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  1. true I dont know what else I can say
  2. Everyone that has missed out on a ticket for the semi should be given a ticket for the next semi before the ballot is done same with the final. on the basis there part of the scheme that season!
  3. Some would just activate there ST at the turnstile then walk back out mate... There is no way of making everyone happy.
  4. Fuckin canny stand Hampden I'll get a better view from the bristol
  5. Got oursWife taking her auld man fur his bday that day pub for me.
  6. 500k is great business
  7. 500k for a lad yet to play first team football... Money has ruined football
  8. good behaviour!
  9. wtf ye watching shit football fur sun oot get tae the nearest beer garden and get on it! Sniffing gear af the tables shortly fur me!
  10. Linares v Garcia should be a cracking but still see it going to Linares he's a cut above! That ring was 2ft smaller last night and crolla couldn't get close. crolla should now retire Imo can't see him becoming champion again. Flannigan and Campbell would beat him also then what?
  11. I hope DK keeps it up he has his faults but KJ has been kicking shit out him for months for not given him interviews... I expect the attack on DK by this cunt will step up now!
  12. Imagine trying to un resign
  13. Every man is entitled to a opinion
  14. KJ i'll be fuckin ragin
  15. Interview in tomorrows sun Dave King on Mark Warburton: “It’s not a criticism but he is a little bit thin-skinned." @scotsunsport Scottish Sun Sport Retweeted Robert Grieve‏Verified account @robert_grieve 17m17 minutes ago Dave King on Joey Barton:"Was he a high risk signing? Yes, he was.Was it something that exercised my mind and that of the board?Yes it was." Scottish Sun Sport Retweeted Robert Grieve‏Verified account @robert_grieve 19m19 minutes ago Dave King on Pedro Caixinha: “I like him as a person. I like his confidence, his personality, his temperament, his mentality." @scotsunsport Scottish Sun Sport Retweeted Robert Grieve‏Verified account @robert_grieve 20m20 minutes ago Dave King on striking a new retail deal with Mike Ashley: "I think it can be done soon. I’m optimistic for pre-season.” @scotsunsport Scottish Sun Sport Retweeted Robert Grieve‏Verified account @robert_grieve 21m21 minutes ago Dave King on perception he's not in Glasgow enough as Rangers chairman: "I travel to Scotland more often than I’d like to." @scotsunsport Scottish Sun Sport Retweeted Robert Grieve‏Verified account @robert_grieve 38m38 minutes ago Interesting chat with @RangersFC chairman Dave King today. Interview in tomorrow's @scotsunsport and online
  16. That's how it should be players are back in tomorrow for a full working week that finishes with a behind closed doors game next Saturday v under 20s really looking forward to the Motherwell game Saturday week only a few weeks into things but the future seems bright
  17. aird fuckin running the show!
  18. drawing with Canada hahahaha ffs
  19. hope Waldo ain't injured do you think Robson likes the scum
  20. I wonder how long it will take the forest fans to click on that this man is a dud and only wants to work with players he knows from the past
  21. RIP lad.
  22. Was never a robbery but GGG really needs to work on head movement and footwork it the one real weakness of his game
  23. IF we do the basics right we can win the semi 100%
  24. dumbelly injured hope his hamstring has popped completely