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  1. Semi final ballot

    Never got one
  2. 856.42.

    Total raised from collecting for The Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal at The Louden Tavern, Ibrox Stadium. Thankyou to all who gave.
  3. Yep I would like to buy a brick for a bluenose who's recently passed away in New Orleans ?
  4. Louden

    10 years ? Not been open that long surely ? No where near. Rob has been kind enough to let me collect for the RBL Poppy Appeal for the last few years and very successful it's been. The owners, staff and customers could not have been more helpful and I shall always be grateful on behalf of the Legion and the people we help. There are reasons a lot of "collectors" are not able to collect there (and other pubs I'll bet) we all know these reasons. All I can say is thankyou to the Louden Tavern, a big reason I manage to colllect over 5k a year for the appeal !
  5. ****Official NFL Thread.****

    I love the packers. Seen them about 50 times live, amazing place.
  6. New NFL Season

    Packers 5-0, ugly win but hey theres no style points. booked to be over there in Jan for some cold weather football !
  7. Celtic Ticket Information

    nope just tried
  8. 8 up with me for this one, can't wait
  9. NBA 2013-14 Thread

    As I'm a Packers season ticket holder (as well as Rangers and Stoke) Long story..... It has to be the Milwaukee Bucks who are truly awful and hoping for a great draft from the loaded college game next season. Went to a couple of games in Milwaukee when I was over in December, enjoyed it.
  10. ***Official NFL Thread***

    Yep, happy times
  11. ***Official NFL Thread***

    yes mate, Packers will win the North and host a playoff game if they beat the bears on Sunday. Back in the UK now after a month in GB, Jetlagged aint the word ha ha
  12. ***Official NFL Thread***

    I was at the Packers game yesterday, it was bloody cold !
  13. ***Official NFL Thread***

    Massive thanksgiving game for the Packers in the motor city. Was at Lambeau for last weeks tie with the Vikings, watching this one in Wisconsin, been to Detroit 3 times. Go Pack !!
  14. Season Ticket Wallets for sale @ Copland Streetwear

    Yes mate all good, didn't get the pin with the order but the shirt and wallet are top class pal