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  1. Am I being paranoid or is the punchbag tweet an obvious dig at traynor getting done the other night?
  2. 👏🏻 worth the wait. Hopefully this is us waking up and realising we need to tackle these bastards head on
  3. SK Rfc


    You mean after all that time with the delay in getting the tickets with braga we still have a shite official allocation? Likely be more of us than there is braga in the home end now
  4. SK Rfc

    The Yips

    We’ve hardly been able to get infront of goal since we came back from the winter break it’s been that bad
  5. I think we all know we never won today because we weren’t good enough, Morelos chance aside I can’t remember us really laying a glove on them. For people to dismiss the refs performance is fucking laughable though. Aberdeen’s full game plan is based on winning free kicks, breaking up the game and stopping us playing. Fouling, diving, time wasting. If the ref actually done his job properly and booked players instead of letting them off with everything then they would need to stop or be sent off. It’s pretty simple, If you kick someone and don’t get booked you’ve then got another chance to kick someone.
  6. Will still command a decent compensation fee if he goes to another English club due to his age
  7. Can’t get a game for genk. Wouldn’t surprise me if we tried a loan deal
  8. The 10k a week for barker is laughable. Surely bullshit. If it happened to be true then I’d have no doubt in my mind that it’s what lead to the end for Mark Allen.
  9. See tbh. If we’re expecting the boy to break through sometime soon I’d be expecting him to be going to a better team than thistle. If the boy is on the fringes and can’t get to a Hamilton or St Mirren then I’d say the likelihood is he doesn’t have a future here.
  10. Had him twice this season at 22/1 anytime. Taigs and that danish mob in the qualifiers.
  11. SK Rfc


    Amazing how you can turn a 4-1 victory with your 22 league goal striker rattling in a hat trick into a dig at Rangers. Got to hand it to the horrible cunts up here. They’re good at what they do, being consumed.
  12. Scottish cup final is before the league finishes this season so they can get hampden ready for the euros
  13. As much as I agree, Gerrard said in a presser a few weeks ago that the club would do whatever it could to help.
  14. Can still get a champions league drop out by finishing top. 8 teams drop out, 4 that drop out with the highest points total are seeded. Other 4 are not. All the europa league group winners are seeded and the second place teams are not. Win our group on Thursday and it means we’re at home in the second leg.
  15. Way in was a riot. Rangers new this in advance and done absolutely nothing about it so have to shoulder some of the blame. Was similar to Vienna with the crushing
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