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  1. There must be somebody who could keep stats on how many corners we take that don’t even beat the first man... It’s fucking amateur.
  2. In regards to him looking fed up... It’s probably more to do with the ignorance of that translating nonsense. Horrific ??
  3. I understand we are all looking for positives tonight but the fact we are losing to this mob is a disgrace.
  4. Don’t deserve to lose this game but if we’re being honest, we don’t deserve to win it based on tonight shocking display either. A draw not a disaster.
  5. Every chance we’ll concede a similar number ? Defo think we’ll bag another couple tho. This is what it’d be like to an spfl team who didn’t park the bus.
  6. We’ll score 5/6 against this mob tonight. They are absolutely rotten
  7. Only positive so far is that this mob really don’t look great at the back either. Could end up a cricket score
  8. Least we’ll have the wind second half... Fucking hell.
  9. ??? What the fuck is going on here.
  10. Thought sky had answers the prayers of the fans and just turned the cameras off there ???
  11. The Mexican Kevin Kyle should have his contract terminated before they even get back on the bus home.
  12. Would’ve been better with Foderingham on up front than those two useless cunts.
  13. Pitch is horrific. The kind of surface you expect to see jumpers as goalposts on.
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