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  1. JackAlex93

    FIFA 20

    Not bad at all mate. My packs are always shite
  2. JackAlex93

    FIFA 20

    How much money have you spunked on packs? Ive played a lot of FIFA since worked closed as well.
  3. JackAlex93

    FIFA 20

    Jammy bastard man. Do you pay for your packs or was that through match coins?
  4. Mathematically as it stands the league is not over so it should be void. Can't see where they fit the games in either. Remember 2008 "sporting integrity" when we wanted the season extended but were told no.
  5. Another dubai thread, fucking christ 😂
  6. Don't feel that bothered about this game at all tonight now knowing the tournament is likely to be scrapped.
  7. Sensible mate, you won't last on here 😂
  8. Could be a tough old night but as long as the players bring the European form of earlier rounds to the table then who knows. Football is unpredictable at times.
  9. I read on Facebook a few people saying he should be the next club captain.....
  10. Hope all bears travelling up have a performance that resembles a Rangers team to watch today. Think we'll win by a couple of goals. Come on Rangers.
  11. Manager and players are not producing results so the fans are bound to feel depressed and disenchanted at the moment. Our supporters have been through the mill since we were thrown down the leagues and this season when many thought we had a genuine chance of silverware the players have shat it again. There's no question our fans have backed the team and manager, it's what we Rangers fans do, our loyalty has never been an issue. Us as fans can do no more, it's down to the 11 on the park to lift us again.
  12. Klaasen gave Anderson a lesson tonight. Won't ever write Anderson off but he looks finished at the moment, hope I'm wrong and he comes in to form soon!
  13. Leverkusen on paper look to me a far superior outfit to Braga. I'm hoping for a miracle on Thursday night. I just can't see us keeping a clean sheet for 90 minutes!
  14. Hope the players put on a performance for our loyal supporters travelling up there, it's the least we deserve.
  15. Fucking love that. Could be doing with an Ian Ferguson in our team these days!
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