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  1. Can still get a champions league drop out by finishing top. 8 teams drop out, 4 that drop out with the highest points total are seeded. Other 4 are not. All the europa league group winners are seeded and the second place teams are not. Win our group on Thursday and it means we’re at home in the second leg.
  2. Way in was a riot. Rangers new this in advance and done absolutely nothing about it so have to shoulder some of the blame. Was similar to Vienna with the crushing
  3. 11.05 from Glasgow today. Mon the fucking Rangers 🙌🏼
  4. I’m on the fence with it. I think there are a lot of pros and cons so I tend to stay away from the debate on it because it either ends up dave king is god or Dave king is an arsehole. You don’t seem to be allowed to be in the middle 😂
  5. I don’t think it would have been much when you factor in the money we brought in for a few of them that we managed to sell on. Pedro was a bigger mistake in my eyes he spent around £10m and I think we were all confused at his appointment.
  6. I’m no warburton fan but that is nonsense mate he spent around £2.5m over 4 transfer windows
  7. Maybe he’s happy fucking off into the sun after punting black strips at £75 a whip 😂
  8. The only thing I can think of
  9. Should never have doubted you buddy haha
  10. Stepping down in the new year
  11. Just said it’s a privilege to be part of the board
  12. Where is the standing down part coming from? Certainly doesn’t sound like it
  13. So if he doesn’t like he terms of the first offer it means he has to go? Behave, give him a chance to negotiate a decent contract.
  14. Happy enough with that team today. Hope we start well and get the game killed off early.
  15. Must have sold out quick. My mate managed to get one
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