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  1. Nacional can still win it no? Their second game is on the 20/1, sitting on 3 points.
  2. Aye I thought that. Won't have time to get to the ticket office today
  3. Think they have suspended betting on him...
  4. Can anyone seriously believe that we "forgot" his contract was up? If I was in his position I would be telling Ally everyday that I wanted to renew my contract.
  5. Big E, Swagger was a decent match. 2 powerhouses going at it.
  6. TNA was really enjoyable, 2 tv tapings. Angle/Joe vs EC3/Magnus Bromans vs Abyss/EY Abyss vs EY Gunner/Storm vs Bad Influence Roode vs Joe Aries vs Ion (Ion cashed in X Division briefcase) Rayne/Sky vs Kim/Tapa (Sky dumped Sabin) Curry Man vs Bully Ray Angle vs Magnus
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