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  1. What a bonus it would be if we went into the game in hand over the tarriers top of the league that game in hand is getting played the end of March(first free date as it stands) and we play them at home the middle of March no jumping the gun but we won't get in a better position with our fixtures coming up. Could have another Manchester season with the fixtures no reason to not play that game at Hibs on the sat/Sun lunch time.
  2. Need a pair of waterproof trousers any recommendations that won't break the bank? Have Sunderland ones the now wouldn't be against getting another pair of them. What was the shop in Lanark called again? @bigsasasfloopyhair
  3. Aye was practicing punch shots just not got a fade in my locker going to take my golf serious this year, felt good after the night.
  4. Ahh right thought that might be the case.
  5. I didn't get any games in the email a few weeks back then just got one saying a have a ticket for Hearts my mate also got one.
  6. Anyone take a plan with them to the range hitting 100 balls feel when I go I start hitting balls for the sake of it and wasting my time if that makes sense? Going in a wee while to hit a hunner.
  7. Yeah they are travelling with the first team might see a couple of them the cup game.
  8. Thought the group stages were pricey and so is this, going to be a fortune if we make the champions league.
  9. Is there anyone on 3 games upto the split or is everyone on 2?
  10. Same no email here probably trying to decide out of Livi and St Johnstone for us.
  11. Said for a few months would put money on Patterson to have one of the best careers in our academy.
  12. Just go to the big games mate braga no big enough opponents for me 👀
  13. Head is frazzled text my mate saying we are probably better leaving it and he wrote back we might get the tarriers next round no travel costs there
  14. Think I might be patching this one, cause I have already done Portugal this year and a fancy us(touch wood) and the next round could be 2 weeks after this game if we are away first. No jumping the gun. How does everyone else rate our chances they are such an up and down team comparing their league form to europa league? Am probably rate it 60-40 in favour of us. Honestly don't know what to do we go through I have next to no chance of going away to the last 16 game and if a give this a miss I would go to the last 16 for sure(unless it's Russia where a would struggle for a visa but no impossible)
  15. Just going to go a different route going to hold off and book closer to February.
  16. Honestly no sure what to do. Just seen both are sold out shite.
  17. A was like that scene the day until man united came out. If that happened whoever goes through is well getting a full stadium ban the quarter final.
  18. Hearts win then we fuck it Friday night is what will happen.
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