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  1. Friday 17 May 2019 Fast Track Notice of Complaint | Jonathon Flanagan, Player, Rangers FC Player: Jonathon Flanagan, Player, Rangers FC Match: Rangers FC v celtic FC Sunday 12 May 2019 Competition: Scottish Premiership Disciplinary Rule allegedly breached:Disciplinary Rule 200 : Where any one of the sending off offences of (A1) serious foul play, (A2) violent conduct, and (A3) spitting at an opponent or any other person is committed by a player at a match, but that sending off offence was not seen by any of the match officials at the time that it was committed, the mandatory suspension for that sending off offence as provided for in Annex C of the Judicial Panel Protocol shall be applied to the player. Any Fast Track Notice of Complaint alleging a breach of this Rule shall be Determined by a Fast Track Tribunal subject to the provisions of Section 13. Fast Track Tribunal Hearing: Friday 17 May 2019 Outcome: Dismissed. See the bit in bold. Wonder if that was reason it was dismissed on appeal. They wrote the charge. Ref clearly saw it. Case dismissed?? Would be good to see the written reasons but their website only provides the summary above.
  2. Tis a very good point. If a referral can be made, and the refs are handpicked, then it can be argued that you'll know there will be panels that are unanimous, and ones that won't be. So on paper, like this weekend, the CO refers both incidents, and appears (on this occasion eejay 🙄) to be balanced, but it goes to a slanted panel, who give an outcome that appears astonishing, given both incidents in the same game. The whole thing needs ripped up and done again. With, as you say, transparency and parity at its core.
  3. She referred Simunovic for violent conduct.
  4. Said twice, on this occasion.
  5. Well the precedent has been set with yellows being upgraded, so as much as I disagree with the principle of reref decisons (and the celtic persuasion implementation of it), the precedent is there. The far bigger scandal would've been the CO NOT referring Simunovic. As I understand the rules, she obviously believed he had a case to answer so referred him for possible violent conduct. The 3 ex ref panel couldn't agree. That is astonishing considered against the outcome of Flanagan in the same match. Where the problem lies is with the system. On this occasion (and I stress this occasion) my issue is not with the Compliance Officer. In reality, Flanagan "could" have seen red during the game. He didn't. Rightly so. In the same reality, Simunovic "could" have received red during the game. He didn't. Re these 2 incidents, the problem now is not with the CO, it's with a system that has decided one is worse than the other, AFTER the CO decided both could be violent conduct.
  6. If the CO has referred both incidents to the 3 man panel then (on this occasion) I have no issue with her. However, how one can result in 2 match ban, and the other nothing, is astonishing.
  7. I know it's been said but when SG is speechless about him on live TV and how we got him, says everything. We will see if Hastie or Jones can have similar impact but for now Kamara reminds me of a combo of Ferguson and Reyna. And that's lofty praise from me.
  8. What an absolutely amazing video, pitch level the speed of play and capturing all that is top notch. Really enjoyed it.
  9. Tav better than both but.
  10. I thought you could, remembering back to when Steve Clarke (get well soon) tried to get CO to have a look at Defoe for “diving”
  11. Having been out on the drink most of the weekend, I just saw that dive from Brown, where he reached out an entire leg length to try and make contact and go down. Has this been picked up anywhere over the weekend, any chat around him being cited? Edit: Just read back a couple pages and see that it was all over social media but the MSM and Sportscene have avoided it. More than most incidents, that really, really fcuks me off as if that's any other player, not just a Rangers player, that's headline stuff.
  12. If they sell 14k tickets I'll doff my cap and say fair enough. It's their ground. But I'll then laugh when they attract 4k next year after we continue to accept just half in future. As someone said, and I love the phrase, Scottish Football will eventually hate itself to death.
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