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  1. punt both sign McLean walker Naismith and possibly one more if we have any EBTs left
  2. I assume he is a bear? that makes his actions v us even more sickening the cunt
  3. Simple really ask sheep to name the price they'll deal at pay it or wait a year I think he might sign a new deal up there if we dont move this window tbh
  4. For me its no about getting him for free in a year. 2 clubs in the last 2years have came away with this pish we aint selling to Rangers. Get the serious money on the table and if they knock it back then we can wait a year. I think they are only saying such things because they dont believe we have the money to seriously tempt them.
  5. Honestly mate I dont know what I will take to get mclean but providing its nothing daft i'd give them the money.
  6. The only club worldwide that feels the need to get political about football that statement is a joke and alot of words used to try and blur the real reason these scum cunts have been banned
  7. Hopefully land him before the Motherwell game
  8. pay the 1 million and get him in.. he would be perfect in our team how we set up today.
  9. This is his last season according to rtv today I expect even less than normal if thats the case
  10. reminds me of Ivan sproule hes fuckin rapid
  11. IF we can add a little more pace maybe jamie walker will do that then we are going to be a dangerous team
  12. Jack will be the new thomson.... Does the dirty side of the game knows what hes good at. Wins the ball and gives it to the players that are paid to make the difference
  13. well done Rangers am away for a beer bring on the well
  14. This performance puts all these rumours to bed about the gaffer and this team
  15. deserved stunning
  16. Only wilson's 2nd game since injury
  17. Tav is worth 20million on this performance
  18. Fix yer internet ya cheap cunt
  19. Even in a friendly the ref is giving us nothing usual from that cunt tho
  20. Does fanni still play for this mob
  21. Millers age is really showing. I suppose he wont be playing this level of team every week.
  22. Alves strolling it looks a top top player
  23. Your welcome
  24. I dont care what anyone says this first half has been superb