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  1. Roma are in the second round, seeded thankfully!
  2. Grown men offended by football songs :angiush:
  3. Just seen a big group of them get off at central from Paisley. Faces tripping them, glorious
  4. If St Mirren stay up we get guaranteed penalties
  5. Do away goals count in this?
  6. If they go up then I suppose it’ll be good having the full hatred back. Tarriers, sheep, Hibs and United will be a riot.
  7. IRRC we were a bawhair away from drawing Atalanta before Ufa in the playoff last year.
  8. Christ the third qualifier will be a tough one if we get there.
  9. Imagine that announcement if they lost today. Full scale riot.
  10. Lennon will turn them down imo. Don’t see him being backed.
  11. We need to win the league cup in November just to give us a winning feeling again and more confidence.
  12. Sums up how crap Scottish football is that they can win 9 trophies in a row and get worse
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