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  1. Rangers played Hivs to raise funds to build a catholic school in Leith in 1903 Only one club in Glasgow was born out of sectarianism (and theft) and it wasn't ours.
  2. was the first thing that occurred to me when I saw the photo, it echos Lietch;'s masterpiece rather nicely, folk who think its horrible I dont get. this is 100% a design that is meant to be sympathetic to its surroundings and enhance the stadium vista.
  3. Sold by Nike to Iconix Brand Group
  4. Fucking ha ha, never watch their games but ma pal was up and he was watching it, cunt got dogs abuse and he's away in the huff.
  5. Doubt Gerrard knew who lafferty was. Was probably on a list long before he arrived , like a few others. Only an idiot thought it was a good idea to bring that cunt back.
  6. This is the silly cunt who thought lafferty was a good idea, his opinions are generally a lot of fucking shite. But he's excelled himself here.
  7. Just having a laugh with you mate.
  8. Best to just stick to single syllables.
  9. Fuck sake mate get a spell checker.
  10. The FF thread contains some good info on this, doesn't look good for the paedos. Tick tock.
  11. He's black ffs. Afro-Colombians make up 7% of the population. Descendants of slaves.
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