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  1. Sincerely hope that the mud slinging at our club this past few days makes our support more unified than ever in the coming weeks. The corrupt scum that have targeted our club with this sanction want us to fail so we miss out on the group stages cash windfall. We need to triumph in the face of adversity here and sicken these bastards!
  2. What would you rather he said? You’re way off the mark if you think Marshall’s the bad guy here. The bad guys are that shower a corrupt inbred cunts from the east end who are repeatedly trying to hamstring our club with sanctions and demonise our support. They’re the ones we all need to be united against...reprehensible paedo-protecting scum of the highest order!
  3. Spot on! Couldn’t have said it better myself. Conflict of interest? Absolutely!
  4. Regardless of your opinion on all of this, we need to be more unified than ever as a support for Thursday night as it’s a massive night for our club. To anyone who thinks these sanctions are all the Rangers fans fault and that we haven’t been deliberately targeted here though, know your enemy!
  5. FARE are a proverbial arse boil on Football. Their staff should just fuck off and die...cunts of the highest order.
  6. Racist chants, aye? Would love to hear what the fans chanted that was racist. So racist chants from other clubs = no stadium closure, but alleged sectarian and racists chants by Rangers fans = closure...anyone who doesn’t think we’ve been targeted here by Slimy Pedro and his minions at UEFA are being naive at best. Doing what they can to try and hamstring us, so we don’t get the Europa League qualifying money and close the gap further...lower than a snake’s belly that mob.
  7. The topic of our support at Ibrox comes up all the time. Humans are creatures of habit, so I anticipate most fans will behave in the exact same way they do every home game this coming Thursday, regardless of Gerrard saying he wants us to get the place rocking. If you want to sing...sing. If you want to clap...clap. If you want to do the bouncy...bounce etc etc. We’re all in this together, so there’s no point in trying to divide the support by getting frustrated at fans who are happy to sit on their hands and keep their lips zipped for 90 minutes. Might as well just turn negative energy into positive energy. We’ve all paid our hard earned to be there so do whatever you like as long as it won’t land the club in hot water I say.
  8. Can’t even get on Rangers TV. Keep getting 504 timeout message. Had no problems with other 3 rounds...must be thousands of tarriers wanting to watch us tonight 🤭👍🏼
  9. This...the realisation is slowly hitting them that the game’s over this season 👍🏼
  10. Why is this only on the front page of 1 paper today though? Looks like Hollicom are attempting to get this to pass without incident. Their papers reporting of it probably has this article buried on pages 15 and 16, in a wee corner alongside a double page spread of a negative Rangers story. Look forward to seeing developments in the media in the coming days.
  11. Don't think there's a massive crisis with the left back position...think a lot of our fans are looking for a problem that isn't really there. Flanagan had a poor performance last night admittedly (players have bad games every now and again just like we have bad days at work...we're only human), but think Barasic and Halliday are both more than capable should Gerrard feel he needs to rotate the position after poor performances. One thing I will say is that I liked the look of their left wing back Andersson last night (number 6)...think he is one to keep an eye on before the transfer window shuts. Might be able to get him cheap. Thought he looked capable going forward and in defence last night...looked like he had a great turn of pace and looked confident with the ball at his feet.
  12. Day trip £499 with Thomas Cook Sport...pricey but still tempting as fook!
  13. Anyone with one travel club point fancied their chances of getting a ticket and booked up for the day trip with Sports Options? Asking for a mate...
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