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  1. From the starting 11 "fringe" players he can only be talking about Halliday and Jones. It would be harsh on Defoe and Edmundson because one was getting not much service and the other had little to do. So i don't think that's where it was aimed. From those that came on, dear god weren't Barker and Ojo brutal. Edit: I still think Jones can do a job though. But not as the inside forward SG prefers. Not sure Jones has the intelligence for that
  2. The witch-hunt is maddening. In a wider sense, that things like Kent and Morelos' celebration/gestures get viewed as punishable by authorities is just the most pathetic example of a society and game that is desperate to find victims in everything. Its brutal to watch. That it is so selectively applied is what makes me rage though. We already have selectarianism. Now we've got disrepute depending on who it is 😠
  3. Just to add to that, during the Sky Sports News Transfer Chat thing yesterday, they had Defoe on and Darren Bent said that if Rangers do lose Morelos, Defoe could still fill that void. I was annoyed by that as it cheapened what Morelos does, but there was no maliciousness to it, as Bent was just trying to make the point about how good Defoe still is.
  4. It's maddening watching the witch-hunt and every day I'm waiting on Rangers doing something about it. But it won't affect his value. If an EPL side want to buy Morelos and are willing to match whatever our asking price would be, you can be sure that there would a lot of due diligence done on him. Whilst that might include media reports and assessment of his red and yellow cards, that would be dwarfed by an overall assessment of his goals, work-rate, performances, off-field activities, charity work and what he like to work with as a player, team-mate, human being. If a potential EPL club looking to raid the SPL base their decisions and valuations on what Chris Sutton, Michael Stewart, Bill Leckie and Roughie have to say then they need new scouts and new recruitment processes. But I still want Rangers to wage a PR war on this.
  5. Jordan Jones is a ready made temporary replacement.
  6. No, you can't escape a booking at the time, get cited and get given a retrospective yellow from the citation. It would be a ban or nothing. They don't have the option when someone is cited (not booked at time) to dish out a retrospective yellow. The difference is that I think Flanagan was booked at the time, they tried to upgrade to a retrospective red, but it was dismissed and the onfield yellow stood. It wasn't a yellow card retrospectively applied. I think. Of course, the ref should have given Brown a yellow at the time in the recent game (and I believe he did and should then have walked 6 mins later but that's a different argument about Clancy's cheating).
  7. Flanagan was cited last year for same elbow. Got away with it on appeal. Which was spot on in my book. So with that precedent set I'd expect brown to get off with it too. Can't reasonably argue Flanagan was hard done to and expect a ban for brown for same thing. There were 10 other massive bias cheating things going on without adding a very iffy 11th. I'd rather go after why Clancy apparently booked Brown (he totally did) and then didn't send him off. And the other 9 clusterfucks on top of that.
  8. Said when he signed he'd go on to be one of our most important signings in a long long time. Felt foolish last year.......not now 😁
  9. I was about to come in and post that picking the bones out of Clancy, making it seen and heard (because others are ensuring other agendas are pushed) and celebrating the win are not mutually exclusive. I totally agree with you. If Rangers as a football club can celebrate and yet still put out a clear and strong statement, then it proves the 2 aren't mutually exclusive. The only one who believes they should be is a fucking twatstickfuckturd who trolls people on this forum.
  10. We have enough ammo without saying he played 7 extra mins. Game finished on 95.49 or 95.50. Still farcical, but for credibility, we can't claim it was 7
  11. We just need to keep winning. I've always thought Lennon would eventually destroy that team, so have hated watching their level of consistency as in most seasons we'd be clear with our form. I'm hoping the meltdown starts now and they don't go and win another 11 games on the spin like they did after Livingston. Hopefully they draw at Killie and we go top on goal difference with a game in hand. Its on us now.......keep winning, be relentless.....
  12. It was shocking. Blatant cheating. Only thing I'd say is that the game finished at 95.49 or 95.50, which is bad enough, but not 7 mins
  13. Correct. I didn't think Flanagan deserved retrospective action so it'd be massively hypocritical and undermine everything else I've said if I said I thought Brown should be cited. Doesn't take away from all the other clusterfucks and cheating from Clancy mind. Edit: Brown should've been carded tho. And I still believe he actually WAS.....
  14. I've no doubt that the vast, vast majority of the media, pundits and fans weighing in to this debate and trying to deflect to Morelos absolutely hate and deplore racism in every form. It's simply that this incident is causing them a problem, because quite simply they hate Rangers more than they hate racism.
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