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  1. Are Jones, Stewart and Hastie better than him though?
  2. You’re right. I just mean if we’re paying that kind of fee he’s going to get his chance sooner or later and hopefully takes it.
  3. Think this is our strongest XI with our current squad except Helander in for Katic only for transfer fee alone. Would play that team most weeks. Just shows the strength and depth we have this season
  4. I’m not talking about outsiders. I get how big Gerrard is. I expect focus to be on him. Its the Rangers fans who seem to think he’s the reincarnation of Walter Smith that bothers me. As I’ve said there’s been huge improvement and it is looking good but the proof will be there come May.
  5. I’d ban the goal music full stop
  6. Exactly. We have looked a much better team which isn’t saying much after the last few years. But the proof will be in the silverware. Think we’ve got a real chance at the league this season. I’ll wait til he’s lifting something above his head before I get over excited. For some reason Steven Gerrard seems bigger than Rangers to a lot of people these days.
  7. Eh no we won the league in 2011. Surely you remember that no??
  8. What EPL team was he linked with?
  9. Stupid thread seeing as we’ve won fuck all in Scottish football for 8 years. Lets concentrate on winning something ourselves first between discussing the standard of opposition. Gerrard knew the exact reason he came here and if/when we win the league he’ll be a legend. Genuineky think from the fans reaction will surpass anything he’s achieved for Liverpool. Also every fan knows a manager isn’t here for life. He’s entitled to move on whenever he wants or the board tells him to
  10. It’s more the traffic loyal these days than subway
  11. ElBufalo20

    Joe Aribo

    That’s why it has to be Davis over Jack. I like Jack but Davis can really influence and take control of the game. Midfield three should be Davis Aribo Kamara. I can’t believe how much I’m looking forward to this season. We look so good and got the experience now.
  12. Kent is playing in all these games cos Salah Firmino and Mane are all at tournaments. Realistically he’s not good enough yet for their first team squad so wouldn’t rule it out him coming back.
  13. No comments in this thread. Videos only. Someone feel free to add the Oxford and St Josephs goals if you want.
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