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  1. If anything there was more kids at Ibrox in the lower leagues , I'm guessing due to the lower prices and now we've got a waiting list for season tickets longer than it has been since the 9 in a row era. It's galvanised the support imo.
  2. Bird would get rogered all ways 👌
  3. The jail term is fair enough but its a fucking disgrace they're rewarding him with a 10 year ban on watching Hibs. Will encourage others to do the same.
  4. dougal72


    A fully fit Dorrans and Murphy and this season could have been very different , exactly the type of players that could have dragged us over the line in some of the draws.
  5. Don't think he got a yellow , probably should have been though.
  6. 7 , Cups disappointing , Europe exceeded expectations. League we're ten points back but the difference is last minute goals , they've scored 3 , we've lost 3. 1 or 2 extra players of quality to get us over the line in certain games and we're right up there. For the first time in a long time we don't need to overhaul the squad in the summer , a bit of tweaking and we've got a big chance next season.
  7. Whatever budget we have should be spent on 1/2 players of real quality. (Maybe 3 or 4 if Alfie goes). Absolutely no problem with bulking up the squad with frees / loans. The first time in a long time the squad doesn't need a complete overhaul.
  8. Bit off topic but don't remember Broadfoot being such a cunt when he was with us. Maybe didn't notice it at the time.
  9. It's excellent , 3 shows in and loving it. Love how they're looking down the field and the pressures they face rather than just concentrating on Hamilton/ Vettel etc.
  10. The notion that Gerrard doesn't win must win games is ridiculous. Every game is a must win game. Killie in the last round was a must win game, the tims at Ibrox was a must win game , Hamilton away was a must win game. Not debating he's dropped points where he shouldn't but you can't just point at the draws and defeats and say he doesn't win when it matters.
  11. Hoping to see Verstappen really push into the Championship race this year , most exciting driver since Schumacher burst onto the scene. Will be going to my first Grand Prix this year as well as my mates having his stag at Silverstone. Can't wait.
  12. We're 5 last minute goals from being joint top , the two recent winners from them and the three we've conceded in the last few minutes to draw games. Take these out and we're neck and neck on gd as well. We are really not that far away. Our main problem is just those wee lapses of concentration and a wee bit of game manage many to see these games out. We're in a far better position than last year.
  13. Our one hope of keeping him would be to win this league, he may stay if he's got a shot at the Champions league. Pretty unlikely now though unfortunately.
  14. Think Worrall has been outstanding since his fuck up against Killie. Motm for me.
  15. Morelos needs to come off , can't play his proper game when the ref is itching to send him off and giving him fuck all when he's getting fouled all over the place. Would also be putting McCrorie on to win the ball between defence and midfield.
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