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  1. If it’s 2 out and 0 in, I’d want to keep Jones. But if we bring in one quality player to replace I’d be happy with it
  2. Not sure he can go out on loan again. He’s played with us this season, going out on loan again would make it his 3rd club of the season. Not sure if that can happen
  3. McGregor Polster Goldson Katic Barisic Jones Arfield Davis Kent Defoe Morelos I really don’t see the need for 3 cm’s at Ibrox against these teams.
  4. We’ve lost 2 games all season ffs. For perspective last time we won the league we drew 3 and lost 5, currently sit at 2 and 2. They’ve got 9 away games before the spilt they won’t win every single one of them. We go in top at the spilt it’s any mans game.
  5. None of them chemicals say cocaine so I’m no interested
  6. Never seen so many people annoyed by flavoured water
  7. Barisic, Jack, Davis, Kent, Aribo off the top of my head have all scored. It used to be a massive problem but it’s not a issue now imo.
  8. We’ve scored a good few from outside the box this season..
  9. No point playing Kamara-Jack-Davis against these mobs at home. Move Aribo inside or play Arfield. Flanagan is brutal also. 3 points, we move on
  10. Aberdeen away still gives me the fear
  11. McGregor Patterson Goldson Katic Barisic Jack Davis Aribo Arfield Kent Defoe Hopefully Stewart is back also.
  12. Wes Paterson Edmunson Katic Halliday Jack Kamara Arfield Aribo Stewart Jones
  13. Agree with this 100%. Noising us up isn’t good to be good for anyone. If anything it unites the fan base even more.
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