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  1. Took me a few to get one, ecstatic when I did. Not been able to play for the last few days so will be getting wired in tonight
  2. Them getting papped out the cl and qualifying for the Europa league is the obvious middle ground.
  3. It's huge IF we don't fuck it up. Utd don't look like pushovers either , chance they could catch them cold.
  4. Is this what I should be looking at if I'm set up right???
  5. I'm sure they'll find the ' wriggle room ' if roles are reversed or celtic have a similar outbreak.
  6. Fair enough. Surely you can see the benefit of holding out for a better price.
  7. 😀 We've just been offered 15 million but we should take 12 because he's a prick. No bother.
  8. Aye its cracking , won my first crown last night. Slime Climb is fucking impossible. Still not managed to reach the end of it...
  9. Its excellent , the servers are fucking dogshit though. Hopefully they sort them soon.
  10. Still think he can do a job for us. Also don't want him to leave because he's a super sub for me on fifa
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