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  1. evenstevens

    8 points behind but it's really only 2

    You are being twisted. Thread about Hearts. Our next 3 fixtures include Hearts, Hamilton and away to Hibs. That's soon, and hugely important.
  2. evenstevens

    8 points behind but it's really only 2

    Hearts, Hamilton then Hibs. Soon enough.
  3. evenstevens

    8 points behind but it's really only 2

    Hearts might be 8, but Hibs are also 5 and we visit them soon. Underestimate either at our peril, make no mistake.
  4. evenstevens

    The day hearts went down to 7 men

    Thats a shocking ref performance. Nothing changes
  5. evenstevens

    Moscow Away

  6. evenstevens

    Moscow Away

    Not in a russia to book this tbh
  7. evenstevens

    45 Man Europa League Squad

    The reason Wallace was hitting the squad and the bench was to make potential buyers think he was back for for selection in the hope someone took a punt before window shut. Window shuts and Wallace disappears again as he isn't anywhere near SG plans IMO.
  8. evenstevens

    Officialdom Conspiracy

    Just watched Sky Sports News and Dermot Gallagher felt that the first foul was Jack jumping into Rogic and not getting the ball, before a slight touch which unbalanced Jack. Said outright that Gerrard was wrong. Danny Mills agreed.
  9. evenstevens

    Lafferty shoehorned in the starting 11

    I think its fairly obvious from our recruitment that Gerrard wants the option to play 352 or 433. If the latter, has to be Lafferty or Morelos. Not both.
  10. evenstevens

    Game was lost in midfield

  11. evenstevens

    Calm the fuck doon.

    I'll judge after the 9 games. And possibly again after 18, home and away against everyone. Until then, I'll stay sane and recognise the Progres. Pun intended.
  12. evenstevens

    Game was lost in midfield

    I've never understood this. That's now 4 managers. Stick a player on Brown. Stop that stupid little fucking triangle pish they play thru him. Just don't let it happen. Infuriating.
  13. evenstevens

    Next Four Games

    Not to say it I predicted it, but said a while ago I'd judge after 9 games given that 3 out of 4 games were horrific ties for a team just gelling. I'll post again after the Hamilton away game, hopefully after 15 pts
  14. evenstevens

    Gaffers reaction

    Way before that he could have clipped his heels and taken a yellow. You know, after we should have had a free kick in a dangerous area at edge of their box.
  15. evenstevens

    Fenian ref

    I'm really fucking reasonable. But how Collum has let that go, with 4th official telling him, smacks of bias. And that wasn't the only one.