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  1. Dunno, mate - I can think of a few...
  2. Thinking short term, I voted for Alves. That said, looking at the bigger picture I reserve the right to change it to Cardoso in a couple of years time.
  3. Put it this way, he was standing up when he passed it on!
  4. You were doing so well until the last bit. If he stays and is a roaring success this year then £3-4m would be a realistic figure . If he "doesn't make it" then we'd get nowhere near that.
  5. Indeed. We should sell him to the taigs for less than hibs offer, just to stick it up them!
  6. Sure!
  7. Throw in Windass too!
  8. I see Forrest have sold that Blossomobonga cunt for 15m. Hopefully Warburton will see Waghorn as the ideal replacement. Should be a few quid left over for a couple of his other flops too.
  9. Are you sure? They seem to do it every other year!
  10. The price of both players can be considered distorted due to one club not wanting to sell whilst the other did.
  11. Grow a set, Dopey!
  12. Fuck you then, shortarse!
  13. You work with @Moody Blue Legend?
  14. We didn't! 7 of last night's starting 11 were here last season.
  15. I'd be happy with Ben Chilwell.