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  1. I never said you never knew the final score pal. Just saying you can greet about the linesman if you like but its just another excuse for another bottle job away from home.
  2. Do you? Thats good thought i'd clear it up for you anyway.
  3. If buts and maybes. We fucking drew, regardless. 1 point not 3.
  4. McLaughlin barely had the chance to sort his feet out for that goal. Cant blame him in any way
  5. Alfredo on the bench? Hes just scored 3 goals in 2 games
  6. I'll reserve judgement on any new Rangers player until they start getting more than the last 5 minutes of a game to prove themself. He was thrown on yesterday with defoe and Morelos on the park, 3 strikers all trying to play in the same area. We need to give foreign players time to settle. Look how long it took Borna Barisic.
  7. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
  8. Absolutely sick of the same shite happening every season. When the pressure is on our arses collapse.
  9. Great goal. Tav, Hagi and then Arfield to finish it off. Well done lads.
  10. He just loves to antagonise us. Dont take any notice of him. He is a fud.
  11. Fuck me. Give the guy time. Honestly man, some of our fans!!
  12. Come on Rangers get in to these bastards today. Hope Morelos starts and scores!
  13. I meant teams that try and attack us with an open style of football looking for 3 points. The teams you mentioned have a go at us by kicking fuck out of us, playing a shocking brand of football and try break up the play with fouls.
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