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  1. McGregor 8 Tav 4.5 Goldson 6 Helander 8 Barasic 8 Davis 7 Jack 8 Kamara 6 Arfield 8 Morelos 9 Ojo 7.5
  2. This 100%. We’ve looked so cautious this season
  3. McGregor Tav Goldson Katic Barasic Arfield Davis Jack Kamara Aribo Defoe
  4. Another absolutely mental decision from Gerrard. Should of been brought on 60/70 then started the Feyenoord game
  5. Some of our support have turned into woofters.
  6. Surely Bronzy is 🎣🎣🎣 here. Either that or an absolute weapon
  7. Looks to be rather enjoying it regardless of singing or not. If this is real, he needs to go asap.
  8. If that is him there’s no way back.
  9. Just watched the highlights there. Good result. Didnt see much of Balde though, how is he settling in?
  10. Best action of the night from the Legia mob. Ibrox sparked into life during/after the set them off.
  11. Anyone else get charged £32 for this?
  12. Take it Rangers haven’t learned at all from last year?
  13. McGregor Tav Goldson Katic Flanagan Arfield Davis Jack Kamara Aribo Defoe Or Mcgregor Tav Katic Helander Barasic Jack Aribo Ojo Arfield Kent Morelos
  14. I can’t bring myself to blame the players today. Tactics all over the camp. Best players sitting on the bench. Absolute madness
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