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  1. I'm trying to watch it on my Kindle Fire but the VIP streams I've tried keep buffering every 15 seconds or so -.-
  2. Last night was one of the lowest moments I've had at a game in all my years of going. People leaving in droves after the 3rd Hibs goal, no spark or creativity from us, and being 6 points behind Hearts so early in the season. The rot has well and truly set in
  3. My ex lives there so I agree wholeheartedly that its a shithole with even shittier people
  4. Im hoping for a good game. We have the unbeaten record to play for and Ayr are clinging to a play off place. Hopefully both teams will be up for it, but I can see a drab 2-0 win tbh
  5. The league is Liverpool's. They aren't going to fuck it up with 2 games to go. They left the fucking up to City and then Chelsea yesterday
  6. Law injured, Black injured, shite game. Grim day all round
  7. I seen the equaliser. My stream is lagging badly
  8. Hearing James "Sit Down" again is the second best thing to happen in the last hour
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