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  1. No one knows if it was football related or not. So quite a few pages of absolute nonsense on here.
  2. 4 different threads on here about them being paedos. This is the bears den. I Come in this section to read about Rangers. Merge the threads and pin it in general where the tarriers and their heinous crimes can be discussed.
  3. I’m sure they will when he officially leaves the club.
  4. Could be a big player for us. A winger that can score goals.
  5. It’s clear though the DoF makes transfer decisions. We signed McGregor and Arfield before Gerrard was here. But obviously Kent would’ve been Gerard’s idea. Dunno who’ll claim Sadiq though. It really doesn’t matter who makes the final decision as long as Gerrard and Allen have a good working relationship.
  6. We are favourites next year. Ive said it plenty of times and I’ll say it again but continuity is huge for us. Since we’ve been back up we’ve not had a manager with a continuous run over the summer months. They’re the team now with managerial issues while we’ve a settled squad and manager who only need 3-4 new players in the window. The league flag is genuinely coming home in 2020
  7. The pope hates the tarriers fact. Huge Caniggia and Amato fan
  8. Got a Bari fan in the mix here
  9. Everybody hates West of Scotland catholics
  10. We’d be in a bit of trouble ourselves over the last 15+ years if we hate all catholics. However fuck off to all the fenian tarrier scum. Our fans know the difference thank fuck.
  11. We got 2 players nominated so that’s a load of shite
  12. What am I missing here?? You won fuck all
  13. Fair play to him could’ve gone in a huff after being removed as No.1 this season. Great back up to have and hopefully here for our title winning season next year.
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