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  1. Acceptable second half of season?

    We need to put pressure on them, if we do there is a chance they could collapse, they have a history of it. Acceptable would be beat them at least once in the league, match them from now and Finish a strong second (11 points or under) and win the cup. If he does this Murty deserves next season.
  2. Nacho Novo

    One of my favourites of all time, get well soon Nacho.
  3. Pretty poor, Kranjcar about the only plus point. Morelos needs a rest, handh pod pointed out that he's pretty much played a full season due to the timings of the Finnish league. Fuck knows who we'd bring in though.
  4. Has Murty already failed?

    Allowing John up to the midfield will strengthen us considerably. The real question is, is Lee Wallace a better option than Hodson and that's a resounding yes.
  5. Fucking garbage, passmarks to John and Wes. The rest were funding shit.
  6. Should Murty appoint an experienced coach?

    Came in to post this. Obvious choice.
  7. Famous Rangers commentator quotes

    Archie Macpherson - Woooof
  8. Clyde Superscoreboard

    Heart and hand chucking out roughly an hour to an hour and a half a day now. Costs a couple of quid a month to get that much content but well worth it. They're talking about starting up a phone in next year as well. Rangers radio is decent enough but I do find it quite disjointed at times.
  9. Photo request

    He has some crackers
  10. Photo request

    None from winter but have a couple of half decent ones, Will try and look them out tomorrow. Never been overly happy with my photos of Ibrox, It's a hard place to photograph. Very limited in the angles you can get due to the pitches and school across the road. The fact it's in dire need of some tlc doesn't help either.
  11. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Makes yesterday's result All the more frustrating, there for the taking but we're toothless and in no state to even challenge.
  12. Junkies vs Rangers

    Half our midfield missing as well, with Jack playing tonight I don't think we would have been so easily out fought for spells of the game. Think people under estimate how hard it is to get 3 points off hivs at the moment. Would fancy them to beat the sheep at the weekend.
  13. Junkies vs Rangers

    Enforced personnel change. Could have put Pena on and kept the same shape. Not saying it was genius but he made tactically sound decisions and went home with three points.
  14. Junkies vs Rangers

    People moaning need to get there heads checked. We did what we had to to win. Winning Is everything, it doesn't matter a jot how you get there. Would take that 36 times a season.
  15. Junkies vs Rangers

    Went 4231 when Miller went off as the diamond wasn't working. Went 5 at the back with 20 minutes to go. Made the correct substitutions at the correct times.