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  1. They've got phones just the 9number is missing.
  2. Hope lamps stay with derby tbh. Got a horrible feeling they'll come knocking for Gerrard otherwise.
  3. No chance auld Jimmy is in with the furniture of Ibrox ffs
  4. Belgium playing with two 10s in hazard and KDB constantly finding the spaces behind the Scotland midfield
  5. I'd like to ask why the panel doesn't have a male on it? Disgrace
  6. PRW won't be big enough. Reports last week that around 500k Liverpool fans turned up to the victory parade last week. Similar numbers when we do 55 without a doubt
  7. 88million for hazard that's a steal in today's market
  8. I think as long as he wins something next season he'll get the chance. As long as its no a complete disaster in the league.
  9. I don't care as long as those coming in stop 10. We have 2year Rethink our strategy after that. Wouldn't of been for it 2/3years ago needs must now.
  10. First and foremost I hope every victim gets the closure they deserve from this sorry mess. Away from that tho 2012 still hurts deep they cunts tried to end us lets no fuck about that 5way agreement strip the titles pish came from the top of scum fc. So I hope they receive the harshest possible punishment even if it kills the game in Scotland I couldn't give a fuck tbh. Cunts have had it easy for long enough now
  11. Brandon barker😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
  12. Of course it never guarantees anything but we will be in a position of strength to go and use they funds to improve the squad. Tav and morelos combined cost us 1.2million in terms of value we might never see it again in today's market.
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