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  1. Think we would have a great chance of getting him, as long as we give Liverpool first option if we were to sell him on
  2. Seems to me as though it a fight between 2 men that aren't up to the job. Tbh both of their times are up. I must hope Pedro goes sooner rather than later because this is never going to work with him in charge. Love the guys passion but when you listen to him talk tactics he just rabble on with big words and trys to over complicate things
  3. Fucking hell, some of the shite ex players of our club get on here is unbelievable. Fucking absolute shite btw, there looking for someone who knows what it means to play for this club and get the message across to the players. Tbf see if it was bomber a wouldn't like to go in at half time and you hadn't been trying, if he's still the same as when he was a player
  4. Probably a lot of shite, but has any one heard anything about souness being at Ibrox? If he was a would imagine it would be a dof role
  5. Could it be they had agreed to go to another club, then the other club pulled out at the last minute and fucked them over
  6. Fuckin well in Andy. Hit the goofy bastard harder next time
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