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  1. Lacks conditioning apparently and Gerrard probably remembers the kent injury when he put him straight in then he got injured
  2. McGregor body seems to be letting him down perhaps a season to far
  3. Looks like they might be signing the lad from west ham after all
  4. See that's interesting cause I think them sitting in is showing us respect. We'd demolish anytime that tried to play any other way..What annoys me is I these games we make it hard for ourselves by conceding stupid avoidable goals. Or the tempo of our game is far to slow. Call it arrogant or whatever but at Ibrox the first 20mins v most teams we should be putting games to bed.
  5. I don't care about that show constancy I winning football matches and its game on! When did it last come down to goal difference? The 6-1 game under eck. If we loose this league on goal difference then we've been incredibly unlucky
  6. Worry about that in may mate were 2games in. Give me 33/34 1/2nil wins and we won't be far away Just win the games
  7. Looking forward to ur complimentary "free" access on Sunday 😁
  8. Cup games should be free for season ticket holders and non season ticket holders paying£20 PPV imo
  9. People can spin it anyway they want truth is at current PPV price or the 3 games in August for £27 season ticket holders are been taken for a ride.
  10. Q's back to the broomy already according to ff
  11. Don't think roofe will be fit enough to start last 20mins off bench imo.
  12. We are two quality midfielders away from been a great side. Am not taking Kenny McLean standard we have plenty of those types of midfielders. Someone of a mendes or Davis level in there prime. Cost a lot of money but its something we need now.
  13. Its been far to long without hearing that anthem at Ibrox
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