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  1. That's the training gear on the site now if anyone is looking to buy. Just bought the 1/4 zip match day coaches drill top...stunning!
  2. XL fits nicely for me...fat bastard loyal. Feels like ordering a size up for a relaxed fit is spot on 👍🏼 Feel staunch as fuck wearing it. Gooood, gooood!
  3. Don't fully understand why McKenna and Taylor weren't punished at the goal-line stramash. McKenna for russian whipping Balogun head first into the post and Taylor for the 2 footed jump into McGregor's knees. My guess would be awful and/or corrupt officiating. If that's going to be the level of refereeing towards our players then we might as well call the game a bogey now. Absolutely no protection of our players from that baldy prick in the middle. Disgusting. The sheep couldn't beat us playing football so resorted to task and tried to batter us into submission...and this was allowed to happen for virtually the whole game. Why didn't the official nip their antics in the bud early? Questions should be asked.
  4. Just chipped another fiver into the Adrian Goldberg fund after listening to his podcast about this whole sordid affair. Thought Michelle and Gordon spoke very well and need to be commended for speaking out. If this film helps the survivors of CSA (and their friends/families) at THEIR hands get long overdue justice/closure, and highlights the corruption we are currently having to put up with from Nonce FC, their fans, the Scottish government, Police Scotland etc in this seedy little country, then it could turn out to be the best money I’ve ever spent. I know times are tough, but try to dig deep bears!
  5. Good deed done for the day 👍🏼 I don’t know how any Scottish Football fan (especially Rangers fan) could turn the other way if they found out about this fundraiser. I hope all Bears that know about this are making a donation (if their circumstances allow).
  6. Just donated as I wouldn’t have been able to live with myself if I didn’t. The attempted suppression of this story by the manky mob (Hollicom), their fans, the SMSM, Police Scotland and the SNP government is nothing short of deplorable. No urgency to assist the survivors whatsoever. All should hang their heads in shame and be taken to task. A national scandal if ever there was one! This story isn’t about football rivalries. This is to do with getting at least some kind of justice for the survivors of CSA who’ve been sorely let down by people/organisations who had a duty of care to protect them.
  7. Ordered mine. Hopefully get some MyGers staunch points for buying merchandise.
  8. God of War is incredible...hurry up and get it in your machine! 👍🏼
  9. Anyone know if Doom Eternal has got plenty of online players on PS4 at the moment? I bought Doom (2016) last week after having a bash at the demo. Wow...didn’t expect it to be anywhere near as fun as it was. Really enjoyed it! Unfortunately can’t get any online games as I’d imagine most have moved onto Doom Eternal.
  10. Cool Runnings and McFarland, USA
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