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  1. Every bear should sign and share this link. Its agonisingly close and only needs another few hundred to get it over the line and force a parliament debate. Get it signed.
  2. Its the way to beat the scum. Give them no time on the ball. If they get it, someone should be on them in seconds. Force them to make quick decisions and it will prompt mistakes. When we last played the scum, it was clear from the off we were standing off them. I dunno what Gerrard was thinking. For tonight we need to keep control, keep eleven men on the park and keep up the tempo for the whole game. Discipline is crucial. We can only beat them with 11 players. Im sick fed up playing games with ten men. We've made top of the league and we must make it hard to shift us off it. It will make the scum think if we cuff hibs when they couldn't. The reverse is also true.
  3. Well you need a great manger at christmas.
  4. Thats really sad and shocking news. I don't know Ed personally but he was a good poster on here and we swapped messages a few times. I'm really sad to hear that. He is a true blue supporter.
  5. Guardian


    Sometimes players just dont fit into teams. Cant hold this one against Gerrard. One dud out of all the players signed is a good track record. Its not like we paid nine million quid for him. Also good to see Gerrard will not tolerate anything less than 100%.
  6. Thats in hand. We've ordered a Lafferty and are just waiting in for the delivery man.
  7. We will put a marker down today and win 1-4 No doubt about it.
  8. What do Rangers and fans of Aberdeen have in common? They will both be pumping the sheep on sunday.
  9. Hes got new players and its bollocks to suggest he cant get more out of them. Its only his second game, so give him a chance to get organised. Rodgers got skelped by the red imps of Gibraltar on his first game. Thats a team that dont even have their own ground. If you think Gerrard cant do better than Murty you're aff yer heid.
  10. We better win or the taig press will run the headline Rangers Dead and Bury'd. We've got off to a great start, albeit in friendlies, so I hope it continues as it puts pressure on the tarriers going into the new season. We have tough opening fixtures but get them out the way successfully and it will scare the be Jesus out of the them.
  11. Take it to UEFA FIFA or CAS. With any of them involved they can't keep it in Scotland where they can bury it.
  12. Let's not get too carried away here. King has only released a statement, we aren't going to war or any such thing.... Yet. If he has a genuine, legal case, I'm no lawyer, then he must pursue this. If he doesn't its just flag waving and playing to the gallery. I'm hoping it's the former and we put so much pressure on them, they will have to act. It would seem a terrible conflict of interest which would be hard to defend and their quick attempt at burying it should be responded to immediately. It's not like they take long to attack us for any infringement. I'm not falling into line behind king til I see he's not just sabre rattling.
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