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  1. In all seriousness would be good to get a turn oot at the main stand for the teams coming in.
  2. Would be but ye can see it coming a mile off. If it’s a home tie we need some sort of fan action outside the ground in place for the teams arriving.
  3. McLaughlin Tav Goldson Helander Barisic Kamara Davis Hagi Roofe Kent Morelos Probs bring in Arfield or Itten if Roofe is injured.
  4. Few folk in this thread need there Nat king tbh.
  5. Changed that for you mate. It effects more than 6.5 million people per year also.
  6. Followed them pretty strictly up until yesterday. So yes I did, but now it’s a no. I’ll do what I feel is right or me and my family.
  7. Are you Nicola sturgeon? I am willing to bet 90% of the country aren’t following the guidelines to the letter. I doubt you even have tbh. There’s been more flu and pneumonia deaths every week since the arse end of may, are you going to wrap yourself in cotton wool so you don’t catch that? Once the government wake up and tell us the truth that this isn’t as serious as first thought, that’s when we will be back at Ibrox. Otherwise hoping for vaccines is a pile of pish that will never happen in the short term. Stop reading scaremongering news and think for yourself.
  8. Never did I say anywhere I’m not following guidelines. The guidelines are a load of shite that’s the point.
  9. I’ll do what I thinks best for me and my family mate. Don’t need some roaster on the tv telling me what I can and can’t do.
  10. Fully agree with this. Need to let people live there life’s now. They made an arse of the deaths in the first wave and I’m willing to bet this ‘second wave’ will see well under a 1% death rate. We aren’t far off a backlash from the population if things don’t return to normal soon. The deaths reported at first got us all a bit uneasy but now folk are starting to realise it’s not as dangerous as first feared. Whether the government hold there hands up to that though is a completely different question and we all know Niccy will rip the arse clean out this and we will be one of the last
  11. They they wanted 50% this season but it didn’t gather any support before even being put to a vote.
  12. McLaughlin Tav Goldson Edmundson Bassey Kamara Arfield Itten Hagi Kent Defoe Whip off Kent, Tav, Goldson if we get the chance.
  13. In his 30+ appearances that year he maybe had 1/2 good games. No time for sentiment, if your good enough you’ll play. He will do well at Aberdeen because he fits that style of play.
  14. McCrorie looked like he was going to make it at that age. He stalled massively in his development. He doesn’t have the technical ability to play for us. If McCrorie was still here he’s easily 6/7th choice Cm and 3rd choice RB.
  15. All part of youth development that. Manager giving these players confidence publicly is key to that. I think Patterson will end up a key player for us.
  16. Probs give it a swerve until it’s back to some form of normality. They rules are utter pish.
  17. This would be suicide for Castore. They’d be publicly admitting they breached the contract leaving them wide open to any claims. I think no matter who our supplier was this season, they were going to struggle big time since it’s the first time in a long time the club are getting a good deal out of it. When I heard they expected to sell a minimum of 500k units over the season I thought that would of been about right/a slight push. I think we are well on the road to eclipsing that very early. I don’t think they’ll underestimate it next season and I think they’ll get it bang o
  18. Defoe and Itten ‘close’ Didnt hear anything on Aribo which is concerning and he wasn’t in the training pics.
  19. McLaughlin Tav Goldson Balogun Barisic Jack Aribo Roofe Hagi Kent Morelos
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