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  1. Obviously Liverpool are paying his wages mind and they have a manger until 2024 so thought the gaffer needs a extension also
  2. Dug shit the night rotten so far this season Clearly @Jam_piece has been tampering with his Windows since August!
  3. Lamb curry rice chips bottle of bru. Expect some cunt to phone the rspca on me now
  4. Any naughty singing tomorrow night and am getting blamed yassss Even no am watching in the house
  5. Cunts spamming shit out me mate. They know exactly what I meant tae sad cunts!
  6. Back now what have I missed got about 10 notifications ya cunts so deleted that post listen up easily offended mob of RM. I dont want Rangers getting into trouble or any little sunflower to miss a game at Ibrox. However this mob crossed the line impartial not with that re tweet. The cunts that are quoting me can bolt am no answering ye Same cunts that'll think its cool fans are banned for exuberance.
  7. Agree no the best idea but just frustrated at lack of a statement from the club when it's a open goal. Just read club 1872 statement and its a start . For the avoidance of doubt I don't want the club punished but to me that's clear provocation from fare.
  8. I would delete that post but its no me.
  9. I think fare are the reason mate no saying uefa wouldn't but they ain't riddled with cunts out to just damage Rangers! I admit it's no a good idea but this mob are a disgrace and need dealt with
  10. I don't set out to harm the club this mob do.
  11. No me personally mate. This mob have already made sure thousands couldn't see us in Europe this season. Now this shit there agenda is clear
  12. Fuck them they'll hear it tomorrow. You can't claim to impartial and re tweet that mate.
  13. Fuck them they have a agenda against our club.
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