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  1. Would take McGregor and Forrest if he had a neck. They would be in rotation rather than guaranteed first teamers though. Edouard as third choice striker.
  2. Rangers / Linfield in the same group would be epic.
  3. Do nae neck and McGregor get punted if they go out tonight 🤔
  4. I went fucking nuts , kicking doors etc. You don't think when your in that moment.
  5. Surely these structures should be strong enough they don't collapse with two people on them.
  6. The two that jumped on the disabled area roof were a bit stupid but if you cant go a bit mad after a last minute winner then footballs fucked.
  7. Maybe judge the window once it's finished and not after one game on a terrible pitch against a notoriously stuffy team which we won.
  8. These pitches really suck the enjoyment out of games. A disgrace that they're allowed in the top division. Would take 1-0 and just be glad we've one plastic pitch game out the way.
  9. Not often I get annoyed by this kind of thing but this has pissed me off. An absolute Rangers hater who's quick to point out every little thing that we do wrong while pretty much ignoring 50 years of child rape in the East end. Not to mention the effigies ,iraoke etcetc
  10. Neil Lennon, Peter Grant and Scott Brown. Always seemed like lovely fellas.
  11. Two of Hamilto , Livi and Killie down with tesco fc staying down will suit me . Fuck yer plastic .
  12. We need to make the Atlantic league a reality imo. Only way the teams from the smaller countries are ever going to compete.
  13. dougal72


    https://www.prgapp.com/prg/ This app is cracking works on android phones, tablets , boxes. 20 odd thousand games with more to be added. Currently working my way through Castlevania Symphony of the Night. Hadn't touched my ps4 for over a year due to retro gaming.
  14. So UEFA Peter called SFA Peter to talk about celtic Peter. Interesting times.
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