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  1. Supporter Delusion

    Well said. Some of the posts before the Old Firm was head in the sand stuff.
  2. **Official Rangers v Killie Match Thread**

    They are the best team in Scotland out with the Old Firm. Amazing what a good manager can do. As it stands That’s 7 points out of 9 they have taken of us.
  3. Liverpool will give City a game but their defence will get destroyed.
  4. Must be great being Mark Hughes
  5. Soon as Iniesta and Busquets went off couldn’t see Barca attacking any more.
  6. Need one more Messi goal for £300!
  7. Ps is it unrealistic to think Messi can reach 1000 career goals? On 601.
  8. Have £20 on a Messi hattrick at 14/1. Good start.
  9. Barca Chelsea just about to start.
  10. Wallace at CB

    Brentford won 3-0. Wallace played, not sure where though.
  11. Daniel Candeias

    Can’t see it myself, he’s never been selected before and there is also Nani and Quaresma in his position.