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  1. wewillfollowrangers

    Rapid 2 Spartak 0

    need to keep this chat going for when Salzburg stop the tarriers from progressing, their outrage will be superb on kerryfail
  2. wewillfollowrangers

    Rapid 2 Spartak 0

    Salzburg leading leipzig 2-0 away tells me Austrian football is decent and lets not get carried away with expectations, rapid will be a tough match for us. Dont think that result is much of a surprise.
  3. wewillfollowrangers


    Boys confidence must be soaring.2 games on the trot he's come on and made a big impact, tonight, doing it on a big stage will be tremendous for him, for me Gerrard is getting it spot with him, he's a player who offers something different , he's very direct, the perfect player to bring on when you're looking for some creativity and spark, SG will be telling him he's setting his standards and must maintain them when he does get on the park, if it aint broke dont fix it, its clearly very effective bringing him on. Starting games will come for him
  4. wewillfollowrangers

    Club urged SFA not to help Rangers in 2008

    Suspect the reason why the guy was so disgusted by this is that it wasn't done to benefit the callers club, it was done by a chairman of a club with nothing to gain either way, out of straight hatred/jealousy of Rangers. The tarriers were quite vocal and open about their view, ie that we shouldn't be helped, that's when they piped up with the sporting integrity pish.
  5. wewillfollowrangers


    Had a wee listen to this for the first time last week, Thought @gogzy came across really well.
  6. wewillfollowrangers

    Strange people within our support

    Aye we'll just ignore the onslaught of dehumanisation of our support, the bias perpetrated by politicians and their media and the corruption at the very heart of politics ,football and society, all aligned against us.
  7. wewillfollowrangers

    Stephen Kelly

    Ffs mate at least let him his hook out of @Brubear 's gub
  8. wewillfollowrangers

    Stephen Kelly

  9. wewillfollowrangers

    Buckle up troops

    You will die British
  10. wewillfollowrangers

    Buckle up troops

    ira apologist scum who even cel*ic, shamed by the above, wanted sacked from her role in their supporters association, yet she was still asked by the snp to advise the committee that was debating the original Offensive Behaviour at Football Act.
  11. wewillfollowrangers

    Buckle up troops

    The day the snp had Janette findley advising a committee on what exactly was sectarian and decided upon her say that fenian was sectarian and h*n wasnt was the day we should have woken up, far too many scoffed, they didnt care about being called a h*n and mocked those who did, completely missing the point.
  12. wewillfollowrangers

    Buckle up troops

    I despise the catholic church. Evil organisation. I have no real problem with Catholics. they can be what they want, strongly against an apartheid education system that creates division and is state sponsored brainwashing of children. I despise Fenian's. political, nothing to do with religion. None of those things make me sectarian.
  13. wewillfollowrangers

    Buckle up troops

    Wow, only playing to one audience here.. Hideous that certain Rangers supporting snp voters wont even have an issue with this.
  14. wewillfollowrangers

    Darren Bent

    Villa once paid £24million for him, 29 goals in 117 games in the last 5 years mostly in the championship suggests while he might fancy the opportunity to come up here play for one of the biggest clubs in football, he aint gonna. TBf to him he was asked a daft question by fannybaws White and answered it very respectfully to us.
  15. wewillfollowrangers

    Borna Barisic

    How the fuck did we sign FIFA's 4th ranked sides left back for £1.5m? Hes only gonna get better playing with the talent in Croatia's team