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  1. Gerrard in a Rangers top does nothing for me, he's Liverpool's legendary no 8, Gazza is mine.
  2. Sitting waiting for the mrs to fuck off to bed so I can confirm this, and have a patsy tbh.
  3. Can only reiterate what you've said mate. Feel grateful the club has done this, its what you'd really want to happen to someone like Dougie,well played all involved.
  4. Take it that's the wee lassie got upset with the pyro and bangers, well done to the club and to JD, really class touch to give her the match ball and his shirt.
  5. Not at all, we've a chance to get players rested, get players back from injury and give the gaffer a chance to get some time on the training pitch to work with the players, he's had none in weeks. coupled with them stewing its perfect for us.
  6. The target was 12 points from 12 domestically since the last break, we've achieved that, that's great, next target set and to be achieved is maximum points form the next block of games, will start getting really excited if we keep meeting our targets around April. So far so good.
  7. Uncle JD is clearly a huge influence in the dressing room , remember watching video of him when he wasn't getting a game for Sunderland doing extra coaching sessions with the 2 young strikers keeping him out, his influence on Alfie is clear, great to see when each scores they both run straight for each other to celebrate, cant believe we have two strikers of such quality. Hes still in terrific shape, the consummate professional wouldn't imagine its gonna be hard to persuade him to sign for at least another year looks to have at least another 2 in the tank at this level, superb signing from the gaffer.
  8. Hamilton contributed nothing to the game in an attacking sense, like the look of the boy right enough, we've 4 very decent CB's at the club, that's good enough for me.
  9. Greg Stewart's been a very shrewd signing, terrific again today, really taking his opportunity, international break coming at a perfect time for us, we'll have Jack, Kent, Aribo, Jones and Barker all back, good to see Murphy back and showing appetite, we've so many options, Manager got his team spot on today.
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