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  1. We Can Beat Anyone At Ibrox

    At Ibrox I mean
  2. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Fathers Advice has the same tune as Field of Athenry if that makes sense.
  3. Alan Archibald

    Alan Archibald for next manager.
  4. Alan Archibald

    Is AA one of us or one of them?
  5. We Can Beat Anyone At Ibrox

    Or Motherwell, celtic and Aberdeen under this man.
  6. Mcann bashing mhanks

    Most of our Catholic players say the worst abuse they receive is from them.
  7. How the fuck is this commentator getting Candeias and Tav mixed up? One is white and the others black ffs
  8. You can make an extra sub if a game goes to extra time.
  9. Should have subbed Windass. Playing with a man down with him in the team.
  10. Alnwick

    Solid game tonight. Hoping he plays on Saturday.
  11. Fuck sake how do you balls up a simple pass like that?
  12. Alves should be fine. Managed to run off when being subbed and didn't look like he was limping.