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  1. Tbf to Broxi whenever I go to games I usually go for the main stand or Sandy Jardine rear to get a good tactical view.
  2. When Rory Curtis awoke from his coma, he didn't know where he was. He didn't know how he had got there. He couldn't remember his past as a promising teenage striker at Manchester United's academy; nor the slow demise of his football career; nor the crash that had left him with a shattered hip, a broken elbow, a multifocal intracranial haemorrhage and a diffused brain injury. When his eyes blinked open and he began to speak, fluent French poured out, a language he had only studied in school, all of which had long since been forgotten.
  3. We’re in the first qualifying round as it stands. If celtic win the Scottish Cup or if it’s declared null and void we’ll get a bye to the second qualifying round.
  4. McGregor is one of us apparently or was, as if he’d use the h word
  5. Jacks was his best one. If he was a few inches smaller that was going in the top corner.
  6. I honestly forgot Fraser played for the sheep, he left really young iirc. Remember Fraser Fyvie and Jack more.
  7. Martin Boyle (Represents Australia but Scottish born and bred) Allan, McKenna and Ferguson are all good players
  8. Tbf Boyd and Miller is the best strike partnership in my lifetime. Scored about 90 goals between them in just two seasons.
  9. Marcus Gayle https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marcus_Gayle
  10. Is Dykes your son? I don’t get why people call footballers by their first name 😂
  11. If Arfield chucks Canada he can get a few extra years in him.
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