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  1. Just been called up by Croatia for their upcoming internationals. Deservedly so. Love the big guy! Edit: Just realised it's for the U21 world cup...my mistake. Apologies.
  2. Acts like this is one of the reasons why I love my club and this current squad of players and coaching staff. With each passing week they ooze more and more class. I’d say the majority of our staff understand what it really means to represent our club. Exciting times ahead.
  3. Walked by him in Glasgow a few days ago. The lad’s a unit.
  4. Excited about the direction the squad is going in after reading that. Away from the bosmans, I’m looking forward to seeing who we bring in over the summer. I fully trust Mr Gerrard, Mark Allen and the coaching staff to get the most out of the playing appointments we make. I didn’t have that same confidence with Warburton, Caixinha (everytime I think about him, the more bizarre his appointment seems) or Murty at the helm. The future’s bright...the future’s red, white, blue and orange.
  5. https://www.scottishfa.co.uk/scottish-fa/football-governance/disciplinary/disciplinary-updates/ Think this link highlights all the citations which are going to a panel for analysis. No mention of Simunovic's swinging elbow on Defoe, so I don't think the CO raised this. Am I surprised?...nope, not when she's a season ticket holder at the piggery. It's the lack of parity that boils my piss. The CO role was created to highlight incidents which went unpunished at the time. Flanagan, McKenna and Johnston all got punished at the time with yellow cards, so the upgrading to red cards shouldn't have been allowed to happen. If Scottish Football is gonna go down the route of allowing the CO to re-ref games, then both they and the panel of refs analysing the incident should be impartial...simple as that. Until then, this corruption to the benefit of only one team will continue. All other clubs in the SPL should be rounding on these corrupt fuckers!
  6. It’s a tragedy, but the real tragedy is that it’s a tragedy that could’ve been nipped in the bud pronto, if the people involved in the cover up had told the authorities right away. It’s a tragedy caused by employees of their rancid club and their randid club only. No Seperate entity bullshit involved either! Spiers, the paedo protector, is a disgrace for trying to flip this back on Rangers and the fans. It’s got fuck all to do with us and our fans. It’s not about point scoring, it’s about justice for young victims of sexual abuse. He’s got a cheek slinging mud at us.
  7. Not gonna have a go at Chopper Flanagan considering Simunovic swung the elbow into Defoe’s face in the same game. Nothing’s being made about that incident though. The witch hunt against our club is sickening. The club should be banning these people as they need us a lot more than we need them. The Tims are the sorest losers ever. They’re still going on about this incident a few days after the game basically saying that if it had been a red then they’d have won the game. The boy who cried wolf and their players got away with the exact same offence time and time again this season and last. Like the pot calling the kettle black. Always cheated, never defeated, since 1888.
  8. Fuck them all...lie down and grunt, pigs!
  9. Loved the big guy ever since he joined us! No surrender Niko!
  10. Same here in my work. Very little forced praise through gritted teeth from them and the oh so predictable shite in an attempt to deflect from the arse kicking we dished out yesterday. "Yous didn't win a trophy this season", "We're going for the treble, treble so had to prioritise", "We're getting Jose as manager next season", "Gerrard might leave yous in the lurch like Saint Brenda did", "Flanagan should've had a straight red", "Kent's away at the end of the season, therefore you're gonna be shite next season", "we would've won if nae neck Forrest and brace face Tierney were playing"... and yadda, yadda, yadda... The tarriers, ladies and gentlemen...the sorest losers out there. Their arrogance will be their downfall and when that house of cards finally comes crashing down and we're at the summit of Scottish Football once again, the full-blown timplosion will be glorious!
  11. Can see the bitterness, fear and hurt oozing out of Sutton's every pore...glorious!
  12. Chopper Flanagan’s gonna get ye 🤭
  13. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Flanagan 🤭 Goes about his business quietly and then BAM!...cruncher of a tackle. No Tim wants to go near him again...job’s a good ‘un.
  14. Taig silencers 🤫 McCulloch taking the piss out Samaras with his celebration too...superb! 🤭
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