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  1. His podcasts are usally worth a watch/listen. Theres one with Andy Goram which is really good.
  2. Candeias should be nowhere near a starter. Pish.
  3. I'm sure killie will make sure all home sections are a sell out....
  4. Is he still our chairman? Could have fooled me.... See you this time next year Dave
  5. Ring the fucking changes. Season is over
  6. Next season is going to be fucking grim if we are going in for players like Greg Stewart.
  7. No because they don't act like petulant wee fannies.
  8. Wee man has only apologised because Gerrard has finally grown a pair and is going to punish him. Alfredo has shown a lack of respect to the club and fans, yet again. Doesn't deserve another chance, must be sold at the end of the season.
  9. Be better hanging effigies from the roof of the stadium....
  10. Press and hound them all over the park and we will win. Play Mcrorie in CDM and tell him to get in about Brown from the first whistle. Come on Gers, loud and proud
  11. Been saying this for months but you just get an odd look from most people when you bring that point up.
  12. Fuck Scotland and the tartan trannies. They fucked it when they wrongfully shafted us in to the lower leagues. Who would have thought us being demoted would have a negative effect on the game in this country eh? Fuck everyone but Rangers.
  13. Wouldn't want us even paying half of that for him
  14. Wish Eck all the best if he is to leave, as for the national team.....
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