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  1. Please don't tell me there's a display for a first round qualifier??
  2. Is the away game on tv?
  3. It's 2020 which seems a long contract that's probably why they can't pay him off. Maybe this team were willing to pay most of his wages.
  4. Yeah a loan which is a bit strange. Would understand permanent with a huge signing on fee and big wages but fair play for trying something different.
  5. He's not going to get more money if he's out on loan surely?
  6. Record number of people shouting at Wes Foderingham on a European night cos he doesn't throw the ball out 0.00001 seconds after he's caught it.
  7. Derek Whyte didn't even play for Aberdeen in 95. I never saw the original article when it came out but is clearly made up. So the only Aberdeen players who had to walk past a pub had celtic connections??
  8. Derek Whyte didn't even play for Aberdeen in 95! Lying bastard Miller. well done Linfield
  9. Talking nonsense here. Gregg Wylde is a player who got off quite lightly with leaving after admin. used the old I'd rather the tea lady got saved rather than me routine and had signed for Bolton in the premiership 2 days later. he clearly told his agent to get him a new club as soon as we went into admin and left as fast as he could
  10. Hopefully not
  11. Be Sevcos first time time in Europe so sing the Billy Boys loud and proud. wont get fined for first time offence.
  12. There are still tickets available not many but not a sell out yet
  13. Have I missed something here? Have we just won the league? no not yet and until we do the 'banter' years as is now the phrase which is being used on social media will continue.
  14. Make sure we get a Rangers Shop back in the city centre too please.