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  1. ***the Official Rangers Vs Hearts Match Thread***

    Happy with that
  2. ***the Official Rangers Vs Hearts Match Thread***

    2-1 us hopefully a gd game.
  3. *****the Official Hibs V Rangers Thread*****

    Never seen the game but delighted at the win and 3points
  4. ***the Official Rangers V Alloa Match Thread***

    Another draw...pish
  5. ***The Official Hibernian vs Rangers Match Thread***

    From one car crash to another,fucking shambles.
  6. ***Hearts v Rangers***

    Gtf Ally and take all this shite with you.
  7. ***Hearts v Rangers***

    Absolute fucking joke of a team.
  8. ***Hearts v Rangers***

    Be good to smash them not just win but fucking smash them
  9. ***Hearts v Rangers***

    Will there be a webcam show at halftime BT?
  10. ***Hearts v Rangers***

    Right in about them Rangers...3points a must
  11. ***Hearts v Rangers***

    2-1 Rangers
  12. Scotland v England

    England deserved the win we had a go but their quality shone threw in the end decent game though.
  13. Scotland v England

    Think Scotland will actually win it,should be a good game.
  14. ***The Official Darts Thread***

    Live Masters darts on this weekend in Edinburgh on Itv4,been some gd games so far