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  1. I saw some folk moaning on Twitter yesterday that the Huddle was deliberately not being shown on Sky Sports, while the Blue Order are never off the screen. Sometimes, you've just got to laugh.
  2. Haha, it was one goal as well. Porto won easily it would appear. Then Barca hitting the bar and Pedro missing let my other coupon down. Nothing for tomorrow, not a thing that appeals to me. In fact, nothing till Friday.
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HVNrioMOwmU Porto have a habit of finding some incredible talents. Got Martinez and James Rodriguez coming through now.
  4. Couldn't come much closer to a bet coming in than that Barcelona game. If Porto win the night, then 1 goal in the Dortmund game will have let my other coupon down as well. Unfortunate.
  5. Finally. Waiting on Barcelona tonight now. Two in the Dortmund game for my other coupon is needed.
  6. Looking good on my main coupon anyway- 3 goals in the Anderlecht game, Juve won, 2 already in the Man Utd game, then Barcelona to win tonight. Second coupon still has a bit of work to do. Spurs 2-0
  7. Juve. 6 minutes to go. Needing them and Fiorentina to hold on to 1 goal leads.
  8. Lloris starts for Spurs today, Friedel's run of consecutive PL games ends. Poor Brad.
  9. Haha, got a couple of goals coming in- Fiorentina, Juve and a third in the Anderlecht game before half time. Good start. Had a good run recently, so fully expect this to fall apart at some point!
  10. As well as my other coupon, got one more: Fiorentina Porto Tottenham Over 2.5 in Barca and Dortmund games Fiorentina 1 up just now. Just need 1 more goal in the Anderlecht game on my other.
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