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  1. 10 years ? Not been open that long surely ? No where near. Rob has been kind enough to let me collect for the RBL Poppy Appeal for the last few years and very successful it's been. The owners, staff and customers could not have been more helpful and I shall always be grateful on behalf of the Legion and the people we help. There are reasons a lot of "collectors" are not able to collect there (and other pubs I'll bet) we all know these reasons. All I can say is thankyou to the Louden Tavern, a big reason I manage to colllect over 5k a year for the appeal !
  2. no worries !!
  3. Thanks for the heads up bud, not paying £90, but good of you to let me know pal
  4. Had no luck as of yet, in town, can pick up from anywhere local. Just need one ticket, anyone help me out ? cheers Dan
  5. I know pal, last chance I think, I'm in Glasgow right now, got a motor, can pick up, cash waiting (obviously lol) anyone at all help me out ??
  6. Cheers RFC52, no luck yet
  7. Cheers pal
  8. Last throw of the dice, will be in and around Glasgow from tomorrow so could pick up from anywhere
  9. bump
  10. Very late lol
  11. Still no email
  12. Just one, for myself. I have a season ticket and travel a fair way to the games I can attend, cheers Dan
  13. I love the packers. Seen them about 50 times live, amazing place.
  14. Something that will always bind Rangers and Stoke City together !
  15. Thanks folks, in Asda in Stoke all week collecting too !