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  1. New training gear
  3. confident of winning tomorrow.
  4. Bet he canny believe he's getting a shot at the EL. Seen better finishers down the local park on a Saturday/Sunday morning and there most probably half cut
  5. Nope next season is about dramatically closing the gap if we can finish next season within single digits of them. The season after is the one when I think well properly challenge,
  6. seriously mate the tackle by Andy could not be used in anyway. If they were opened on Monday the appeal would've been heard last week. Not 100% sure on the rules but it was reckless and merited a red card imo
  7. That tackle couldn't of been used it happened after the appeal went in
  8. Its done now lets get right onto him and win the fuckin battle do that we win the game fuck em
  9. Halliday tackle"shouldn't of" played a part in this appeal
  10. Asked in another thread is that new training gear Pedro has on..
  11. seemed focused
  12. Gave the bastards nothing today
  13. He'll no be after Saturday
  14. Its amazing what makes front page news tomorrow its Murray all over the front pages whilst the part about the latest beast to be arrested is punted to a corner sickening