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  1. Wont set foot back inside Hampden unless its to support Rangers. The way our players have been treated when selected for Scotland for a start has been shocking, Ian Black and Lee Wallace being the most notable ones. We all know for a fact Ryan Jack hasn't been picked by Steve Clarke is because he plays for us. Don't know how any bear could stand in a stadium next to so many cunts who hate us and contributed to our downfall. Fuck the tartan trannies and the SFA.
  2. The announce Kent patter Is howling
  3. So many knee jerk reactions. Youd have thought the signing of Greg Stewart had guaranteed celtic 10 in a row. The window has barely been open. I trust Gerrard knows what he is doing.
  4. Bring in some revenue, let the fans see the team in action and also less travelling in and around the europa league qualifiers. Makes sense
  5. Wise decision to have all 3 games at home in and around the Europa league qualifiers
  6. World Cup of Darts starts tonight. First time in years Barneys not playing pairs with MVG. Could be an exciting tournament.
  7. Signed an extension during the winter break, trained with the first team and then headed back to livi
  8. No amount of compensation money would ever soften the blow or make up for what these animals did to the victims. Lifes ruined and families torn apart just because some sick beasts couldn't help themselves. Any other sporting organisation or club would be shut down for this kind of shit, really hope all the victims can find some sort comfort if the club is punished heavily and all the beasts sent to jail.
  9. Taking this as sarcasm but if its not then holy fuck stop buzzing glue
  10. Should be fined massively and should lose top flight league status.
  11. I dont see how any celtic fan with morals could ever support that club again if I'm honest. There is more to come as well, shameful.
  12. If I didn't come on this forum and use twitter regularly then I could have easily missed the beasts who were recently sent down for these crimes a week or so ago. It's astounding just how little the mainstream media in this country are reporting on it. Must be some serious hush money being spent right now.
  13. Tavernier takes flack at times and rightly so but in the same breath has contributed immensely in this Rangers team. Think its a case of we won't realise how much a miss he is until he actually leaves. Can't take his goals and assists out of our team and expect to replace that easily. I believe we will get another season out of him then he could be off down south. Vital for 55.
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