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  1. They will pump killie. Aberdeen and us will beat them. Leaving it down to last day but sadly they will beat hearts. The manky mob are furious about this it seems. A season of missed chances for us... let’s hope they keep Lennon
  2. Remember, we are at Parkhead with 10 men and 1-0 down. Previous seasons we would of collapsed and took a tanking like we have done. 2 efforts on goal is not a accurate reflection either when arguably our 2 biggest chances didn’t hit the target. It looked like we were actually going to win the game for a large period. But there goes the story of our season, 10 men, dominating but just can’t score. We aren’t far off
  3. Mcgregor Tav Goldson Worral Halliday Jack Arfield Mccrorie Candieas Morelos Kent 1-3 us. Really think we will show up to this
  4. Next 3 games are huge for Gerrards career. A tanking off the Tim’s away from the whole fan base turning on him.
  5. Forget about celtic. There not ahead because they are different class, We have been absolutely brutal in the league and no doubts about it.
  6. Absolutely shocking, off the top of my head I can think of 12/13 games like that this season. Utterly unacceptable for any Rangers side. Questions need asked if we end up with a massive gap again and no cups. Forget the European run - that’s a bonus at the best of times.
  7. Heading up without a ticket, not bothered about getting 1 either. Fod Tav Worral Goldson Halliday Kamara Jack Candieas Arfield Kent Morelos
  8. Need an explanation before ye can back UB up. If UB have asked for a move and club have said no, I don’t see the problem, Far too many season tickets right now to be moving 100’s about. Or If the club are punting UB to a Club deck (for example) to shut them up that’s an absolute joke. As said though, Can’t really say much until the story comes out, just speculation at this point.
  9. McGregor Tav Worral Goldson Barasic* Kamara Jack Candieas Arfield Kent Morelos 5-0
  10. Need a Marvin miracle for us to pull the league back. If it all goes well tonight, Rangers will sense blood.
  11. Personally, I don’t think he will go right now. 100% away at the end of the season. They have a massive rebuild job in the summer with or without Rodgers. Ideal world he leaves this week and they drop 3 points and get put out the cup. *ill dae laps of Aberdeen with ma baldy half incher hanging oot*
  12. Confirmed, official approach made.. Leicester want him now, Rodgers wants end of season.
  13. If we are out of every compitition in February he should be seriously looked at tbh. Rangers don’t have time for projects
  14. Unless SFA change there own rules last minute, I don’t think he will be banned. Madden has a clear view of what happened and if the ref seen it they can’t do fuck all.
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