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  1. DR running with the story that he's likely to miss the early EL rounds. It took them that long to realise it ffs
  2. The park family digging deep to supply the funds?
  3. I want this one over the line desperately scared some cunt will try and hijack the deal.
  4. Sure we are supposed to be signing a winger from them also?
  5. I have lost count many players we rumored to be signing from benfica is this a new name ?
  6. still lacking a real number 9 to make a serious challenge next year we will need to find that 20+ goal forward
  7. here tomorrow is a week to go before pre season training starts brother Pedro says he is wanting his new core of squad together for then or at least most of it. its gonna be a good week to be a bear troops
  8. boxers should never quit. Let the corner make the decision for you
  9. I agree with bellew
  10. brook always comes up with excuses you lost fair and square injured or not
  11. It's funny how Warburton couldn't get away from us quick enough but wants to take members of our staff with him.
  12. This really is the random nature of football he was set to retire
  13. skelf is aye no me hahahaha
  14. Signing
  15. McInnes should be ashamed he bottled it when it was there to be won . fuck them both looking forward to the fa cup final and boxing tonight
  16. DM has fucked this for them
  17. Aberdeen can't win this they are bottle merchants
  18. broon red card lets see it again beeb Na didn't think so
  19. Logan makes tav look like maldini
  20. Steven Thompson played for Rangers it's hard to believe it listening to the cunt
  21. To be fair that cunt is a dirty cunt be no way he meant that
  22. bbc raging that the love child has been whacked
  23. obviously not but am certainly no cheering the sheep.
  24. 100% people won't believe it but the only team that will beat them is ourselves.