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  1. He is messi compared to the rest of the team
  2. I doubt the roofs current ability to take any extra weight... How many games get postponed per season? A couple at most, if any.
  3. was he reffing the game on saturday?
  4. higgins needs the next as well.
  5. He's fucking clueless.
  6. He could play for an extra 30 minutes after full time and still not put the ball in the net 3 times. Found his level last season.
  7. Probably a good thing that it's that up here.. If he got banned for 18 months up here our legal team would probably have given him 9 months wages and a free £10 bet
  8. Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy
  9. The septic fans only turned it on so they could have a stroke
  10. This is brilliant
  11. reminiscent of mickleson v stenson.. almost