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  1. Disgusting club, how many Northern Irish Protestants have they signed in the past? For shame!
  2. Lee Wallace showing what it takes to play for this club.
  3. It's heart breaking to see how utterly destroyed our playin squad has been.
  4. Threat? Relax mate, you won't come across many fellow bears on here extending threats to each other. You must have misinterpreted something.
  5. Rather than ask me, maybe read the posts again?
  6. I don't think I did class what you said as philosophical? You keep that luck, you might need all you can get.
  7. I will do. Must be easy to apply the philosophical approach when you live 500 miles away.
  8. Fenian wankers ok then? Or did you mean just 'Fenian'?
  9. Tyson Fury is a wank. State of that bunnet.
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