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  1. It would be daft not to let sports direct sell them. We’re talking about replica football strips here not Castore own brand clothes. Realistically there are now only 2 major sports shops in Britain JD and Sports Direct. Why would you not want people across the country to walk in to the shop and see our shirt and brand. Castore isn’t a big name it’s not like people will be going out of there way to look for it. The more exposure we get the bettter.
  2. Exactly will always go down as more of a cult hero than anything else.
  3. You don’t get Mygers points for buying the strip
  4. Yep spot on. Worldwide betting companies are ten a penny on strips these days. The elite clubs don’t have these sponsorship deals they have global brands like airlines and cars. The betting companies are so cheap looking. We as a club really need to work on a better deal for partners. It’s wbere the money is in 2020
  5. He was hardly brilliant for us. Yeah he had a magnificent record against the tarriers but the majority of his time here he wasn’t great. Did a good for us but brilliant is a strong word. Never knew there was an issue when our previous youth team coaches came and went.
  6. No it’s been inspired by the 2019/20 kit!
  7. Would be done if he signed for us instead of Inter. Cant believe we genuinely submitted a bid for this guy.
  8. People being made to pay £50 to go on a waiting list to potentially be able to get a season ticket which might not actually allow you to see the majority of games for the upcoming season. Absolutely disgraceful Rangers.
  9. Starting a thread cos of some shitey Facebook page? Are you not better than that? Totally irrelevant and a waste of time for everyone concerned
  10. Exactly the helicopter Sunday strip was one of the worst for material and looks yet will always be special. Agree on the Puma one too was a great strip but reminds me of Senderos and Barton
  11. It literally says medium on the front of the shirt
  12. Exactly and that is why he is away. I get your point though if we were winning he would be a decent squad player. Good story
  13. You can honestly tell that from that blurry picture??
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