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  1. DK is in isolation and clearly hasn't a clue what's going on outside his front door😁😁😁
  2. Hopefully the fuckin lot of them.
  3. That system is just another way of potentially awarding them the title
  4. I've been in complete isolation from the outside world a week now and apart from having my wife and kids around. I've defo noticed a change in my mood. Really long days with absolutely no end in sight. I understand tho that it's for my own good so will get through it.
  5. 4 SPFL Football players have been on suicide watch since the football finished Not good at all
  6. I think it's also important to point out anyone that votes yes there is absolutely no shame in that.
  7. Every bear that can renew straight away will do so mate .
  8. Absolutely not ready and waiting to help the club out whatever way is necessarily. Either through buying my ST early or donating to a fund if one is established
  9. The sooner people realise that football in the bigger picture of life isn't really that important when there is a health crisis going on the better. Football is a huge part of my life missed it for a week now I can honestly say right now its the last thing on my mind. When we have beaten this virus and I know everyone in my family has made it through then I can start to think about football. My opinion won't change regarding the league season tho null and void and we go again whenever it's safe. Any attempt to hand out titles Rangers must fight
  10. Missed it for maybe a week but not really now tbh.
  11. I get that but a fortnight without income really and 2 clubs are in problems already
  12. They could sell that brand new training ground
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