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  1. If this full episode got investigated am convinced some would be on some serious criminal charges. However reconstruction will happen and this will quickly go away
  2. There is absolutely no way DE starts toeing the party line ffs
  3. We've been saying katic has potential for 2 seasons now. Maybe he does but since he first arrived till now he hasn't improved at all. When hes not on his game hes a poor player
  4. The fee would've been agreed before covid
  5. Hagi as a 10 has positional to be unreal and he must be played in that position. If Gerrard is going to punt him out wide don't bother signing him.
  6. Clearly needed the attention. Now how do u get yourself attention Talk about Rangers and there books Straight out the taig handbook that
  7. Meanwhile scum fc are pay 60million out on wages no money coming in and are seen as cash rich😁😁😁😁
  8. I agree and hopefully he does mate but the same flaws in his game 2years ago still remain. His positional play is awful mate
  9. Average is being very kind when hes bad he's hopeless I was trying to be kind on the big man
  10. The problem with him is when he's in good form hes a great cb. When he isn't he's average at best no middle ground
  11. 10million😁😁😁 Katic hasn't improved since he arrived at Rangers. I like his aggression to attack the ball but his positional sense is woeful. 5/6million would be about right.
  12. French mob want katic apparently according to Twitter 5-6million please
  13. Spfl executive again doing as the wish I said day's ago I think reconstruction is a cert Sounds like the SPFL Executive are aiminig to by-pass the requirement for an 11-1 vote in the Premier Division for league expansion. They are going to tear up the current rule book to make it a 9-3 requirement for a 14 team top division by the look of it. "It's really important that any club makes its own decisions because they are an independent business," Doncaster told Sky Sports News on Wednesday. "Although they are one of 42 member clubs within the league, each club - and the board of each club - has to do what's right for their club. "But any action that's taken by any member against the league ultimately is taken against members as a whole. "We don't hold reserves year to year, so any action that any one individual club takes, effectively the burden of that would fall on all the other members." "Ann Budge of Hearts is keen to come back again with another resolution looking at reconstruction around an enlarged Premiership," Doncaster said. "Clearly that would have the consequence of effectively avoiding relegation for those clubs relegated as a result of the early curtailment of season 19-20, so that would be certainly Hearts, Partick Thistle and Stranraer if that were to come to pass. "It's something that a number of clubs have said they are open minded about and I think there is a sympathy for the position that the relegated clubs find themselves in and we'll see where it goes. "We await the proposal and I know that a lot of clubs will want to look at it with a really open mind." "Any change would certainly need to go to a vote and it really depends what form of process Hearts choose to go down," Doncaster said. "We have members' resolutions, board resolutions, possible potential for an EGM, and I know that we at the centre will be doing what we can to support those efforts and it'll remain to be seen whether they are supported by member clubs in the numbers that are required. "It is likely that any expansion would need 11 out of the 12 Premiership clubs to approve it and then 75 per cent effectively of other clubs. "But again it does depend on the detail - the devil is in the detail here - but we are certainly looking forward to seeing the proposal and as and when we see it we can share it with member clubs and have a broader discussion."
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