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  1. I expect a tough game regardless of how shite Hearts have been this season. Think we will score early then kill the game off late on in the 2nd half. 0-2 to the Gers.
  2. It was essential we won tonight and we did. I'm logging out before the mass hysteria begins and cunts start losing it. Well done Jermain Defoe, 16 for the season and 3 points for the famous.
  3. Think Flanagan will be given the nod tonight and Sunday. Dont think I would be worried if Patterson started both though, Gerrard will know better than us if he's capable.
  4. As long as we win tonight that's all I'm caring about. It would be even better if the tims made a cunt of it as well
  5. He's has been injured since the old firm game at ibrox. Can't expect him to just hit the ground running first game back regardless of the opposition.
  6. Hamilton away, fucking boring ­čśé­čśé
  7. I was at the game, yes. We won, didn't we? Can't always play brilliant every game, sometimes when a team parks the bus it turns in to a slog. Don't get your knickers in a twist over a cup game. We came through December brilliantly. In Gerrard we trust.
  8. Didn't play our best tonight but we won and that's the main thing. Coming back after a break is never easy, so Im happy to put our name in the hat and move on to the next league game ­čĹŹ
  9. We already showed against Hibs if Alfredo isn't on the park we have others who will take the responsibility to score. I'm confident in this group.
  10. Astounded at that charge. Not allowed to celebrate nowadays. Wait to we in 55...
  11. Good debut last night. Will need to see more of him to make a judgement though.
  12. I'm feeling the same about the game. Friday feeling, few pints then go and watch the famous!
  13. Would probably prefer that
  14. Flanagan or Polster deputising for Tavernier gives me the fear. No doubt some in our support would rather Flanagan played ahead of Tav anyway!
  15. As long as she's wearing a skin tight shirt
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