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  1. Brilliant. A vital player in our quest for silverware tied down till 2023. Happy fucking Tuesday 😁😁😁
  2. I see Tavernier has been receiving abuse on twitter from Rangers fans after Sunday. Who even fucking does that? Some need to get a grip and fast.
  3. Another one who you can tell has talent but hasn't settled in the Scottish game yet. Might take him a while to get there but I think if he played further forward in the midfield he would be more effective. The hoofers in the league take a while to get used to as well.
  4. Exactly what I mean mate aye. You can tell there's talent there which is the frustrating thing.
  5. Can't see anything other than a Porto win by a couple of goals. I'd have been saying the same had we beaten Hearts. They are a good side with some quality individuals. Hoping we can come away with some positives though.
  6. Surprising that King hasnt featured more for us since he joined. Hoping to see what he can do if he gets a chance. Can't see any future for Docherty here.
  7. No game is a gimme away from home in the league this season. Yesterday's result proves that theory as many on here said we would spank Hearts. Haven't looked great on the road at all.
  8. Do you even watch us play? To say our midfield is utter pish is laughable
  9. Tav has been very poor this season so far
  10. Not buying that shite about how we would have taken the current situation at the start of the season. We fucked it again yesterday, the same thing we kept doing last season when we had pressure on us to go and win
  11. Looked like a player when he first came in but has faded massively. Seems to be the case wherever he goes on loan, saw it happen at Fulham.
  12. We lost to a fucking awful Hearts team. Our team is full of fucking fairies who don't roll the sleeves up when it matters. Sick of defending the likes of Tavernier when he consistently costs us. Mentality was all wrong yesterday, so angry with that performance.
  13. So many on here said we would thrash them. Never an easy game at tynecastle
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