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  1. Strikes me as the kind of guy that would want to finish the job and leave a success. The only job that would tempt him just now would be liverpool imo.
  2. Would probably say Prso just now but he has the potential to be better than all of them including McCoist. Unfortunately it probably wont be with us.
  3. There will be quite a few that aren't unfortunately. 25000 roughly on the cccs and maybe 18-20000 tickets after the sponsors etc get their seats.
  4. Some players need more time than others to settle/ get used to the Scottish game. As with Barasic it could even be next year we see the best of him.
  5. £5 on Helander fgs at 60-1 £5 on Morelos hat trick at 100-1 4-1 Rangers
  6. This coming out now tells me something big is about to drop across the city. It also makes me pretty confident that it's the only incident we're involved in with regards to this as they keep re hashing the same incident over and over again rather than coming out with anything new.
  7. Great way to break up the drudgery of an international week ,slightly ruined by a wee boy kicking my seat for 90 minutes but hey ho. Gerrard a cut above everyone else on the pitch , great to see him in blue.
  8. dougal72

    Fuck it

    To be fair , once Stewart was on for Jack there wasn't really any options left to replace him. The sonner Jones and Kent are back the better.
  9. In our case the rivalry is based on a hatred of their scum fans, absolutely nothing to do with anything their football team has ever done.
  10. I do enjoy the spectacle but when kids are having to leave the game with breathing difficulties, injured legs etc it has to be a no.
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