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  1. Aye mate got about £90 in my book at the club as well so get me a few quid off it.
  2. I actually have a 3 iron but gets used about 5 times a season so will be coming out the bag. Similar set up to me but I only have 50 and 54 wedge. See what my pro has when am up next as I like to try first an no sure what shaft as my driver is a regular and my current rescue is a stiff diamana 70 gram Mitsubishi rayon.
  3. Don’t seem to have the 16 degree there pretty cheap compared to other brands. The hybrid I have the now is standard 18 but can go up one or down one it’s the 915 Titleist so if I could get a 16 degree I could put that up one. What’s your next iron 4 iron ?
  4. Going to change the top end of my set I have a Driver 3 wood and 18 degree rescue. Lost confidence in my 3 wood is it possible to get a rescue lofted the same as a 3 wood ? So about 15 degrees. Just had a quick look online can’t see any that go low will take my current rescue down a degree with the neck of it that will make it 17 degree which is like a 4 wood.
  5. Anyone recommend anyone for lessons in the Lanarkshire area.
  6. Ball striking is awful the now just counted 18 holes today I hit 2 greens in reg and 4 fairways off the the tee going to struggle to get round the course with stats like that and didn’t hit any par 3 greens in one.
  7. Just paid 93k for him some card on Xbox that is.
  8. First 4 games will tell us a lot, will tell us if we will be bottlers again this year.
  9. Both will be fine am on 5 and a now can’t make either 1st or 2nd round maybe a day trip 2nd round at a push.
  10. Yeah you do would expect everyone applying to get one for these 2 games.
  11. What game did you miss 8 out of 9 is brilliant ? Would guess UFA as it was a short turnaround for a visa.
  12. Am on 5 don’t think there is many above my amount I know there is 9 available. Thinking the away fans will probably be banned for that game.
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