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  1. Angriest you have ever been at a bad decision

    When we got put out the UEFA cup by feyenoord due to Pierre van hoijdick diving and scoring a free kick. Twice!
  2. Pedro Caxinha: Stay or go?

    I struggle to see how anybody can have any kind of hope whatsover from what we have seen from him so far. He was useless in the latter stages of the league, his only saving grace was that he was going to be able to bring his own players in. He has now brought them in and has lost to a team that finished FOURTH in LUXEMBOURG and had never won a game in europe. Now presumably given the situation with the merchandise deal, and how much we have spent already, we can afford to get him to fuck. Assuming the idiots that employed in the first place didn't give him stupid wages, which surely he could not possibly be on given he is a nobody signing. 6 years for that pish. fucking livid.
  3. On the bright side

    These cunts are earning in a year what our players are in a month! Getting up to speed shouldn't even need to be a thing. They should be able to get out of bed and beat this mob. Regardless if they haven't played together.
  4. Get him to fuck honestly. Get him to fuck right now
  5. VAR

    This is a lot of shite. Completely ruins the flow of the game and celebrating goals.
  6. Kenny Miller thinks he's Messi

    He is messi compared to the rest of the team
  7. Ways to increase revenue

    I doubt the roofs current ability to take any extra weight... How many games get postponed per season? A couple at most, if any.
  8. was he reffing the game on saturday?
  9. higgins needs the next as well.
  10. Let's be honest here

    He's fucking clueless.
  11. Waghorns shooting

    He could play for an extra 30 minutes after full time and still not put the ball in the net 3 times. Found his level last season.
  12. Barton Banned for 18 months

    Probably a good thing that it's that up here.. If he got banned for 18 months up here our legal team would probably have given him 9 months wages and a free £10 bet
  13. Barton Banned for 18 months

    Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy