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  1. He looks like a millionaire.
  2. Did Pena and Herrera beat the registration deadline?
  3. Reminds me of the time people would quote a novel of a post just to simply post a thumbs up.
  4. Stop quoting that post!
  5. Everton to sign Sandro from Malaga.
  6. TBH I thought the home kit we had in 15/16 was one our best. Had red, white in blue all in one.
  7. Highly unlikely TBH since half of the team are Catholic.
  8. You know things are going our way when we can get new signings in a BA Club World seat
  9. I bought mine on my phone. I choose the section while the seat and row is computer generated.
  10. GR4 for me. Sorry if it's your seat Davie
  11. Purchased. Cheapest European ticket ever.
  12. Celtic shouldn't be qualifying for the Champions League says Xavi.