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  1. They got league handed to them on a fucking plate for 8 season ffs, its hilarous.
  2. Their paranoia has always had 3 purposes mate, to influence referees, to lesson our achievements and to excuse their failings. Its rearing its head again because they know were coming for them.
  3. Said in a thread last year I couldn't wait for us to give the tarriers their paranoia back, some didn't understand what I meant, well its happening and its happening because they fear us again. Delicious.
  4. Fuck mate if its longer that they all can. I think he'll lift a trophy this season, I hope it will be the title. this is the first season I've thought that since 2010–11.
  5. You can see how much more vocal he is on the pitch, he leads, and he gets it too, his work ethic, professionalism and commitment makes him a perfect captain and a proper Ranger, cant wait to see him lift 55.
  6. Yep and I think he's really grown into the captains role as well.
  7. You're defo in with a shout, King Kirk will need to up his game.
  8. Some stiff competition for official forum fuckwit at the moment.
  9. Ambassador - a person who represents, speaks for, or advertises a particular organisation, group of people, activity, or brand. Operating word in this context is represents, of course that club is accountable for his actions.
  10. Love a bit of binary finery, that's me buzzing for the weekend. Superb videos.
  11. Wasn't trying to make you feel bad mate, just something I remember from back then.
  12. You probably weren't to know but his mother passed away in 2008.
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