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  1. Would love biscuit hips to fail a medical at arsenal. Then watch the press and scum fume as the 25million deal is renegotiated to 2.5million. They'd be falling over themselves to have a kick at arsenal for the cheek of it
  2. It's the 25 man squad shit that's making all the English players go for premium prices. How many of the 25must be homegrown? Take that rule away and things would calm down imo
  3. No offense meant to anymore but he's a cripple. Double "hernia" the week after the Scottish cup final and he ain't even back in light training yet. Ma auld gran has better hips than him and she's had them replaced ffs.
  4. I see a certain lb linked with arsenal for 25million. Well we have the best wing back in the spfl so I think he's worth at least that Why is that cunt worth 25million because hes played in the champions league lol hes needing arse reconstruction surgery because anytime he's stepped up to a decent level he's hopelessly exposed.
  5. It works well in football manager mate I must admit
  6. 5 attack 5 defending we shouldn't need anymore in Scotland to defend ffs Fuck team shape 3defenders and 2 sitting CM defend every other cunt win us the games.
  7. 3-4-3 With both wide midfield being wingers McGregor Goldson Edmundson Helander Tav Jack kamara Jones Arfield Morelos Ojo Kent in for Jones if we get him
  8. I have never rated joe Joyce bang average on a good day.
  9. Extra leg room required on Thomas cook flights now wait till that expense is passed on to the traveling fans 50 extra per head tae make sure big filip is comfy
  10. Welcome big man he eats humans for breakfast the size of that cunt lol
  11. Aye does the Scottish cup etc for the bbc. BBC don't obviously have much of Scottish football live that'll be why u hardly hear him. It's a disgrace that bbc Scotland don't have some live coverage of our top league live. They had exclusive rights back 15 odd year ago for it
  12. All what u say is correct but it's easy for the board absolutely no one would question Gerrard getting the job. Regardless of Chelsea and circumstances not one person has questioned lampards ability to do that job.
  13. Car found a few days ago his phone was in his car apparently. Hopefully that means the lad just needed some space. Doesn't sound promising tho sadly
  14. Maybe they wouldn't but it's the easy option for the Liverpool board. Circumstances played a part in lamps getting the Chelsea job but I ain't heard anyone question it for me it's the safe option
  15. Until this week I didn't think he'd go direct from us to pool. Now after lampard I think Liverpool will be his next job regardless of his success here tbh. If klopp left tomorrow Liverpool would appoint Gerrard
  16. Ok Where is that been reported?
  17. Information overload calm doon ffs
  18. Aye never spoke of again after that cunts😁
  19. Artmedia Bratislava 5-0 scum still piss myself at that
  20. Naw he didn't bottle it mind he wasn't happy with the signings been forced on him by mark Allen The big ladyboy shat himself at the thought of leaving his comfort blanket behind.. Sheep shagging bastard fuck him.
  21. Barrie McKay to QPR Warburton really is a fraud of a manager
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