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  1. The Dragao looked half empty on Thursday as well
  2. Was there not a Daily Record blogger that is actually a Hibs fan? Think his second name is McFarlane or something like that.
  3. G.E.C.


    Is it just me or has he changed the way he takes penalties? Usually he’ll go to the keepers right with a bit of height but the last two penalties have been low and to the left
  4. G.E.C.


    Tbf he technically is a £50k player
  5. Some right coupon busters tonight. APOEL lost 4-3 to that Luxembourg team.
  6. G.E.C.


    Probably the 5000th thread on him but what a keeper he is. Great saves tonight.
  7. G.E.C.


    Penalty was horrendous. Need to let Alfie take them from now on.
  8. Goldson and Katic in the league. Goldson and Helander in Europe.
  9. He was excellent tonight and showed a lot of fight that led to the goal
  10. Aye I’ve this CL group thing being thrown about a few times. Feyenoord have only been in the group stages about 3 times in 25 year
  11. Tonight’s referee has dished out 23 yellow and 2 red cards. In four games
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