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  1. Would much rather have Dundee Utd than Livingston or Hamilton in the Premiership
  2. Bizarre post. We always strive to be the best. Champions League is what it’s all about.
  3. Proved what a top player he really is tonight. Thought he had a poor game until his moment of magic with a great finish. Then his run and assist for Davis. Yet again he won the game for us.
  4. That’s the thing ǝpɐbıɹq uǝǝɹb ǝɥʇ are basically a singing section nothing more yet they think they’re some political ultra group. Lazio ultras are genuine madmen criminals who’ve been doing this stuff for years. They’re getting everything they deserve. Viva Lazio
  5. After all the negative comments in the Scottish press at the last Colombia game its funny Morelos has just been called up again. Its almost like they were making it up.
  6. The only positive thing you could say about the governing bodies is they’ve always kept cup final/semi tickets fair. However they’re at it this year with such a big increase. They can see us coming a mile off.
  7. Do people not understand what confirmed kick off time actually means??
  8. You’re right especially when it’s two different competitions in two different countries on two different tv channels.
  9. Will still be 3. Never understood the early kick off thing to be honest. The earlier the kick off time the longer the rest of the day you have in the pub.
  10. A cup final will not start at 12. Game is a 3pm kick off.
  11. To be fair it’s not exactly advertised that it’s on YouTube officially. Didnt even realise until recently the SPFL have highlights on their own channel. Its commentary free so everyone can watch that instead of Sportscene.
  12. Should be Amsterdam or Sunderland Stockholm or Rome. Anyway the message is the same they get battered everywhere they go. Ambulance chasing bastards.
  13. It’s called the SPFL premiership btw. Weve not played in the spl for a few years now.
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