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  1. Already had a taig message me trying to point score by claiming we’re just as bad as them because of this. Comparing the cover up of an isolated incident with the cover up of industrial scale paedophilia...he’s dumber than I thought 🤦🏻‍♂️
  2. Pitch was playing fast as fuck. Ball was belting about all over the place. Like pinball.
  3. Anyone heard anything with regards to the club sourcing a new official travel partner for day trips? Not heard anything from the club or ticket office so far. Since Thomas Cook Sport went to the wall, I'm struggling to think of any other companies who would be able to do it tbh. Obviously Sports Options run trips but their packages don't include a ticket for the match.
  4. What I noticed after Defoe’s 3rd goal was him running over to the touchline to celebrate with the Buffalo...great to see! It’s been a while since we’ve had 2 strikers capable of big goal tallies! 👍🏼
  5. Really enjoyed listening to our player interviews of late. Jamie Murphy and George “The Fridge” Edmundsson seem like 2 top lads in our squad...hope they both keep up the great form when called upon 👍🏼
  6. Single-handedly fucked us last night. Nobody is to blame for that loss last night except Tavernier. Would expect him to be benched for our next match if he wasn't captain. A shame really, as first half I thought to myself that he looked to be getting back to his best form from last season...second half was a different story and his defending was appalling and nobody else can legislate for his mistakes. They cost us the game.
  7. Anyone ITK heard anything about a new travel partner for the travel club day trips yet? Club said in an e-mail last week that they hoped to let supporters know by Tuesday if they’d managed to get another company to do them.
  8. I’m arguing that the Taigs have benefitted from “financial doping” for 40-50 years now. Not speaking up about the paedophilia stuff kept their share price up, sponsors interested, season ticket holder numbers etc. If it had come out sooner then these 3 things (amongst others) would’ve impacted them financially...no doubt in my mind. Will we see the paedo protectors thrown down to the depths of Scottish Football for their “financial doping” in the interests of “sporting integrity”?. Oi, Petrie, can you answer my question please ya poisonous little rat?... Politicians answer incoming...
  9. Spot on. Not been a big Ryan Jack fan...until this season. Our most improved player so far this season in my opinion. The step up in him has been staggering. Discipline seems to be there now and he covers every blade of grass and always wants to get on the ball. His fitness and desire cannot be questioned right now. One name that’s a definite starter on the team sheet based on current form.
  10. Said it to people all along...when he does finally move on, he’ll live on as a club legend here and go for the biggest transfer fee in Scottish Football history, which the Taigs will not take with good grace 👍🏼
  11. Thought the same. Sounds a very likeable lad does oor Greg. Hope he continues to perform well when chances come his way...good luck to him 👍🏼
  12. Just been e-mailed this by ticket office. They claim they’re looking for an alternative travel partner for day trips to Porto and Feyenoord...no idea how much truth there is in it (based on how much of a shambles the ticket office is), but sounds at least a little promising at this stage.
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