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  1. Steve Clarke Proved he is a Contender For the Rangers Job - TRO

    He's proved himself in Scotland though. That's what we're needing just now. McInnes hasn't done anything out of the ordinary at Aberdeen but Clarke has taken Kilmarnock from bottom of the league to the best team in the country. He's ideal to get us back on the right foot.
  2. Bruno Alves

    Understand that to an extent. But fed up with after every defeat there seems to be a thread on here about him and every goal is his fault. As a team at home we are woeful and there are plenty worse players. Seems to be an easy target.
  3. Bruno Alves

    Yeah was a long ball over the top for the second and if anyone was to blame then Cardoso for not being tight enough and Foderinghrn for rushing off his line unnecessarily. Not saying Alves covered himself in glory but the way he seems to have a thread after every defeat is unjustified. Not like he was a million times worse than every other player on the park.
  4. Bruno Alves

    You're a fucking balloon
  5. Bruno Alves

    As I said he's been fine and his criticism is way over the top. I was talking about his wages in concern to his 'previous ' which is why he is in a position to command a higher wage and if you don't understand that then you are clueless.
  6. Roberto Martinez

    I'd be happy with that appointment. However will get to at least the semi finals of the World Cup so can't see it
  7. Bruno Alves

    We lost the goal cos Martin or John didn't pick Boyd up
  8. Bruno Alves

    Are you actually serious?? Alves cost us 2 goals against the tarriers. Please explain? And today how was it only his fault?
  9. Bruno Alves

    Probably?? Thanks for your insight.' And if you know how money and jobs work then you'd understand why he might. Someone in any career or profession who has a good cv and years of experience can clearly demand a good salary compared to other people in the company.
  10. Bruno Alves

    So you think out centre back should be 20 yards out of position to nail an opposition midfielder?? What are our midfielders doing at this point? So you understand football? Give me genuine examples of goals Alves has cost us?
  11. Board Out

    Board are clueless. Murty should've been caretaker till the end of last season not jumping in on an unknown Portuguese. We as a club are lost and sadly have absolutely no direction. Another season and yet another 'important ' appointment.
  12. Bruno Alves

    Why would a centre back be in direct competition with a centre midfielder?
  13. Bruno Alves

    I think he's been fine. Far from brilliant and perhaps expectations but done a decent job. Just dont understand the over the top criticism he gets and always seems to get singled out after defeats for no reason. We were poor today but the only person who gets a thread on here is Alves. I find it strange. He was hardly worse than anyone else but he's the guy in the firing line.
  14. Bruno Alves

    It's really not.
  15. Bruno Alves

    Thanks for that constructive input