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  1. To those questioning the extension to Defoe’s deal...give yourselves a shake. He’s contributed massively so far this season, both on and off the park. Ok, he’s had a dry spell in recent weeks with the limited game time he’s had, but nobody will be more aware of this than Jermaine himself. He’s a model pro (love the guy...a perfect role model for strikers everywhere) that’s still hungry to score goals. The players around him need to step up and do more to put chances on a plate for him. Give him these clear cut chances and the majority of the time he’ll produce the goods. He’s ruthless in front of goal 👍🏼
  2. Cheers for the thumbs up BH 👍🏼 The scum think they’ve further derailed our season with their tainted victory on Sunday, all the while preying that we’ll crumble from here on in. No surrender is my cry! I’m not viewing the loss that way, instead viewing it that it has only further galvanised and unified our support. It’s imperative that us fans continue to get behind the players and manager, and then some. With the amount of shit we’ve had to deal with as a club over the past 8 years, no club in world football deserves to win silverware more than us. The fans have been exceptional for years and deserve to see us lift some again. To all the serial moaners in our support reading this who just can’t help but go ballistic at every little mistake the players make...how about turning that negative energy you’re casting into positive energy by getting fully behind them for a change? The players and the management are playing like a team that deserve our full support...give them what they’ve earned!
  3. I love the bears more than I hate them, but fuck any fenian cunt. Sunday past was the Roy Aitken final in ‘89 all over again. A horrendous piece of officiating ultimately led to them winning the cup...fact! Don’t let the mhanky mob convince you otherwise. I’m nailing my prediction to the mast and saying the Teddy Bears will get a League and Scottish Cup double from here. I hope everyone in here will continue the fight. They won the battle on Sunday, but the war goes on. I’ll still be getting right behind the team on Thursday night like I’ve always done, and especially El Buffalo, as I fuckin’ love the lad..old habits die hard!
  4. Sick of listening to the cunts bigging up another popcorn teeth masterclass. Players need to start dishing out payback to these bastards as they're absolutely rank rotten. We're better than them but need to start proving it on the scoreboard.
  5. Lookin' back on when we first met, I cannot escape and I cannot forget, Gerrard you're the one, you still turn me on, the league is comin' home again!
  6. Want to win every match of course but the tarriers showed yesterday that they're no great shakes. Long way to go in the league yet...plenty of twists and turns still to come so not gonna spit the dummy out just yet should we drop more points in the run up to the game at the piggery at the end of the month.
  7. Barely slept a wink all night. Still shellshocked and stunned that we didn’t win yesterday. Pretty sure the tarriers will be feeling the same and considering themselves extremely lucky to have won. Bizarre game of football. Hope I don’t have to sit through a game against them like it again in my life. Our time will come though...we fans deserve it more than anybody.
  8. Something I don’t understand which someone will need to clarify for me if they know the answer... The match was live on BT Sport today, so for games that are live on TV (such as todays), why can’t referees just consult a television match official at flashpoints to make sure calls are made correctly? In theory, surely it should be easy to use a broadcaster’s images since they have the pictures anyway? It’s not like independent cameras would need to be set up if the match is already televised. Long story short, we need some kind of referee consultation system in Scottish Football, as most officials can’t be trusted to get the potentially game-changing calls right.
  9. Sounds like you could’ve been the mad steamin’ cunt near me today...Guy was clearly too pished to remember anything at the game.
  10. Everyone associated with the club will be shellshocked with today’s result as neither team deserved what they got. For Thursday night, like the team, our support need to get today’s result out our system pronto and be vocal and back the team and management. They deserve our full backing after today’s bad luck. 2-0 Gers my prediction. Think we’ll beat Young Boys now that we’ve got them on grass.
  11. Lying here shellshocked right now at how we didn’t win that game today. A mixture of Lurch having the game of his life and those bastards getting lucky once again with an offside goal and Lurch cheating by being off his line by a yard or two before our penalty was hit. Feel robbed.
  12. We outsang the scum from the off. Only heard them a bit after they scored. Atmosphere from us went more flat and nervy after our penalty miss...to be expected due to the circumstances. Wished we’d won that one today as our fans deserve a break and deserve to see the team lift a trophy. Wasn’t our day, but their luck has to run out eventually. That’s all that got them through today and I’m not gonna let the mhedia or any taig try to convince me otherwise.
  13. Aye nae bother ya zoomer...lay off the crack. Our fans were a credit to the club once again today and nobody deserves a break more than us. Longing for the day it finally comes as we deserve it.
  14. VAR is needed in this footballing backwater as officials can’t be trusted to get potentially game changing calls correct. Until that’s addressed, performances like the ones from the officials today will continue.
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