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  1. McCann was the next one of my list thought it would between him and Fergie. I know it's nothing to go by but he said sky one morning he was comfy in his seat at Sky.
  2. Take a lot for McCann to leave his gig at Sky.
  3. Pedro said he had a list of people he wanted to interview/talk to. If he has spoke to everyone and Barry is the best choice then you give him the coaching role. He is not going to be taking the team he is not even going to be number 2. He is going to be helping in training and encouraging the players. If he spills anything to the media he will be out the door. Barry was the obvious choice IMO. I am happy with him.
  4. He is correct Atletico Madrid have scored some amount of goals the last few years from set pieces and they won the league a couple of years back.
  5. The media are guessing because Rangers aren't spilling anything. Rangers are making sure no leaks get out to the media. Pedro will speak to a few and whoever he likes the sound of will get it. Like any interview process.
  6. Thread been pulled because admin know and don't want anyone else to know until the club announce it ?
  7. https://twitter.com/bbcsportscot/status/843529739793027075 Loved his reaction to the first goal in Saturday.
  8. Sorry mate think they are all gone if any pop up or anything falls through I will give you a shout.
  9. You have a pm.
  10. Have a couple asking mate can't see tickets been a problem for this (tu) not sure exactly how much we have will find out soon.
  11. Mid week in April no sure the date it's a Wednesday night a think. Just checked its the 5th of April.
  12. Have 2 or 3 spare for this not sure how many exactly if anyone is looking pm me FV as always.
  13. As you come out the subway go to the pub across the road you can't miss it. If you are coming from city centre the subway is best. When you come out the pub follow the crowd the stadium is just round the corner from the direction you are coming you will see the club shop. You go right at the shop and the turnstile will be one of the first ones it will say above it GR7. You can't go wrong.
  14. All sold admin can close thread.
  15. Best thing to do is when you are handing your renewal in is say to them you want a transfer they will ask where you want to move to. Then they will contact you once all the renewals are in if there is a seat in the section you want. If the new seat is cheaper than your old one they will send you a cheque with a refund for the amount is cheaper. They were great with me a couple of years ago with me and now have a cracking seat in the CF.