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  1. Wes Cardoso A.Wilson Wilson Tav Jack Pena Wallace Miller Herrera Morelos 6-1
  2. Surely would of been at Ibrox for Cardoso?
  3. Bad times. People need to get of there high horse. Ridiculous statement to say you'd see the taigs winning the league 1/2 times over signing lafferty/Naismith.
  4. Hope so. Like it or not. Naismith and lafferty are genuine quality and have been there done it with us. Jack - potentials there so who knows. Anyone who wants to turn down Naismith and lafferty needs to have a look at themselves.
  5. We are winning this.
  6. Wes Hodson Hill Wilson Beerman Tav Holt Dodoo Hyndman Wallace Miller A scrappy 1-1
  7. Is that not from Hibs and sheep 😂
  8. Wes Hodson Hill Wilson Beerman Tav Holt Miller Hyndman Mckay Waghorn 3-1 There not sure on how we will play. That's a big advantage. I reckon early Rangers goal and taigs will get desperate and we will pick them apart on the counter attack.
  9. 3.5m on transfer fees. 60k per week added onto the wage bill.
  10. I don't think Ferguson will have much coaching input. He will be the fire in the dressing room on matchday, the cunt getting everyone up for war. Ferguson is a no brainer.
  11. Wes Hodson Wilson Hill Wallace Waghorn Holt Hyndman McKay Miller Garner 2-1. Expecting another real battle to win this, tackles, pushing + high tempo.
  12. No matter which way you try play it.. 18m has been invested and that's that. I don't think DK meant 30-50 million on transfer fees.
  13. Aye mate total pish, there sitting in there offices laughing at us all The right thing to do is announce him after the taig game and that's what's happening.
  14. I'm not sure what your expecting from them. So far he hasn't lied about the 30m figure, I'd get the point if it was after the period he's talking about.
  15. ‘My view of what it will take to make Rangers competitive again is bottom end £30m but probably £50m — over the next four years,’ King told Sportsmail. Read the quotes not the headlines, we are on track to spend 30m in 4 years.