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  1. Asked the Taigs in work this morning if they think Griffiths should be banned for his actions last night...the deflectors were well and truly switched on. Mental health issues was their cry! Poor wee Leigh, the innocent victim in all of this. The guy’s a women abusing, cocaine snorting, bevvy swilling, money squandering racist. The Taigs can cry mental health issues all they want, but have they ever thought for a minute that maybe it’s not that and that the guy’s just a complete waster?
  2. The fridge should consider himself unlucky to be on the bench or out the picture altogether recently. Delighted to hear he'll be getting a start against Stranraer as based on what I've seen of him so far, he looks an exciting prospect.
  3. Taig’s share price dropped even further this morning. Going down like a lead balloon...hope they go bust 🤭👍🏼
  4. Oh don't worry...the postponed matches are still to come in February when the playing surfaces turn into concrete.
  5. Classless comment from Brazil...another bitter Rangers hater having diffculty accepting that we have a real asset on our hands. Him and the tarriers are made for each other.
  6. Just applied too. £329 is decent for a day trip. I've booked for 2 people which was showing up as £658 on the website, but my e-mail confirmations looks like I've only booked for one as it's showing £329. Anyone else got this issue?
  7. The only time I want to see a topic titled Tom English in here is when it’s followed by the words “Is dead”.
  8. Stevie’s learned that they’re a shower of corrupt cunts with people in high places that have too much influence on football.
  9. Morales?.. Sounds like when he bumped into McCoist he hung around him and picked up his bad habits
  10. Just clocked that a lassie blesses herself before the penalty. Concrete proof to me that God’s a proddie 🤭
  11. The turn around in performances so far under Gerrard is frightening. I still have nightmares about our games when Pedro was in charge. Even when we draw/lose, us fans generally come out feeling gutted that we didn’t win which tells a story. Rarely outplayed, even by top teams. Based on everything Gerrard’s said to date, we know he’s a winner and he’s obviously drilling that mentality into the minds of our players. The coaching staffs methods should bear fruit by the end of the season 👍🏼
  12. Clue’s in the name...Liam is a very taigy name. Work next to a guy called William who calls himself Liam...no prizes for guessing what team he supports 🤮
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