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  1. The only way McGregor wins is if he makes Floyd work for every minute of every round.
  2. apparently they had billboards with the slogan this is what it feels like to be in the champions league operational moments after the game throughout Glasgow. I look forward to Glasgow city council funding our celebration's when the time comes pricks
  3. Good player
  4. Currant bun
  5. Get this cunt tae fuck admin
  6. Hearts can't afford to knock back anything in the region of 800k in the final few hours of the window.. Its ok say no 10 days out but they'll fold eventually. I'd go for moult also 500k on deadline day
  7. Just my opinion I think walker will sign on deadline day and maybe a man city loan
  8. We will sign 2 players I just get that feeling
  9. Only way he will is if tommy wright becomes gaffer
  10. KM of 10 year ago scores that.
  11. Said it before mate we wiil loose some games but I'd accept loosing 4-3 or whatever as long as we have had a right good go at the pricks no stood and watched them stroll about Ibrox. He lost his job at Liverpool because of that type of defending it is his teams massive weakness
  12. pricks this shows one thing tho attack these cunts they are worse than us defensively
  13. If only they foreign cunts could defend.