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  1. Was always going to be him.
  2. His greatest opponent.
  3. Pretty sure Messi's first ever Champions League goal was against us.
  4. Lee Hodson should win the main award for being consistent all season.
  5. Madrids run in is brutal. The two semis will kill them.
  6. I remember Valencia only managed to take about 50 fans when we played them.
  7. Something to do with not wanting to fill the pockets of other Spanish teams.
  8. I watched an entertaining game involving Elche in Magaluf. I was blootered though.
  9. Sergi Roberto is a brilliant player.
  10. Imaginary card waving should be a booking offence on its own.
  11. Last goal was against Celtic.
  12. Richard Hughes commentates on Serie A and he only only spent a year at Atalanta as a youth player
  13. Neymar ommited from squad altogether. Pack Alacer on the left.
  14. They are but they have a terrible home record against Palace so always worth a punt, not happy they lost but happy to win some money at least