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  1. Scottish Football...the game that hated itself to death!
  2. I sit in Sandy Jardine Rear 5 and most of the folk sit on their hands and appear to have no voice. It's mainly the old timers that don't wanna get involved.
  3. Not sure who I'd suggest for attacking mid but I'd look into buying the boy Ikpeazu from Hearts to go up with Morelos. Big lump of a boy (6ft 3) who is fast too. Seem to remember Worrall bouncing off him earlier in the season at Ibrox. He wouldn't get bullied and we could really do with some steel. Playing nice football in this league only gets you so far. We need some hardmen that won't take any shit. Morelos aside, I don't think we have anyone who stands up for themself.
  4. Spot on! Can't remember any winger hitting the bye line for us last night. Dreadful and quite frankly unacceptable! Same thing happened when the sheep won 1-0 at Ibrox earlier in the season. Play everything in front of Considine and McKenna and they'll swallow balls up all night. Crossing last night from wings from wingers and full backs was nothing short of woeful!
  5. "Home to one of the most successful clubs in world football"? Try, thee most successful club in world football! Fuck the Ladbrokes...William/Billy Hill Loyal from now on!
  6. Prizes are given out in May! Painful to say but at the moment, the league title is theirs to lose. We need to keep winning our games and hopefully they will drop points all over the shop...simple as that.
  7. Delighted for the lad. Looks like he's been working hard in training and the left back shirt should be his for now. Looks effortless in there and we play better with him in the team. If Barasic wants it back, he has to prove himself for me. It can't be overlooked that Halliday can play some fantastic passes and crosses too...much better than Barasic of late in my opinion.
  8. Cutting off their nose to spite their face...no blue pound for them. Fuck the pish stained sheepshaggin' scum! Looking forward to seeing shittodrie nigh on empty...unless they're going for another famous "sell-out" saturday? xD
  9. Gerrard and Clarke had a beer together after the game? That explains it then...the pish-stained auld muppet was bladdered.
  10. 5th February 1994 - Rangers 5 Partick Thistle 1 Remember having to get lifted up by my dad to stand on my seat whenever we scored as I was too small to see what was going on with everyone standing up to celebrate. I would’ve been 6 years old!
  11. Still doesn’t look match fit.
  12. We are more capable squad this season, of that I have no doubt. It's just frustrating that the likes of Killie, Livi, Hearts have also improved their setups. Possibly the tims and the sheep too. That's why we're currently not in the top 2. Long way to go in the season...prizes are given out in May, not now!
  13. Just seen the headline on the BBC website for their report of this. ”Football Legend’s 75th birthday Sahara trek” Rest assured if he had played for the tarriers then that wouldn’t be the headline.
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