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  1. laudrupno1

    An anthem for Stevie G?

  2. laudrupno1


    Did nothing wrong today tbf.
  3. laudrupno1

    MOTM today Connor Goldson

    Absolutely strolled it.
  4. laudrupno1


    Absolute quality ,his delivery is top notch too.
  5. laudrupno1

    Stevie G

    Spot on.
  6. laudrupno1

    Union Bears Display Info for Tommorow

    Cracking effort.
  7. laudrupno1

    Fan Engagement Survey

  8. laudrupno1

    Fan Engagement Survey

    Just gonna do mines now ,good to see the club looking for feedback from us fans.
  9. laudrupno1

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Brenda will be raging 😂
  10. laudrupno1

    Ashley gone?

    BJK signage till JD ones arrive
  11. laudrupno1

    Kyle Lafferty

    Big man strikes again
  12. laudrupno1

    Gazza on Soccer AM

    Fuck up wee sack
  13. laudrupno1

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Haha Timmy cunts 😂
  14. laudrupno1

    Boycotting House of Fraser

    Boycott boycotts.