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  1. Millers Agent

    Millers agent has fucked it Pedro says in his RTV interview today that he is fit to start training again. Maybe that means not with the first team but in general but who knows.
  2. Nottingham Forest

    This is halfway down page one of how to handle pressure warbs style handbook Not long till the no-ones died comment is rolled out I like the guy and how he tries to play the game but he cant transfer it from his FM save to real life
  3. Nottingham Forest

    http://www.nottinghampost.com/sport/football/football-news/nottingham-forest-oil-tanker-not-556160 Excuses in early
  4. More than a club and whilst we have Mulholland in change of our academy I will always believe we have a bright future. remember Southampton wanting CM to do the job he's doing with us and he rejected them.
  5. Millers Agent

    Pedro could come out and say hes sorted the leak and someone in this thread will ask who it was. He'd fit right in with ma neighbours they canny see shit go by without wanting it cunts
  6. Millers Agent

    no if the leak has been sorted
  7. Millers Agent

    Why does it bother you?
  8. Millers Agent

    @Deanzmeanzheinzis a right wee gossip fuckin loves it
  9. Millers Agent

    Is tommy wright going to admit it ? Pedro doesn't need to say shit he said all he had to say on it.
  10. Millers Agent

    Then if he wants to stay at the club i'd strongly advise him to get control of his agent.
  11. Millers Agent

    Isn't it St. Johnstone that need to prove the manager wrong?
  12. Millers Agent

    It really isn't a car crash mate. This your bad week seem emotional and all over the place relax !
  13. Millers Agent

    MOH leaked our team to them IMO
  14. Millers Agent

    Miller had a injury last weekend thats why he wasn't in the squad source The manager