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  1. Much prefer seeing that to the ‘tifo’ stuff
  2. Forget what happened in the final but for me being in that stadium and that time was probably one of the greatest moments being a Rangers fan. The joy the relief at putting them out being a lower league team I’ll never forget. Went myself and was beside a wee old guy and the tension during the penalties was unbearable. Will never forget the embrace with him at that moment Rogic missed. Was an unbelievable day.
  3. Surely a £100 deposit or 25% equivalent to secure your seat would be sufficient until we find out exactly what’s going on.
  4. Just the 10 trophies in a row the tarriers won under his stewardship
  5. Is it what we want? I absolutely don’t believe they should just be made Champions but I also not clamouring for the campaign just to be null and void so they can’t win it. If season can’t realistically be completed for August then it should be void.
  6. How much do the club roughly make each match day? Obviously the majority is season tickets so can’t imagine the public sales and hospitality brings in that much?
  7. Highlights of the game from Elland are on Bt Sport 3 at 6 tonight if anyone is missing their Rangers fix. Worth the watch for Super Ally’s diving header alone.
  8. He was got him 50/1 top scorer. Was a dead heat though with 3 others I think. Got James Rodriguez at 100/1 in 2014 happy days
  9. Our Umbro kits were outstanding. The one we wore in the 3rd division was the best we’ve had in a long time and I’d like to see us wear it again. If we get good money from them I’d be delighted with Umbro
  10. I cancelled premier and they are giving you 2 free months if you do which is ok to be fair. Not risking sky as @Don54 said I’ve got a good deal just now with them. BT are scumbags though doesn’t seem anyway out.
  11. He didn’t actually. Turns out it was made up.
  12. Can’t wait for all the players pictures from Dubai now and how much more weight Morelos will have put on going back to Colombia
  13. Is it really? Whats everyone doing then on Saturday/Sunday now? Probably going in to town, Silverburn and Braehead. How many people go through the doors there? More than 50k I imagine.
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