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  1. Atmosphere was defeaning against Legia after the flare went off that night and what a buzz when Alfredo scored the winner. The Braga atmosphere was also up there when we scored the 2nd and 3rd. Pandemonium at the 3rd goal, what a night!
  2. Thought Helander was outstanding against Feyenoord at Ibrox.
  3. Not feeling too optimistic. We still lack real quality in certain areas. Hopefully gerrard has something up his sleeve. Pretty much as you were personnel wise as what we finished the season with.
  4. Aye, too many false dawns.
  5. Love the look of the new home kit. Promo with Tav, Hagi and Defoe was brilliant as well.
  6. Stay away from McKenna he is also rotten 😂
  7. Stick a decimal point between the 2 and the 5 and that makes it more realistic. He is humming.
  8. There will be loads of ex celtic men who knew at the time. Why not do the honourable thing, clear your consience and speak out? It only makes you just as bad as the abusers if you dont. The disturbing thing for me is the seperate entity line. Only a club like celtic could come out with that. Utter scum.
  9. Good business on a free. Very good back up to Mcgregor.
  10. New multi million pound kit deal, getting our megastore back and just signed Hagi permanently. Well done Rangers.
  11. Just a bitter, bitter bastard. Cannot stand him. Every tarrier or tarrier appeaser in the land are experts on finance now.
  12. Hes so bitter about his failed career at Rangers
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