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  1. ***Florida Cup Thread***

    Nacional can still win it no? Their second game is on the 20/1, sitting on 3 points.
  2. **** Official Rangers vs Stranraer Match Thread ****

    Aye I thought that. Won't have time to get to the ticket office today
  3. **** Official Rangers vs Stranraer Match Thread ****

    Any idea if it's pay at the gate again?
  4. Burnley At Ibrox 21St July

    Where was Murdoch last night?
  5. *** New Manager Discussion ***

    Nae knead mate.
  6. *** New Manager Discussion ***

    Think they have suspended betting on him...
  7. Charlie Telfer to Dundee United?

    Can anyone seriously believe that we "forgot" his contract was up? If I was in his position I would be telling Ally everyday that I wanted to renew my contract.
  8. *****The Official Scottish Cup Semi Final Thread*****

    I reckon we will fucking pump them!
  9. ***The Official Wrestling Discussion Thread***

    Big E, Swagger was a decent match. 2 powerhouses going at it.
  10. ***The Official Wrestling Discussion Thread***

    TNA was really enjoyable, 2 tv tapings. Angle/Joe vs EC3/Magnus Bromans vs Abyss/EY Abyss vs EY Gunner/Storm vs Bad Influence Roode vs Joe Aries vs Ion (Ion cashed in X Division briefcase) Rayne/Sky vs Kim/Tapa (Sky dumped Sabin) Curry Man vs Bully Ray Angle vs Magnus
  11. ***The Official Wrestling Discussion Thread***

    MVP is the new investor.
  12. ***The Official Wrestling Discussion Thread***

    Anyone going to TNA tomorrow?