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  1. BouncyBluenose87

    Willie Henderson LEGEND

    Just seen the headline on the BBC website for their report of this. ”Football Legend’s 75th birthday Sahara trek” Rest assured if he had played for the tarriers then that wouldn’t be the headline.
  2. BouncyBluenose87

    December was always gonna be make or break

    Even if we win on Saturday, the players will balls up too many times throughout the rest of the season and throw the league away. Painful to say but too many of the players simply aren’t good enough for where we want to be.
  3. BouncyBluenose87

    Who got buried in a pencil case?

    Who won slimmer of the year?
  4. BouncyBluenose87

    Glen Kamara

    Impressed with him when I've watched him. Even more so in that video compilation. Exactly the kind of signing we should be trying to make!
  5. BouncyBluenose87

    Rapid Vienna Day Trip

    First European trip for me yesterday. Had some time to reflect on the day now. Overall, I enjoyed it! Disappointing scoreline and disappointing lack of creativity from our players on the night, but the most important thing that has stuck with me is that our travelling support is absolutely second to none! We sing for one another (the full songbook was out last night including a few numbers which I didn’t even know, but thought they sounded superb), stand up for one another, fight for one another, look out for one another etc. Reckon the majority of fans will say that overall they enjoyed their day too. We really are the lifeblood of the club so I hate hearing the defeatists throwing the towel in already. There’s still a long way to go in this league season and it ain’t over til it’s over. We all go again on Sunday! WATP! P.S. Did anyone see the boy in the party lanes at the Schwedenplatz spraying the bottle of Veuve Cliquot Champagne all over the place? Was trying to pop the cork with the metal wire thingy still over the top. Mad bastard probably spent about 80 euros on a bottle of the stuff from one of the boozers xD
  6. BouncyBluenose87

    Andy Haliday

    Some of our support are blinded by their views of him from previous seasons. Any supporter that thinks he hasn’t stepped up his performances for us this season is kidding themself on. He’s been terrific under Gerrard and long may that continue!
  7. BouncyBluenose87

    ***The Official Hearts v Rangers Match Thread***

    McLean and Stewart repeatedly judging Morelos for celebrating at the Hearts fans when he scored. Goldson did the exact same thing when he scored and nowt was said. The witch-hunt against El Buffalo by the taig infested cesspit mhedia is nothing short of disgusting. Go on wee man...stick it right up them and get them spewin’ even more! P.S. If the Taigs got £20million odd for Dembele, then we should be able to get that for Morelos!
  8. BouncyBluenose87

    Allan McGregor

    Hauns like shovels!
  9. BouncyBluenose87

    Allan McGregor

    Allan, why are you so good? Won’t forgive big Judas for the way he left us back in the day, but any bear who says he hasn’t been worth his weight in gold since his return is living in denial.
  10. BouncyBluenose87

    Pitch invader

    Wee mongo’s a windae licker
  11. BouncyBluenose87

    Scum Thinking of Patching Ibrox Tickets

    Just beat these sleekit cunts Rangers...any old way, any old how!
  12. How can you shame that which is shameless? Sectarian, paedo harbouring, terrorist supporting, slime balls! A club like no other as they say...thank fuck for that!
  13. BouncyBluenose87

    VAR - Poll

    We could've done with it last Thursday night when El Buffalo's goal was deemed offside. A lot of the time officials can't be trusted to get game deciding calls correct. For that reason...I'm in!
  14. Can't defend the guy's actions...let himself, the fans and the club down and hopefully he realises this. As if the performance on the park on Sunday from us wasn't embarrassing enough, he went and gave the rest of Scottish Football a stick to beat us with by throwing a coin at an official. I'd imagine he feels remorse now but too late...the damage has been done.