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  1. Don't know if this has been posted, stole it from a poster on FF. Can anybody confirm ? Just received this from my area delegate. Representatives from the Rangers Supporters Assembly took part in a telephone conference call with one of the administrators, Paul Clark of Duff and Phelps, this evening. Paul reaffirmed the key messages in their statement issued earlier today and the key points that were clarified in our discussions were: -Saturday's match will go ahead -Season tickets will remain valid for the remaining home matches -Tickets purchased for Inverness next weekend will be valid -Constructive meetings have been held with key stakeholders - HMRC, SFA, Police, Auditors - and these will continue -Unlikely there will be audited accounts or an AGM, however, all the financial affairs will be fully examined -Strong assurance that the Club will emerge from administration and liquidation is extremely remote -Paul was not yet in a position to determine how long the period of administration may last but stated that he saw the administration as temporary.
  2. Thanks for putting that up although I'm hopeless at figuring out what any of that kind of stuff means. If he did get money in advance it's back to the same question as the ticket money, what was used as collateral as everybody knows we're not exactly minted ?? Also if he did get X amount up front then it looks like anything that money could be squeezed out of is being exploited to the limit, and as you say it's funny people weren't digging around to find out how much he got. Could be that because Whyte was just in the door and we were wanting to believe everything was rosy so it's slipped under the radar? The OP who first posted the documents, wasn't exactly given a big thank you for bringing the subject op (to be fair though, no one could figure them out and I still can't).
  3. Does anyone know how much Whyte got up front for the catering money, and if he mentioned it when he was counting the ins and outs ?
  4. One of the first things he did was get a swatch of catering money up front. Don't know how many years worth.
  5. No matter what is going on, there is too much mystery about it to be a good thing. Somebody is taking the pish and it's a matter of place your bets. Mine is on Whyte no having two tanners to rub the gether and if he gets out of this with a few grand profit he'll be tickled pink. Maybe even pay for his roof.
  6. Spot on, but here's my wild guesses anyway. Dave King and others are hanging around somewhere, in cahoots with AJ. The only reason I have is that King already has 20million invested that he does not want to give up without a fight (would any of us?). Sir Minty is hanging around somewhere, in cahoots with Craig Whyte. The only reason I have is his flying visit to his "doctor", after being missing for how long ? He also managed to fit in a wee chat with Ally, just before the loss of his best striker with no replacement (was he telling him not to quit as things were being taken care of?). If I was anywhere close to being right, and had to choose, it would be King and co. for me no problem as he has already shown us the color of his money. Can any of say the same for Whyte (a pound coin doesn't count) ? And enough said about Minty. Probably more wishful thinking than a guess (nothing wrong with a bit of competition to keep each party "honest").
  7. Personally I hope someone else is waiting in the wings. Tax case or no, does anyone else think that Whyte will invest anything of his own to have us living more than a bare existence ? Or if we do make a profit on our own, I can see him skimming it out as fast as it comes in. Sorry, but have not seen anything else so far to lead me to think otherwise.
  8. Where are Whyte's defenders ? Friends ? Business associates ? Past companies he has taken over and turned around ? Is there anyone out there who will come out and give him a reference and tell us we are in good hands ? Good God I'm a complete arsehole but even I could dig up a couple a dummies to stick up for me. Is he a Motherwell alien (there's a few of them right enough) ? We all have these computers and we can find out fuck all.
  9. We all said last summer we needed to add a striker to what we fuckin had, instead we sell the only one we had. This team is winning fuck all.
  10. We have all we're getting till the end of the season mate, unless Ally walks on his own.
  11. Anybody think this is a winning anything strike force ?? A want to greet, honest to fuck.
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