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  1. ryan_rfc


    Hope we didn't buy him based on a video lol
  2. He didn't get in till 4am this morning, my mate who is a taxi driver picked him up.
  3. How would you go about getting tickets for this game, if it is on?
  4. This is a good point, the full backs didn't support the wingers or provide any overlaps as they may have been expected to.
  5. It is pleasing to see there are still good people out there helping each other. Keep up the amazing work!
  6. Still no clear sign of what Pedro is trying to do tactically, he isn't motivating to the poor group of players he has either, their body language coming out for the second half was embarrassing. The youths showed some real bravery and weren't scared to take the ball or take a man on, more balls than we seen from the rest of the shite bags. Need a core of these kind of players who understand the club and what it means back.
  7. I don't think Scotland should get the credit for producing him though. Apologies if anyone was offended by this
  8. Well done and thanks Jelavic.
  9. I thought it was good! and as one said earlier the comedy value was good. Every time I have read this thread its people bitching constantly lol a bit ridiculous to be honest!
  10. We'll be right up for this tonight, getting a result
  11. We are more than capable of getting a result on Wednesday. Lets do it!
  12. First game I'll have been to since Malmo due to work. Think it will go ahead with the weather?
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