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  1. Off in the summer no doubt but not in this window.
  2. Was wondering this too hopefully back soon.
  3. Bout as funny as a dick up the arse.
  4. Beat the sheep 2.0 to win the Betfred cup,topped my Europa group and currently 8 points ahead of the scum so my second season is going better than my first.
  5. Not the greatest draw.
  6. Good to see reunited with his family.
  7. Barisic prob snaps the banjo string every time he pumps his Mrs.
  8. Some of it got chopped too cos he put his address up or random address and random phone numbers absolute stoater
  9. Lots of gd proddies in Airdrie and follow Airdrie so this will be why targeted unlike Albion Rovers say from Taigbridge that be a fenian love fest.
  10. Section B years ago dunno if still exists though.
  11. Airdrie fans bottled,scummy green brigade taig bastards.
  12. Haha brilliant great surprise that'll be for her then hope we get a win and afew goals for her first game,enjoy
  13. Enjoy mate memory for life that.
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