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  1. G.E.C.


    As much as we all hate them it’ll be good to have them back up and the hatred to return.
  2. Seriously though see that night when we beat Porto at home and the taigs won in Rome I’ve always felt both teams can go all the way
  3. Imagine an Old Firm Europa League final...
  4. If he wins the Europa League and Cup then I’d keep him.
  5. I’m confident he’ll do a good job on Wednesday. He is good at running with the ball and can get us up the pitch too.
  6. G.E.C.


    Senderos is and always will be the worst defensive performance for me. He deliberately got himself sent off as he couldn’t hack it.
  7. We really need to stop giving management such long contracts. A 12 month rolling contract might only sound a short term fix but I’d save a fortune in payoffs.
  8. A change in tactics and style of play is required but that won’t happen obviously.
  9. The fans have been cheated. No doubt we’ll win in Braga now as we only turn up in Europe and in OF games.
  10. It’s a bit refreshing having English people speaking positively of Scottish football for a change.
  11. Heard a lot worse in the stands
  12. You’ve obviously not seen the match thread when Morelos got himself sent off at the piggery last season when we lost 2-1. The whole forum would have been banned if that was the case.
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