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  1. dougal72

    ***The Official Darts Thread***

    Big Jock knew sign front and centre there
  2. dougal72

    Horrendous Feeling of Deja Vu

    He was also 15ish points behind in the league, Gerrard is 2.
  3. dougal72

    Horrendous Feeling of Deja Vu

    Would disagree with this. He Would be getting hounded if it wasn't for his European form and the tims dropping more points than expected. If we go out on Thursday I expect a real backlash the next time we play like that in the league.
  4. dougal72

    ***Official Dundee v Rangers Thread***

    He looks better when we're under the cosh a bit, seems to lack concentration in games like this, slow as a week in the jail as well so gets found out a bit when we play a high line.
  5. dougal72

    ***Official Dundee v Rangers Thread***

    For fuck sake , had to be Miller.
  6. dougal72

    Scum haven't taken tickets for the 29th (Rumour)

    The club aren't responsible for the behaviour of the fans in the spfl so he's on to buttons if that's his thinking.
  7. dougal72

    Kyle Lafferty

    This, not a lot he can do when we spend the whole match passing between the centre backs and then lofting useless balls miles away from anyone. Had one decent turn and shot with just about the only half decent ball he was given.
  8. dougal72

    Atmosphere on Thursday

    Ha, no chance. Do think you need some away fans visible to vent at though as anyone who went to the of in the 90s with no tims will probably testify. 800 of them is plenty though.
  9. dougal72

    Atmosphere on Thursday

    To be fair the lack of away fans and nerves maybe played a part but the noise levels were poor for the majority of the game.
  10. dougal72

    Atmosphere on Thursday

    It was loud for 5 minutes before the game and a few minutes after the first whistle. I've been at quite a few Euro nights where the fans have sang from first to last. Thursday was nowhere near previous games bar the end. In recent years there has been better atmospheres against spfl teams.
  11. dougal72

    Atmosphere on Thursday

    Is it just me who thought the atmosphere was shit bar the last 15 minutes? You could hear a pin drop for much of the first half and the first half hour of the second. Really think the fans bar the Broomloan who were magnificent as always need to pull the finger out a bit on nights like these.
  12. dougal72

    IN: Lawrence Shankland [Suggestion]

    Worth picking him up cheap and loaning him out for a couple of years to see if he keeps progressing. If it doesn't work out we've not lost out on much and if it does we've a good young player with sell on value. No brainer for me.
  13. No concerns with Worrall but Flanagan cost us 3 against Moscow. His positioning is rank rotten.Could well be another high scoring game. C'mon the Gers
  14. dougal72


    Comes to life from March to May , will score the goals that secure the title, hopefully.
  15. dougal72

    ***Official Rangers vs Livingston match thread***

    Bets today are McCauley first scorer and a Lafferty hat trick. Let's go.