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  1. Fuck Palestine and Israel. Muslims and Jews 🤢🤮
  2. I shouldn’t laugh but I did, so true! Anyway, RIP
  3. Some decent players for us going to be playing in it. Suprised Kenny will pull on a Rangers jersey though knowing how things ended here
  4. I enjoyed it, he came across as a bit of a bellend in parts though. Tbh I’d still have him here if it was up to me, he’d be a decent option off the bench if nothing else
  5. Things that annoyed me from this weeks show Stewart being a prick them not showing Tav have to take his pen twice them not showing that thug taking out Atayki
  6. Yes im not butch though and neither is my gf ?
  7. There used to be a few gays on here back in the day. Wonder if they’re still here
  8. Madina

    8 weeks

    Will eat my hat if this guy comes back and is a success for us. Another one to add to the dud list over the years
  9. Sportscene highlights were a joke, Stewart being an absolute knob jockey, plus they didn’t show Tav have to take his penalty twice, or that hatchet mans lunge on young Atayki . Can’t get the video to work , are these highlights any better?
  10. Can’t see him ever paying for us again. A fan asked him yesterday if he was in the squad for the game and he said no because of “fitness”
  11. Feel sorry for the lad. He was one of our best players last season but Gerrard doesn’t seem to rate him much at the minute. Think if he goes out on loan that will be the last we see of him ever in a Rangers shirt
  12. Madina


    I walked past Katic after the game and he looked mighty pissed off. Usually he’s decent with the fans but he couldn’t get away quick enough
  13. I'm trying to watch it on my Kindle Fire but the VIP streams I've tried keep buffering every 15 seconds or so -.-
  14. Last night was one of the lowest moments I've had at a game in all my years of going. People leaving in droves after the 3rd Hibs goal, no spark or creativity from us, and being 6 points behind Hearts so early in the season. The rot has well and truly set in
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