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  1. F1

    Brilliant from Verstappen again, just a shame he lost that place. Will be a multiple World champion.
  2. 3-1, stroll in the park.
  3. Goals show for me, some strike by Luiz.
  4. McInnes- is it now or never?

    Yep, it's still fine margins at the moment. 6 points is fuck all at this stage of the season. A draw between those two and we beat Aberdeen and we're right back in the mix in the league. If we can get our home form up to the standard of our away form we could surprise a few people.
  5. McInnes- is it now or never?

    Relatively happy with the progress being made by Pedro so it's a no from me. But funnily enough it is Aberdeens consistency that is putting all the pressure on him. If we were six points behind the scum but sitting on equal points or even a point or so behind Aberdeen and on the same number of points we have at the moment, I'm guessing most on here would be relatively happy at this stage of the season. The Aberdeen games are absolutely huge this year.
  6. Ally Scott

    Had him in my taxi this morning. Sound guy and still follows the Gers. Any older bears have any memories of him? A name I had heard but didn't know much about him. Was here between 73 and 76.
  7. Must of been taking tips from Jonatan Johansson.
  8. Anybody else miss the old Ibrox?

    Never had the pleasure of going when it was terracing. Started going when it was all different coloured seats.
  9. Holts in for Jack already. Straight choice between Pena and Herrera neither of which have set the heather alight yet. I would stick with Pena for a few more games yet. Definitely a player in there, just seems to be really struggling with the pace of the Scottish game. Still think he'll come good.
  10. Our away form has been excellent since Petrol came to the club. 3-1 Gers.
  11. Slovenia v Scotland

    Strachan out, Mcinnes in. Two birds with one stone.
  12. Slovenia v Scotland

    Want Scotland to win but it is hard cheering when cunts like Griffiths are scoring. Guess it's always been like that when tims are in the team. The closer we get to where we want to be the more of our players will be back in there.
  13. No action against Pena despite BT Sport hysterics

    He should of seen red three times in the game and should face action but they've funked themselves by letting Brown off the hook. Seems anything goes now as long as the ref doesn't see it at the time.
  14. F1

    Great win from Verstappen
  15. Rangers Radio - get it on

    Can stream the archives on mixlr. Type in Rangers radio showreel to Google and it should pop up.