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  1. Any final where I'm not bothered who wins I'm hoping for penalties. in saying that Chelsea will win 3-0
  2. Just going too far now Could you maybe ask Jock at the press conference after why he's letting a paedo back in the club
  3. I see they've cancelled an event or trophy presentation at the piggery after the Scottish cup. I must've missed the result to be honest then that they won. i hate you sheep shagging bastards as much but the arrogance of them across the city is ridiculous. Just beat them please.
  4. Exactly. Won't be happy til he brings the full drugs cartel together. the team better resemble this
  5. To be fair he probably is Raheem on the other hand...
  6. Don't forget that Mexican guy that Arsenal must still be after for £8-10 million
  7. I see Aird got released by Falkirk. He's better than McKay tbh.lets take him
  8. I'd be interested in Adnan Januzaj and Fabio. Fabio just been relegated so possibly a clause in his contract. Januzaj as well in terms of he's never going to play for Man Utd and gives him a chance to start his career again. Whenever I've seen him I don't think he's great which sounds stupid I know but in Scotland he'd walk it easy. there must be plenty of players in the EPL who struggle to get a game but would walk it up here. We should be chasing these type of players.
  9. So how much are you planning to sell for and rebuild? Where will the team train when the new facility is built? why would you want your current squad to move to a facility which isn't as good as the one you've been in? the priority for auchenhowie is to get naming rights for it with a separate sponsor for the training gear
  10. Daft suggestion. We're a big club who need a decent training facility to attract better players.
  11. The same ICT who we lost to and Killie who we failed to beat twice away. I'll take his goals thanks
  12. Would rather have Tavernier than Paterson. dont think a fit Paterson would be a big improvement and a player with his type of injury is a huge risk.
  13. This is the main reason how I can never understand how you can support 2 football teams. You and the OP can come to Glasgow sit in a bar talk Rangers go to Ibrox cheer on Rangers yet when you go home and it's Millwall v West Ham you genuinely hate each other and will shout abuse at each other. i know there's Sunderland fans on here too and can never get my head round how they can sing and shout for o'neill keane and di canio. not a personal criticism of you btw! But just something I'll never be able to get my head round.
  14. I tend to agree. Shouldn't be used for diving. However I'd possibly like to see it brought in for sinnacle fouls like the ones on the break where players pull shirts. Not a red card offence but worse than a yellow cos it's so deliberate. happened up at Ross County this season where there must've been 4 of their players booked for this type of foul and it just gets so frustrating
  15. They're quite funny those memes but also worrying when you recognise most of the scenes!