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  1. Piss poor so far , will be shocked if Hearts can keep up that pace for much longer though. Arfield for Kamara please.
  2. Did Hartson (sure it was him) not pretend to machine gun our fans and then get pelted by a cup after scoring in an old firm game at Ibrox. Have a vivid memory of it but can't find the game. Would show him up for the fucking hypocrite he is if someone could find it?
  3. Does seem to have fallen off a cliff in the last few days, hopefully something serious brewing.
  4. Either way he should never referee a game in the top flight again.
  5. Celebration Cleared up in the first minute of this video.
  6. Var is a must asap. Might be an unpopular opinion but that's a really hard one for the referee to see.
  7. 38 and he's in my top five of all time.
  8. We're a better team bar winning mentality. That can change with a win at porkheed. 2 points behind with a game in hand and we're winning the league.
  9. Maybe a couple of journos ashamed of the witch hunt breaking ranks in the last few days. Not before time!
  10. The vast majority of Jewish folk in Glasgow are bluenoses , sound cunts ­čĹî
  11. Managers must hate being drawn with us in Europe , that's 5 or 6 that have been sacked close to games with us in the last two years.
  12. Have heard that Dunn wasn't employed by the club or working for the club when he committed his crimes which will be why the media haven't ran with that to the extent they have with Neely. I have no doubts 2020 will bring even more names linked to the scum.
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