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  1. dougal72


    Agreed , the timing does stink though , should have been delayed a year. The only thing I have real issue with is effectively charging people to be on the season ticket list.
  2. 👍 I get that but it is a question to be asked. The problem with Stewart is he only asks it because it's us.
  3. He does have one decent point. Is it morally right for a football club to spend millions on a player while getting the government to cover staff wages and deferring player wages? Where it falls down is it's only a problem for him if we do it. If/when it is a certain other club ( or any other club ) there won't be a peep.
  4. Still amazed that rule was set in stone yet any other rule that got in their way can be discarded on a whim. Corrupt doesn't even cover it.
  5. Hell not be laughing when someone breaks into his house and rams a Rangers flag up his jacksie.
  6. Still think we missed McCrorie in a lot of the games we dropped points in. We need someone who flies in to tackles and shields the back line in certain games , where teams are trying to hit us on the break.
  7. Honestly think that was due to the impending lockdowns , weird atmosphere , players didn't seem right on either side. I think both teams and supporters knew it was likely a meaningless match in a tournament likely to be cancelled.
  8. Give the board five minutes before diving down their throat , they've played it right up to this point , at least give them a chance to do it again before throwing the toys out the pram.
  9. Hope the old boys alright, looked in a bit of a bad situation at the end.
  10. 😃 Just noticed it , Need to post absolute shite now so it stays like that.
  11. It's not about the title anymore. It hasn't been since the vote went through.
  12. They were getting handed the league the moment the corrupt vote went through. The best we could and can hope for is clearing out the spfl. I'll be extremely disappointed if we don't follow through with action against Doncaster and co.
  13. Good in theory but when we play one up front and someone of the same quality as the guy that holds the Jersey would cost £15-20 million it's totally unrealistic as is expecting that player or Morelos to be happy warming the bench every week. Throwing inexperienced youth players into high pressure must win games doesn't work either. Dykes would be a good option to have. Wouldn't pay big money for Ferguson which is what Aberdeen would want.
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