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  1. My opinion on a internet forum has no effect am good but no that good mate
  2. You must have some excitement mate no seen Rangers since March looking forward to the feelings that accompanies that for good or bad.πŸ‘
  3. New season fresh dreams and all that😁😁😁😁 cant wait till it starts
  4. So negative man ffs we'll beat Aberdeen. I'll wait till I see the odds but fancy Rangers -2
  5. This isn't our fight atm so why would our board saying anything. Our last statement the status quo can't hold it ended with. To me that's still the case
  6. My point was on your final point of needing first team ready players mate. I don't disagree with anything else ffs calm doon
  7. I don't think we'll sign those levels of players mate until much later in the window. If they don't we are in bother. I don't even know when the transfer window opens in Europe I did see reported tho that it'll run till October.
  8. No really you mentioned those PL academy players and how we need "ready made" players IF we can sign prospects on free transfers as cover am all for it. Difference now to years gone these players aren't main players for us.
  9. Planning just for 1 season would be suicide. The window isn't even open yet worldwide and we've signed free transfers and hagi.
  10. He'd be a back up full back to start with absolutely no issues with the signing We have let 3 full backs go so certainly a area that needs strengthened
  11. Think he's a good player mate more of a wide forward tho certainly not someone I'd expect to get the main forward position
  12. Can roofe score the goals to win us trophies I have my doubts he's certainly not a number 9 regardless
  13. I will be raging if it gets pushed back. Mate missing Rangers lol
  14. Dont normal agree with Roy but hes spot on mings shat it more interested in protecting his baws than making a block horrendous defending by a horrendous player.
  15. Greenwood is something else. If he keeps ups this progression he's a stick on for England euros squad
  16. I don't see anyway of the spfl winning mate
  17. Our season doesn't start on 1st August if not mate. Board of it all now.
  18. I think hearts and PT will get compo
  19. He's technically no great mate but I just meant for goals he's is better than both a mentioned
  20. The rage from the sheep tho😁😁😁
  21. This is the best fans forum. I wouldn't bother if u don't toe the line you'll be binned
  22. He'd be a better option than dykes or kamberi lets be honest. Still wouldn't sign him tho
  23. I was thinking they'd be looking for between 5-8million same with McKenna. Obviously they are in some bother
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