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  1. For whom the bell tolls

    The only thing we learn from history is we learn nothing from history. Georg Hegel Otherwise we would have never allowed another skint crook to ascend our marble staircase.
  2. ***Official Rangers v Tarriers Thread***

  3. Video: Gers Fans React To Cup Draw Against The Scum

    That what your priest used to say to you?
  4. Video: Gers Fans React To Cup Draw Against The Scum

    All the wee avatar shows is a small fraction of that picture, predominately a scum player and their rancid colours, not what I'd want representing me on a Rangers forum or what I'd want to come on here and see
  5. Video: Gers Fans React To Cup Draw Against The Scum

    And how would anyone know that from your wee avatar pic all you can see is a scum strip, but then you knew that, bear or not you're defo trolling these boards.
  6. Pre-match superstitions for the loyal fan

    Never tell anyone I think we'l win.
  7. Morelos signs contract extension until 2021

    Very good news, in my mind this was a priority to try and get this done, didnt really think it would judging by the noises coming out so fantastic news the club have got him tied down, the timing and psychology for the player are perfect, the jibs on here about the club being badly run by the clueless will soon have to stop, someone at the club clearly knows what they are doing. Starting to feel the long journey from despair to genuine hope for our club is nearly done, just go out and beat that shower shite on sunday and it will be complete.
  8. Bates Wage?

    Hes an old school no nonsense stopper, the modern game needs a bit more than that and hes still some development to go. hes a raw player who's just broke into the side, rather than throw a big contract at him and risk billy big baws syndrome setting in lets do it the Protestant way where reward is given through hard work and improvement
  9. Bates Wage?

    why should he be on the same wage as the rest of the team, he's not a senior pro, his wage rise should be incremental rising with appearances and with bonuses added to bring it up, nothing wrong with the club getting the best deal possible, the days of throwing silly wages at players should be over, we should have players who want to play for Rangers because its Rangers rather than play for inflated wages just because its Rangers
  10. Keep Tav as Captain...? Hopefully.

    Tavs been excelling with the responsibility and its important to his continuing development that he takes on board responsibility and maintains his standards, concentration and discipline, the togertherness in the dressing room is as good as its been for years and theres spirit there again, I wouldn't upset that and I'd tell Wallace that he needs to concentrate on getting his form back and earning his shirt without the additional responsibility for being captain.
  11. Keep Tav as Captain...? Hopefully.

    When did you last see him play? Guy was a virtual ever present as we came up through the leagues , think it took a lot out of him, his performances went down hill and yeah he looked like a 36 year old, tired and not properly fit, think I'll hold judgment and see what he looks like after a long lay off and fully fit
  12. Biggest Game Since 25.3.12

    Form is temporary , class is permanent. they got handed their current advantage over us on a fucking plate but we will always be a class above them as a club, they are club for the vile, by the vile. we;re slowly getting there as a footballing side but we're a long way from being considered favourites going into a game with them
  13. Biggest Game Since 25.3.12

    Bookies would disagree, as would I, we require a big performance from every player to get a win, its possible , we show flashes of real quality but are no where near consistent enough to be considered favourites, we look good going forward but our defence is far from solid, our mid is far better with the partnership of Goss and Doc but they're young players and games against them are not for novices, the reality is we'd be punching above our weight to beat them. just hope to god we do.
  14. A ROAR in the dressing room when the draw came up

  15. Video Referee

    Agreed. Was gonna post just about the same