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  1. Huge night for the club tonight. Exciting prospect thinking we may actually win the group. We've come a long way over the past few years. Come on Rangers!
  2. But won't, our board shit the bed when it comes to sticking up for the club against outside enemies.
  3. Far too many on here banging on about Candeias. He was bang average. Couldn't beat a man and couldn't beat the first man with a ball in either. Only thing I couldn't fault was his work rate, that alone isn't enough though.
  4. If we win the group it would be a huge achievement. We were apparently the whipping boys when the group was announced. Really hope we get the job done.
  5. Deflated as fuck after the result yesterday but come Thursday evening I will be raring to go again!
  6. We showed against them last season at ibrox twice that if you press them, get in about them then they are definitely beatable. Wednesday night is forgotten now and it's on to Sunday. Fucking intae them Rangers!
  7. Helander and Goldson were fucking abysmal tonight. Katic has to start on Sunday!
  8. "We were watching The Bill, what was the score in Seville?" Rangers fans with police hats on at the next scum game.
  9. Whether to watch the game at the pub or at home. Know if I go to the pub I will end up on the pints and be hanging the mora at work.
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