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  1. laudrupno1

    ***The Official Darts Thread***

    I'd have stabbed that cunt Price by now.
  2. laudrupno1

    ***The Official Darts Thread***

    Hope Anderson smashes Price.
  3. Great service, ordered on 4 separate occasions and been spot on
  4. laudrupno1


  5. laudrupno1

    ***The Official Darts Thread***

    Semi Finals and Final day,hopefully some good darts today.
  6. laudrupno1

    *** Official Betting Thread ***

    Definetly mate.
  7. laudrupno1


    Only saw bits of the game as was flicking over when adverts were on during the darts but from what I saw he looked good plus another game under his belt and no injuries so all good.
  8. laudrupno1

    Kris Boyd Testimonial

    Couldn't find any last night.
  9. laudrupno1

    Kris Boyd Testimonial

  10. laudrupno1

    Daniel Prodan has passed away

  11. laudrupno1

    Does anyone care?

    No injuries is all I'm hoping for.
  12. laudrupno1

    Kris Boyd Testimonial

  13. laudrupno1

    James Bond Son of William