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  1. Yes but c'mon mate the reaction has been ott
  2. We lost because we didn't take our chances defoe had 2 kent 1 and aribo had chances u must take to win any football match ffs. They won It from a deflected shot ffs
  3. Not letting the manager or team away with yesterday but I'll be honest after Warburton and pedro I thought they had 10 in the bag. At one point I thought we where always just gonna be one of the pack a leeds United type scenario. This team has me believing again why because like it or not we've went toe2toe with the team that's dominated this country for 8years. It took Rangers get our shit together to even make Scottish football a race again. Along the way we will have ups n downs but this team has enough credit in the bank for me to believe in them. We can win this league
  4. We are desperate that's what years of failure and not competing at the top has done. Do some over react yes myself included but I do get why. It's so much easier to think negative than positive because of everything we've been through. We can win this league tho will we? I hope so.
  5. The only free weeks is the EL weeks the longer we are in it the more problematic it becomes. Your other point is also bang on this never playing before them nonsense is a problem also. From memory it's been once this season. Any other time we've played earlier they've kicked off as we've reached HT. Something that seems fairly new. Paranoia really starting to kickin for me mate and usually I don't by into that stuff but this season it's completely different
  6. If st.Johnstone finish in 7th before the split and our game v them isn't till after imagine all they need is 3points to make 6th there will be legal battles if they got them. So this game in hand must be played before then the spfl will be hoping braga beat us
  7. Its gonna be that tight again. If we can get back to the form before the break bro. No one is running away with it imo
  8. Gutted about yesterday and called us bottlers I take that back The pain of defeat this season is amplified because of the standard of the league this season. Both teams are on occasion going to drop points and when it happens it's because either had a poor day. This season no team home or away are good enough to stop us or them on top form. We possibly will finish with 90+points and not win this league when was last time that happened
  9. Also someone ill need to. Show me at which point this season the scums run of games like our December happens. Keep hearing we have a good run of fixtures after the break. So do they ffs
  10. Absolutely nothing to fear mate we can win them all if the players have the correct attitude. Win your individual battle and our quality will win us the game. We must earn the right first and foremost. No team will just roll over
  11. Gutted still from yesterday. We go and take 3points from them and give them back after 2matches. Yes we are far more consistent this year a much much better team however we must now start to question mentality. That's two years running after the winter break we have had horrendous starts. Gutted Hearts have cost us 5points this season and it could cost us the league
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