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  1. When you find out who it is you immediately think "when did he win the Champions League?", then you remember who he spent a season with.
  2. Was surprised when I found out the answer.
  3. Tonight's fixtures: Ajax v Rostov Young Boys v Monchengladbach Dinamo Zagreb v Salzburg Copenhagen v APOEL Steaua v Man City
  4. CSKA knocked out Barcelona in the qualifiers.
  5. I like Monacos ground.
  6. Nice
  7. Lukaku rejects £140k a week contract.
  8. Willian doesn't suit dreadlocks
  9. The banner at the semi last year was short and sweet.
  10. One week his balls are immense, the next they are terrible.
  11. 3-2 defeat in the Manchester season, Cousin scored the other.
  12. Bar that slip up in their goal he was excellent today. Got proper stuck in and was our best player in midfield.
  13. The more I look back, the more I think he put in a great fight rather than performance.
  14. https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/592776/graeme-murty-was-a-big-help-when-i-was-a-rookie-now-id-be-happy-to-help-him-says-alan-pardew/
  15. Had a fiver on Hill scoring any time at 18/1.
  16. Holty was our best performer today. Bar that one miscue for their goal.
  17. Need someone to actually run at their CB's
  18. Boyata gives me some hope. He couldn't cope in the semi.
  19. Hill to score first and Rangers to win is 185/1
  20. 10 years ago on this day I'm sure.
  21. Big Clint to forearm smash that autistic rapist looking cunt