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  1. Someone on twitter said glasses will fly in Glasgow is the last part but no what am getting on google. Scenes when all the local poles here take all the tickets.
  2. Can you translate that ? Crying wives crying children what’s the last part ?
  3. On 4 the now a think everyone that wants to go will get one.
  4. Went on all half time home crowd must have been wondering what the fuck was going on 😂😂
  5. Guy on the day trip ended up in a wheelchair fell downstairs celebrating the 1st goal and didn’t want to go to hospital fucked his leg/ankle.
  6. Few Hamburg boys were in our end tonight heard a story about last week and going to Luxembourg and them helping out the glassy big time. Different class.
  7. Was the best I have been at in a while from an hour before kick off right to the final whistle. Not sure how it came across on Rangers TV. The home fans must have looked at us at HT and wondered what was going on was nuts No other support comes close.
  8. Early alarm this morning now for the drive to the airport 😩
  9. Nothing here either probably keeping Livi for me.
  10. Steward where I sit doesn’t give a toss so no worries here.
  11. Anyone know a member of Hamilton that can check something for me ? Just someone’s handicap can’t find Hamilton golf club on how did I do.
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