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  1. One thing that bothered me today was him refusing to book Payet who made a tackle worse than the one Dorrans was booked for. Is he the worst referee in Scotland?
  2. I remember Aidan Connelly more.
  3. Big Jessie.
  4. That seagull chasing the black bird? Nearly killed the thing.
  5. Mendy to Man City for £52m
  6. ohwiohwiohwi chips and macaroni.
  7. Can you get me Evra's x
  8. Stoke sign Kurt Zouma on loan.
  9. Marseille have Payet, Rami, Cabella, Gustavo, Thauvin and a few others. We'll still win anyway.
  10. Fines are just a slap in the wrist to them. Stadium closure or being thrown out might teach them a lesson.
  11. Warby and Dyche went to Mister Singhs for a curry and are BFFL.
  12. What do you call postman pat after he's been fired? Pat