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  1. *** The Tennis Thread ***

    I'd love to see Murray go on and dominate the sport winning another 3-4 slams now, but a word of warning, Murray does turn 30 next year, and even the best of all-time haven't won much after turning 30. Slams won after turning 30, from players that have 3+ slams in the Open Era: Wawrinka 2 slams, Agassi 2, Connors 1, Federer 1, Newcombe 1, Sampras, 1, Borg 0, Edberg, 0 Becker 0, Lendl 0, McEnroe 0, Wilander, 0, Courier 0, Vilas 0, Kodes 0, Ashe 0, Kuerten, 0. So history isn't on Andy's side when it comes to winning more slams, therefore next year is pretty crucial for him in terms of his own legacy, if he doesn't win the Aussie or French next year, then history suggests he probably won't win them at all. If you want some good news however, Laver won all 4 (the Calendar Slam) at the age of 30, and Ken Rosewall won 4 slams after turning 33! Those two are very much anomalies though.
  2. The Boxing News Thread

    That's true, poor management by Kovalev's camp there. Like you (and most people who saw the fight) the judging on the last 6 rounds does raise an eyebrow. Don't see how Ward won all 6 clearly.
  3. The Boxing News Thread

    From reading today it seems virtually everyone gave the fight to Kovalev except the judges. LA Times, ESPN, HBO, The Guardian, Ring Magazine, FOX, and Associated Press all scored it between 115-112 Kovalev to 117-110 Kovalev.
  4. *** The Tennis Thread ***

    I couldn't be happier to be more wrong. Djokovic just looked like he didn't want it anymore, played the completely wrong way and Murray did the right thing and tried to shorten the points when he could and it paid off. Unbelievable, congrats to him!!
  5. *** The Tennis Thread ***

    Anyone seeking a high-quality competitive final tonight will be disappointed. Murray must be gassed, 10hrs on court in less than 3 days, now playing for the 3rd day in a row with less than 24hrs to recover. On top of that he's played 4 tournaments in the last 6 weeks. Novak meanwhile has had a stress-free progression to the finals, and had Friday off (great scheduling by the ATP there, not sure how one group gets a day off before the semi's and the other doesn't in the World Tour Finals of all places ). Murray will be lucky to win 6 games.
  6. The Boxing News Thread

    Stayed up late to catch this last night and I had exactly the same scorecard. 5-1 through the first 6 rounds with 4-2 Ward between 6-12. 115-112 Kovalev in the end. Kovalev won the 10th surely. Kellerman and Lederman gave it to Kovalev too, Lederman on HBO had it 116-111 Kovalev which is a bit too much the other way mind. To give it 114-113, considering I had it 59-54 Kovalev after 6rds, (and considering Ward was on the receiving end of a 10-8 round in the 2nd) you have to give the last 6 rounds to Ward 10-9. I just don't see that unfortunately. Be nice if Ward actually fought someone outside of California/Nevada for once too.
  7. *** The Tennis Thread ***

    Monfils has pulled out of the WTF with injury, David Goffin will replace him for his match vs. Novak tomorrow. Not surprising since Monfils did look like he injured himself vs. Thiem yesterday. Wonder which Stan will turn up vs. Cilic tonight. Cilic could also do Murray a big favour by beating Stan since it would secure Andy's spot in the SF, but Cilic surprisingly hasn't beat Stan for almost 7 years
  8. *** The Tennis Thread ***

    Laughable claims like the US Open and those 3 retirements he got? Or the Shanghai draw where every seed in his half except Bautista-Agut lost in the first 2 rounds? Even at the Olympics, if he'd have got past Del Potro he had a cake of a draw up til the semis, where he would have met Rafa, who even then isn't much use anywhere outside of clay at this moment in time. I'm not saying he gets easy draws every tournament, of course, just in the second half of 2016 he's been on a very nice run with tournament draws raining good fortune down on him. Murrays draw: Slam Winner, Slam Winner, Slam Finalist. Djokovic's draw: Injured (will pull out), Injured, Overrated. Laughable claims alright...
  9. *** The Tennis Thread ***

    Yup, on the flip side. if he does get through this and win the WTF no one can say he doesn't deserve to be Year-End #1.
  10. *** The Tennis Thread ***

    It's about to get worse for Andy when you consider Raonic will probably withdraw and get replaced by Berdych in Novak's group. I don't see his quad tear repairing itself in 6 days, and he said as much himself, that is was borderline whether he'd play or not.
  11. *** The Tennis Thread ***

    It's an actual draw, seeds 1/2 and 3/4 are kept separate, but 5-8 can be drawn in either group. Murray just got absolutely shafted by the draw, very unfortunate.
  12. *** The Tennis Thread ***

    Jeez Murray got a group of death there while Novak got the easiest possible draw (plus Raonic isn't 100% to play because of injury, which would mean Novak gets a group of Berdych, Thiem and Monfils, and Monfils isn't 100% either ). Murray has his work seriously cut out for him here.
  13. *** The Tennis Thread ***

    Berdych v Murray should be a cracker tonight, if Murray wins he's halfway to being #1, if Berdych wins he guarantees his spot at the World Tour Finals, add in some spice that they're not exactly the best of friends and it should hopefully be good.
  14. *** The Tennis Thread ***

    In other Murray-related news Thiem (home crowd favourite and potential dangerman) got knocked out by Troicki in the other half of the Vienna draw last night. At risk of putting egg on my face there is really no one left in the Vienna draw that should come between him and the trophy and a nice 500 points now, if he plays half-decent (although he has struggled a lot with his first serve% this week). His draw is open. Tsonga should probably be his likely final opponent should he get there.
  15. *** The Tennis Thread ***

    I think someone needs to open their eyes and have a look at the ATP Rankings. You've got the wrong Zverev, there's two. The one Djokovic may play next is #144 in the world. Tsonga beat the other one you're thinking about. And he was definitely not 100% at the USO, he could well have lost earlier had he had to play those two matches. But hey, according to you he would have beat everybody in straights even if he couldn't serve. Indeed, Vesely beat him last time they played. And Monfils, well, who knows what the fuck was going on in his head that day, he pulled a Kyrgios for the first two sets and showed up in the third. Novak said himself he was having difficulties serving, and the two retirements allowed him time to recover from those niggling injuries. What's laughable is to think, for some insane reason, he would have straight setted everybody and won the title if he wouldn't have benefitted from retirements and a walkover.