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  1. Lead to believe £2million worth a tickets were sold for the game last night though...just think what the club can do with all that dough bud 💷😍
  2. Fair play to him. It’s a disgrace that he felt he had to apologise for the performance of others. He’s got nothing to apologise for with regards to that shambles last night. Halliday though...have we ever had a player that’s split opinion more? I like him and think he’s a handy player to have. At least you can see a bit of fight, grit and determination in him when he plays, unlike so many of the bedwetters that play for us. Should he be given a new contract? It’s a yes from me.
  3. I think the hard truth is that we’ll win nowt with him in the team most weeks. A total liability! Has way more shit games than good. Can’t play well consistently. Lost count how many of his individual errors have cost us goals. Still expect him to start against Ross County though. The manager must see something in him that I don’t. I stopped defending him long ago. Not good enough to play for us regularly.
  4. Things only got more embarrassing from there... I despise some folk in our support. Some coming up with and supporting irrelevant, birthday card pish like this and some shouting constant abuse at our players and management. Taig behaviour.
  5. Run out of likes for today because of this thread...the boy's havin' a nightmare!
  6. Will back to the team to the hilt as per for the remainder of the season, but I think the OP has been on the marchin' powder!
  7. Could be a nightmare to get tickets. Quick google search told me their average attendance is 28k. Hopefully some bears will get to watch from the roof 😄
  8. The number of surrender monkeys throwing the towel in already on here should be ashamed of themselves. We're no the French, we're the famous Rangers ffs! No surrender 😄
  9. If they want some, we'll give it t'them! Happy to see our players test themselves against this mob. Short trip to Germany may work out in our favour too.
  10. Are they warming up the baws as they speak? Get them oot ya bunch a wallopers!
  11. The dozy cunt of a police officer shouldn't have tried to rugby tackle their scorer in the first place. Let the Copenhagen players enjoy the moment with their fans. The assault charge reeks of sour grapes.
  12. The disco lights getting stored away again yet? 🕺🏻💃🏼
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