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  1. Terrific man management that ffs how to build a team spirit Lennon style. He played the cunt on Tuesday whilst punting McGregor to lb now before the weeks out they are whoring him about lol
  2. King looks quality sitting deep controlling the game
  3. Sell that cunt blessing himself is not on joe lad
  4. This mob are gonna kick anything in a blue jersey
  5. Based on nothing a midfielder is playing in his position aye nothing
  6. Hopefully moved on asap. Gaffer said in Portugal that borna has started pre season well with a new mindset. Obviously back to his old self punt asap
  7. Best place to be that day is in one of our boozers and drinking until ye pass out that's my plan. Wake up repeat
  8. The scum board gambling with 10lol The damage stopping 9 never mind 10 will scar that horrible club forever.
  9. Can see them signing McKenna before Ibrox no chance they come tae our gaf with that Julian cunt Btw McKenna ain't any better but hey ho
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