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  1. how do u know about the mangina hahaha

  2. Bleh. Keep your heads up lads its only pre-season.
  3. Right. Here's my gripe. Havent watched rasslin since the days of the Rock and Stone Cold, etc. The "attitude" era. But sometimes if fuck all's on I'll flick it on to see if theres any oldies. Now is it just me, or does no important match ever end fairly nowadays? Every single title match theres a cheat or something between a goodie and a baddie. Never really see matches between 2 good respected wrestlers that goes good anymore.
  4. "oh did my sports bra snap?.....no but my wallet strap did. brb gonna drive away in my mercedes and laugh at you"
  5. In the last 4 decades how many major competitions have England won
  6. There's plenty of them in this thread and you're one!
  7. Here comes fatpiratehooker to make a sarcastic comment that butchers the English language and makes him look like a tit.
  8. At the end of the day. Mens football, women's football. Who cares? It's fitbaw! These women would skin the lot of you slagging it. And Clinton. You support England. The biggest failers at footy on the face of the earth
  9. The ladies u-15's could beat the Scotland men's team
  10. And btw. Women's football isn't bad at all. 2 of the nominated goals for the puskas award last year were women and they were fuckin beasty goals.
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