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  1. Home kits stunning, like the black/ light blue one as well, the red ones a bit bland and too reminiscent of the sheep, white shorts would have been better.
  2. Dont know why anyone would think its a good plan for @KingKirk to go out on his own.
  3. All kicking off now BABN's here to post a picture of a horse.
  4. Lovely Daniel, just lovely, we can be so good on the breakaway at times.
  5. Didn't see the full stop without ma gregorys on mate. didn't help having a teething grandson on ma knee either.
  6. Think his comment about "scoring many more goals between now and the end of the season," is very telling.
  7. Or a release clause doubled precisely because of his performances on the park...
  8. Would imagine his agent was straight on the phone after Robertson saying we want 20m....
  9. I would imagine this one contains revised clauses as we appraise his value to have rocketed on the same trajectory as his improvement.
  10. Wears blue boots. Big powerful and quick with a howitzer of a left peg. The kind of potential we must take a punt on.
  11. Only just broke into the well team obv we've been scouting him for a while, he's very highly rated and its good to see the club getting him.
  12. Of course he is but dont underestimate Arfield's importance. In a perfect world Alfredo starts, but we all know the sheep will be desperate to get him sent off /booked and whoever is in charge will be only too willing to oblige.
  13. We only had Sadiq as an option, we were also without Arfield, we have Defoe now.
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