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  1. KingKirk

    Semi final allocation

    I don't like the scum but us along with they cunts are what keeps Scottish football afloat. Our fans get raped financially every other week to follow the team to dumps that are classed as football grounds. Each tinpot club should remember that and so should the spfl the backwards cunts
  2. KingKirk

    Semi final allocation

    Was thinking similar. Tell the sheep they've got till Monday to sell as many as possible. Tuesday cancel every ticket and send them whatever amount is sold block by block simple
  3. KingKirk

    Semi final allocation

    Just plays into our hands next time we should push for 75-25 split none of this 50-50 shit or even talk of it
  4. KingKirk

    Semi final allocation

    Sheep have sold only 9k according to that forum. Some are saying that's because of a boycott and others rightly saying its cause there shit fan base haha.
  5. KingKirk

    Scotland v Portugal

    Jack Hendry only gets a call up because of the team he plays with. Wouldn't get a look in if he was still a Dundee he's rank
  6. KingKirk

    The Boxing News Thread

    Cracking fight would watch that again cracking scrap!
  7. KingKirk

    The Boxing News Thread

    Fury wins on points imo if it happens.
  8. KingKirk

    The Boxing News Thread

    Ritson another sky hype job.
  9. KingKirk

    Fuck the sfa

    Not done the club any favours lol if King says it were loving it. Fuck them
  10. KingKirk

    Fuck the sfa

    BF is a fan like us all he's entitled to his opinion. Remember the sfa asked barry to return to the Scotland squad after they shafted him. He told em to ram it
  11. KingKirk

    Fuck the sfa

    Love it and completely agree and when that's tomorrow Sunday mail front page I hope they repeat themselves
  12. KingKirk

    SFA to boycott Gazzas hall of fame dinner

    Good article mate? Did they edit much out it before it was published
  13. KingKirk

    SFA to boycott Gazzas hall of fame dinner

    Malky mackay enough said
  14. KingKirk

    Edmiston Drive

    Sleep tight mate
  15. KingKirk

    Edmiston Drive

    Keep fighting big man mind speaking to him often in the Rangers chat phone in days