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  1. We all missed Adriano scoring against us due to a Polis telling off someone in the corner. Needless to say he got pelters 😂
  2. I’ll never forget the atmosphere against Maribor. The whole stadium was bouncing and the team really pressed them high and they were rattled. This was only a 3rd round qualifier at the time as well.
  3. Only thing I remember was Legia had a player called Cafu that had a shot saved.
  4. In a way I wished we drew Getafe or Roma and played a one off tie.
  5. Our European campaign kicked off a year ago today.
  6. I always preferred Chelsea’s old crest
  7. Epic counter attack. Cannavaro is an absolute tank in this.
  8. Helander and Goldson is our best partnership. They aren’t the quickest but didn’t make that many mistakes.
  9. G.E.C.

    Porto away

    I remember it, was great to watch. Porto fans were getting really hostile and restless, could tell they were rattled. I recently watched the highlights of the Villarreal draw (away) and forgot how well we kept the ball that night.
  10. His wife and her pal had tickets for the piggery when we lost 2-1 last March. He didn’t debut for us until April.
  11. Did he ever play for us under McLeish? Eck sacked him at Hibs for getting pished with Dwight Yorke 😂
  12. It looks something you’d see painted on the walls at a pub abroad.
  13. All I really remember was him giving the ball away constantly. Was an awful game all round.
  14. I’ve seen Aidan play in a defeat to Aberdeen during Pedros reign.
  15. I had the honour of watching Aidan Wilson play against Wigan in a friendly. He was shit that day. Edit: It was actually Bradley that played
  16. Played in the Young Boys defeat.
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