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  1. SK Rfc


    On a serious note. Maybe him and lafferty up top and give the 3-5-2 a proper go? Our lack of creativity was plain to see on Sunday again so why not give this formation another shot
  2. SK Rfc


    First thought this was about the ref 😂😂😂 give him a punt to ensure 3 points
  3. SK Rfc

    Nick Walsh

    100% tarrier.
  4. SK Rfc

    Hibs Ballot

    Emails are now out
  5. SK Rfc

    3 points for Vienna ticket

    Bastard I will miss out on this. I am looking for two tickets now in the home end, if anyone is now selling because they’ve been sorted out in the Rangers end ??
  6. SK Rfc


    If we try out the 352 again then both could play alongside goldson.
  7. SK Rfc

    Edmiston Drive

    Horrible horrible news. No Surrender mate ?
  8. SK Rfc

    Semi final allocation

    26,000 allocation. Think you’d be really unlucky not to receive a ticket in fridays ballot
  9. SK Rfc


    I like the boy and I think he’s had a cracking couple of games this week. He is the form player so he deserves the jersey and I don’t think Barisic has looked great so far.
  10. SK Rfc

    Jack's back

    To be honest, ayr was a week ago he could easily have broken down again between then and now ?
  11. SK Rfc

    Jack's back

    Rossiter featured against Ayr. Wallace has done his groin though
  12. How the fuck could that be possible lol. If one kicks off at 12 the supporters could be leaving the stadium around 3 o’clock if it were to go to extra time and penalties. They’d need to kick the second game off about 7 to avoid the us And them clashing ? won’t happen
  13. One at hampden and one at Murrayfield no doubt but it’s a joke that they didn’t have what was happening announced straight after the draw because we’ve known about the possibility for weeks. Although I’d love us to play the sheep through in Edinburgh it would be hilarious if the rugby mob told the sfa to do one after the hampden/murrayfield debacle.