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  1. Bt sport box office has been doing nothing but debating this fight When does undercard start
  2. I don't think he did tbf but your entitled to your opinion.
  3. I doubt Miller has ever been clean in any fight.
  4. Mental stuff I don't believe he wanted the fight. Just a big fat cunt that made it lucky for a few year.
  5. I'd make one change between now and end of season Kent for Daniel. We are playing really really well
  6. Rangers turn up and play to a good level we win that simple
  7. Good both rank rotten Croatian international LB and were better when Andy halliday plays in his position says it all
  8. Tlb job if he doesn't get the scum job this summer
  9. No against that but the goal that sent them through should've been ruled out. Unless its watertight bro it shouldn't be used kills the game
  10. Its often said in football that u need a bit of luck to go your way ! Var completely kills the human error side of football.
  11. Just imagine how we'd feel if that was against us. VAR is no good for football always said that
  12. 1-0 down champions league quarter final. Manager asking for the crowd to push them to victory and its no sold out poor stuff that You going?
  13. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/metro.co.uk/2019/04/17/anthony-joshuas-fight-jarrell-miller-doubt-adverse-finding-doping-test-9225858/amp/
  14. Khan v Crawford this weekend looking forward to it.
  15. Horrendous maybe not but still the best draw u could hope for if your a fan of city should they win tonight
  16. Good guy James tim but he's made a successful life for himself. Was on a reality tv show canny mind the name of it.
  17. City v spurs no even sold out for tomorrow that's pathetic. Fuckin tinpot club
  18. No as much as those that attends these games pies ticket the lot goes to our haters.
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