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  1. Pro day today stableford shot gun start stated on 14 got round to the 8th and the heavens had opened hadn't been called off but we decided to walk off as it should have been called off just as we got in the car the pro was walking out the shop with the horn. Was playing well was 4 over par to that stage the rain was torrential.
  2. cracking wee video.
  3. Used to slice it right when I was younger was the way my feet were set up. Now it only goes right now when I block it so check your set up have the ball in the centre of you stance just to get more confident then move it 2 balls towards your left foot. I would say about 70% of my practice is putting helps to do it in the house as well on the carpet. Played tonight and was level par the back 9 so pretty solid think I was about 4 over for my round.
  4. 4 of yous have to agree to go on if one doesn't it gets played another day that's the rules whether they like it or not.
  5. 2 of the stands behind the goals were full and hold 2,000 each and we had half the main stand as well.
  6. Got told on Wednesday that Halliday was away just confirmed it today at the end.
  7. He thinks he's made it already when in reality league 1 in England is his level.
  8. He's back not sure if he's in the squad.
  9. Wasn't ohalloran anyway according to someone on FF he was in town about mid night last night. A wonder whos leaking it ? 👀
  10. Game 51 of the season for me today. Hopefully see a near enough full youth team.
  11. Never know good chance there will be spares but seems to be a few looking for a pointless game. Start a new thread in this section looking for 2 and you never know.
  12. Called off was feeling it as well today 😂😂
  13. Just got to the course and it's a monsoon still open the now.
  14. Medal day today weather is terrible but so is my golf match made in heaven.