck about whether alves won a few balls over 35 minutes. He’s been fucking terrible all season hence the reason Russell fucking Martin started ahead of him. He’s a fraud, fuck him I hope he gets an injury that rules him out of the World Cup
  11. SK Rfc

    Record Exclusive

    Alves came on when the game was finished. He is a fucking embarrassment and I can’t wait to see the back of him
  12. SK Rfc

    never a centre half

    He was rusty today like he was last week against Dundee. Difference is Dundee are terrible and couldn’t expose him
  13. Surely if he doesn’t fancy the premiership he will have some sort of clause written into his contract where he walks for free if he gets them up
  14. SK Rfc

    ***Official Motherwell v Rangers Thread***

    Aye because the three of them have put in solid performances this season like Bates has and not been recognised for it. People were creaming themselves that alves was going to start the tarrier game last month fs and the guys a liability 😂
  15. SK Rfc

    ***Official Motherwell v Rangers Thread***

    If Bates wasn’t Scottish and had a tan everycunt would love him