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  1. How the fuck would would anyone even notice that??
  2. Hate the pope and the provos
  3. It was the Feyenoord player who was about to take the thrown in who stopped play for the players to join in. He deserves huge respect for doing that.
  4. They would’ve sang it tonight regardless of any other circumstances. Its not a concert if they want to sing it fine we don’t need to watch them perform we just sing our own songs to drown them out.
  5. Lets hope we score a goal when they start singing it to shut them up. That’d be a perfect tribute for the great man.
  6. I agree. It’s going to be emotional and he should be remembered in a special way. The Aberdeen game though as someone said would be a more fitting oranje day and a way to celebrate his career with us.
  7. We knew this day was coming due to his horrible illness but hearing the news today is heartbreaking. Genuine tear in my eye when I found out. You’ve been an inspiration and a Captain winning Rangers league winner. What more could you want. A hero and an inspiration. Thanks for the memories and God Bless you Fernando.
  8. ElBufalo20


    Shite. Would’ve done the wee tarrier dyke if I knew how but did plenty good for us and would’ve been an asset for us this year. Pressing and tracking is part of the modern day footballer so that’s a skill with in itself. You’re at it if you think Arfield/Ojo/Barker/Stewart have done better than him in the wide right position so far this season
  9. ElBufalo20


    I know you’re not a fan but he certainly wasn’t a dreadful player. He had his limitations but added plenty to the team and I believe we are missing him this season. Also think Ojo will come good. He’s had flashes and think will become a key player the longer the season goes.
  10. A football team forum where everyone on it has different views on the team they support, politics, values and life issues. It’s like there’s reason to have a discussion!! Well I never. What an embarrassment of a thread. If you’re that passionate @falkirkNS about your thread name and shame the guilty parties
  11. Did we not release one like that recently?
  12. Or a generic phrase that’s used by every player and manager in the land.
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