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  1. Roofe can play attacking midfield role as well, cant wait till he's up and running
  2. We've bemoaned our struggle to deal with oppositions sitting in and frustrating us, going on preseason and yesterday asking Alfie to come deep and forcing a defender out with him looks like its gonna allow space for the likes of Aribo, Hagi and Kent, Aflie had a decent game yesterday, showed another string to his bow. Correct decision to play him, he contributed to our win and showed no loss of appetite or discipline problems that some feared. Toughest possible opening fixture dealt with and out the way.
  3. So we're raging when others lesson his value because of supposed temperament issues but we shouldn't play a player we value at £20m due to his temperament issues?
  4. If his heads right and he's been firing in training he plays. has to be up to the manager. we cant keep him wrapped up in cotton wool every time another club has a sniff at him, he's our prized asset for a reason.
  5. Yep seems like a smart move for both parties, if he does really well we can use the option but looks more like planning for a year long deal as cover initially. Says a bit about the player's attitude to coming here, as at that age you'd think he'd be looking for a longer deal than 1 season.
  6. Remember buying a Rangers top out of the Chelsea shop on the Kings road years ago, there was a display in the window, blues brothers with our strip and theirs , changed days.
  7. He had laser eye surgery but he is fully recovered now. dont know if thats it.
  8. Rangers played Hivs to raise funds to build a catholic school in Leith in 1903 Only one club in Glasgow was born out of sectarianism (and theft) and it wasn't ours.
  9. was the first thing that occurred to me when I saw the photo, it echos Lietch;'s masterpiece rather nicely, folk who think its horrible I dont get. this is 100% a design that is meant to be sympathetic to its surroundings and enhance the stadium vista.
  10. Sold by Nike to Iconix Brand Group
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