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  1. Fuck off with the mugged chat, been a supporter long before king and will be long after.
  2. This whole its not his team thing is past its sell by date, like every new manager arriving at any team he took over a squad of players, he's had two months to work with the squad, he picks the teams and its his responsibility to get a response and inspire a performance from those players. And he's failed. mibbes cause many players know they wont be playing next season or mibbee he's just incapable of getting a team right up for a game that matters to the fans so much. he needs to clear the dressing room and bring in players who will respond to him or it could be cheaper to just get rid.
  3. Coming third in the Championship was easily worse. that season was worse, we were in some nick.
  4. Like being one of the finest quality garments in primark.
  5. Everything he says is correct, "embarrassed" is mibbee a bit strong, we haven't had stability or a settled squad thats been together for a few seasons like the sheep. I'm annoyed we finished below them because its partly a self inflicted injury, we've finished 3rd not because of his team but because we've been shite against even lesser teams than them. But in the context of where we've come from and the underlying problems we have combined with a change of manager, injuries ect, I wouldnt say I'm embarrassed and neither the fuck should he But in the context of having a pop at our manager, who rattled his gums about them he's a fucking hypocrite for saying anything and had rather a lot to say.
  6. Any kind of win against these cunts will do me. Just make sure we fucking win.
  7. Bitterness has been creeping in with him for a while now, been at the sheep too long its rubbing off, obv cranked up by him not getting the job at Ibrox. I was glad he never got the Rangers job, even happier now.
  8. The fact that a 38 year old was our best performer says more about the quality of the rest , it should be seen as a measure of how badly we need an influx of quality rather than wanting to give giving Hill a new contract
  9. As @BEE said, We only spent 200k on this guy, he's more than repaid that fee with his goals, he's confidence is shot he needs a move away. I don't think getting rid of players will be that difficult, esp for the english players who could easily get as good a deal in div 1 or the championship , Pedro looks the sort who would have players who have been told they wont be playing training with kids if they dont get themselves a move, think with all this talk of him bringing in so many, there will be a few players in that dressing room know they are finished at Ibrox, I cant see many wanting to stick around, we should easily re - coup our outlay on waggy and hopefully pedro can give his wages to someone better. If we can shift Kranjcar, we'd have bartons, senderos's and Kranjcar's wages freed up, you could get a decent spine to our team for those 3 wages alone.
  10. Wasnt Atletico actually Franco's team? after it merged with a club founded by members of the Spanish Air Force and won the league with a team of ex civil war "heroes" Suspect the banner may be something to do with King Alfonso's allegiance in the 20's for real and the continuing Spanish royal links to them. fascist latch on to success, as did franco to real.
  11. Lol. Like the fat kid getting a medal for being "differently" first.
  12. That would involve no longer having a callous disregard for the club and also facing up to his responsibilities, which would change my assessment. But agree it'll never happen, he'll have even less appetite for putting money into Rangers than king has.
  13. Well that would have been the reality had he actually bought ayr, thats what we're discussing, someone else would have stepped in and paid £6m, fact is we had some very gifted young players coming through our stadium was already in place and Souness was already the manager, i think its safe to say we'd have been alright, any thing else is conjecture of course, mibbes in the years ahead I'll view it from a less emotional, balanced perspective but for now 2012 is still too raw.
  14. As was I. As I was before Murray when the stadium was already in place and Souness was already installed, who's to say 9 in a row wouldn't have happened anyway? the beggers were a basket case, I dont deny loving the success that we enjoyed during Murray's tenure but IMO his callous disregard for the clubs safety and his recklessness that brought carnage outweighs any previous positives, he was the trusted custodian of a British institution and had no fucking right to put it in peril, the way he has walked away from the car crash he caused without facing up to his responsibility also makes him toxic for me.
  15. yep, will get on it during the week at some point.