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  1. Family Stand juniors will not be able to upgrade

    Absolute joke. I think there should be a general sale to people who pay game by game via points. However why should my son who goes with me every week miss out and I'll have a stranger beside me. Unless will everyone be moved as usual to club deck and general sale to broomloan. This cutting the allocation gets more shambolic.
  2. Out?: Alfredo Morelos

    I think that was Morelos problem in the latter part of the season. There was no one close to him to help him out. He really missed Pena and Miller as they were a good link up player for him between midfield and attack. Hes far from the finished article and would be daft to get rid of him for a couple of million. We were top scorers in the league last season and that was partly down to him. Get the defence sorted first please.
  3. Beggars Allocation Cut

    I get your point but I don't know why you'd want to deny your fellow Rangers fans to purchase season tickets at our own stadium. Compromise should've been games against them give them couple of extra blocks that Man Utd and Stuttgart got in recent years
  4. Beggars Allocation Cut

    Anyone know if that means children in the broomloan will get to keep their seat for the old firm?
  5. Ibrox Parking Restrictions

    It's fairly obvious a lot of our fans are these days.
  6. Ibrox Parking Restrictions

    Yeah but don't let that get in the way of the new age paranoia a lot of our fans have these days.
  7. Rangers tactics - on FM handheld

    I signed Harry Wilson for us on FM last year after 3 seasons. Check me out! A midfield three of Jack McCrorie and Docherty in real life?? No you're alright thanks
  8. MOH in with the beggars yesterday

    Could get a new thread on here. Players we've signed and every single one of us never rated them. O'Halloran would be the only one on it.
  9. MOH in with the beggars yesterday

    The church thing genuinely didn't bother me but that's wholly unacceptable if that is him. Shouldnt be allowed anywhere near our club anymore.
  10. Arteta

    Don't think so. There's a huge difference as Ferguson was still winning titles up until he left. Wengers not won the league in 14 years so the expectations can't be that high.
  11. Signings that excited you but ended up disappointing

    I must've missed the exact same topic from earlier. Roll on the new season
  12. Welcome Back Allan Mcgregor

    Sky man myself
  13. Welcome Back Allan Mcgregor

    The worst part is grown men still calling him shagger.
  14. Marco Negri

  15. Allardyce

    Late entry for worst OP of the season?