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  1. Did his dad not say Jay called Bobby Madden naughty after the piggery draw? He's a bigger retard than his son.
  2. A SPL with Rangers, Celtic, Sheep, Hearts, Hibs and United would be good tbh. Hamilton are a shite boring side.
  3. Pedro Mendes won the vast majority of his Portugal caps while playing for us, sorry for going off topic.
  4. Arsenal were like this in the final against Villa.
  5. They never won a treble while we were in the lower leagues, what makes it tainted today?
  6. Looked like a handball from Sanchez in the build up.
  7. In Scotland
  8. Shinnie is a great player.
  9. Brown would have about 20 odd suspensions if he played in a different league
  10. Sheep should be kicking themselves at half time for conceding an equaliser straight away, been totally dominant.
  11. Been quite quiet imo, had a decent effort saved.
  12. You can appeal yellows for simulation.
  13. I never watch games on BBC Scotland due to the hilariously bad commentary. Sky for me.
  14. He's a sheepshagger as well. Wee prick.
  15. Unlucky brother Jack