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  1. Carly Simon ya bass ?

  2. What is it with this recent obsession some of our fans seem to have with buyout clauses? They are in no way shape or form of any benefit to the club. Unless the player demands one, we shouldn't even consider adding one.
  3. The fact that you hadn't realised he'd been hooked already speaks volumes about Holt's performance!
  4. Well done Waghorn - he missed from a similar position the other week!
  5. Thought my stream was buffering there but no, Senderos is actually that slow! What a clown!
  6. Nothing wrong with that challenge imo. In fact, I wish our players would show a bit more grit in the tackle.
  7. If the pictures she posted of herself are a guy, then I'm afraid I'm a raging homopoof!
  8. Right! Some cunt needs to clear this up! Forget the Warburton shite - Am I shagging @Rangers Lady or what?
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