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  1. Hope you and the youngster get sorted 👍
  2. Didn’t get one. kids crying
  3. 5.08 exactly 👀 Dont kid yourself on you’ll be up at your phone every minute 😂
  4. Feel like I’m ready to go to war with anyone who isn’t Rangers.
  5. Emails are expected to land tomorrow (SLO) Full day of jumping at every notification then
  6. I can see them both leaving in Jan. Announce Scott Allan...
  7. Oh well I had 2 bites of the cherry through CCCS + the bus.
  8. Emails out now. £40 for Wrexham at home is a joke. £7 delivery anaw. What we do to keep the lights on eh ? 👀
  9. Canny wait to go see the Joker tomorrow. Goingy patch the last 10 mins but so I can get home a bit earlier 👀
  10. Didn’t know it came from Alan Brazil until folk said in the thread tbh..
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