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  1. Bilel Mohsni - 7 Match Ban

    Just a shame Mohnsi didn't show any of that fighting spirit during the rest of the fucking season.
  2. ***** Official Qots V Rangers Thread *****

    The new manager effect didn't last long.
  3. *****the Official Rangers Vs Cowdenbeath Thread*****

    Whilst it's great to see us finally starting to come back from the damage inflicted by Allys mismanagement, this is Cowdenbeath we are playing, not Barca. That said, we are much better and going in the right direction now. McCalls only been here a short time, but is already making a difference. We've always thought the team SHOULD do better, but the bigger question was COULD they do better after Allys regime ? It seems they aren't beyond redemption and may just give McCall something to work with.
  4. Stuart Mccall Becomes Manager Till End Of Season.

    Lets just hope Mccall doesnt "grow tired" of trying to get a performance outdof the shambles Ally left. His record isnt ideal, but given our circumstances we must get behind him and hope he can make a difference. To be honest, we would be in that boat whoever took over. If he does well then I see no reason he cant continue. As for Kenny, keeping him is a big mistake. The players need to understand this is a new world yet we give them an old face. I will give the board the credit for doing what was badly needed. Lets just hope it works.
  5. Rangers Sign Five Newcastle Players On Loan.

    Where were they before Ashley took over ?
  6. Rangers Sign Five Newcastle Players On Loan.

    Precisely. Some would rather we didnt get any new players so they could still greet about it. If we took on loan players from anywhere the money money would still coming from the same place. More red herrings, deflection and spin from folk who just want to shit on everything the club does. Good or bad. Had king did it, they would want statues of him put up. Im behind anything that helps the club whereas they are behind anything that helps king.
  7. McCoist stays

    Ally will be gone the second the SFA let Ashley up his stake, if not before. It is not good business to let Ally hang around like a fart in a volkswagen, so I very much doubt Ashley will let it go on any longer than he has to.
  8. McCoist stays

    What a load of shite. You have no idea what you're talking about. Do you really think Ashley is bothered over the paltry amount flogging our shirts makes ??
  9. McCoist stays

    Very true. Tho he showed his true colours (red and black) when he lied about his vote last year. How he hadn't made up his mind etc etc only to reveal later he'd given it to a bunch of rebel supporters months before. I don't care how good a player he was before or how big a legend. He's a sleekit wee cunt now.
  10. McCoist stays

    No point blaming the board over this. With the club being starved of funds and fans being driven away by Allys pishy football they just don't have the cash. Ally knew this and obviously and undeniably did it to cause more financial turmoil, no doubt after a chat with his wee mate Dave. All respect for Ally has now gone. It took a big knock when he lied and led us on about his vote last year, but this kills it dead. His salary coverup, his refusal to cut it until he was forced to, and now this, is the final straw. He knew he was failing badly and took the most damaging way possible out the door. I am very close to hating the wee cheeky chappy prick now. He has taken millions in cash and shares with the best of the spivs and done nothing for it but ruin our chances of promotion. If a deal ain't sorted quick, he will be joining the ranks of Whyte, Green, Ahmad and the other spivs who were jut here for the money. At least Green and Ahmad never claimed they were here for love of the club. I'm away to burn my copy of A shot at glory.
  11. Sky Sources: McCoist Tenders Resignation

    There are a lot of bears looking out their pitchforks and torches. I suggest calming down until we get some clarity on it. A lot of the shit flying about is conjecture and contradictory so its impossible to sort out the shit from the substance. The tims and the anti-Rangers media will be looking to spin anything they can out of it during the confusion as a wind up. Lets see what happens.
  12. Ally Out Protest Main Stand 2:30pm Sat 6th

    Where are these people who genuinely want to help the club long term ? Theyve had 3 years to come forward, yet still silence. Do they exist ? f
  13. ***Official Rangers v Kilmarnock thread***

    Thats an easy one. Ally is still manager. Its a cup game. Its a big game. So we will get pumped.
  14. Ally Out Protest Main Stand 2:30pm Sat 6th

    I fully expect him to be gone tomorrow or tues at the latest. Either he will walk or Ashley will underwrite his sacking. It is now clear to even the biggest Ally fans he just diesnt have it. If nothing is done we risk losing promotion, losing fans and endangering the income streams. If he is not gone PDQ then reluctantly protests will be needed. I wouldnt normally go for this but we would hsve to make our feelings crystal clear to the board on this.
  15. ***The Official Queens Park vs Rangers Match Thread***

    Ally will probably want this postponed too. If the game ain't played Allys job is safe.
  16. Ally McCoist - all chat in here

    Surprised nobody mentioned Sir Alex Ferguson the original cheeky chappy. He was famous for his irrepressible sense of humour and even as a player and a manager he was still catching players and directors out with his whoopy cushion and fake dog shites. He once sent Ryan Giggs to B & Q for a tin of tartan paint and a left handed screwdriver. He was there for hours while the guy went off to find him a long stand. To this day SAF is still seen wearing his comedy red nose. What a card.
  17. **** Falkirk vs Rangers (Fri KO 7:45pm) ****

    That may keep Ally in the job a few more weeks.
  18. **** Falkirk vs Rangers (Fri KO 7:45pm) ****

    The team is boycotting the game. Allys tea is surely oot noo.
  19. **** Falkirk vs Rangers (Fri KO 7:45pm) ****

    I can see us playing much better and probably even winning. Ally (or circumstances) always seem to get them motivated to a better performance when the heat is really on them. Then they go back to the same old mince.
  20. Ally McCoist - all chat in here

    I'm surprised Ally is still there. I'd have thought he'd have seen the writing on the wall and did the decent thing. Mind you, seeing danger and acting on it isn't his strongpoint. I hope it's not down to money on his part. Surely he is only hanging in for his pride. On the boards part, the only reason for not sacking him that makes any sense is they can't afford him. Ironically the non renewers may be keeping Ally in a job. Either way this puts us in a really bad position. If he stays we probably won't get promotion and into the big money, but we may have to sacrifice some of the plan to get rid now. I'm quite sure Wallace would bin him right now, so I can only surmise he reckons Ally will seek a full pay off. There are only two likely ways out of this jam. Negotiate with Ally to reach a workable settlement, but that depends on Ally. Find the money to sack him. Borrow it from somewhere, anywhere. The savings made will more than cover it. Surely there must be Rangers men who would help out ? It will be a sizeable amount as I'm sure Allys "pay cut" was more a deferral and he will be due full whack. It is clear something must be done and I hope the board are busy behind the scenes making it happen. I'm also aware there will be a cost so I would hope (in vain probably) that we don't see an outbreak of mock outrage at the cost. We all know it has to happen.
  21. Ally McCoist - all chat in here

    Dear Ally First of all I would like, on my behalf and I'm sure 99% of Rangers fans, to thank you for your unstinting leadership during and following our admin crisis. You have been the rock around which the fans have rallied to ensure survival of the club. The happy ending to this great adventure would have seen you manage the team successfully back into the SPFL and the Champions League and eventually back to our rightful position. However, this isn't Hollywood and we don't always get the happy ending we so desperately want. God knows you had huge problems on and off the field, and nobody doubts your commitment or effort, but over the course of your tenure, your managerial credibility haslost more support with every match. It has become clear that management is not for you and you should pursue other career opportunities. We know you aren't a quitter and it will hurt to accept this, but it is time to step aside for the good of the club. Your first instinct will be to keep going, but for the sake of the team and the fantastic esteem you are held in by fans, you must do the right thing. In continuing you are only tarnishing the great legacy left by your playing career. As a player and manager you must have seen the heartbreak when a young player is told he isn't good enough to make it, however hard he tries. You are now in a similar position. I'm well aware you will probably never read this, but I'm pretty sure it now reflects the thoughts of almost every fan. You can leave with your head held high, with the fans best wishes, and you will always be a Rangers Legend. Guardian
  22. Ally McCoist - all chat in here

    I reckon he will be mutually consented by Monday afternoon. He should have gone after the cup fiascos but he got more time but really there is no hope in him turning it round. It's only the financial repercussions that have kept him in the job. We must now bite that bullet and then give it to him.
  23. Ally McCoist - all chat in here

    A lot of rebels will be quite happy. Anything that does the club down and causes grief for the board suits those bastards just fine.
  24. Ally McCoist - all chat in here

    No more excuses or hiding places for Ally or the board. The Hearts management team faced similar problems as Ally, spent much less, cost much less and still skelped us with a new team. Allys had his preseason, He got his signings and still failed miserably. NO MORE EXCUSES ALLY....WALK OR BE WALKED.