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  1. Said it last year to but that's a reasonable start. Couldn't of picked a better first few games
  2. He had a chance in the 2nd half on pure instinct alone keeper pulled off a cracking save waggy wouldn't of got near it
  3. should of won by 2-3 goals you can see what we are trying to do tho.. We look well organised and if we can keep the pressing up am starting to feel positive about what we could achieve this year
  4. Time to move on from this IMO Re visit it at the end of august if hes still with them... That pish stained club dont seem interested in doing a deal atm. probably in the hope some other mob will come in and they can start a bidding war
  5. quicker I'd assume not as long to upload maybe
  7. Go onto Rangers twitter mate
  8. Jack running the game we look very well organized
  9. Easy first 6 aye?
  10. Welcome lad
  11. Gaffer seems happy enough and that enough for me to know we played well
  12. Should be removed Imo won't be tho
  13. To be binned does that mean all bans and criminal records obtained because of this act will be removed. IMO that's the only option if the acts been binned
  14. dominated but couldn't get the goals sounds to familiar
  15. Should pin this post. Meltdown from the usuals immanent