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  1. SK Rfc

    Hope we stick with 4-4-2

    The diamond can go to fuck. It doesn’t work for us so pointless us risking it again. A better team than st mirren would have done us today
  2. SK Rfc

    Scottish Cup Draw

    Not for me. Would make me sick if they bastards managed to sell their shit pit out against us or the tarriers or even got half of the gates down here.
  3. SK Rfc

    Gerrard challenge to Grezda and Barisic

    Only difference between them really is that Barisic and Grezda had decent transfer fees.
  4. SK Rfc

    Nikica Jelavic - Video

    Somehow forgotten just how big a player he actually was for us. Some of they finishes are absolutely ridiculous.
  5. SK Rfc

    Ryan Hardie recalled

    Gerrard will want a look at him to see if there is any point in offering him a new contract. I’d expect him to go back out on loan to Livi when we’re back from Tenerife.
  6. SK Rfc

    Interview : Mark Allen

    Same Jim white that said something along the lines of us having more morons amongst our support than most clubs. Around the time of the coin that was thrown at Livingston
  7. SK Rfc

    Tavernier baby

    Fucksake that is absolute tragic. Expected him to have had another wain with the thread title
  8. SK Rfc


    On a serious note. Maybe him and lafferty up top and give the 3-5-2 a proper go? Our lack of creativity was plain to see on Sunday again so why not give this formation another shot
  9. SK Rfc


    First thought this was about the ref 😂😂😂 give him a punt to ensure 3 points
  10. SK Rfc

    Nick Walsh

    100% tarrier.
  11. SK Rfc

    Hibs Ballot

    Emails are now out
  12. SK Rfc

    3 points for Vienna ticket

    Bastard I will miss out on this. I am looking for two tickets now in the home end, if anyone is now selling because they’ve been sorted out in the Rangers end ??
  13. SK Rfc


    If we try out the 352 again then both could play alongside goldson.
  14. SK Rfc

    Edmiston Drive

    Horrible horrible news. No Surrender mate ?