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  1. Live on BBC 2 tomorrow from 19:45 Flamengo v River Plate
  2. RUSSIA face being banned from Euro 2020 due to alleged inconsistencies in anti-doping data - which could incredibly lead to Scotland taking their place.
  3. Used to drink that cider a lot the season we were sponsored by them, couldn’t bear the thought of it now.
  4. No offence to any Irish league fans but it would be a step down for the Colts if it happened.
  5. O’Neill’s done well to get the best out of them but the football they play is Livingston standard.
  6. Weird that they are making the draw for the finals before the playoffs
  7. I don’t think Serbia are that great. They only have one really good player.
  8. Whenever I’ve watched them this year the football they play is dreadful
  9. Jack strolled it, shame the defence is shit otherwise Scotland would qualify with ease
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