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  1. I'd be gutted if Gerrard left. He's brought back standards to our football club. He's our leader someone when shit gets tough you can look at our dugout and feel calm again. Very much in the Walter Smith mould you just know with him guiding our club we are in good hands. Now add the trophies and I've no doubt he will
  2. Sorry for late response mate am sure you've already been told
  3. What's well tho? Chelsea will absolutely expect top4 minimum it'll be a miracle if they make top 4 imo
  4. Just heard Gerrard interview on SSN. guy's going nowhere fast
  5. Could ruin him. Not allowed to sign anyone for a year. Best player gone owner doesn't seem to have the same passion he once did. They'll be lucky to get top 6next season imo
  6. They have but for me that's because we were not clinical enough last season anyway. I expect that problem to be fixed
  7. Rangers turn up and play to a decent level we win. I fully expect us to win.
  8. I have zero worries about playing Kilmarnock away then Hibernian at home mate. Maybe 2/3years ago not now.
  9. We absolutely should be beating both.
  10. How far have we fallen if Kilmarnock and hibs is considered tough.
  11. Murray doing his thing again at queens.
  12. Seriously I refuse to believe that plane wasn't fit for purpose. All sorts of aircrafts have disappeared in recent years no owners arrested or fuck all.
  13. There is only one man that can be arrested for manslaughter and that's the pilot.
  14. Ref looks like the wee woman that owns lucky way on shettleston road
  15. These cows need tae chuck it basically ye need tae fall left or right
  16. Debate has been had about making goals shorter etc. My idea disband the women's game altogether utter joke
  17. Probably wrong again mate but I was sure they refused tickets fuck it bedlam awaits in cork then hopefully.
  18. Why wouldn't it go ahead scum v linfield did years ago likely to be no away fans allowed tho like then
  19. Can just imagine Kenny McLean saying this exact thing on the first day of pre season.
  20. Protecting themselves that's all Liverpool are doing
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