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  1. Thats how to take a shot Waggy
  2. That chance against Aberdeen that ultimately lead to Millers first goal was the final straw for me.
  3. I swapped my shift to avoid watching it, glad I did now. Imposters the lot of them.
  4. Was it him that made the banner?
  5. Taigs line up if anyone's interested Gordon; Lustig Simunovic Boyata Tierney; Armstrong Brown McGregor Roberts; Sinclair Dembele
  6. Looks like it screams route one but I think we'll score a few goals as they look dodgy with crosses.
  7. May result in an automatic 3-0 win for Madrid as Barca have included the suspended Neymar in their squad - despite an appeal to his suspension. He's still inelgiable for tomorrow's game.
  8. Cocks
  9. Deflection off his wheelchair.
  10. Big Amo after Hartson missed that penalty
  11. Is this the match thread from the piggery game or for the semi? Confused here.
  12. Sorry your bet was burst Cammy. You're one of the good guys.
  13. Sweetheart would be a good ring leader for the Union Bears with they chants.
  14. We'll win tomorrow and get horsed in the league game. Been saying it for a good while.
  15. I hope our players dive at every opportunity. The taigs have shot themselves in the foot big time. Inevitable that they'll be a referee mistake tomorrow.
  16. The other semi begins at 1215. 3-1 Hibs.
  17. Ooft cracking header
  18. What did I do to you?!
  19. Feels like only yesterday we put a £900k bid in for Grant Holt.
  20. Ambrose makes Kiernan look like Baresi.
  21. Two of the worst goals to concede. Brilliant.
  22. This will finish about 6-0 for the sheep.