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  1. G.E.C.

    ***Official Nations League Thread****

    Israel players have agreed a ban on social media posts ahead of Tuesday's Nations League game against Scotland after Brighton & Hove Albionmidfielder Beram Kayal posted a picture on Instagram, later deleted, of the seven Arab players in the squad, describing them as "The Bosses", after their 7-0 hammering of Guatamala and sparked row in a squad that has suffered from serious political and religious divisions before.
  2. G.E.C.

    Sasa Papac

    I’m sure it was one of the 3 at least. Gerrard said we were watching Barasic for a while before we even drew Osijek, wonder if Sash had a few words.
  3. G.E.C.

    Sasa Papac

    Should we employ him as a scout? So far he’s recommended Katic, Grezda and Barasic. He doesn’t come across as someone that would be chasing money.
  4. G.E.C.

    ***Official Nations League Thread****

    Yep. £12.99 on Amazon.
  5. Ladbrokes has given me a lot of happiness no boycotting them.
  6. G.E.C.

    The Rangers Archives – Facebook Group

    You missed out Darchevilles second goal against Falkirk at Ibrox btw ?
  7. G.E.C.

    ***Official Nations League Thread****

    This is almost as bad as that DVD Scotland released for almost making the Euros!
  8. G.E.C.

    Dominic Solanke

    Noticed Ejaria done it away to Spartak and had a stinker.
  9. G.E.C.

    Dominic Solanke

    Plus why would anyone want to loan celtic any players with the way they get treated.
  10. G.E.C.

    The Rangers FC

    You’re not Woolwich anymore
  11. G.E.C.

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    I don’t quite get how you can compare Tierney to RC, he doesn’t take freekicks.
  12. G.E.C.

    ***Official Nations League Thread****

    Apparently if Scotland win the group it’s more or less a knockout tournament between Scotland, Finland, Serbia or Norway to grab a place in the Euros.
  13. G.E.C.

    Wee Things In Football That Annoy You.

    When a player is blatantly offside but has to actually chase and touch the ball for the flag to eventually go up.