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  1. He’s a yes voting prick so find it hard to have any sympathy for him. Maybe his yes voting cow of a mrs can throw another shite album out to keep them going
  2. SK Rfc


    How the fuck do you even see how many points you’ve got?
  3. Slightly off topic but what’s the set up for refunds on away tickets? I have a st mirren ticket sitting there. I don’t mind our club keeping my cash but am I fuck happy at st mirren keeping it.
  4. If you have a laptop or pc try YouTube downloader mate. Can just take whatever you want from there and it converts it to mp3
  5. Deranged tarrier bastards
  6. Would totally fuck hearts though so they won’t be able to do it. Their squad will be decimated with relegation.
  7. Null and void never got the tarriers a title. Both scenarios look like they leave the league at sky’s mercy. This whole saga has been engineered to get they cunts what they want.
  8. So null and void apparently had too many liabilities. I’m yet to see what is different between that and calling the leagues as they stand.
  9. Tried that mate. Still saying no schemes available. Will need to try it tomorrow from the wains tablet and see if it’s because I’m on the mobile site
  10. Are the non season ticket games available yet? Everytime I log in it says no schemes available. Not sure if it’s cause I was on it last season they’ve just continued it over. That was never the case before though
  11. Maybe to a lesser extent but did Stevie smith not look like he was going to be our left back for years to come then got injured?
  12. Got just shy of 90 with around 7 mins remaining and the fucker reset 😂
  13. @CoatbridgeBear sells cds mate send him a pm
  14. Alloa will be in that group chat. I wonder what role that tarrier bastard mulrainey has in all this. Lawells mole in the chat?
  15. Puma kits were rotten quality and mostly looked shite as well. The Hummel kits have actually surprised though me they’ve been a lot better than I was expecting. Umbro would bring back some memories, Manchester and 3 in a row kits.
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