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  1. Got player of the tournament am sure.
  2. Actually struggling the now getting no power at all, and everything is floating left and not going anywhere can’t draw the ball at all used to be the only shot a could play but the ball isn’t going anywhere. Any tips anyone ?
  3. Went to Tynecastle today my team managed to get another body 59.6 they had.
  4. 99% of that squad are very talented group.
  5. This is brutal anyone have a no show in the morning gives a shout.
  6. We are the same 1 must be a par 3 or 5 also.
  7. Nah mate means you are in the home end a will take your ticket cheers.
  8. Turning into a struggle this still looking for one.
  9. Toby true blues are also refusing to take tickets going with there twitter.
  10. That’s them just announced we are only getting one stand.
  11. Getting taken for mugs. If only we had a boardroom that had balls in situations like this. Building bridges.
  12. Rangers should just tell them not to bother giving us any tickets the game won’t mean anything anyway and watch them change there mind. Am sure @hammer93 said the decision was already made
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