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  1. Who do you back: Manager or Players ?

    Equally disgusted with all of them , feel almost as low as as the admin season.
  2. Miller and Wallace Suspended

    Guessing he wasn't going nuts at Advocat though which could well be the difference here.
  3. Miller and Wallace Suspended

    This, David Edgar told a story on the Advocat years on Heart and hand of Ian Ferguson taking Dick aside after an old firm drubbing and making it clear to him that losing to that lot wasn't acceptable even if we're winning trebles etc. This was done in private as it should of been. Going for it in front of the whole team shows a real lack of respect and doesn't help the club in any way.
  4. Miller and Wallace Suspended

    My immediate thought is get rid of all 3 and throw in Halliday as well. Miller and Wallace have previous with Pedro and Musty quite clearly doesn't have what it takes.
  5. Which players in the squad would you keep?

    This. Genuinely believe we have some good talent in there but they havent been used properly. The last manager we had who could get the most out of players left nearly be ten years ago.
  6. Mccrorie and Dorrans

    Have a bit of sympathy with McCrorie as he doesn't look match fit at all. Out of interest was the first one a penalty ? Looked really harsh from where I was.
  7. Bates is off

    Good luck to him, maybe fancied spreading his wings a bit. Whether it's the boards fault depends what kind of wages he was looking for. Anything more than 10k pw and they've made the right decision imo.
  8. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    From a marketing perspective he Is right tbh. Imagine how box office a last day old firm title decider would be.
  9. I would say that's exactly what we need to do with the difference in budgets. Hate to use them as an example but what O Neil did to Advocaat is exactly what we need to try and do to Rodgers team.
  10. Carlos Pena - 'A Shameful Disgrace'

    It's obvious he can play, unfortunately it's also obvious he can't be arsed.
  11. Frank de Boer or Michel Preud'homme

    Jack Ross is an interesting one. What he's done with St mirren is nothing short of astounding. Has the potential to become a real top class manager but still a risk as he's never managed a big club. He's the one name I look at and think we could really regret not going for a few years down the line.
  12. ***Official Motherwell v Rangers Thread***

    This team just can't handle setbacks, Going great guns, lose one game and we implode. Mentally weak.
  13. ***Official Motherwell v Rangers Thread***

    What a load of nonsense, failing as a first team coach has no bearing on whether he is good at his youth team role.
  14. This summers rebuild mk5

    For the first time in a long time we don't need a major rebuild. We need 3 quality first team players rather than 8 or 9. The squads fine it just needs some extra quality in a couple of positions one of which must be a real leader I.e a Gough/Ferguson mentality wise.
  15. ST renewals (zebra)

    Same here.Got halfway down before I thought to look at the date.