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  1. Half these clubs can't run floodlights for 90 minutes nevermind power a closing roof
  2. The last 10 minutes one might work.. Was so frustrating, particulary when playing in europe, when we needed a goal and the opposition rolled about the floor, took a minute to take a throw in or crawled off the park when replaced.
  3. Unless the extra 16 are a majority of european teams,(maybe a few south american), there are going to be some fucking shite teams in it. In my opinion the world cup was already inferior, game quality wise, to the euros (before it changed to 24 perhaps) due to teams qualifying purely due to the region they play in. Terrible decision, and yes we will still make a cunt qualifying for it.
  4. Would still rather have Govou
  5. Shite final, seen better at the pub
  6. gary making this respectable hopefully
  7. aye turn up now gary
  8. Anderson to beat mvg 5-1 from here? no chance
  9. game over
  10. massive tops there from anderson
  11. Hope anderson can keep this standard up
  12. mvg 2 darts off a 9 darter and still loses the leg
  13. Might have been useful in the fight for second place
  14. Perhaps. Just voicing my opinion though, and in my opinion we are more than a couple of players short.
  15. I said it in relation to him saying Dodoo doing nothing after he came on, as he would have had a chance to do something had forrester passed. Not in relation to the final result