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  1. Anyone looking to do Feyenoord and no booked up not a bad deal.
  2. Ojo is like playing with 10 men.
  3. He’s the only creative player in our midfield 3 today and he was asked to cover at LB whilst Barisic went forward can’t sacrifice your only forward thinking midfielder like that and with Ojo in front can’t trust him to go back and cover/help out.
  4. Did you pick the right train station to stay at ?
  5. Might have been Hibs and hearts done it for sure.
  6. Cause hearts used to sell direct to away fans and supporters clubs applied to hearts they mostly gave supporters clubs what they asked for.
  7. Just picked up my ticket there, be shocked if at least half our support don’t lose them.
  8. Love Tynecastle no ticket this time unless anyone wants to be generous and give me theirs.
  9. A few folk saying it will be a 1 night stay.
  10. On bet365 starts in a couple of minutes.
  11. Aye that’s the same flight. Think you will have time mate to go check in your digs ? Time you are through security I know the ground is 10 minutes from the airport no sure how far the city centre is. You flying to Madrid in the morning as well from Edinburgh ? Yous would be better to share a taxi instead of spending money on one each he’s travelling himself.
  12. Anyone on the flight out of Madrid on Thursday afternoon know it’s highly unlikely but my mate is looking to share a taxi to the ground with someone to keep the costs down.
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