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  1. Above me, below me, on a different floor it doesnt matter their scummy cunts
  2. Thank fuck it's half time. This is embarrassing. We'll never get out the first division. I've saw some bad Rangers team since the early 70s when I started following the club at a time when the filth dominated but this lot take the biscuit. Hartson you cunt. I'm off out can't take anymore
  3. BBC commentator is loving this. The hatred the BBC have for us is beyond belief ... Cunts
  4. I'm going out before I do something I regret. Fucking disgraceful Rangers
  5. Think I need to go out for a walk can't handle this, scummy neighbours up above me are having a fucking party already - cunts
  6. Think I need to go out for a walk can't handle this, scummy neighbours up above me are having a fucking party already - cunts
  7. Fucking hate that big bitter bastard Hartson. A cunt of the highest order. Talking about one of the Jimmy Saville eleven scoring a hat trick. Get tore into these bastards Rangers
  8. My tickets are bought, should be a cracking cup tie. As somebody has already said I think Coisty will rip into the players, a Gers win by 2 goals
  9. Fantastic stuff from Murray and Robson, it's getting better all the time
  10. It must be like a Roman orgy at the olympic village, Prince Harry must be gutted he's not part of the GB team
  11. 2-1 Italy, however with mario balotelli in the team it could go the other way, hero or villain no inbetween. Fuck Mark Lawrenson co commentating
  12. When is the away top out? another legendary 100 plus pages
  13. All cracking pictures BT don't like picking a favourite but if I had to it would be BT41 good on you for being a good sport
  14. Did my old pal 'Edmiston Drive' take the photo's BT? he was desperate to get the gig, as was many on this forum
  15. Jimmy Thomson lived along the street from us in kinning park ED as you will know, started off at Chelsea and moved to Burnley, my old man was friends with him, was in his house a couple of times got the tour of the medals and team photo's when he was with Chelsea and a couple with Burnley
  16. Didn't see the one you took of Alex Harvey, he obviously gave you go ahead because he lived along the road from us, although I think he would have still given you the gig going by your past work, you must be the front runner taking Bogtrotters photo's
  17. Hope you haven't lost the one's of Jack Bruce and Eric Clapton, I remember you showing me them before you put them on show to the public a good few years ago, knowing what your like you probably sold them glad you kept the one of Macca even though the miserable git never paid you
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