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  1. Nottingham Forest

    That man is brain dead.
  2. Poor game all round for Erikson
  3. I hate how McManaman calls Ronaldo Ronny.
  4. Erickson has been really poor
  5. The 5 times winners 3-0 up away to Maribor.
  6. Easdales to buy Newcastle for the banter.
  7. Nottingham Forest

    I see the winner of that match wins a daft wee trophy. Shite clubs.
  8. Rangers related picture thread

    We played them in a midweek friendly. We had no Europe that season after Kaunas and Milan were in their winter break.
  9. 1-1 Koeman must go regardless
  10. Warburton looks like an absolute idiot in a tracksuit.
  11. Always felt Huddlestone deserved more England caps. Such a brilliant passer.
  12. McKay looks yellow so far.
  13. Scottish cup draw F*** up (again)

    Number fourrrrrrrrr
  14. Milan Derby.

    The last two derbies were good.
  15. Rangers related picture thread