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  1. wewillfollowrangers

    Game off

    If the gaffer felt the pitch wasn't playable or safe for our players then we've every right to ask for an inspection , after that its up to the referee to decide, its on him. Shit for the traveling fans and shit for all of us who have planned our Friday night around watching it but would have been a pisser to have a Davis or Defoe out for weeks with a knee injury and just our fucking luck.
  2. wewillfollowrangers

    Game off

    Gary Bollan, going on the bbc story, the Berwick bit was his quote. "If it was Berwick Rangers the game would have gone ahead tonight in my opinion."
  3. wewillfollowrangers

    Adam Lallana

    Gerrard's said theres no truth in it.
  4. wewillfollowrangers

    Adam Lallana

  5. wewillfollowrangers

    Ravel Morrison

    What a guy... what a guy. He's no even from Paisley.
  6. wewillfollowrangers

    Daddy Candeias

    Done well to play so far into his pregnancy...
  7. wewillfollowrangers

    Kevin Thomson

    Man of the year.
  8. wewillfollowrangers

    Ravel Morrison

    Hes just a poor boy from a poor family....
  9. wewillfollowrangers

    Graeme Shinnie

    I used to picture him in a pink apron getting shouted at by his mrs whilst he did all the cooking and cleaning. Its was a fucking war zone.
  10. wewillfollowrangers

    Graeme Shinnie

    Blast from the past that, remember all the emails you used to get, your content has been deleted, thousand of them. Used to get banned a lot so used the whole families email accounts and they would moan like fuck about all the emails.
  11. wewillfollowrangers

    Ravel Morrison

    You do know that this guy isn't someone who's merely"failed to settle" he assaulted his own mother , got caught in a car with drugs and a gun and terrorisd his ex GF and her maw for years, he's had numerous fights in the dressing room and once while playing for England unders on the actual pitch with a team mate. This might be a vision too far.
  12. wewillfollowrangers

    Ravel Morrison

    Yeah just the one. Scored a peach for Birmingham v hull but couldn't find it , tbf he's only made 100 odd appearances mostly from the bench and hes not a striker. No one who knows anything about the player doubts his ability.
  13. wewillfollowrangers

    Ravel Morrison

    No it doesn't but he's not a kid mate, he should be approaching his peak as a player, hes has all the talent in the world, you would suspect if he was capable of knuckling down he would be world class by now, no doubt whatsoever. who knows mibbe SG'';s man management could do what others have failed to, he's no soft touch, a lot more streetwise than any other manager he's had and obv should command respect from a football pov Hypothetically who knows? 6 month loan to see what we can salvage? on the plus side his work rate has never been in question, it does seem hes looking for a way out of lazio this window and they would clearly want rid, wouldn't say SG wouldn't touch him as he's clearly offered Flanagan a chance at rehabilitation.
  14. wewillfollowrangers

    Ravel Morrison

    Because 6 or 7 managers thought they would gamble on his talent and being able to tame him, none succeeded. Talents not in question, attitude, discipline and sheer scummyness are.
  15. wewillfollowrangers

    Ravel Morrison