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  1. evenstevens

    As a support (re: middleton)

    Agreed....and just minutes after the pin point cross on to Kyle's head
  2. evenstevens

    ***Official Rangers v Aberdeen Thread***

    I think on your final point, you have to say well done Killie. Just going about their business picking up points. Other than that, gutted we didn't take advantage tonight. 2 games against that shite, they've had 2 chances and scored both and just sat in, won free kicks and killed the games. Just brutal.
  3. evenstevens


    Fixed that for you bud ☺
  4. evenstevens

    The Curse of Daniel Candeias

    This is 100% spot on. When he realised, he was fucked. He could have said oops, was Tav I meant to book but I do genuinely think he thought it was an easy yellow to give and move on. Then he realised. Doesn't condone tho. And doesn't explain him turning blind eye to the body check on JF.
  5. evenstevens

    Formal Complaint from Rangers re Collum

    Spot on. There was no need to speak to Alfredo anyway as their player elbowed him down. Alfredo did nothing to complain or warrant being called over. But call him over he did. He told them off and was done. Alfredo walks away and he books him. Just a shocker.
  6. evenstevens

    Gerrard post Spartak reaction

    Our shape without the ball, ad good as it was first half, was terrible 2nd half. You know the players aren't keeping their shape and discipline when the opposition are able to break the lines easily, get turned and have a run at our back line. That happened A LOT 2nd half. Add into that some horrific basic errors and it was a recipe for disaster. The reason we didn't do damage going forward 2nd half was because we weren't disciplined enough in our defending to win the ball back and counter.
  7. Sometimes you just need to empty it. Trying to play out has cost us
  8. evenstevens

    Candeias Red Card

    I don't think there is any genuine feeling it will be overturned, instead I think this is an effort to keep the ridiculous nature of the decision in the spotlight well beyond the transparent efforts from some outlets to suggest that DC was a big bad violent kidder who deserved to be sent off for "violent shooshing" When we don't win, we get to release a statement highlighting Collum to the world. And if we do win, we've done the same. Well done to the Club, who I initially felt should have released a statement when I didn't think an appeal was possible.
  9. evenstevens

    Gerrard and Channel 4

    Dear god I've never seen that before, love it!!! Lennon really is the prick's prick isn't he, just everybody outside of the celtic "family" hate him ?
  10. evenstevens

    Candeias Red Card

    If you watch Morelos' goal celebration you will see Collum right beside him making sure he didn't go to the crowd. Any suggestion that he saw anything relating to Candeias is either a downright lie or a deliberate attempt at deflection. After the game I fully expected there to be a public slaying of the decision and the initial aftermath saw that, including on Sportscene. However, the trotting out of the offended St Mirren goalie to cry about us scoring against them and how it hurt their feelings for DC to rub it in has created a narrative that the red card was somehow justified and that Collum is some kind of refereeing genius to have spotted the brutally vindictive "ssshhhh". The same refereeing genius who, whilst ACTUALLY watching, missed Ferdinand's actions against a totally passive DC. Along with some of the Ryan Jack incidents from last year and Andy Halliday being sent off for gesturing with a clenched fist to our supporters after we scored, this was one of the most ridiculous, twisted and blatantly bias decisions I've seen in quite some time. And refs in Scotland have to go some to make me doubt them. But this was so, so blatant. I think the Club has missed a trick here. There was such an opportunity to condemn fans, inc ours, who throw missiles, whilst praising Morelos for not making more of it than there was. And a massive opportunity to expose the ridiculous nature of what happened with DC.
  11. evenstevens

    Gerrard Presser?

  12. evenstevens

    Gerrard Presser?

    Yer such a fud ??
  13. evenstevens

    Gerrard Presser?

    Good man Neo
  14. evenstevens

    Gerrard Presser?

    He didn't do one pre game and has sent Ejaria and Grezda out post game. What's the crack, anyone know?
  15. We aren't very good. I thought there was no plan b with Warburton but this takes the biscuit.