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  1. Cardoso

    Wish he played for ce***c
  2. Harry Forrester - Hasn't trained well

    Imagine Jock Wallace just accepting a player doesn't train well? Poor professional and a Lazy bastard. Matt Le Tissier with far less talent
  3. Walter behind the scenes?

    Would be daft not to listen to Walter at every given opportunity but dont think its any more formal or involved than that. Very encouraging that Walters been down to Auchenhowe and given GM some support tbh, but its probably more a doting grandad giving his grand kids a treat few could offer, good that GM was happy to chat with him. who wouldn't be?
  4. our sitter

    Alfredo can have a heed like a ten bob bit if he can keep finishing with his feet like that, he's not gonna win many aerial battles anyway. was a great cross by Tav.
  5. Junkies vs Rangers

    If you cant be good be lucky, we were due an "evens out over a season" decision and fuck me if that ball to hand decision was given at the other end I'd have smashed my tv, GIRFUY you junkie rodents. Be really interesting to see if they play with that intensity v the sheep, reckon they'll kane them.
  6. Junkies vs Rangers

    Fucking hearts going joe 90, had mrs gibbering on in background for the last 5, tense. justice done for Ibrox GIRFUY lenny ya prick. Well done Rangers dont know how the fuck we've came away with 3 points but fuck me its delicious.
  7. Junkies vs Rangers

    Some Vietnamese/french dude... Feen yin b'stard
  8. Junkies vs Rangers

    TLB will have this mob primed to do anything to get a win, we'll have to battle and show some fucking bottle, can only hope the referee is honest and has the balls to ref this game. Big test, chance for players to show they've got what it takes.
  9. Mike Phelan

    Sacked by Hull for becoming frustrated over the club's refusal to commit to investment in his playing squad? Aye can see it working for him at Rangers.
  10. Ross McCrorie

    For a 19 year old defender his vision and ability to to pick a pass and execute it is fantastic. Heres hoping we have more gems awaiting their chance.
  11. That wasn't just 3-points against Ross County

    Nice to read some positivity from you mate, not that you're negative more we've had fuck all to be positive about.
  12. Miller and Murty

    Would have been harsh to drop McCrorie after his performance v Hearts
  13. Miller and Murty

    Last week? wasn't Alves injured? he was decent in the first game v the sheep no other reason he didnt play on sunday
  14. Miller and Murty

    Dont think Murty is ruthless enough to be a manager in his own right, good number 2. Needs to be stronger and make decisions that will upset certain players. and have the man management skills to deal with that, thats what experience gives you. That said Miller was good when we went down to ten on sunday and from what little of the game I saw did nothing wrong today.
  15. *** The Official Rangers v Ross County Match Thread ***

    Thank fuck got woke up by a tarrier telling me it was o-1, will be phoning the cunt back directly.