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  1. Madina

    Republic of Ireland

    Never expected the tattie munchers to be beaten so heavily, especially at home. Pleasing. Very pleasing. Well done Denmark
  2. Madina

    Morelos' overall play

    His overall play is decent, but as a striker his "job" is to score goals, which he hasn't done in 7/8 games now. I'd drop him if it continues and give Hardie a start
  3. Madina

    UB Display

    I was in Govan Rear and had no idea what it was supposed to be. Maybe they shouldnt have bothered with one, especially when the Govan stand had the fantastic display that it did
  4. Madina

    Jordan Rossiter

    Another player like Dean Ashton and Ledley King who'll be retired through injuries by the time he's 30
  5. Madina

    *****Official Raith Rovers v Rangers Match Thread*****

    I'm trying to watch it on my Kindle Fire but the VIP streams I've tried keep buffering every 15 seconds or so -.-
  6. Last night was one of the lowest moments I've had at a game in all my years of going. People leaving in droves after the 3rd Hibs goal, no spark or creativity from us, and being 6 points behind Hearts so early in the season. The rot has well and truly set in
  7. Madina

    Cycling Thread

    I cycled 20 miles today. Boom
  8. Madina

    ***Raith Rovers v Rangers match thread***

    First Simonsen clean sheet of the season. Whoop
  9. Madina

    ***Raith Rovers v Rangers match thread***

    My ex lives there so I agree wholeheartedly that its a shithole with even shittier people
  10. Madina

    ***Raith Rovers v Rangers match thread***

    ANY LINKS? (yes, Im desperate)
  11. Madina

    ***** The Official Rangers vs Ayr United Thread *****

    Im hoping for a good game. We have the unbeaten record to play for and Ayr are clinging to a play off place. Hopefully both teams will be up for it, but I can see a drab 2-0 win tbh
  12. Madina

    Liverpool FC

    The league is Liverpool's. They aren't going to fuck it up with 2 games to go. They left the fucking up to City and then Chelsea yesterday
  13. That goal will paper over the cracks