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  1. 1-1 Okaka converts from close-range after Chalobah clatters the bar from distance.
  2. Aye mate, Israel have dominated possession and have occupied the Palestinian half for most of the game
  3. I dont believe you. Doesn't bother me that a taig has outed himself down to being absolutely beeling. It amuses me.
  4. Ffs Whats makes that vile entity worth capitals when Rangers isn't?
  5. Not suggesting he will ever be as prolific a goal scorer but I remember Souness saying about McCoist " he's the kind of player who gets a manager the sack" due to the amount of chances he missed.
  6. Thing is a striker has to be in a position to miss, thats the hard part, shootings probably 50/50 between technique and good fortune. I still think that if he tucks away a few chances the goals will start to come for him.
  7. Only one club in Glasgow was born out of religious sectarianism, and like the pikey cunts they are they stole the idea from hivs. Rangers were founded by 4 guys who wanted to play football. We're a Scottish team as we play in Scotland, our fan base historically was made up of those who wouldn't be welcome by the tarriers as they weren't kafflick, in a binary religious divide by default we became a club with a Protestant fan base. The Protestant ethics of hard work ,integrity and decency became ingrained in our clubs ethos and have served us well, but the club itself a protestant club? I dont think so, the divide happened as reaction to the bigotry on the other side of the city.
  8. Did he no marry a bird years ago? back in the days when to sell records you had to pretend you didnt take it up the chocolate isle
  9. Neither can I, of all the players who capitalised on our misery for their own advancement, this cunt is by far the worst offender, firstly he spent most of his Ibrox career on the injury table while earning a good wage and having his medical bills paid for by the club, secondly he had just signed a four-and-a-half-year deal, no doubt lucrative, thirdly the press conference, no fucking excuses for that whatsoever, and last but by no means least this cunt was supposed to be one of us, whittaker is also a thundercunt but he was here for the cash and never had any loyalty to us. I seriously doubt anyone at the club is even considering bringing him back, cant for the life of me see why anyone would.
  10. Why? he's no signing mate, its all supposition and wishful thinking, by some.
  11. I celebrate goals scored by Rangers, tbh who scored it is immaterial, esp against the taigs, I'd celebrate like a mad fucker an own goal scored by one of the rancid so celebrating a goal scored by a rat wouldn't be such a stretch. moot point , he's no signing - we haven't even had a sniff at him, hopefully the clubs moral compass will continue to point the right way
  12. Thought todays game was played in a very competitive manner for a friendly, Marseilles looked quite advanced in their pre season and they're a big, fit, physical looking team, both teams were going for it and it wasnt really killed by subs, albeit we tired as they grew into the game more in the second half, on that basis think we can take a wee bit more out of it looking forward than the usual meaningless friendly tag. definite signs of progress but still a lot to do, esp in the last third. 9 points from our first 3 league games should be the bar set. Achieve that and the well dones can begin
  13. Would like to get positive results in these games to build momentum and confidence and also for the fans in terms of the Wednesday game but these are only friendly games and are about getting players competitive game time and sharpness, we looked like a team today instead of the 11 strangers we looked in Luxembourg, but theres still a lot to come, esp in the final third, good to see progress at last. We'll really know where we are after the first 3 games of the season.
  14. Dont disagree with any of that mate, meant purely in terms of voting numbers, doubt he'll unseat Budge, fuck cosying up to other clubs for votes, the fat fanny eyed fuck has got scottish football where he wants it, if he thought he was handing over anything significant he wouldn't have stepped down. Hoped you enjoyed your hols bud, good to see you back.
  15. Depends, if we're looking for the vision thing, a manager with a philosophy that will permeate through the club for years to come or just a manager who can come in and do a job for a few seasons, if its the former I'd go Dutch, someone young with ambitions with good experience as a player and a track record in his sibling managerial career training and assisting, if its the later we should have got Harry Redknapp before Birmingham.