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  1. laudrupno1

    Nice to bid £8million for morelos

    Off in the summer no doubt but not in this window.
  2. laudrupno1

    ***The Official Kilmarnock v Rangers Thread***

    Was wondering this too hopefully back soon.
  3. laudrupno1

    Gerrard on signing Defoe

    Bout as funny as a dick up the arse.
  4. laudrupno1

    Matt Polster's Missus

  5. laudrupno1

    Scottish Cup Draw

    Not the greatest draw.
  6. laudrupno1

    Ricksen won't leave hospice

    Good to see reunited with his family.
  7. laudrupno1

    ***Official Rangers vs HJK Helsinki Thread***

    Barisic prob snaps the banjo string every time he pumps his Mrs.
  8. laudrupno1

    ***Official Rangers vs HJK Helsinki Thread***

    Typical friendly to be expected.
  9. laudrupno1

    Defoe's Wages

    Some of it got chopped too cos he put his address up or random address and random phone numbers absolute stoater
  10. laudrupno1

    MOH Back In Scotland

    True mate I was too kind.
  11. laudrupno1

    MOH Back In Scotland

    Break a leg or 2 hopefully.
  12. laudrupno1

    Rangers related picture thread