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  1. Aye was keeping an eye on it on live score just to see if he was coming on.
  2. Think the boy has removed his twitter so would take with a pinch of salt.
  3. Tweet there no idea who the guy is posting it but said loan with option to buy, but think he's took the tweet down.
  4. Clubhouse golf? Got what looks like a decent cart bag for £90 off it just waiting on it coming I know that's no what you are looking for but they usually have a decent selection of clothes. Clydeway near Uddingston has a good selection but not cheap.
  5. https://twitter.com/darrellcurrietv/status/1280107548427853825?s=19
  6. It is what it is with the fixtures but just getting it out there the computer is not random. We have to go into the first old firm with maximum points on the board no excuses. Aberdeen away with no fans could be massive for us, cause they celebrate a tackle like a goal.
  7. Odds of the scottish cup semi final being the weekend we are away to the tarriers?
  8. That and the middle of September to the end of October isn't nice. Suppose it will show if we are up for it.
  9. Seen a belter for my driver but think £30 is expensive. For anyone interested. https://www.caddyclubgolf.com/webshop/driver-head-covers/ibrox-golf-driver-head-cover/
  10. Honestly think he will be number 1 next season I think McGregor will retire at the end of this season.
  11. Anyone know a site the sells headcovers need on for my putter and my driver needs one as well driver is a ping head over on it and it's wrecked.
  12. Hoody looks a cracker.
  13. 25,000 shirts sold already that's not including folk that have bought shorts and socks as well.
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