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  1. A just started with Atletico as well, just got it for free to see if it's worth buying.
  2. What's a good spec laptop to play this on that isn't going to cost a fortune current laptop running at 1 and a half star speed and it's only got 2 nations running.
  3. Aye just cancelled cause its a texas scramble only the pro shop opened at my course and the course.
  4. Ours is still really wet our opening day has been cancelled due to cornavirus as it was a 3 man texas scramble that was supposed to be a week tomorrow.
  5. Aye mate a thought it sounded too random to be true. Still on winter rules?
  6. Has Lanark got something going with Largs that you can play each others medals? Guy in my dads work was saying to him he plays at Largs.
  7. Anyone want a flight to Charleroi near Brussels next Wednesday and returning from Amsterdam next Friday dm me
  8. Guy saying that's a perfect play actually fs
  9. Brought on instead of Hagi in a must win game in the cup then not been in the squad since. Laughable.
  10. Polster just back training on Friday and in the team instead of Patterson. Polster isn't our future Patterson is.
  11. Aye mate everyone bought the sections up when they came out.
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