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  1. Sick of reading about poor wee Leigh. Remember Barton was mocked for admitting he had issues. Yet to hear this wee wank admit the same. No cunt forced drugs or bookies on the wee cunt he done it himself. Fuckin rat Now get this thread tae fuck!
  2. I want Lennon to get the job but I just can't see it regardless of winning the Scottish cup. CL qualifiers are a little more than 12weeks away tho so whoever gets it is right up against it from the off
  3. Scum knew about his issues and still gave him a new deal
  4. Good potential but hes got massive improvement to make if he wants to have a future at Rangers.
  5. I shouldn't be believing but fuck it suns oot n I am in a good mood. Just keeping winning Rangers
  6. I think it will its in city hands. Wednesday for me is last major test.
  7. Man city Wednesday night get the job done and end this shite.
  8. Do our business and well finish within 5pts of them. Remember tho we are light years behind them according to some in our own support and journalist. 4 quality first team signings and we stroll the league next year.
  9. Even given they win next week away to sheep then us could go to last day! We need to do our business and see what happens
  10. I was sure it was but doubted myself once the wank says that
  11. We're doing them at Ibrox so I have no worries about that game being the one they can win it
  12. Rebuild as well as current players like ntcham who will want out. I see brenda coming back for a McGregor in the summer
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