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  1. Looked drained of confidence for large parts of last season. Like Mckay and Law to an extent looks to be thriving under Warburton's influence.
  2. If we were in the position to sign some decent players again definetly think anya could do a job for us if and when we get back to the SPFHell one thing we do lack is genuine pace at the moment.
  3. Absolutely horrendous news thoughts go out to him and his family. No doubts the Rangers family will be sending there full support to a former player.
  4. Perry and Cribari might actually improve the holy unwashed's defence as its honking
  5. Current ability has to be Wallace. Most potential Macleod
  6. Jelavic was a better finisher for me all round player would have to say Mols was better.
  7. Just an attention seeking Ginger tramp just ignore him he'll hopefully have a meltdown and fuck off soon.
  8. GK. Niemi RB. Cleland CB. Petric CB. Moore LB. Vidmar CM. Reyna CM. Hemdani CM. D. Ferguson FW. Wallace FW. Drinkell FW. Arveladze
  9. Whyte's only appeared now due to the fact he's due ticketus £18 million plus legal fees and interest.
  10. Is this the same Queens Park who were singing there's only 1 Craig Whyte towards the end of the 1st Half great club like cunts more like
  11. Neil Murray as a player and Scout (allegedly)
  12. Agree with what the OP said also feel that having a smaller lone striker also helped today was less route 1. Don't know if it was coincidence or what with the ball being on the deck more that Black and Hutton were both more influential than previous weeks.
  13. Solid 2nd half performance thought both centre midfielders done well. Would like to see Little given a run up top thought him and shiels linked up superbly at times today.
  14. Met Davie a few times at away games. Last time being down in a boozer in Wigan before the Man Utd game. True gent and a great Rangers man.