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  1. White kit looks decent. Looking forward to seeing the black one tho that looks like a belter
  2. Couldn’t get my head around how ruthless they were against spl teams as they’re not a great side. Big difference is probably that they have goals from all over the park where as we seem to rely on one player. I can’t see them being as ruthless this season but we still need a few more big players in before I’d say we’re ready
  3. Aye it’s real mate somebody got done for it the other day
  4. Noticed that haha ended up in their half doing it
  5. Trying to get any reply from them through an email is almost impossible. Brutal not being able to drop in to the ticket office and speak to someone face to face
  6. This is exactly it and also the reason why I can’t understand people getting carried away with a 20 minute spell against a team like Lyon for Barker. We are a good footballing team as our European performances have shown under Gerrard. To win trophies domestically though we need to be able to break down 10 man defences like you’ve said and players like Kent, Aribo and Hagi will need to be contributing a lot more in terms of goals.
  7. You sure? I thought we were still in at round 1 this season.
  8. SK Rfc


    If you get tickets through the wains Rangers number you won’t be able to upgrade it to an adult. They’re doing away with the upgrade option from this season
  9. SK Rfc


    Find it laughable as it’s nothing but a money making scheme from the club and it’s going to be absolute chaos once the tiers go up never mind the first set of away tickets. It will likely shaft me in one way or another with the travel club side as well as I had a decent number of points and was pretty much guaranteed a ticket.
  10. SK Rfc


    So that you’re paid up for the season. People will get pissed off when they realise they won’t get any more away tickets than they did with the previous scheme and spit the dummy 😂
  11. Things are going a lot slower than I’d have liked. Preparing myself for another one of those games like we’ve seen many times against Aberdeen and Killie in particular.
  12. His line at the end about knowing it’s an entertainment business. How the fuck can he say that with a straight face after what he put us through with his teams 😂
  13. SK Rfc

    COD Modern Warfare

    Awrite a get you haha, a only really play warzone bro. Went through a couple a controllers recently acting like a wee lassie so been limiting my time on it 😂
  14. SK Rfc

    COD Modern Warfare

    Mix it up a bit bro. Usually try and get a scavenger as soon as we land, get a load out in and then do a few recons. Camp every now and then and try pick some cunts off 😂
  15. SK Rfc

    COD Modern Warfare

    Camping is key bro 😂
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