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  1. You’ve literally no idea if any ref has ever refereed a team twice in a row at home
  2. It’s not just the bigger teams all of them play weakened teams and to be fair you can’t blame them with the amount of games they play. In saying that there is always a ‘big’ team in the final and they usually turn out winners.
  3. Bit random. As long as we win it who gives a fuck who wins the EPL
  4. 5 in a row my favourite video of all time. Watch it on YouTube once in a while now. Love the closing sequence of the Billy Boys/Follow Follow.
  5. ElBufalo20


    They’ve hit a right good run of form since replacing their manager. Much trickier tie now than when initially drawn.
  6. Jack gets forward Davis dictates the game and Kamara will break it up. I know Tav is out but they way we play with our full backs we get forward plenty.
  7. Why not? That’s our current best midfield just now no point in changing cos it’s only St Mirren. Keep the momentum going.
  8. February is 2 weeks away, Nothing like a dramatic headline
  9. ElBufalo20


    We should’ve signed him in the summer and loaned him out. He was a no risk signing then. Wouldnt waste money on him now.
  10. He’s not played nearly enough to be rated or under rated. Couple of substitute goals which is a good sign but until he has a run of games it’s hard to judge either way.
  11. You’ve no idea about Barker or anyone else. He’s not judging it just on the game will be the whole weeks training camp
  12. Think a new deal deal has just been signed that’s why it’s the last season for BT. All games on sky from next season
  13. Inverness Firm favourites for the semi now I presume
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