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  1. KingKirk

    Kidding ourselves on

  2. KingKirk

    Kidding ourselves on

    Love the gaffer still the man for the job massive summer window for him and his future as our manager I believe he will get it right
  3. KingKirk

    One man team?

    Nothing to base this opinion on other than Gerrard the player atm however for me hes played at the very very top of the game he's been in dressing rooms with massive ego's himself included. I think he knows what he wants and I still have trust 100% that he will deliver. He has given those that remained from previous managers every chance. If players like Daniel Candeias are still first pick next season then he has failed the clubs recruitment does need to Improve all that said and he has to take his share of the blame for that to.
  4. KingKirk

    One man team?

    clearly u never seen Russell martin in a Rangers jersey
  5. KingKirk

    One man team?

    Agree on seasons gone there has been massive improvement imo still some way short atm but it shows how far standards had dropped. Never gonna be fixed in 2 windows Summer is huge for us
  6. KingKirk

    One man team?

    Interesting summer ahead selling morelos will require a full system rethink thats how big a player he is for us. We need 4/5 quality signings first team starters then the loans on top must be of a standard no projects or players that are past it. Said in Jan Burke was exactly the type of loan I want us to be signing. We should be able to compete with them for those types of players
  7. KingKirk


    Ross is a very poor player technically. Might not like hearing it but thats the truth
  8. KingKirk

    We are boring to watch.

    How we are trying to play is the correct way imo
  9. KingKirk


    This team is built around morelos he is the figurehead 4-3-3 suits this group of players to accommodate defoe requires a complete challenge in tactics and even managerial instructions. Imo its either or we can't play morelos and defoe. Doing so makes morelos a different player
  10. KingKirk

    We are boring to watch.

    I admire that we try and play the game imo the correct way but I hate how scared we are to make a mistake In trying to do the correct thing. So instead its the safe option. I don't believe we don't have midfielders that can't be creative I just don't think they wanna take risks.
  11. KingKirk

    Players Who Won't Be Here Next Season.

    Fuck off new manager pish. Gerrard needs time
  12. KingKirk

    Players Who Won't Be Here Next Season.

    Wallace rossiter and morelos will be sold imo
  13. KingKirk

    Players Who Won't Be Here Next Season.

    6/7-out and the same in but of better quality.
  14. KingKirk


    He's rotten rank rotten. Attacking full back they said with cracking delivery lol Missing a right leg tho everything inside
  15. KingKirk

    Kidding ourselves on

    I'll be honest its more we have technically inept players than a lack of real consistency. Candeias had 2excellent chances today and ballooned them both. We have players that need 4/5 touches to control the ball before giving it away see our LB for example