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  1. The banter years has been a phrase that appeared all of a sudden after we got promoted.
  2. That's what I don't get. They don't end til we win the league.
  3. Why?
  4. Should be scrapped altogether. Don't need it
  5. He highlighted it himself was there for everyone to see with his behaviour don't need a statement. his reaction was foolish and personally I wouldn't be impressed if a Rangers manager behaved like that. managers are supposed to be authorative figures and set an example. it gets highlighted because of the pathetic media in this country where anything negative involving us and even them at times appears to make headline news.which actually is a sad indictment of this sorry little country. only outcome from Saturday should be Jacks red turned into a yellow and Lennon handed his 2 match suspended ban. police investigations and statements totally unnecessary. cant believe it's only Tuesday. Roll on Saturday and let's get back to the football
  6. Pathetic and embarrassing statement. Imagine running to police about a man making a gesture. anyway let's enjoy this instead
  7. Was happy for him to sign a contract but was expecting him to be more of a squad player this season. His miss at the weekend was shocking should've been 2 up. still light up front which is worrying. I would've kept Waghorn.
  8. Ain't nobody like Candeais makes me happy makes me feel this way
  9. And Boyd! A totally pointless thread.
  10. Or the fact he didn't want to sign a new contract so the manager got in another winger to replace a player who wanted to leave.
  11. They were good for a bit now they're just boring attention seekers.
  12. Confirmed for the 9th. Not on TV
  13. To be fair been Italy assisstant manager and coach for a while but cos he's got some publicity and Chelsea he'll be mentioned all the time with us now!
  14. Should maybe start putting on extra tours during the summer holidays anyway for more fans to go on it. our marketing department is terrible.
  15. Yeah. Alves is different class to those 2.