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  1. He’s a legend in Leeds clearly a tarrier scumbag.
  2. What the manager and every player in the squad is a fenian??
  3. Recoup our money and bring in someone else who’ll get criticised after a whole 15 games for us. Some of our fans are clueless. Players need to be given a chance to develop into a new league a new lifestyle and new culture.
  4. You’ve not made a point to discuss?? Yes exaggeration is used in life to make a point.
  5. What’s your point then? He’s the player everyone ‘doesn’t see it with’ And using Maldini because people genuinely expect him to be world class and not put a foot wrong.
  6. I went to uni with Chris Jack. I dropped out after 4 months! He clearly didn’t. It could’ve been me!!
  7. You honestly think every single signing at any new club makes an immediate impact?
  8. Usual shite from ever in here cos he’s not performed like Maldini in his first 6 months. We are our own worst enemy at times
  9. It’s really not! No matter how bad Scotland are they won’t lose
  10. Barisic starts for Croatia. Lafferty and Davis start for Northern Ireland.
  11. Halliday would’ve been a better option at left back today.
  12. This thread seems to sum up where we are at the moment. People wanting wholesale changes yet again. We’ve no chance of winning a league if there is a player turnover of 20+ every summer. Obviously need to add a bit of quality but need to build a team rather than disrupting it every year.
  13. Are we becoming the new ......??? Manchester United of Manchester FC Torino of Turin Fenerbahce of Istanbul Espanyol of Barcelona 1860 of Munich Find out more in a new series of irrelevant club comparison threads....
  14. Only problem with the Europa run is it gives people an opportunity to say that Gerrard is in ok manager when we went through the infamous unbeaten 11. All it actually proved was of things yet to come as we can’t beat teams but the majority of fans are happy being unbeaten yet the draws we keep getting have hindered our season.
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