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  1. Left my car in Elizabeth street across from the park bar for 4 days a couple of weeks ago, it was fine. Left it there a few times after games, usual precautions , leave somewhere well lit, busy and dont leave anything visible in car.
  2. The Qataries are minted they aint mad, they dont give £2m a year jobs to complete fuckwits. I'd expect Pedro to make us better in the short term but recruitment is key to success. The DOF / head of recruitment will be as important as the choice of manager.
  3. I know its hard enough getting the football media in this country to be objective about our club but when did we become so fucking needy that we're willing to pay a wage to someone just because they were actually positive about us? Give the job to the best qualified and experienced coach with the best possible track record. If looking for a left field suggestion what about Russell Latapy? decent reputation as a coach, knows Scottish football backward, knows the club, and spent 8 years of his playing career in Portugal. He played in the same Boavista team as Hélder Baptista.
  4. Were i a betting man I'd fancy a punt on him not being in the forest dug out come August. How anyone could think his football "philosophy" was compatible to a team battling relegation is beyond me. Almost feel sorry for forest fans, shows their club leadership really don't know what they're doing.
  5. True dat. I think Walter worked well with McCoist because when Walter kicked yer arse Ally would be the one to give you a hug, A disaster on his own right enough, as for Durrant classic example of wanting someone to be good because he's a fans hero and paying a wage for the sake of it.
  6. its been the Rangers way, we like someone so we give them a job and then wonder why we're fucked. Best candidate, best track record, no sympathy vote is the only way forward.
  7. So has McCoist and Durrant mate... Being assistant for Dunfermline and saying nice things on sky doesn't qualify you for an assistant managers position at Rangers. If he had anything to offer as a coach or manager he wouldn't be sitting commenting on games.
  8. Pumped his chest as he usually does when he scores, the badge kissing is a taig myth
  9. Neil Mccann supporters make me feel the same way.
  10. Guide us to wins and points Pedro, impressed by his demeanor and liked the intensity and passion shown in training, like his thinking on attacking ect, but he wont fix the problems over night, he'll need investment and a transfer window, but show us a step in the right direction starting with a good win on Saturday and show the same fight as Sunday against every team left and I'll be happy.
  11. Kenny would be a good choice in the interim period of the new gaffer settling in, a bridge between the players and the gaffer. Moving forward I'd want Pedro to be dispassionate and appoint the best person for the job, hopefully KM can show he's that guy.
  12. Weir never had any pace either, of course you cant polish a turd but to me it is odd that a guy who's biggest strength as player was his tactical sense and organisation skills could'nt coach an even half decent defence
  13. Weirs positional sense and organisation made every defender he played with look good, ffs even Danny Wilson, all the more astonishing couldn't pass that on to players as a coach
  14. Clint hill looks relatively good in a shockingly bad back line, I admire the guys effort and applaud his professionalism to keep going but he's indicative of where we're at not part of where we're going, We need 2 new quick dominant centre backs, a combative def mid and a striker, be really interested in seeing the affect of Pedro's training on the likes of Kranjcar, he could be a big player for us next season, if Pedro can make us secure at the back it will improve the entire team.
  15. Brace yourself.