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  1. Fight week for a good card at 02 heading down Friday til Sunday really looking forward to it.
  2. That's the truth like it or not mate only one game matters this week the league fixture. By the time we kick off we will be 3points behind a massive reaction required.
  3. Irrelevant doesn't even cover my opinions on Europe. We made the group's that was the goal. Give the young lads a runout and get our shit together for Motherwell on Sunday. Massive game
  4. If u can yes we could still be playing now and wouldn't of found a winner. Was a slog of a day it'll be forgot about if we go and beat Motherwell and county. That's what matters now.
  5. Ffs where was these threads a fortnight ago. We are in a title race ups and downs will happen. I have absolutely zero worries about this team going forward as long as we apply ourselves. Today wasn't good but we still got something that's what's important.
  6. He shouldn't of been goading the fans is how it'll be twisted
  7. I agree mate but it's a long season points will be dropped. Calm heads required. The reaction is OTT
  8. 2points means nothing tho. We had to beat Hamilton to get top we done that.
  9. We didn't have ourselves in any sort of commanding position tho it's unfair to say do we have the mentality when game on game it changes. We are level with the scum.
  10. We were absolutely gonna drop points ffs can't handle the pressure of being top how can anyone say that ffs 2points is hardly worth anything at this stage.
  11. We drew today because we weren't at it just after a break was always gonna be a difficult game. Take the point and move on. Yes we have the capability to win this league will we I believe so.
  12. Not acceptable first half that absolutely rotten from 1-11
  13. Good statement those that doubted the club should hang there heads.
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