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  1. Candieas

    I wouldn't be confident of him or josh taking any opportunity no matter how easy. We don't have enough goal scorers in the team.
  2. Honestly thats just part of the derby day for me no matter the result
  3. TBF mate we were never ever winning the league this season. Its all about getting 2nd comfortably and winning the cups
  4. Whos reported me got a notice top right ?
  5. Character building

    Na just pure dug shit. Don't kid yourself on
  6. *** The Official Old Firm Match Thread ***

    Pedro say's alves and DJ will need to be checked for the weekend
  7. *** The Official Rangers v Tarriers Match Thread***

    after tonight I'll bite your hand off for a 0-0
  8. That's gave me the fear for Saturday! Dreading it
  9. Best goal in the world that
  10. commentator is amateurish keeps making mistakes with the players names
  11. It's no gonna happen we all know it no point in discussing it
  12. Nah we missed a open goal ffs that's why
  13. Game should of been done simply unacceptable Rangers get windass and tav to fuck
  14. looking forward to seeing pena good team!
  15. Saturday, the manager and the season ahead

    If that prick tries that he shouldn't make it up the tunnel without medical assistance . Dont get me started mate its to early in the week Cool calm and collected wins the race until friday night anyway
  16. Saturday, the manager and the season ahead

    I'll put it in easy read for you Frank Will he be sacked on the back of getting beat off the scum? No Will he be under pressure ?yes Do I believe he will recover from a potential loss? No Loss on saturday he is a dead man walking might take another 2-3 games but I believe he will be gone
  17. Saturday, the manager and the season ahead

    We have spent close to ten million this summer for once you can't blame the board if pedro gets sacked he has the tools to do the job
  18. Saturday, the manager and the season ahead

    Fuck sake frank you can tell the future we could be top by 15 games.
  19. Saturday, the manager and the season ahead

    He will be under serious pressure but I dont think he will be punted based on saturday tho. best way to put it get beat he is a dead man walking. Anything other than a win I will be on here demanding he is gone and go and get mcinnes
  20. Ref this Saturday

    One of the biggest Rangers haters in the country
  21. Rio Ferdinand to launch pro boxing career

    Barry Hearn is a fuckin dinosaur "he could get badly hurt" You could get badly hurt doing almost anything these days so why bother with life
  22. Why are our youth teams filled with tarriers?

    who are they?