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  1. Liverpools my English team I must stress.
  2. Worth double that IMO
  3. 40 today
  4. They don't need to really spend anything TBH, they are a billion miles ahead of everyone in the league.
  5. Progress didn't win any games before playing us. Hopefully Astana have something in them.
  6. WAGHORNs on fire. No idea why my autocorrect has that in capitals.
  7. Mane will win the Ballon D'or one year. sensational footballer.
  8. It's safe to say SPL goalkeepers are different class and we gave Waggy and Garny the wrong Boots.
  9. Liverpool won't win the Champions League with this defence.
  10. It happened 8 years ago.
  11. Galatasaray sign Fegouli from West Ham.
  12. I know this is the wrong thread and maybe I should be more patient but I think Herrera is already a waste of money.
  13. Different managers and much better players these days.
  14. He's boring and dull as fuck as a person. He's a bit like myself.