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  1. Fallout between the board and DOF

    Fuck really at what point do you say I go back and delete my comments on the cuntPerhaps just delete my account and start again
  2. bbc sportsound seems to be suggesting so anyone heard anything?
  3. Tony Pulis

    That was ma house when DM shat it last week
  4. Tony Pulis

    I dont doubt that. I was answering the question put to me. I dont no for sure myself but others said he had agreed that was my point to Gustav
  5. Tony Pulis

    suppose you could say no-one does Going of the info we can read he had agreed to.
  6. Tony Pulis

    FFS its been said on this page.
  7. Tony Pulis

    So he agreed then we moved the goalposts? In what way told him about our DOF or something haha. He knew what he was getting himself into mate 100% IMO
  8. Tony Pulis

    The rest is words mate. The fact he agreed then said naw he's shat it. Why agree terms etc before he knew his working conditions?
  9. Tony Pulis

    That's it for me do that and don't go then you've shat it I don't care under what circumstances mate.
  10. Tony Pulis

    No more McInnes chat please it's almost Christmas and am in a good mood. Everyone has a opinion each are entitled to it.
  11. Tony Pulis

    Why agree to come beforehand tho? He's shat it
  12. Tony Pulis

    agreed to come then shat it. tony pulis would be a outstanding appointment however
  13. Tony Pulis

    You've fuckin started me mate that cunt shat all over our club then walked away laughing. After saying he would take the job and agreeing terms. Absolute prick of the highest order.
  14. Tony Pulis

    He shafted us that's why. Couldn't give a fuck about anything else prick had his chance. We move on.
  15. Tony Pulis

    My opinion regarding this situation has been consistent. Wanted him before he shafted us now that he has he can bolt that has always been my opinion. Regardless of what I think he could've done for us.