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  1. wewillfollowrangers

    Great Night For Scotland

    Ah, I assumed teuchters referred to people from Highlands and Islands. no really, as you say many in those parts are people from the rest of the uk usually retired, and the young from the highlands are all in the west end of glasgow, personally I refer to all with a teuchter accent as a teuchter, ken? cant really talk. My accent is half London half Glasgow - quintessentially British😃
  2. wewillfollowrangers

    Great Night For Scotland

    Edinburgh teuchters, dundee teuchters, aberdeen teuchters - teuchters.
  3. wewillfollowrangers

    Great Night For Scotland

    Small country syndrome, England aint your fucking rivals, you're not in the same league, tells you everything when your biggest achievement was a one off win against England, because they were world champions - Fucking embarrassing. The whole "tartan army" and "foot soldier" patter for a bunch of skirt and timberland boots clad pished teuchters is one of the cringeyist things in football
  4. wewillfollowrangers

    Derek Johnstone: columnist or fuckwit

    Correct on all points, but if he even once said what most of us would have said he wouldn't be in a job or likely get one, the taigs control most media outlets and the token Rangers men they employ to appear balanced aren't gonna be ones who will properly defend us. I used to think he was simply not bright enough to defend us, then I heard him let rip at sutton annoyed me he was quick enough when it came to defending himself. doesn't take away from him being a legend as a player saying he's a wanker now., ditto souness, mccoist, butcher, goram and many others who have shown themselves to be complete wankers despite being legends as players. At the end of the day DJ is a dundee fan who made a career out of being a Rangers legend. cant imagine proper Rangers fans and legends like Ian Ferguson making a living as a pundit here no wonder he prefers Australia
  5. wewillfollowrangers

    Derek Johnstone: columnist or fuckwit

    Big list. Many of our former players including club legends are complete wankers.
  6. wewillfollowrangers

    Derek Johnstone: columnist or fuckwit

    I get why, but mate, he didnt earn big money as a player, he's not exactly gonna earn a living doing anything else bar what he does, if he was sharp enough and had the gumption to stand up for the club on the platforms he's given he wouldn't have those platforms for long, he's employed as a tame token "Rangers man" to appear balanced but in the knowledge he'll never rock the boat, Irked me during his spat with sutton that he was quick enough to proper go for it when he was defending himself, whilst sitting tamely nodding whenever Rangers were getting slandered and abused but I cant really grudge him his living or hate him for doing it, yes its fair enough to say he's wanker for doing it but if it wasnt him it would be someone else. Butcher is on another level of wanker compared to DJ.
  7. wewillfollowrangers

    Derek Johnstone: columnist or fuckwit

    Well said that man. Welcome to Rangers Media.
  8. wewillfollowrangers

    Derek Johnstone: columnist or fuckwit

    Fuck off.
  9. wewillfollowrangers

    Derek Johnstone: columnist or fuckwit

    Guys a Rangers legend who was capped for Scotland playing CF, CH and mid, probably expects a player to play anywhere. he never made fortunes from playing and needs to earn his keep, he's not exactly well equipped after years of heading heavy footballs. but by fuck when he headed a ball it stayed headed
  10. wewillfollowrangers

    Jason Cummings

    Allen probably saw him as a good value option, the loan deal a good chance to asses, shame murty didn't know what to do with him, wouldn't have had the chance to impress SG in training but he'l have had a look and no doubt has better ideas, wish him well.
  11. wewillfollowrangers

    Jake Cooper (Millwall)

    The mongy bastard so they've encountered TMB then. Fuck going on other teams boards, and motherfuck bigging up the kiddy fiddlers on them. Faaacking leave it owt you sweaty sock caaaant
  12. wewillfollowrangers

    Ibrox refurbishment, the next stage

    You're either at it or deliciously stupid.
  13. wewillfollowrangers

    England related thread

    Dont think England had the quality to beat France anyway, its not really a great England side, they benefited from a fairly easy route to the semi's and came up short against a team with some genuine class players, no complaints just gutted they didnt go through after taking an early lead, best chance they'l have in years cant see the likes of Germany or Brasil being so poor again at a world cup. The closest I've seen to a stand out side in this world cup is France, very exciting young team.
  14. wewillfollowrangers

    Emmanuel Eboue arrested for Arson

    Not saying thats whats happened here but the media in Scotland have a cringey as fuck parochial habit of trying to bring some Scottish dimension to any story. Earthquake in Japan - Scottish man seen it on the tele.
  15. wewillfollowrangers

    Umar Sadiq

    ID10 saying tomorrow on FF.