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  1. Soooooounness

    https://mobile.twitter.com/FootballCliches/status/919913449530028032/video/1 Never seen this before. Fairly outstanding!
  2. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    They game is on the Saturday cos Hibs play the following Tuesday. I see the media aren't criticising Rodgers for it just going with his comments rather than telling him he's wrong and it's nothing to do with tv.
  3. 6 points, 7 goals - no Miller

    Exactly. The defenders are too busy concentrating on Morelos to watch for Pena's clever runs into the box
  4. 6 points, 7 goals - no Miller

    I think that's just cos he's better with a partner. Doesn't matter if it's Miller or someone else. He's done well as a lone striker but long term we need 2 up top.
  5. Alves, Cardoso & McCrorie

    Was excellent. His distribution was superb. Don't think he misplaced a pass.
  6. *** The Official St Johnstone vs Rangers Match Thread ***

    That's kinda the point of subs
  7. Wales v ROI

    Scotland would've made the play offs cos would've had enough points to be in the best runners up
  8. Rangers related picture thread

    League cup final 2003. We won 2-1 lovenkrands and Cannigia.
  9. Rangers related picture thread

    They're laughing at him cos he missed a last min penalty at Hampden
  10. Rangers related picture thread

  11. Rangers related picture thread

    You can say all you want about his managerial record but his only 2 games against them were brilliant and he loved it too
  12. Rangers related picture thread

  13. Slovak coach hints at underhand tactics.

    I think they'll struggle now though cos even if they finish Second they will have the lowest points of all runners up cos didn't get anything at Hampden
  14. If you won the lottery...

    I wouldn't invest any money. However I would offer to pay for a modern 7 day a week interactive museum. Plus upgrade the stadium. Would also buy the All Saints shop building in Buchanan St and turn it in to a huge Rangers megastore/ Cafe and Bar. I would also have a mini museum in there too.
  15. Slovak coach hints at underhand tactics.

    Just when you think this forum can't get any stranger! This wild one pops up! Wonder if Skrtel is in on it too