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  1. We both know the op wouldn’t have been posted if we got 3 points on Sunday. Im not a huge fan of Gerrard and he’s cost us plenty with his decision making but all I’m saying is I don’t think he was to blame for the Hibs game.
  2. A complete over reaction to a draw at Easter Rd. was disappointing but can’t blame Gerrard for Sunday we had more than enough chances to win. Also 10 in a row is irrelevant. I couldn’t care if Aberdeen had won 5 during the last 9 years it’s about us winning the league cos we’ve not won it since 2011 not stopping them winning 10.
  3. To be fair Motherwell have a trip to Israel on Thursday so it’s not as bad as it could’ve been.
  4. I’m happy to criticise Gerrard when he gets it wrong and have done plenty but can’t blame him for today. Anyway I’d take Jack Ross when Gerrard ultimately moves on
  5. We had enough chances to win. Usual defensive mistake to concede a goal. Not surprised at the result given the pressure was on. The usual suspects pop up to cost us.
  6. Yep the club are losing out on millions this season. 4 guaranteed 40k plus attendances. Surely all clubs must be due some compensation or extra prize money from UEFA this year.
  7. Great another youth player we’ve signed who’ll be released in 2 years time. A complete waste of time for everyone involved unfortunately
  8. Can’t believe there’s a thread in here that a Rangers social media personality lost her job. Yeah it’s a shame for her personally but who genuinely actually gives a fuck?
  9. Huge pressure. The tarriers will be top of the league by the time this game comes round, The players will need to show the character they already have done this season.
  10. The league starts with that game now. Hibs are playing well and the tarriers will be top of the league when that game comes around.
  11. Obviously we only had Clive doing RTV til the English season started again.
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