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  1. dougal72

    Kyle Lafferty

    Ridiculous from them , could well finish third though , the big boy up front is worth keeping an eye on. Looked the part against them.
  2. dougal72


    Top notch , cheers.
  3. dougal72


    What's the words to his new chant? Got the first two lines but can't make out the last couple.
  4. dougal72

    Atmosphere tonight

    Bar a couple of lulls the best atmosphere in years, absolutely bouncing.
  5. dougal72

    Squad now compared to 1st season back in top flight

    Genuinely think we were quite close at that point. You're right though if we hadn't beat them maybe Delia would have still been there the following season and then who knows.
  6. Vaguely remember a story about us mowing the grass into a sash.
  7. dougal72

    Simon Jordan on talksport

    He actually seems pretty fair and balanced, doesn't seem to have the real bitterness guys like Sutton and Walker do.
  8. dougal72

    Young sheep fan, not hit with Vodka bottle

    Within 600 cm by the looks of it.
  9. dougal72

    ***The Official Aberdeen v Rangers Match Thread***

    Goods in booked for fuck all, May allowed to decapitate Jack no booking.
  10. dougal72

    ***The Official Aberdeen v Rangers Match Thread***

    Katic first scorer and Morelos hat trick my bets for today. 4-1 Rangers.
  11. dougal72

    Croats Kicking Off

    What they saying??
  12. dougal72

    St mirren

    3 o clock ko, I'm going to be popular when I fuck off to the game just before the tidying up needs done.
  13. dougal72

    St mirren

    Got the wee ones birthday party from 12-2 so praying the games at 3 or even better 4. Specifically organised it for the Sunday to avoid the football.😖
  14. dougal72

    Croats Kicking Off

    Fair play to everyone who jumped in to help and hopefully no bears injured. Scum bastards.
  15. dougal72


    Had a fiver on him first goal , him and Goods in are formidable.