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  1. On form yes but after the last few weeks how can katic just be bombed out completely. I have no issue with him no playing he's lost form but out the 18 mon tae fuck
  2. On form I think it's Goldson but you can be sure he wouldn't just be binned katic Btw he's lost form but to be taken out the 18 after livi that's a disgrace imo
  3. True but lets be honest Goldson is the manager's 1cb regardless of anything
  4. Aye and being the gaffers pal gets goldson the nod.
  5. Katic's problem is he doesn't have a commanding figure next to him to help him through games. Goldson needs a ready made partner along side him.
  6. Something has gone on u don't go from start every game just about to out of the 18 altogether imo
  7. Best midfielder in Scotland. Yet can't get in the national team. Although that's probably because they spent 4days trying to break him before the Russian game.
  8. The goal line is the same width as as the posts. So if it's over there would be clear daylight between the ball and the posts in the still pictures. Won't stop them saying saints robbed etc. Let them carry on mate crackpot to a man
  9. The gap between the top 2 and everyone else will be 20points minimum
  10. Am surprised that some are shocked by this coverage in the media Some posters really should know better
  11. So who'll get the utd job when OGS is sacked shortly
  12. Just keep winning. Football is a funny old game.
  13. Ffs bt already st.Johnstone will feel robbed aye makes a dent in there GD
  14. So that's 1-1 in terms of decisions from the officials. Yasssss
  15. Never ever in doubt. Some just need patience ffs was always gonna be a difficult game this.
  16. If we win 1-0 not a fuck will be given. This was always gonna be tough especially after Thursday. Have u ever seen us have a good game in Perth ? ,just get the game won
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