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  1. SK Rfc


    7 in Europe, 2 in the league.
  2. Got to be Halliday that’s aimed at
  3. This game falls on an international weekend
  4. Really don’t know how I feel about this move. I despise hibs and the majority of clubs in Scottish football and we should give them fuckall. This has the potential to be a great move for the player though. Same level as us and a team that should be trying to break teams down rather than playing on the break. Torn.
  5. Did your daughter and her pals get any pictures whilst they were away mate? I’ve always been curious about how the Greek islands look.
  6. Why change it? They already made a fiver off each re-print. Now they want to hoover up half of the money you’d be getting back on a ticket you’ve already paid for. Shambles.
  7. Any chance they can get a bye back into the tournament and we will take them in the groups 😂
  8. Mixed feelings mate. I’m an absolute car crash of a boy when am on it so had to make the decision before we went not to touch a drop, so there were times during the travel I was absolutely demented 😂 Wee man enjoyed it. Even though all of the travelling left him feeling a bit drained the whole experience has him buzzing still. Thank fuck the schools are back on for us hopefully making the group stages though lol
  9. Aye mate. Managed to get it back last night. Send up on a train from Lancaster 😂😂 wee alkie cunt lifted the wrong bag when a was sleeping. Passports were in it anaw
  10. A wasn’t really complaining on the way back anyway. My flight was 6.40 back to Manchester so would rather spend the extra time on a bus than a freezing airport floor 😂
  11. Basically just announcing online that you’re a drug dealer if you can afford to get to this game never mind having spending money on top 😂 enjoy mate. Hopefully play better than last night
  12. I was the same mate. Was expecting to get there about 4ish and head down that square. Ended up there after 5.30 and the wain wanted to go in the ground early to harass the players during the warm up 😂 they done that on our bus anaw. 1.50 a beer and punting shots of whiskey and other stuff. Only thing he didn’t seem to be punting was gear 😂😂
  13. Fs 😂😂 I was bus 5 mate think we were back a bit earlier than that cause we ended up going a random way driving through Belgium on the way back. Way there was ridiculous tho. Stopping constantly for random breaks then the driver fucked off at the services at the border for about 40 minutes with his shirt covered in blood 😂
  14. Were the drivers being paid by the hour? Our bus seemed to be going the most mental route possible. 3 hour journey turned into almost 5 hours 😂😂
  15. Am cutting about this station like a lost wain. Fucking massive 😂
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