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  1. Playing terrible the now totally struggling last couple of holes last night I tried narrowing my stance and trying to hit through the ball was hitting it a lot better so will try the same tomorrow to give me more confidence, as usual the weather looks pish for tomorrow.
  2. Our end was mad that day at 2-0 I said to the guy next to me I wasn't ready for another goal then 2 seconds later we scored the 3rd. Always laugh at that clip the guy that's hurt his foot and he steward trying to man handle him
  3. Sorry I meant are you from Motherwell so they know you are a local Rangers fan ?
  4. On the gimmee situation I played a guy a couple years back who I knew would try weird antics(was warned by folk) on the 10th he had about a 3-4 footer once he sunk it he said " this must be a serious game" I just kept quiet and gave him nothing the rest of the tie ****** prick
  5. Sorry didn't see this yeah there usually stunning. Largs greens were great I played shit first hit in a week got it back the back 9 a little enjoyed the course just played like a coo. I got it for £16 off tee off times yesterday you wouldn't complain paying £30 for it I don't think.
  6. The guy I am looking to sort went up and they said they haven't sold any think someone at the ticket office has jumped the gun. Have you got a Motherwell phone number code @Shook1980
  7. Do you just need rangers numbers as got me and my mates but not got his ST ?
  8. A lot of guys I play and I mention it to them don't like it but I love it and would play it all the time once you get by the first hole it flattens out but it's a cracking course not played it in a while but was always in good nick.
  9. Yeah think it's just called Largs golf club and Routenburn is routenburn golf club. Managed to get it for £16 a head booking it yesterday online. Shotts open on Saturday not sure whether to play it or not used to play there as a junior.
  10. Playing Largs tomorrow heard good things about it anyone played it before ?
  11. Are Motherwell selling a batch to Rangers fans themselves like they used too ?
  12. A+ busses got 7 for this just had the text.
  13. Aye man 😂😂 I think Paphos is about 40 minutes away. Few Cork City fans floating about Larnaca.
  14. Still a couple of hours to kick off rocked up to the stadium you wouldn't think there is a game on no fans or anything then came across 1 Progres fan who is telling us she is waiting on the team bus to get her ticket and there is only 2 more fans joining her😂😂 how the fuck did we get beat off this team.
  15. Feck that, the beach and water in Larnaca are amazing just been in the sea wish I was staying a few more days.