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  1. ChampionsAgain

    ***** Transfer Thread *****

    Tims agree fee for that PSG boy. Happy with that to be honest, most of there budget blown on someone they already had.
  2. ChampionsAgain

    ***Rumours thread***

    Solanke, Wilson and Lucas and I’d be very happy.
  3. ChampionsAgain

    Jason Cummings

    I’d take him. If not, he will be back at Hibs and will score a good few against us...
  4. ChampionsAgain

    Should we already be worried if this is true.

    Windass is a good player. Young and inconsistent though just like the rest of the team. Defo plays better up top than on the wings or no 10.
  5. ChampionsAgain

    Oh it’s magic ye know

    Your a wee specky....
  6. ChampionsAgain

    Lucas Leiva (Lazio)

  7. ChampionsAgain

    Lucas Leiva (Lazio)

    Brown is top paid player at the scum. They don't have anyone on 30+ but have a load of players on 18-25k We could pay 30-40 I reckon, Herrera and Pena gone and that pays 30/40k a week
  8. ChampionsAgain


    Alnwick Tav Bates Martin Hallidau Mccrorie Dorrans Holt Candieas Morelos Windass
  9. ChampionsAgain

    Dave King Press Conference on Monday

    I reckon we will spend close to 20m this year with morelos gone. Anything over 10m i don't think we can complain with tbh. I'd be content with 5/6 quality signings, 2 real quality loans and the 2 already agreed freebies.
  10. ChampionsAgain

    Dave King Press Conference on Monday

    We spent 10 last summer.
  11. ChampionsAgain


    John terry Player/coach
  12. ChampionsAgain

    ***Official Rangers v Tarriers Thread***

    John and Murphy are fit. Wes Tav Martin Bates John Docherty Goss Candeias Windass Murphy Morelos
  13. ChampionsAgain

    ***Official Rangers v Tarriers Thread***

    4-3 us written all over it. Last minute winner from Cummings. Swing yer bra.
  14. ChampionsAgain

    ***Official Rangers Vs Falkirk thread***

    John should be back for next week
  15. ChampionsAgain

    ***Official Rangers Vs Falkirk thread***

    Wallace is out apparently, will be on the bench for the old firm at a maximum. John should be back