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  1. Fuck off
  2. Sorry mate but your about 10 years behind with they prices. A Davis, Cuellar, Prso, Nakamura would cost 5-10 million in this day and age.
  3. I still wouldn't pay 750k for him... Another highly inflated price
  4. Only way we would get De boer as if he doesn't receive and EPL or la Liga offer. Even then it's a long shot.
  5. Wes Hodson Bates Hill Wallace Windass Halliday Dodoo Hyndman McKay Miller Give Bates a chance, If Wallace is out throw in Beerman. Bench - Alnwick, Wilson, Tav, Windass, Burt, Waghorn, Garner.
  6. Story was clearly leaked by the board to take the pressure off them. Hope the appointment is a good yin and we end the season strongly.
  7. You think he's going to come and say this? Statements like that are best kept in doors - they only come back to bite you on the arse.
  8. 100% this.
  9. Wes Tav Wilson Hill Wallace Halliday Hyndman Toral Mckay Waghorn Miller (4-1-2-1-2) I think the underperformers will step right up to the mark. Going to say best performance of the season. 1-4 (Waghorn,Miller x2,Halliday).
  10. Well it is... That's like me leaving my job but still claiming the position is mine.
  11. Nonsense. Contract terminated - No more employment.
  12. I'm taking a liking to Murty. Seems and good guy and to be trying his hardest. Not saying that he should be manager but he's been put in a cunt of a situation so we can't fault his effort. I hope he does well and the fans appreciate his effort and goes back to his position with his head held high.
  13. Which consists of 15-18 year olds.
  14. Me. We are moving in the right direction. Who do you want to replace the board + King?
  15. 😂😂😂😂 'We are not spending money on wages, scouting, players etc' Rangers make moves to improve... 'Why the fuck we spending money on big salaries'. Fuck this bring back Green, Ashley, Mccoist and McDowell. Times now aren't as bad as they used to be.