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  1. Guesswork but I think you could possibly be part of the damaged orders?
  2. Order number and time ordered means absolutely heehaw mate.
  3. McLaughlin Tav Goldson Edmundson Barisic Jack Kamara Aribo Hagi Morelos Kent
  4. Don’t trust them mate because they barely play, start of the season is the perfect time to come in. We need to call on these players at some point this season. I’m not talking full scale let the full back up team play. Bring players like Arfield, Bassey, Itten in.
  5. I’d rest some key players tonight. This is our 3rd game in 6 days. Our ‘back up’ players should take care of this pretty easily, Got a huge game on Sunday.
  6. All games have been postponed until 17th August (rumour)
  7. Games aff supposedly. Postponed all games until 17th Aug. (Rumour)
  8. McLaughlin Tav Goldson Balogun Barisic Jack Aribo Barker Hagi Kent Morelos Patterson, Roofe, Itten, Bassey n Arfield all getting game time. 2-0. This being our 3rd game in 6 days I can see it being a bit of a drag.
  9. Content with the performance. Still feel we are a wee bit to cautious with the ball at times. Barisic was class n Morelos looked good again.
  10. Quite looking forward to a balanced view if I’m honest.
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