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  1. evenstevens

    Officialdom Conspiracy?

    Why not? Can it lead to worse decisions than we are getting currently?
  2. evenstevens

    Officialdom Conspiracy?

    Anyone got Broadfoots tackle so I can compare both with a few beers in me?!
  3. evenstevens

    Officialdom Conspiracy?

    I agree with a lot you say. In glory days gone by it didn't matter so much that Morelos was sent off, we won the game anyway. The stonewall penalty at Easter Road didn't matter, we were already 2 up. Killie player not being red carded was annoying, but we would've won anyway. The chalked off goal at Dundee only meant one less goal on our tally, as opposed to 2 points. Problem is, we are scrapping cos we aren't as good as that anymore. And those decisions, as brutally inconsistent and unfair and against us as they are, now really, really matter.
  4. evenstevens

    Officialdom Conspiracy?

    If you are Bobby Madden, you cannot watch that Brown tackle especially after recent furore over such tackles and retrospective action, and only issue a yellow. But having done so, to not issue another for the handball.... And then to issue a straight, game defining red to Killie for nothing worse...... I'm not sure how referees survive that. Let me rephrase that, referees who act like that to the detriment of celtic, don't survive that. We are being refereed, at the time and retrospectively, to a different set of standards. When Brown is inevitably cited this week, I am going to puke when the select media point to apparent parity, all whilst conveniently ignoring that after his Hibs tackle he should never have played, never mind played, committed enough offences to have been off twice, before scoring a league deciding winner. And all while Steve Clarke, and Scottish football, find it a convenient moment to hold their collective fucking tongue.
  5. evenstevens

    Officialdom Conspiracy?

    Ah well, Steve Clarke reaction here. What the actual fuck.
  6. evenstevens

    Officialdom Conspiracy?

    I await the press and media inquisition on whether Brown should've even been on the park. Trouble is, I don t want to watch anything as it ruins my day, but if anyone does catch stuff, let us all know. Of interest will be: Michael Stewart CO Media discussion Papers Steve Clarke
  7. evenstevens

    Officialdom Conspiracy?

    I'm usually quite moderate about these things But if a Rangers player commits those fouls today, they are red cards. Brown should have been off, down to 10 men, and he can't score that winner. Mark my words, as a token gesture and apparent fair application of the rules, Brown will be cited. So fucking what. Damage done. We are getting fucking ridden like a cheap whore. An no, we aren't good enough. Simple as that. But let's not pretend we aren't being hindered either
  8. evenstevens

    Steven Gerrard

    We've said it over and over. If a team opens up against us, we look good and can easily hurt them. We are AWFUL against the low block.
  9. evenstevens

    BBC making their agenda clear...

    They called the Power assault a "collision" in the main article 😂😂
  10. evenstevens

    McGregor banned 2 games

    So yellow can be reviewed, but if ref takes no action on something he saw, they can't touch it? Presumably why McGregor got away with one at Parkhead and Morelos couldn't be cited after Ibrox OF game? Not arguing the merits of the incidents, just the refs inactions being the reason why they COULDN'T be touched retrospectively? But didn't Madden see the McGregor incident clear as day?
  11. evenstevens

    McGregor banned 2 games

    I'm sure they CAN. But would they? Players make themselves unavailable or retire or say not interested, all the time.
  12. evenstevens

    Compliance procedure unfit for purpose

    Wow. Some Claire Whyte currently decides if she'll take something forward. At least encouraging she took Power and McGinn forward. How a panel decided no red card is astonishing. As reassuring as her taking forward those cases is, it is even more concenring that she decided to take forward McGregor and Hibs boy forward, yet leave Brown and Simunovic and Burke alone. You don't have to look far to think of a reason.
  13. evenstevens

    Officialdom Conspiracy?

    Compliance Officer legislation surely can't be for incidents not seen by any official, as proved by Hibs player getting yellow reviewed, cited and punished? Like you, I thought that the case, but seems rules are "flexible" 🤔
  14. evenstevens

    Officialdom Conspiracy?

    Fair summary bud. How u feeling about it now with McGregor cited and Ferguson not?
  15. evenstevens

    Compliance Officer Role

    Re fast track......We wouldn’t know.........no celtic player been cited yet