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  1. jayzer

    SFA to boycott Gazzas hall of fame dinner

    Battle fever is on......
  2. jayzer

    UFA game - TV blackout, any rumours?

    It's on RTV £7.49.
  3. Fucking bang on the button Tannerall.....Sell Out Saturdays etc etc....eh no....Sporting Integrity....my fucking arse, they are as a group, guilty of integrity loss....shameless....but what goes around comes around...never to be forgotten and the first to fall financially hopefully will be Dundee Hivs how I would love to see that rancid club disappear like their sleekit ex owner. We stand alone but by god what an army we have.....No Surrender !!!!
  4. jayzer

    "Fuck Scott Brown"....

    And unwashed
  5. jayzer

    Warburton - "I received death threats"

    And hydrate...!!!
  6. jayzer

    Andy Gray - Video

    Knew what it meant to score for Rangers and celebrated every goal like it was the first.....
  7. That was a wan aff......
  8. Only thing I have to say about St.Midden is................. They always lie doon to the wean touchers......
  9. jayzer

    Live update from meeting

    All I am trying to reveal is the name or names.........that's not difficult really ? For all the requests before....the Bomber scenario etc etc........there has been no disclosure...........does that not bother or concern people in fact who actually owns the fixed assets ?
  10. jayzer

    Live update from meeting

    The people who kindly replied, unfortunately, did not reply with the answer I was looking for........because for the simple reason, they do not know, they only assume.....it certainly bothers me who has their name on the title deeds for Ibrox & Auchenhowie......because they are the only fixed assets that Rangers Football club have.....
  11. jayzer

    Live update from meeting

    Answer the question (if you can) then I may contemplate sitting down.................I guess you don't know the answer ? AH
  12. jayzer

    Live update from meeting

    So, what was the answer ? Who actually owns Rangers Football Club in it's entirety ? Who is it ? Does anyone know ?
  13. jayzer

    Live update from meeting

    Has anyone asked the ultimate question ? Whose name is on the deeds to Ibrox Stadium and Auchenhowie ? The real estate value to our football club ? This in my mind and to my recollection, has never been answered,
  14. jayzer

    ***The Official Rangers v Montrose Thread***

    I would have loved to have been at Ibrox today but unfortunately work dictates especially working in Norway, however, I have my ticket for the oldest derby game versus Queens Park on the 9th Feb............canna wait !!!!!!